Unlike South and Central Eleuthera, there are no major resort developments in North Eleuthera (except on Harbour Island, not covered here). The most popular area for vacation homes is a large subdivision dating from the early 1970’s called Rainbow Bay. Rainbow runs the full width of the island from sea to sea and extends for two miles in length. The majority of its quarter-acre lots—which number 1,700--are still undeveloped, but new homes are being built every year. Rainbow Bay has a beach, tennis court, and a small resort called the Rainbow Inn with an excellent restaurant. Rainbow has a well-organized homeowners association that maintains and operates the roads and amenities with revenues from the $60 annual homeowner’s fee. No, that isn’t a typo or a misplaced decimal. $60.00 per year. There are always a variety of lots for sale in Rainbow, and usually homes as well. Most of the oceanfront lots on both sides of the subdivision are rocky shore frontage, rather than beachfront. Caribbean-side lots are preferred to those on the Atlantic on this part of the island, as the latter experience considerable salt spray and, at some spots, flooding from high waves coming over the cliffs. In fact, only a few Atlantic-side lots have been built upon to date. Prices for Caribbean-side oceanfront lots are in the $150,000 range.