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A destination film.

Crystalline waters of a turquoise splash by a constellation of more than 700 islands and green sand beaches, extending under the sun of the tropics. His evocative landscapes have served in numerous films decorated better-known, and certainly with pleasure paradise.
Text and Photos: Sergi Reboredo

Many have dreamed to feel like James Bond, or at least enjoy these places so evocative that are repeated again and again in some sequences of the films in the series 007, which have been filmed in the Bahamas. Simply say his name brings to mind moments of peace, relaxation and harmony, long before they get here, but when one lands in this country realizes that preconceived ideas of certain sites can be adjusted quite to reality. I guess that it has happened to many filmmakers who decided to shoot some of his films in that there may be more similar to Eden. Films of the likes of "The Silence of the Lambs," "My father the hero", "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Splash," "Cocoon," "Flipper" along with other series such as 007 "The world Is Not Enough", "never say never," "for Your Eyes only" or the latest "Casino Royal" released last year, Bahamians were filmed scenarios.

El Caribbean Muzik Fest es una jam session de una semana a finales de mayo o principios de junio con una repartida representación de reggae, soca, junkanoo y bailes de salón.
The Bahamas are a group of 700 islands spread out in an arc from the Florida coast until almost the northwest of Haiti. The name Bahamas owes its origin to the Spanish word "Bajamar" impossible to pronounce for many Saxons renamed the years after Columbus came to this land in 1492 in search of anything with commercial value. These domains quickly became a benchmark of bandits and pirates, playing the black flag. In fact, its waters were furrowed by numerous galleons laden with gold and precious stones, using some of its islands as hideouts for their treasures. When the Spaniards rejected because the land would not have anything, happened to British rule until 1973, when independence was held. Since then, the Bahamas abandonment new colors: turquoise (by the sea), black (with reference to the population) and yellow (symbolizing the sun).

El Caribbean Muzik Fest es una jam session de una semana a finales de mayo o principios de junio con una repartida representación de reggae, soca, junkanoo y bailes de salón.

Despite his appalling in almost five centuries, the people of Bahamas never gave up his desire for independence, or its history. The city of Nassau was founded in the seventeenth century by the British as Charles Town, Nassau and renamed after William III of Orange-Nassau in 1695. It has a small size, just 18 kilometers long and 8 wide, houses two-thirds of the entire population bahameña functioning as a political and financial capital of all the other islands. Buccaneer are many vestiges of the past, but above all: the environment. Many details scattered throughout the city that will transport you to an era of pirates, pirates and bandits. Indeed, looking this environment we can get into the Pirate Museum, located in the center of the city. Inside recreates the life of pirates of the time even appearances of characters with costumes inspired by the opportunity to just lack the parrot on his shoulder. The performance also includes a visit inside the pirate galleon Revenge, is kept inside all the details to make you feel a genuine pirate, even music and pipes. Not far from the museum is the Graycliff Cigar Factory, where a dozen Cuban, Caribbean-paced, hand-made cigars the best in the area. Next to the factory is the hotel and restaurant bearing the same name and runs Enrico Garzaroli, which states that if someone is looking for something different, a little treasure, you might find it in his cellar One of the best in the Carib with more than 175,000 bottles, some collectors. Bustle of compulsive shopping by wealthy American tourists located in the central street of Bay Street. The buildings are decorated in pastel colors contrast strongly with some bright colored walls and stores emeralds and rubies occur one after another. After two kilometers and crossed the long bridge that separates the main island of Paradise Island, we arrived at the Hotel Atlantis. Inside this large complex, one of the largest aquariums in the world playing the lost city of Atlantis and all its marine life, with over 14000 fish, but what I really love is the lagoon from predators. A glass-enclosed tunnel that crosses a skinny swimming pool filled with a few inches of tourists, separated only by glass.

El Caribbean Muzik Fest es una jam session de una semana a finales de mayo o principios de junio con una repartida representación de reggae, soca, junkanoo y bailes de salón.

Eleuthera, The Liberty Island.
Not a large ferry sets sail each morning from Nassau to the jetty Torwn Dunmore on Harbour Island. This corner is the joy of so many islands and cays that comprise elongated Eleuthera, whose name in Greek means freedom. It is located a few hundred kilometers north-east of the Bahamas, and configured with its 9,000 inhabitants are known as the most populated outer islands. Was dominated by the English colonists discovered in 1648, and today is a haven for many rich and famous who have established their second home here.
It is normal to rent a golf cart to navigate the streets, but by necessity (because the site can be visited on foot perfectly) just because you feel a more because this is the means of transport. Loyalist mansions occur one after another in this magical world where everything is sorted and placed like a decorative film was. Just crossing the four lanes that cross the island from north to south, you come to the Pink Sands Beach, or what is the same, the pink sand beach. Its sand a delicate shade of pink glass, the water warm and breathe peace has been achieved every year placing it among the top ten beaches in the world. Beside, people walk from one side to the other while some children are tirelessly fly their stars to the sound of a gentle breeze. Meanwhile, intrepid adventurers and enjoy horseback riding to a world that even more evocative. Others get their relaxing time taking a cold Kalik beer at Vic Hum Club, a bar to the rhythm of reggae hearth that brighten the nights of Dunmore. It's almost four in the afternoon and in the morning the same boat that docked at Pier returns back to Nassau, stopping first at the beautiful Spanish Wells, another small village that was home of the first English settlers from the Bermuda.El Caribbean Muzik Fest es una jam session de una semana a finales de mayo o principios de junio con una repartida representación de reggae, soca, junkanoo y bailes de salón.

Cat Island, the wildest.
Leaving Nassau and back again to the island want Captain Catt, also known by others, Cat Island. It is believed that the name of the island comes from the notorious pirate Arthur Catt, although there are some who insist to say that the large canine wild animal that lives in the area and was abandoned by the Spanish colonists could also have originated the name.
It is located 208 kilometers southeast of Nassau and is one of the less touristy islands, but at the same time, the wildest and still retains many of the traditions of their African past.
Our hostess, Donna Kaesler welcomes us at Fernandez Bay Village and shows us some of the books that keep the traditions of the island. One speaks of Obeah, a form of African religion of shades and tints that some villagers continue practicing Buddhists, and all means replace traditional medicine for healing plants and a little black magic. It is best to explore the island by bike. Quickly get to the hut tax Thompson, an amiable woman who is dedicated to making all kinds of crafts made from straw: hats, baskets, baskets ... but apparently not the only because these are the typical local souvenirs. Further south you reach the highest point in the Bahamas, Mount Auvergne with only 63 meters high. In this meditative enclave stands the Chapel of Father Jerome, a medieval monastery built by a hermit and penitent currently provide the best views in the area. Another good excursion is close to the village of Arthur's Town in the north of the island. On the way is easy to cross some horsemen, while large weave their crafts in the porches of their homes. Others decide to make your stay at the hotel to change bike kayak. Bathing in a heavenly beach like this and you can relax in a hammock is a good thing that no one has every day.

El Caribbean Muzik Fest es una jam session de una semana a finales de mayo o principios de junio con una repartida representación de reggae, soca, junkanoo y bailes de salón.

ABACO, New England Caribbean
These outer islands in the north of the Bahamas, make up the second largest group of islands of the Bahamas. Most of its inhabitants descended from early settlers Loyalists, arrived in 1783 after fleeing persecution before and during the time of American independence. His legacy is felt even today as a gentle aroma to New England with many wooden houses and fences white pastel. The activity and the construction of naval sloop, traditional ships have brought him to his title Abaco Capital Navigation, hosting major regattas each year.
A boat transports tourists from Elbow Cay to Marsh Harbour, a charming village of just 400 inhabitants, where there are alligators and bobcats. This fall lealista located 10 kilometers east of Marsh Harbour, is the picturesque village of Hope Town. Many people come to this place by boat to some of the houses are equipped with jetty to moor the boat. The scenery is lovely and smells of the sea, not surprisingly, its symbol is the lighthouse 37 meters high from which achieved the best views in the area, so it is recommended to upload your steps percent evocative sunset and enjoy the scenery. Despite being one of the pilgrimage sites for tourism, its inhabitants have struggled to get hold in its original almost a hundred houses in the late eighteenth century painted in bright colors and perfectly preserved. Two almost pedestrian streets, Bay Street and Back Street, village divided into two halves. The golf carts roam from one side to another city while some people immortalize the moment painting oil paintings, and others decide to rest quietly on the porch of the house lying on a hammock. Having walked the boardwalk, you can visit some of the local museums, like Wyannie Malone Museum, which houses exhibits on the Indians and the British colonists lackeys and Cabecean Museum dedicated to the whales.El Caribbean Muzik Fest es una jam session de una semana a finales de mayo o principios de junio con una repartida representación de reggae, soca, junkanoo y bailes de salón.

