Not everyone comes to the islands looking for plenty of company and a fancy Italian restaurant with room service. For those who do, the rooms at the Four Seasons are big and tastefully done, the grounds attractively laid out, and the service chipper to the point of absurdity. The concierge desk called my room four times to discuss my taxi needs. Several staffers dropped by to see how I was doing—though only once did they let themselves in without knocking. I couldn't take a nap for all the attentive friendliness. The pool is a lovely, relaxing spot, however, and they're quick with the drinks. As construction finishes up and the Emerald Bay settles into the landscape, I could see it being a very attractive backdrop for a meeting or a round of golf (though I'm guessing, as I don't go to meetings or play golf). Still, I couldn't shake the feeling that I could be in a gated luxury resort anywhere, away from the real life of the island.