Another magnificent sight is the Glass Window Bridge, which spans a gap in which the turbulent waters of the Atlantic meet the calmer seas of the Exuma Sound on the island's leeward side. The existing man-made structure has replaced a naturally-formed bridge that was blown away during a hurricane years ago, but the view of the deep blue ocean and crashing surf is still as spectacular as when it captured the painterly eye of Winslow Homer. On Harbour Island, off the north coast of Eleuthera, is Dunmore Town, the oldest and most charming settlement in The Bahamas complete with white picket fences and friendly residents. All of Harbour Island is rimmed by pink, sugar-sand beaches, but Dunmore Town has some of the best of them. While you are here, visit the "Hill Steps," which were cut out by prisoners, with an underground tunnel leading from the cove to Rock House, a nearby resort. Also on Harbour Island is Titus Hole, a cave with an open mouth that overlooks the harbour and is said to be the first jail of Harbour Island.