Following the kind of arc that forms the archipelago of Abaco, the plane lands in Freeport, Grand Bahama's capital. In no time this place has become the second tourist Bahamas. It is just 80 kilometers from Miami and several ferries come and go making it affordable for Americans, is also 30% cheaper than the other islands. Moreover, the island offers a wide variety of fun flavors to: endless white sand beaches, duty free shopping, several golf courses, casinos, hotels "all inclusive" restaurants and parks all four considered the best of the Bahamas.
A good option is to visit the Island enjoying the options offered by nature, such a good trip kayaking. Lucayan National Park is not far away, and usually the place of beginning these excursions. The boats glide slowly between mangroves until you reach a point where you walk. The 16 acres of the park have the largest underwater cave system known in the world as well as their abysmal "blue holes."
Another highlight is a visit to the center UNEXSO to swim and snorkel alongside dolphins. Peter Banister, a Mexican established in these islands for several years, subject matter expert, explains how long is the life of a dolphin trainer of trainers. Children and adults enjoy the interactive contact with these mammals, and no wonder, since for many visitors is one of the most rewarding experiences of the whole trip in the Bahamas.

El Caribbean Muzik Fest es una jam session de una semana a finales de mayo o principios de junio con una repartida representación de reggae, soca, junkanoo y bailes de salón.

Following the kind of arc that forms the archipelago of Abaco, the plane lands in Freeport, Grand Bahama's capital. In no time this place has become the second tourist Bahamas. It is just 80 kilometers from Miami and several ferries come and go making it affordable for Americans, is also 30% cheaper than the other islands. Moreover, the island offers a wide variety of fun flavors to: endless white sand beaches, duty free shopping, several golf courses, casinos, hotels "all inclusive" restaurants and parks all four considered the best of the Bahamas.
A good option is to visit the Island enjoying the options offered by nature, such a good trip kayaking. Lucayan National Park is not far away, and usually the place of beginning these excursions. The boats glide slowly between mangroves until you reach a point where you walk. The 16 acres of the park have the largest underwater cave system known in the world as well as their abysmal "blue holes."
Another highlight is a visit to the center UNEXSO to swim and snorkel alongside dolphins. Peter Banister, a Mexican established in these islands for several years, subject matter expert, explains how long is the life of a dolphin trainer of trainers. Children and adults enjoy the interactive contact with these mammals, and no wonder, since for many visitors is one of the most rewarding experiences of the whole trip in the Bahamas.

BAHAMAS TRAVEL GUIDE                      .



No direct flights from Spain. The cheapest way is to first reach Miami (USA). Major airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Klm, and British Airways flights with a stopover in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and London respectively from 600 euros plus taxes. From Miami and about 100 € (i / v) or Bahamas Air Continental made ??several flights a day to Nassau. To navigate within the country several airlines: Bahamasair ,

Cat Island Air, Regional Air and Western Air connect major cities and tourist destinations at prices ranging from 50 to 70 euros each way.

Nassau, Eleuthera.

A boat Bahamas Ferries Company

performed every day the route in both directions , so it is possible to perform a single day tour departing at 8:00 and then return to Nassau at 15:55 . It is advisable to make reservations in advance in high season. It also has an airport , and several companies operating flights from Nassau and from other islands.

Nassau , Cat Island.

We can get New Bight airport located south of the island from Nassau Bahamasair companies and Cat Island Air , which tend to call at the Arthur 's Town Airport to the north. The company Continental offers direct flights from Fort Lauderdale in the U.S.

Nassau- Abacos.

The company carried out several flights Bahamasair from Nassau to Marsh Harbour International Airport located in the center of the archipelago , which tend to call at the Treasure Cay airport northernmost . Another company , Continental offers direct flights from Fort Lauderdale and Miami in the U.S. Regional Air is responsible for communicating with Grand Bahama Abacos .

Abacos , Grand Bahama.

Regional Air has several flights a day between Marsh Harbour ( Abacos ) and Freeport ( Grand Bahama ) . There are also several companies that fly to Nassau and Western Air , Bahamasair , and if we intend to get straight without a stop in the capital Continental has direct flights from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.




Entry formalities . Spanish citizens need to have a valid passport valid for six months. The visa is only required for stays longer than three months. The new electronic passport is only required for connecting flights in the U.S.

When to go . Bahamas enjoys over 320 sunny days a year and the average temperature ranges between 20-26 º C in winter (December to April ) and 28-33 ° C in summer ( mid- April to mid- December) so it is ideal for all year . The rainy season usually coincides from late May to November and is in the form of small showers during the afternoon. The high season runs from Christmas to Easter , and prices in the accommodation at this time are higher than in the rest of the year . This season the temperatures are milder so there are many fewer mosquitoes .

Languages ??. The official language is English, spoken by almost the entire population, although popularly also used the " patois " . English is the administrative language , used in full services and resorts . Some Haitian immigrants speak Creole , like Castilian is used by Cubans and Americans of Hispanic origin.

Currency. The official currency is the Bahamian dollar ( BSD ) operating with a 1-1 parity with the U.S. dollar , making it possible to pay either in both currencies. The BSD is divided into 100 cents. (1 euro = 1.30 BSD) . There are notes of 100, 50 , 20, 10 , 5.3 and 1 dollar coins Bahamas and 25, 15 , 10.5 and 1 cent . International cards such as Visa , Diners Club , MasterCard and American Express are accepted in almost all establishments and hotels. The dollar travelers checks are changed without any problems , but have a small commission , and not accepted issued in euros . It's best to get to the island with dollars, since that does not need to be changed for another type of currency.

Health Precautions . We require a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever for persons from affected areas . No need any vaccinations , although it is advisable to be vaccinated for hepatitis A / B and tetanus. Tap water is often unfit for use. During the warmer months it is advisable to carry a mosquito repellent tropical.

What to bring . It is advisable to wear cotton or linen , and a hat , sunglasses and sunscreen . Bermuda is the official dress although some selected hotels dinners can get long pants required . In the winter months need long sleeves because at night it cools . Depending on the time we travel also imperative a raincoat and an umbrella. If you have the idea of diving is better to bring your own mask and snorkel , plastic shoes used in sports are ideal for swimming between corals and avoid injury .


NASSAU . Before leaving for other islands is advisable quick tour of the capital. We can visit the Museum of the Pirates , a walk bizarre that takes us into the lives of the pirates of old, and the Bahamas Historical Museum , Pompey Museum and the National Art Gallery . Also worth taking a look at the Balcony House , the oldest wooden house in Nassau. We can learn a lot about the development of pure Graycliff Factory and try a delicious lobster in the adjoining restaurant by the same owner . A stroll down the main street of Bay Street as well as a visit to the Straw Market are compulsory route, and if we have more time in the capital you can visit Paradise Island and the Atlantis Hotel , which plays into a huge aquarium lost city of Atlantis , which has a glass tunnel through which roam sharks, sawfish and other predators.



Eleuthera , located about 100 kilometers northeast of Nassau , which means freedom in Greek , is now a paradise for lovers and residence of some wealthy celebrities . Harbour Island, one of the Bahamas most exclusive enclaves , has become fashionable space : here is Dunmore Town, an ancient people of British settlers in 1648 who discovered buildings of two hundred years old , and that was the first capital of the Bahamas.

Dunmore . Given the small size of this little town of pastel houses , you can visit a few walk but we can also do on the pier renting a golf cart . If we spent the night on the island we have a beer at the Vic Hum Club reggae beat .

Pink Sand Beach. The pink sand beach is considered one of the ten best beaches in the world . Its pinkish tones sand and its warm crystal clear water and coral gives this beach a unique identity and a stamp of prestige who live there. A different way to go is to do the beach horseback , although it is highly recommended to walk along the edge of the waves .



