Stocking Island is a five-minute boat ride across placid Elizabeth Harbour from George Town. There's not much here other than a few private homes around a protected inlet and the wild dunes and untouched beach on the ocean side—which is clearly how David and Carole Higgins like it. Their five-cabin Hotel Higgins Landing is not for everyone. Vegetarians, for instance, need not apply. Carole cooks all the meals, and David lets prospective customers know that special dining requests will not be honored. Which is not to say the Higginses won't dote on you once you're here. They'll take you fishing or drop you on an island where you will see nobody, and pick you up when it's time for David's rum punch back at the beachfront bar. Theirs is an unrehearsed kindliness. If you don't need your human interaction wrapped up like a chocolate truffle left on your pillow at night, it is a supremely comfortable place to be.