This beautiful island located 208 miles southeast of Nassau, and was the birthplace of the famous native filmmaker Sidney Poitier , is one of the less touristy islands but also the wildest and still retains many of the traditions of its past Africa. In its coastline stretch miles and miles of pristine beaches being quieter the west area bathed by the Atlantic Ocean . The interior is pretty wild and is covered with marshes , mangroves and mahogany forests .

Mount Alvernia and the Hermitage of Father Jerome . Mount Alvernia is the height of all the Bahamas with 63 meters. Next to Holy Redeemer Catholic Church , the Chapel of Mount Alvernia was the most precious legacy apostate Anglican priest Father Jerome . In its construction are mixed Celtic and Mediterranean styles . From its location overlooking a stunning 360 degree panorama is breathtaking especially at sunset .

Arthur 's Town . A view to the village in the north of the island can be very interesting . The obeah , or what is the same, the quackery is located practically in the north and on the nearby island of San Salvador making it very rewarding to talk with people about the history of the Bahamas and more specifically on this kind of religion of African origin.



This archipelago is the second largest group of islands of the Bahamas . Most of its inhabitants descended from the first settlers arrived in 1783 after the American Revolution. The streets still feel the taste of New England with wooden houses with multiple pastel colors and white picket fences , especially in Green Turtle and Hope Town . Naval activity and the construction of traditional boats called sloops Abaco have granted the title of Capital of Navigation . The beach at Treasure Cay Beach is considered one of the best in the world , but if we want to go snorkeling or diving it is best to approach the Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park located south of Hope Town . Another attraction of the island is to rent a boat with or without a license to wander between the different islands .

Hope Town . Idyllic village just 400 inhabitants located ten kilometers east of Marsh Harbour. The views from the lighthouse at sunset are beautiful, if we go up the spiral staircase 37 meters high and one hundred steps that separate the soil. Once we walked the boardwalk Malone Wyannie visit the Museum, with exhibits on Indian lackeys constant and British settlers and Hove Museum dedicated to the whales. We can also rent a golf car and enjoy the views from the Turtle Hill and Sea Spray with a drink on the way in the Abaco Inn .



Grand Bahama is the second most important tourist numbers . The fact of its proximity to the U.S. together , on one hand , to its attractive natural and recreational infrastructure and, secondly , the fact that it is up to 30 % cheaper than the rest of their counterparts have become in a place of constant pilgrimage. The charming village of West End Road or the endless , deserted beaches of the east of the island are authentic havens of peace .

Lucayan National Park . This park is a 16 acre natural treasure that invites to be explored by boat through the mangroves . Kayak Nature Tours offers tours combining kayaking this park with a walking tour around to admire from outside the caves and underwater cave system in the world 's largest , as well as marine blue holes- holes that plunge into deep - and bats that live in the vicinity .

Unexo . Located in the Port Lucaya Marina , offers the possibility to spend a day with the dolphins. It offers four different programs , the " dolphin encounter " aimed at children and people who do not need to know how to swim , " swimming with dolphins " in which one can swim with them and the " dolphin diving " and " swim with dolphins ' carried out in the open sea.




In Nassau you can still sleep at reasonable prices ( less than 40 euros a night ) , although it is feasible to do so in exquisite and luxurious hotels hundred euros a night. Almost all mid-range hotels have air conditioning, cable TV and minibar. Downtown, Cable Beach and Paradise Island are concentrated areas where much of the hotels more affordable. The modern and colorful buildings along the Northeast Providence Channel can be viewed from the plane before landing .

Graycliff Hotel. W Hill Street.

One of the most historic hotels in the island. Located in downtown Nassau on an elegant mansion in the 1740s. In 1844 he became the first hostelry in Nassau and currently has 20 Cuban colonial style rooms, two pools and a spa. Famous guests have been clients of the caliber of Winston Churchill and the Beatles, and the cuisine boasts of being one of the best in the Caribbean.

Atlantis. Paradise Island.

This five star hotel is located in Paradise Island , close to the center of Nassau. It is one of the largest hotels in the Caribbean , specializing in families with children , as it has many attractions for them. It has more than 30 restaurants , casino , spa and of course its spacious rooms offer all the amenities . This hotel plays in a giant pool the lost city of Atlantis and all marine wildlife lived there , including sharks. In the new Atlantis extends the water park and there is a new attraction "Dolphin Cay " to swim with the dolphins.

Compass Point. West Bay Street, Gambier . It is located very near the airport , so it is ideal if we need to catch a plane the next day. Its 18 cabins have air conditioning, TV, minibar and other amenities and are painted in vivid colors recalling the Junkanoo festival . It is located on the beach and offers the possibility of water sports such as diving , kayaking , snorkeling , etc. .



Coral Sands Hotel 

Chapel St. is one of the best resorts in the area. It is five minutes from the village walking along the beach north. In addition to spacious rooms equipped with almost everything, has a restaurant, gift shop, library and tennis court, being possible to rent bicycles, mopeds and golf carts.

Dunmore Beach Club. Court Rd Much more elegant and expensive than previous offers luxurious rooms overlooking the sea with all the amenities of a hotel of this category.

Royal Palm Hotel. Clarence St. is the cheapest in the area but it sells for around 100 BSD. It is comfortable and rooms are frequented regularly by divers.



Fernandez Bay Village.  

Fernandez Bay. This is best hotel on the island. It offers cottages to beachfront in great detail. The restaurant offers succulent dinners and also offers the possibility of water sports and you can rent bikes.

Gilbert's Inn & Car Rentals. New Bight. It is inexpensive and popular so booking is advisable as quickly as possible. It has good rooms with TV, and also offers the possibility to rent a car.

Hotel Greenwood Beach Resort.  

Port Howe. Walk to beach, offers rooms with air conditioning and TV. It is usually frequented by families and divers. The restaurant serves both as European Bahamians.



Hope Town Hideaways.  

Porpoise Pl Rent fully furnished villas with all the amenities imaginable. Prices per week can range from 700 to over 7000 euros depending on size and location.

Hope Town Harbour Lodge.  

Queens Hwy is one of the cheapest so you should book as soon as possible.

Located under coconuts in the Atlantic Ocean has cottages with kitchens.

Club Soleil Resort. Western Waterfront. It is situated in a quiet location near the harbor and offers seven hacienda-style accommodation with good views on their balconies. There is also a swimming pool and seafood restaurant.



Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach. 

Fortune Beach. It is one of the hotels that the method works with "all inclusive". Its rooms are spacious and have air conditioning. It is located beachfront and has a tennis court, gym, pool, three restaurants and an entertainment service.

Island Palm Resort. Explorers Way & E Mall Dr Rooms with air conditioning. It is one of the cheaper options in Freeport. Parking and a small pool.

Pelican Bay at Lucaya. 

Pt Lucaya Marina . Luxurious hotel , awarded on more than one occasion, situated just five minutes walk from Port Lucaya and close to the center UNEXSO . The rooms have air conditioning, telephone , refrigerator and TV .



Bahamas is not exactly the ideal place to find handicrafts at bargain prices , although we can find some crafts on certain islands worthwhile . In Nassau's Bay Street can find dozens of jewelry stores selling all sorts of diamonds and especially South American origin . At the beginning of this road is the Straw Market , which is perhaps the largest craft market in all the Bahamas. In their stores are sold from decorated shells , wood carvings , masks and necklaces or bracelets made ??with seafood. This is the only place in the islands where you can haggle, and it is wise to look gender well as some are imported from nearby islands or even Asia and resold at exorbitant prices . On Cat Island , some elderly are dedicated to making baskets , hats and bags completely handmade . We can also find Batiks , very cheerful print fabrics that are made with addition of other wearing sarongs.

Official website of the Bahamas Tourist Office. It can be a good gateway because we can get information from each separate island, hotels, activities, schedules of airlines and shipping companies, finally a little guide that can help us very much when preparing our itinerary. Also available in English, and if the information you seek is on the outer islands can also search:

Complete information and practice of the major tourist destinations. Also part of the Bahamas Tourist Office. It's in French, German, Italian and Spanish very soon.

Includes information about hotels and travel agencies, and restaurants, maps and so much more that can be very valuable before leaving.

Along the same lines as above. Depends Tourism Office Grand Bahama and offers all kinds of information related to the island.







Embajada de Bahamas en Reino Unido

High Comission of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
10 chesterfield St.
London, W1X SAH England
Teléfono : (00) 44 207 408 4488
Fax : (00) 44 207 499 9937





Cigar Factory BAHAMAS Cable Beach Cliff Gray Pirate Museum Hotel City Atalanta lost Atlantis Music Festival Hotel Compass Point Eleuthera Junkanoo Arena Pink Houses of Hope Town Lighthouse loyalists UNEXSO Grand Bahama Lucaya National Park

There are 700 Islands of Bahamas sprinkled over 100,000 square miles of ocean starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. The archipelago is an ecological oasis featuring 2,000 breathtaking islands and cays and boasts the clearest water on the planet—with a visibility of over 200 feet. You can see your toes as easily as you can the world’s third largest barrier reef.

We invite you to explore all of our islands. One step and you’ll realize the beauty of each island extends far beyond our extraordinary natural wonders. It’s the smiles on the faces of the Bahamian people. The unique sounds of our rich culture. The warm hospitality of our heritage and our colorful history.

Eighty-five percent of the Bahamian population is of African heritage. About two-thirds of the population resides on New Providence Island (the location of Nassau). Many ancestors arrived in The Bahamas when the islands served as a staging area for the slave trade in the early 1800s. Others accompanied thousands of British loyalists who fled the American colonies during the Revolutionary War.

Haitians form the largest immigrant community in The Bahamas. 30,000-50,000 are estimated to be resident legally or illegally, concentrated on New Providence, Abaco and Eleuthera islands.

School attendance is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16. The government fully operates 158 of the 210 primary and secondary schools in The Bahamas. The other 52 schools are privately operated. Enrollment for state primary and secondary schools is 50,332, with more than 16,000 students attending private schools. The College of The Bahamas, established in Nassau in 1974, provides programs leading to bachelors and associates degrees. Several non-Bahamian colleges also offer higher education programs in The Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus made his first landfall in the Western Hemisphere in The Bahamas. Spanish slave traders later captured native Lucayan Indians to work in gold mines in Hispaniola, and within 25 years, all Lucayans perished. In 1647, a group of English and Bermudan religious refugees, the Eleutheran Adventurers, founded the first permanent European settlement in The Bahamas and gave Eleuthera Island its name. Similar groups of settlers formed governments in The Bahamas until the islands became a British Crown Colony in 1717.

The late 1600s to the early 1700s were the golden age for pirates and privateers. Many famous pirates and privateers--including Sir Francis Drake and Blackbeard--used the islands of The Bahamas as a base. The numerous islands and islets with their complex shoals and channels provided excellent hiding places for the plundering ships near well-traveled shipping lanes. The first Royal Governor, Woodes Rogers, brought law and order to The Bahamas in 1718 when he expelled the buccaneers.

During the American Revolution, American colonists loyal to the British flag settled in The Bahamas. These Loyalists and new settlers from Britain brought Colonial building skills and agricultural expertise. Until 1834, when Britain abolished slavery, they also brought slaves, importing the ancestors of many modern Bahamians from Western Africa.

Proximity to the U.S. continued to provide opportunity for illegal shipping activity. In the course of the American Civil War, The Bahamas prospered as a center of Confederate blockade-running. During Prohibition, the islands served as a base for American rumrunners. Today, The Bahamas is a major transshipment point for narcotics on the way to the U.S.

Bahamians achieved self-government through a series of constitutional and political steps, attaining internal self-government in 1964 and full independence within the Commonwealth on July 10, 1973. Since independence, The Bahamas has continued to develop into a major tourist and financial services center.
The Bahamas is an independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It is a parliamentary democracy with regular elections. As a Commonwealth country, its political and legal traditions closely follow those of the United Kingdom. The Bahamas recognizes the British monarch as its formal head of state, while an appointed Governor General serves as the Queen's representative in The Bahamas. A bicameral legislature enacts laws under the 1973 constitution.

The House of Assembly consists of 41 members, elected from individual constituencies for 5-year terms. As under the Westminster system, the government may dissolve the Parliament and call elections at any time. The House of Assembly performs all major legislative functions. The leader of the majority party serves as prime minister and head of government. The Cabinet consists of at least nine members, including the prime minister and ministers of executive departments. They answer politically to the House of Assembly.

The Senate consists of 16 members appointed by the Governor General, including nine on the advice of the prime minister, four on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition, and three on the advice of the prime minister after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition.

The Governor General appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the advice of the prime minister and the Leader of the Opposition. The Governor General appoints the other justices with the advice of a judicial commission. The Privy Council of the United Kingdom serves as the highest appellate court.

Local government districts elect councils for town planning, business licenses, traffic issues and maintaining government buildings. In some large districts, lower level town councils also have minor responsibilities.

For decades, the white-dominated United Bahamian Party (UBP) ruled The Bahamas, then a dependency of the United Kingdom, while a group of influential white merchants, known as the "Bay Street Boys," dominated the local economy. In 1953, Bahamians dissatisfied with UBP rule formed the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Under the leadership of Lynden Pindling, the PLP won control of the government in 1967 and led The Bahamas to full independence in 1973.

A coalition of PLP dissidents and former UBP members formed the Free National Movement (FNM) in 1971. Former PLP cabinet minister and member of Parliament Hubert Ingraham became leader of the FNM in 1990, upon the death of Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Under the leadership of Ingraham, the FNM won control of the government from the PLP in the August 1992 general elections. The PLP regained power in 2002 under the leadership of Perry Christie, but the FNM, again led by Ingraham, returned to government by capturing 23 of the 41 seats in the House of Assembly during the May 2007 election. The next election must be held no later than May 2012.

In July 2008 Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham announced changes to ministerial portfolios and the creation of two additional ministries--the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture and the Ministry of the Environment.
The Bahamas is driven by tourism and financial services. Tourism and tourism-driven construction and manufacturing provide an estimated 60% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Tourism employs about half the Bahamian work force. In 2008, 4.6 million tourists visited The Bahamas, 85% from the United States. This was a 4.5% decrease in overall visitors when compared to 2007. There are about 110 U.S.-affiliated businesses operating in The Bahamas, and most are associated with tourism and banking. With few domestic resources and little industry, The Bahamas imports nearly all its food and manufactured goods from the United States. American goods and services tend to be favored by Bahamians due to cultural similarities and heavy exposure to American advertising. The Bahamian economy, due to its heavy dependence on U.S. tourism and trade, is deeply affected by U.S. economic performance.

The Bahamas is currently experiencing an economic downturn as a result of the worldwide economic recession. Tourism numbers dropped significantly during the last quarter of 2008, and approximately 1,000 tourism sector employees have been laid off since September 2008. The Bahamas is focusing on construction and other infrastructure projects in an effort to boost the economy and create employment. Future goals include continued development of tourism properties through large-scale private sector investment, including increased Bahamian ownership, redevelopment of the Grand Bahama economy following major hurricane losses in 2004, and the expansion of the robust Bahamian financial sector.

In addition to the decrease in tourism, other economic challenges facing The Bahamas include meeting continued employment demands, jumpstarting a lagging privatization process, and monitoring increasing levels of government debt. Another major challenge for Bahamians will be to prepare for hemispheric free trade. Currently, Bahamians do not pay income or sales taxes. Most government revenue is derived from high tariffs and import fees. Reduction of trade barriers will probably require some form of taxation to replace revenues when the country becomes a part of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). As evident by domestic opposition to the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), the advantages of free trade have been hard for the government to sell. Despite some domestic opposition, the Bahamian Government signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU) in December 2008.

A number of planned hotel projects have promised to increase economic growth and create short- and long-term employment. The Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island remains a major tourist draw and an engine of the economy. The future of the Baha Mar hotel project was called into question after casino operator Harrah's pulled out of the deal in March 2008. However, in March 2009 the ExIm Bank of China formally agreed to finance the stalled project, estimated at $3.2 billion in funding. The government promises to expand Nassau International Airport and has turned over management to private operators. The Bahamian Government also has adopted a proactive approach to courting foreign investors and has conducted major investment missions to the Far East, Europe, Latin America, India, and Canada. The government continues to pay particular attention to China to encourage tourism and investment. The Chinese are funding the construction of a new $30 million sports stadium in New Providence and may provide an addition $100 million in road construction projects. While the FNM government has expressed a desire to increase Bahamian ownership interests in developments, The Bahamas' dependence on foreign investment is unlikely to change.

Financial services constitute the second-most important sector of the Bahamian economy, accounting for up to 15% of GDP, due to the country's status as a tax haven and offshore banking center. The Stop Tax Haven Abuse bill, which has been proposed in the U.S. Congress and which names The Bahamas as one of 34 secrecy jurisdictions, has generated considerable discussion in local media and amongst politicians. Many Bahamians feel the inclusion of The Bahamas in such a bill would result in significant job losses in the financial services sector. As of 2005, the government had licensed 262 banks and trust companies in The Bahamas. The Bahamas promulgated the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in January 1990 to enhance the country's status as a leading financial center. The act served to simplify and reduce the cost of incorporating offshore companies in The Bahamas. Within 9 years, more than 84,000 IBC-type companies had been established. In February 1991, the government also legalized the establishment of Asset Protection Trusts in The Bahamas. In 2000, in response to multilateral organizations' concerns, the government passed a legislative package of stronger measures to better regulate the financial sector and prevent money laundering in the country's banking sector, including creation of a Financial Intelligence Unit and enforcement of "know-your-customer" rules. Some of these measures have been challenged in Bahamian courts, and the number of offshore banks registered in The Bahamas has declined substantially since 2002. As many as half of the IBCs have also closed shop. As a result, the government is considering additional legislation to keep the industry competitive while complying with international standards, including possible reform of the regulatory structure and the signing of more Tax Information Exchange Agreements.

Agriculture and fisheries together account for 3% of GDP. The Bahamas exports lobster and some fish but does not raise these items commercially. There is no large-scale agriculture, and most agricultural products are consumed domestically. Following an outbreak of citrus canker on Abaco in 2005, The Bahamas lost a main agricultural export, and the Ministry of Agriculture banned the export of plant materials from Abaco. The Bahamas imports more than $250 million in foodstuffs per year, representing about 80% of its food consumption.

The Bahamian Government maintains the value of the Bahamian dollar on a par with the U.S. dollar. The Bahamas is a beneficiary of the U.S.-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), Canada's CARIBCAN program, and the EU’s Economic Partnership Agreement. Although The Bahamas participates in the political aspects of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), it has not entered into joint economic initiatives, like the CSME, with other Caribbean states.

The Bahamas has a few notable industrial firms: the pharmaceutical firm PFC Bahamas (formerly Syntex); the BORCO oil facility, doing business as Vooak Terminal Bahamas; Sands Beer; and the Grand Bahama Brewery, all in Freeport; and the Commonwealth Brewery in Nassau, which produces Heineken, Guinness, and Kalik beers. Other industries include sun-dried sea salt in Great Inagua, a wet dock facility in Freeport for repair of cruise ships, and mining of aragonite--a type of limestone with several industrial uses--from the sea floor at Ocean Cay.

The Hawksbill Creek Agreement established a duty-free zone in Freeport, The Bahamas' second-largest city, with a nearby industrial park to encourage foreign industrial investment. The Hong Kong-based firm Hutchison Whampoa operates the container port in Freeport. The Bahamian Parliament approved legislation in 1993 that extended most Freeport tax and duty exemptions through 2054.
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Hope Town is a quaint, 18th century fishing village on Elbow Cay, (six miles long by a quarter mile wide) located on the outer reef of a string of emerald isles, known as the Abacos. Surrounded by a translucent turquiose sea and known for being one of the most protected areas in the Caribbean for small boat exploring.
The historical settlement of Hope Town wraps around a protected harbour, only three blocks wide from ocean side to harbour side, it is also known for its famous candy striped lighthouse. Visitors are free to climb the lighthouse for splendid views of the adjacent islands and barrier reefs.

Island life is notably unhurried, locals and visitors stroll the traffic free streets of Hope Town with its brightly painted clapboard houses, picket fences and flowering gardens. Original settlers were Loyalists who relocated to these islands after the American Revolution. Plantations, sponging, fishing, boat building, piracy, smuggling and wrecking became ways of past life. A close knit community of 300 people populate the island year round. The activities that attract visitors and keep our guests returning annually are:

Renting a boat and exploring the many islands and historical settlements in the protected waters of the Sea of Abaco.
Snorkeling or diving on our national underwater sea parks.
Dining at our fine restaurants under the stars, and dancing to calypso music.
Picnicing and shelling on the many beaches of deserted islands.
Exploring an artist colony, and sipping rum punches at romantic beach bars.
Exploring our island on a rented golf cart or bicycle.
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We hope you will take the opportunity to visit us, please let us know if you have any further questions, we don't want to tell you everything about our island, but leave some things a pleasant surprise.Junkanoo is a national festival in The Bahamas, the only place where it holds such an honor. There is even a museum showcasing Junkanoo costumes, art and artifacts in downtown Nassau--a cultural highlight and must-see attraction for all visitors. The origin of the word Junkanoo is obscure. Some say it comes from the French "L'inconnu" (meaning the unknown), in reference to the masks worn by the paraders; or "junk enoo," the Scottish settlers' reference to the parades, meaning "junk enough;" or "John Canoe," the name of an African tribal chief who demanded the right to celebrate with his people even after being brought to the West Indies in slavery.

It is believed that this festival began during the 16th and 17th centuries. The slaves were given a special holiday at Christmas time, when they could leave the plantations to be with their family and celebrate the holidays with African dance, music and costumes. After emancipation, they continued this tradition and, today, Junkanoo has evolved from its simple origins to a formal, more organized parade with sophisticated, intricate costumes, themed music and incentive prizes.

Christmas celebrations in The Bahamas would not be complete without Junkanoo bands "rushing" in the streets. Venture down to Bay Street in Nassau during the early morning hours of Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) and New Year's Day and behold this cornucopia of color and sound. The darkness of the early morning adds to the bewitching atmosphere. Overhead streetlights highlight the hues of the costumes and banners intricately designed and patterned from minute strips of crepe paper of all colors glued to clothing, cardboard and wood.

Among the Junkanoo troupes are the "Saxons," "Valley Boys" and "Roots." Competition amongst them is fierce--thousands of dollars in prize money are at stake--and costume designs are a closely-guarded secret until they are finally unveiled.

Each troupe selects a theme for its costumes and members are dressed in variations of that theme. It could be something as archaic as Vikings or as contemporary as astronauts. The groups short-step or merengue along the street, depending on the music they play with their goat-skin drums, cowbells, conchshell horns and whistles. Revelers on the sidelines cavort with the
same abandon, singing and dancing along, "We're rushin', we're rushin', we're rushin through the crowd ... K-k-kalik, k-k-kalik, k-k-kaliking k-k-kalik, k-k-kalik, k-k-kalik, k-k-kalik, yeah."

Everyone is invited to join in the party and sing and dance along. It takes about two hours to view all entries, but don't leave just yet. It's even better the second time around!

And if you just can't make it to The Bahamas at Christmastime, Junkanoo parades are also held in conjunction with other special celebrations such as Independence Day (July 10).

The Abacos. With an area of 650 sq. miles, this group of islands curves over 130 miles of emerald sea. Immigrants from Great Britain and Loyalists fleeing the U.S. after the American Revolution settled here in the 17th and 18th centuries. These origins are reflected in the New England-style architecture and traditional activities of quiet villages, mostly untouched by modern times. The islands are referred to as "The Boat-building Center of The Bahamas. Population: 10,061.

Crooked Island. These two islands are part of a group of four islands covering 100 miles. Fortune Island flanks Crooked and Castle island, Aklins. Columbus is alleged to have come to the area looking for gold but the only "treasure" he found was sensory--the jasmine-like fragrance in the air. Acklins at 120 sq. miles is rocky and steep and has a population of 428. Crooked Island's 92 sq. miles is mainly comprised of tidal flats and deep creeks. Population: 423.

Andros. Andros is the largest of The Bahamas, with an area of 2,300 sq. miles. Known as "The Bonefishing Capital of the World," it is flat (except for the east coast) and marked by numerous inlets and inland lakes teeming with fish. The landscape includes extensive virgin pine, palm and mahogany forests, scrub and mangrove swamps with large colonies of seabirds. The western shore is a barren low bank called "The Mud;" the Barrier Reef of Andros lies just off the eastern shore along the Tongue of the Ocean. Population: 8,155.

Berry Island. Lying in a long lacy line, this group of 30 cays covers an area of 12 sq. miles. With names like Fish Cay, Bird Cay, Frozen Cay, Whale Cay and Little Whale Cay, it's little wonder they are second only to The Biminis as a haven for sports fishing. Their seclusion, beautiful beaches and surrounding waters also make the islands a populat retreat for yachtsmen. Only a few of the islands have a permanent population, which totals 634.

Biminis. Are a tiny group of islands, consisting of North and South Bimini, Cat Cay and Gun Cay. They are located 50 miles east of Miami, Florida, on the edge of the Gulf Stream (deep-sea fishing territory) with the Great Bahama Bank (bonefish haunt) at its back door. The waters of this little chunk of The Bahamas spawn some of the largest game fish in the world. It has an area of 9 sq. miles and a population of 1,638.

Cat Island. Is one of the most beautiful, fertile islands in The Bahamas and boasts the highest elevation of them all with Mt. Alvernia at 206 feet. Its 150 sq. miles is covered with rolling hills of dense green forests and uncounted miles of magnificent beaches. Still very much enmeshed in the past, evidence of its early Indian cultures and Loyalist plantations abounds throught the island. It has a population of 1,678. Eleuthera. Here, the roots of modern Bahamian history were planted by the "Eleutheran Adventurers," who established what was probably the first true democracy in the western world more than 300 years ago. Much of the early colonial atmosphere is preserved in the tiny fishing villagesand sprawling farming areas. The island is 110 miles long and only two miles wide along most of its length. Just offshore are Harbour Island (renowned for its pink-sand beaches) and Spanish Wells (where pirates and others found fresh water). Population: 10,524.

Exuma. Stretching for 130 sq. miles, these islands offer remarkable cruising and are known by yachtsmen as the "Sailing Capital of The Bahamas." There are 365 cays with pure sand beaches, isolated anchorages and landlocked harbours. Variety and adventure mark every mile. Some islands are merely a pile of sand in the sea; others are high-cliffed and forested. Most of the cays are uninhabited, with a total population of 3,539.

Grand Bahama. The flavor of Grand Bahama Island is a combination of the exciting, modern commercial and resort center of Freeport/Lucaya and forgotten sleepy villages and historical towns like West End (west) and McLeans Town in the east. Freeport/Lucaya, a man-made miracle, is the nation's second city. It evolved from an area of wilderness, was tamed and transformed into a holiday mecca for those seeking to indulge their sporting nature, whether on land or sea. The island has an area of 530 sq. miles; population: 41,035. Inagua. Lying the farthest south in The Bahamas, it covers 645 sq. miles and comprises the islands of Great and Little Inagua. The terrain is wild and desolate; the climate desert-like. Great Inagua is famous for its extensive salt fields which produce over one million tons of the commodity a year. A large part of it is a protected park--sanctuary and breeding territory for over 60,000 West Indian Flamingos--national bird of The Bahamas--many rare species of tropical birds, turtles and iguanas. Little Inagua is uninhabited by humans. The population is 924.

Ragged Island. The sickle-shaped Ragged Island Range stretches from the Jumento Cays at the southern tip of The Exumas curves east, then south down to Great Ragged Island with its main settlement of Duncan Town. It is a very dry, wild, windswept place, surrounded by a treacherous sea. Ragged Islanders are in much demand for their skills in navigating these shoals; their chief occupations are shipping, fishing and making handicrafts. The islands have an area of 15-square miles and a population of 89.

Mayagua. Is peaceful and quiet, "just how Columbus met it," so the locals say. It even retains its original Indian name. Mayaguana is a perfect stop for sailing enthusiasts, with several good harbours and anchorages, great fishing, shelling and swimming. Walking through the villages is another favorite pastime, where there is much local color to enjoy in the charming cottages and people. The island has an area of 110 sq. miles and a population of 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. Is economically the most important island of The Bahamas, home to its capital, Nassau, the seat of government. Nassau is a sophisticated, charming old town built on a sun-splashed hillside overlooking the sea. It was founded in 1670 and rapidly grew as the center of commerce for the islands due to its protected harbour with fine anchorages. Nassau/Paradise Island also includes the resort areas of Cable Beach and Paradise Island. Within its 80 sq. miles live 171,542 people--about 60% of the Bahamian population.
Rum Cay. The "Sleeping Beauty" of The Bahamas, with its historic Loyalist cotton plantation ruins and Indian artifacts, lovely rolling hills, golden beaches and necklace of coral reefs encircling its shores. Originally named Santa Maria de la Conception by Columbus, Rum Cay is supposed to have derived its present name from the wreck upon its shore of a West Indian rumrunner laden with the commodity. Port Nelson, a sheltered harbour on the south coast, is the only settlement. The island is 10 miles long and 5 miles wide and has fewer than 100 inhabitants.
San Salvador. Originally called "Guanahani," Christopher Columbus made this tiny, 63-sq.-mile area, the most historically important island of The Bahamas. He made first landfall here in 1492 and no less than four separate monuments mark the exact spot where Columbus came ashore. It still remains undiscovered, cloaked in its past, prominently visible amongst the tumbling Loyalists plantation ruins and preponderance of interesting relics and artifacts from Indian days. The population of 465 makes a living by fishing and farming. Cat Island may have derived its name from Arthur Catt, the famous British sea captain or notorious pirate (depending on whose side you were on). A competing source for the name are the hordes of wild cats that the English encountered here on arrival in the 1600s. The cats were said to be descendants of their tamer cousins orphaned by the early Spanish colonists in their rush to find the gold of South America. This boot-shaped, untamed island is one of the most beautiful and fertile of The Bahamas. A lush sanctuary, it provides tranquillity for those seeking an escape from the pressures of modern civilization. Others thought so too, like Father Jerome, a penitent hermit who built a medieval monastery hewn from the limestone cliffs atop 206-foot Mt. Alvernia, a place for meditation. From these high cliffs, there is a marvelous view down to densely-forested foothills and 60 miles of deserted pink-and-white-sand beach.

Cat Island was once home to one of the more prosperous Loyalist colonies of the Out Islands. The island gained its wealth from the numerous cotton plantations established during the 1700s. Now, vine-covered, semi-ruined mansions and stone walls from farms where cattle were penned and pineapples grown, play hide and seek within the tropical flowers, grass and sand. Crumbling remnants of slave villages and artifacts in Arawak caves whisper of a life long past. Descendants of those early settlers remain in the same towns of their ancestors.

Nature and what "the Lord will provide" are the philosophy that people here live by. Cat Islanders are renowned for their ingenuity at using the materials at hand to make whatever they need. For example, musicians combine a piece of wood, some fishing line and a worn tin tub to create the bass instrument in a "rake 'n' scrape" band at a local nightclub. Accompanied by a Conchshell (horn), an old comb covered with paper (harmonica), an old carpenter's saw scraped with a piece of metal, and topped off by a drum that really smokes (goat skins stretched over wood and heated over a flame), Cat Island bands produce a unique sound.

Much of The Bahamas' indigenous music, folklore and myth can be traced to Cat Island. Here, "I'll be with you in spirit" takes on a whole new meaning. Traditionally, when the last of a generation dies, his or her house is left for the spirit to live in. Remaining relatives gather stones from the site and form a new dwelling. Elsewhere, in the north of the island, residents place spindles atop houses to prevent harm from befalling them--a kind of lightning rod for evil spirits.

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Die BAHAMAS Lucayan Nationalpark Inseln Abaco Cat Island Harbour Island Nassau Junkanoo Boxing Day Karneval Pink Sands Beach-Wild-Bottlenose Delphine tiefste Blue Hole Alvernia Hermitage Marsh Harbour Hope Town Elbow Cay Paradise Island



Es gibt 700 Inseln der Bahamas spritzte über 100000 Quadrat Meilen von Ozean ab nur 50 Meilen vor der Küste von Florida. Die Inselgruppe ist eine ökologische Oase mit atemberaubenden 2000 Inseln und Inseln und verfügt über das sauberste Wasser der Welt-Sicht mit einer von über 200 Fuß. Sie können Ihre Zehen so einfach, wie Sie können die weltweit an dritter Stelle Barrier Reef.

Wir laden Sie ein, um alle unsere Inseln. Ein Schritt und du wirst erkennen, die Schönheit der Insel erstreckt sich weit über unsere außergewöhnliche Naturwunder. Es ist das Lächeln auf den Gesichtern der Menschen Bahamas. Der einzigartige Klang der unsere reiche Kultur. Die herzliche Gastfreundschaft unseres Erbes und unserer bunten Geschichte.

Fünfundachtzig Prozent der Bevölkerung der Bahamas ist der afrikanischen Erbes. Über zwei Drittel der Bevölkerung wohnt an der New Providence Insel (die Lage von Nassau). Viele Vorfahren kamen auf den Bahamas, wenn die Inseln diente als Aufmarschgebiet für den Sklavenhandel in den frühen 1800er. Andere begleiteten Tausende von britischen Loyalisten, die geflohen sind die amerikanischen Kolonien während der Revolutionären Krieges.

Haitianer die größte Einwanderer in den Bahamas. 30000-50000 werden voraussichtlich Wohnsitz legal oder illegal, konzentriert sich auf New Providence, Abaco und Eleuthera Inseln.

Schulbesuch ist im Alter zwischen 5 und 16. Die Regierung in vollem Umfang funktioniert 158 der 210 Grund-und weiterführenden Schulen auf den Bahamas. Die anderen 52 Schulen werden privat betrieben. Einschreibung für die staatlichen Grund-und weiterführenden Schulen ist 50332, mit mehr als 16.000 Studierenden an privaten Schulen. Das Kollegium der Bahamas, mit Sitz in Nassau im Jahre 1974, die Programme, die Bachelor-und assoziierten Unternehmen Grad. Mehrere Nicht-Bahamian Colleges bieten auch Hochschul-Programme in der Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus, die seine erste Land in der westlichen Hemisphäre auf den Bahamas. Spanisch Sklavenhändler später erfasst Lucayan einheimischen Indianer zur Arbeit in Goldminen in Hispaniola, und innerhalb von 25 Jahren, die alle Lucayans verloren. In 1647, eine Gruppe von englischen und Bermudan religiöse Flüchtlinge, die Eleutheran Abenteurer, gründete die erste dauerhafte europäische Siedlung auf den Bahamas und gab Eleuthera Insel ihren Namen. Ähnliche Gruppen von Siedlern, die Regierungen auf den Bahamas bis zu den Inseln eine britische Kronkolonie im Jahre 1717.

Das Ende 1600 bis Anfang 1700 waren das goldene Zeitalter für Piraten und Freibeuter. Viele berühmte Piraten und Freibeuter - darunter Sir Francis Drake und Blackbeard - den Inseln der Bahamas als Basis. Die zahlreichen Inseln und Inselchen mit ihren komplexen Untiefen und Kanäle hervorragende Verstecke für die Plünderung von Schiffen in der Nähe gut reiste Schifffahrtswege. Die erste königliche Gouverneur, Woodes Rogers, die Recht und Ordnung auf die Bahamas in 1718, als er vertrieben die Seeräuber.

Während der amerikanischen Revolution, deutscher Kolonisten treu die britische Flagge die in den Bahamas. Diese Loyalisten und neue Siedler aus England gebracht Colonial Fertigkeiten und landwirtschaftliche Know-how. Bis 1834, als Großbritannien die Sklaverei abgeschafft, sondern auch die Sklaven, die in der Vorfahren von vielen modernen Bahamians aus West-Afrika.

Die Nähe zu den USA weiterhin die Möglichkeit gegeben, für die illegale Tätigkeit Versandkosten. Im Laufe des amerikanischen Bürgerkriegs, Bahamas florierte als Zentrum der Konföderierten-Blockade laufen. Während der Prohibition, die Inseln als Basis für die amerikanische rumrunners. Heute, Bahamas ist ein wichtiger Umschlagplatz für Drogen auf dem Weg in die USA

Bahamians erreicht Selbstverwaltung durch eine Reihe von Verfassungs-und politischen Schritte, die Erreichung der internen Selbstverwaltung im Jahr 1964 und die vollständige Unabhängigkeit innerhalb des Commonwealth am 10. Juli 1973. Seit der Unabhängigkeit, Bahamas, hat sich bis heute zu einem wichtigen touristischen Zentrum und Finanzdienstleistungen.
Die Bahamas ist ein unabhängiges Mitglied des Commonwealth of Nations. Es ist eine parlamentarische Demokratie mit regelmäßigen Wahlen. Als Commonwealth-Land, seine politischen und rechtlichen Traditionen eng an die des Vereinigten Königreichs. Die Bahamas erkennt der britischen Monarchen als formelle Staatsoberhaupt, während einer bestimmten Governor General als die Königin der Vertreter auf den Bahamas. Ein Zweikammer-Legislative erlässt Gesetze im Rahmen der Verfassung 1973.

Das Haus der Versammlung besteht aus 41 Mitgliedern, gewählt von den einzelnen Wahlkreisen für die 5-Jahre. Wie bei der Westminster-System, die Regierung kann das Parlament auflösen und Wahlen Anruf zu jeder Zeit. Das Haus der Versammlung führt alle wichtigen legislativen Funktionen. Der Anführer der Mehrheitspartei als Ministerpräsident und Chef der Regierung. Das Kabinett besteht aus mindestens neun Mitgliedern, darunter der Ministerpräsident und die Minister der Exekutive Abteilungen. Sie antworten auf die politisch Haus der Versammlung.

Der Senat besteht aus 16 Mitgliedern, die den Gouverneur General, darunter neun auf den Rat des Premierministers, vier auf den Rat von der Führer der Opposition, drei auf den Rat des Premierministers nach Konsultation mit der Führer der Opposition .

Der Präsident ernennt den General Chief Justice des Obersten Gerichtshofs über die Beratung des Premierministers und der Führer der Opposition. Der Governor General ernennt die anderen Richter mit der Beratung von einer zuständigen Justiz-Kommission. Der Privy Council des Vereinigten Königreichs ist die höchste Berufungsgericht.

Lokale Regierung Bezirke wählt Räte für Stadt-, Business-Lizenzen-, Verkehrs-und Aufrechterhaltung Regierung Gebäuden. In einigen großen Bezirken, niedrigere Stadt auch sie kleinere Aufgaben.

Seit Jahrzehnten, die weiß-dominierten United Bahamian Party (UBP) entschieden, die Bahamas, dann eine Abhängigkeit von dem Vereinigten Königreich, während eine Gruppe von einflussreichen weißen Händler, auch bekannt als die "Bay Street Boys", dominiert die lokale Wirtschaft. Im Jahre 1953, Bahamians unzufrieden mit UBP Regel bilden die Opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Unter der Leitung von Lynden Pindling, die PLP gewann die Kontrolle der Regierung im Jahr 1967 und führte die Bahamas, um die volle Unabhängigkeit im Jahr 1973.

Eine Koalition von PLP UBP Dissidenten und ehemaligen Mitgliedern, die die Free National Movement (FNM) im Jahr 1971. PLP ehemalige Minister und Mitglied des Europäischen Parlaments Hubert Ingraham wurde Leiter des FNM im Jahr 1990, nach dem Tod von Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Unter der Leitung von Ingraham, die FNM gewann die Kontrolle der Regierung und der PLP im August 1992 allgemeine Wahlen abzuhalten. Die PLP wieder Strom im Jahr 2002 unter der Leitung von Perry Christie, aber die FNM, wieder unter Leitung von Ingraham, wieder an die Regierung, indem sie 23 der 41 Sitze im House of Assembly im Mai 2007 die Wahl. Die nächsten Wahlen müssen spätestens bis zum Mai 2012.

Im Juli 2008 Premierminister Hubert Ingraham angekündigten Änderungen an Ministerien und die Schaffung von zwei zusätzlichen Ministerien - das Ministerium für Jugend, Sport und Kultur und das Ministerium für Umwelt.
Die Bahamas wird durch den Tourismus und Finanzdienstleistungen. Tourismus und Tourismus-getriebene Konstruktion und Herstellung eine schätzungsweise 60% des Bruttoinlandsprodukts (BIP). Tourismus beschäftigt rund die Hälfte der Bahamas Arbeitskräfte. Im Jahr 2008, 4,6 Millionen Touristen besuchten die Bahamas, 85% aus den Vereinigten Staaten. Dies war ein Rückgang von 4,5% der gesamten Besucher im Vergleich zu 2007. Es gibt etwa 110 US-verbundenen Unternehmen, die auf den Bahamas, und die meisten sind im Zusammenhang mit Tourismus und Banken. Mit wenigen heimischen Ressourcen und wenig Industrie, die Bahamas Einfuhren fast alle ihre Lebensmittel und Waren aus den Vereinigten Staaten. Amerikanische Waren und Dienstleistungen werden meist bevorzugt von Bahamians auf kulturelle Ähnlichkeiten und schwere Belastung für die amerikanischen Werbung. Die Wirtschaft der Bahamas, aufgrund seiner starken Abhängigkeit von der US-Tourismus und Handel, ist tief betroffen von US-Wirtschaftsleistung.

Die Bahamas befindet sich derzeit in einem wirtschaftlichen Abschwung als Folge der weltweiten wirtschaftlichen Rezession. Tourismus Zahlen deutlich im letzten Quartal des Jahres 2008, und rund 1000 Mitarbeiter der Tourismus-Sektor wurden entlassen seit September 2008. Die Bahamas konzentriert sich auf Bau-und Infrastrukturprojekte zur Verfügung, um die Förderung der Wirtschaft und Schaffung von Arbeitsplätzen. Künftige Ziele sind weiterhin die Entwicklung des Tourismus Eigenschaften durch große Investitionen des privaten Sektors, einschließlich Bahamian Eigentum, Sanierung der Grand Bahama Wirtschaft folgenden großen Hurrikanschäden in 2004 und die Erweiterung der robusten Bahamian Finanzsektor.

Neben dem Rückgang im Tourismus, anderen wirtschaftlichen Herausforderungen, denen sich die Bahamas gehören Sitzung Weiterbeschäftigung verlangt, jumpstarting ein Rückstand Privatisierung und Überwachung Erhöhung der Staatsverschuldung. Eine weitere große Herausforderung für Bahamians wird zur Vorbereitung auf die hemisphärischen freien Handel. Derzeit Bahamians zahlen keine Einkommen-oder Umsatzsteuer. Die meisten staatlichen Einnahmen aus der hohen Zoll-und Einfuhr-Gebühren. Abbau von Handelsschranken wird wahrscheinlich eine gewisse Form der Besteuerung zu ersetzen Einnahmen, wenn das Land zu einem Teil der von der Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Wie offensichtlich von innenpolitischen Opposition in die Karibik Single Market Economy (CSME), die Vorteile des freien Handels wurden schwer, die Regierung zu verkaufen. Trotz einiger inländischen Opposition, die Regierung der Bahamas ein Wirtschaftspartnerschaftsabkommen (WPA) mit der Europäischen Union (EU) im Dezember 2008.

Eine Reihe von geplanten Hotel-Projekte haben versprochen, zur Erhöhung des Wirtschaftswachstums und die Schaffung kurz-und langfristige Beschäftigung. Das Atlantis Resort and Casino auf Paradise Island nach wie vor eine große touristische ziehen und ein Motor der Wirtschaft. Die Zukunft der Baha Mar Hotel Projekt wurde in Frage gestellt, nachdem Casino-Betreiber Harrah's, das aus den sich im März 2008. Allerdings, im März 2009 die EXIM Bank of China förmlich zur Finanzierung des Projekt ins Stocken geraten, werden auf $ 3,2 Milliarden bei der Finanzierung. Die Regierung verspricht, um Nassau International Airport und hat sich über die Verwaltung an private Betreiber. Die Regierung der Bahamas hat auch einen proaktiven Ansatz bei der Brautwerbung ausländische Investoren und hat umfangreiche Investitionen Missionen in den Fernen Osten, Europa, Lateinamerika, Indien und Kanada. Die Regierung ist weiterhin besonderes Augenmerk auf China, um den Tourismus und Investitionen. Die Chinesen sind die Finanzierung der Bau einer neuen 30 Millionen US-Dollar Sportstadion in New Providence und kann zusätzlich 100 Millionen Dollar in den Straßenbau-Projekte. Während die FNM Regierung hat den Wunsch geäußert, um Bahamian Eigentum Interessen in der Entwicklung, die Bahamas "Abhängigkeit von ausländischen Investitionen ist nicht zu ändern.

Finanzdienstleistungen bilden die zweite wichtigste Sektor der Wirtschaft der Bahamas, auf die bis zu 15% des BIP, da der Status des Landes als ein Steuer-und Offshore-Banking-Center. Der Stop Tax Haven Abuse Rechnung, die bereits in der US-Kongress und die Namen der Bahamas als eine von 34 Geheimhaltung Ländern, hat zu erheblichen Diskussionen in den lokalen Medien und der Politiker. Viele Bahamians fühlen sich die Einbeziehung der Bahamas in einem solchen Gesetz würde zu erheblichen Verlust von Arbeitsplätzen im Bereich der Finanzdienstleistungen. Im Jahre 2005 hatte die Regierung lizenziert 262 Banken und Unternehmen Vertrauen in den Bahamas. Die Bahamas verkündet der International Business Companies (IBC) im Januar 1990 zur Verbesserung der Status des Landes als einer der führenden Finanz-Zentrum. Das Gesetz dient der Vereinfachung und Senkung der Kosten für die Einbeziehung von Offshore-Gesellschaften auf den Bahamas. Innerhalb von 9 Jahren, mehr als 84.000 IBC-Typ-Unternehmen gegründet worden war. Im Februar 1991 hat die Regierung auch legalisiert die Einrichtung von Asset Protection Trust auf den Bahamas. Im Jahr 2000, in Reaktion auf die multilateralen Organisationen, bei der Regierung ein Paket von Gesetzesvorlagen für verstärkte Maßnahmen für eine bessere Regulierung des Finanzsektors und die Verhinderung der Geldwäsche in das Bankensystem des Landes, einschließlich der Schaffung einer Financial Intelligence Unit und Vollstreckung von "Know-your -customer "-Regeln. Einige dieser Maßnahmen wurden in Frage gestellt Bahamian Gerichte, und die Zahl der Offshore-Banken in den Bahamas ist seit 2002 erheblich zurückgegangen. So viele wie die Hälfte der IBC haben auch closed shop. Als Folge, dass die Regierung erwägt, weitere Rechtsvorschriften, um die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Industrie unter Einhaltung der internationalen Standards, einschließlich der möglichen Reform der Struktur und der Unterzeichnung von mehr Tax Information Exchange Agreements.

Landwirtschaft und Fischerei zusammen 3% des BIP. Die Bahamas Ausfuhren Hummer und einige Fische, aber nicht zu diesen Artikel im Handel. Es gibt keine große Landwirtschaft, und die meisten landwirtschaftlichen Produkte werden im Inland verbraucht. Nach einem Ausbruch der Zitrusfrüchte Krebs im Jahr 2005 auf Abaco, Bahamas verloren wichtigsten landwirtschaftlichen Export, und das Ministerium für Landwirtschaft verboten die Ausfuhr von Pflanzenmaterial aus Abaco. Die Bahamas Einfuhren mehr als $ 250 Millionen in Lebensmitteln pro Jahr, was etwa 80% der Nahrungsaufnahme.

Die Regierung der Bahamas unterhält der Wert der Bahamas-Dollar auf dem Niveau des US-Dollar. Die Bahamas ist ein Empfänger der US-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), Kanada's CARIBCAN Programm, und die EU-Wirtschafts-Partnerschafts-Abkommen. Obwohl die Bahamas an die politischen Aspekte der Karibischen Gemeinschaft (CARICOM), hat es nicht in den gemeinsamen wirtschaftlichen Initiativen, wie die CSME, mit anderen karibischen Staaten.

Die Bahamas hat ein paar bemerkenswerte Industrieunternehmen: Die Pharma-Firma PFC Bahamas (vormals Syntex), die BORCO Öl-Anlage, Geschäfte wie Vooak Terminal Bahamas; Sands Bier, und der Grand Bahama Brauerei, die alle in Freeport und die Commonwealth-Brauerei in Nassau , die produziert Heineken, Guinness, und Kalik Biere. Andere Branchen sind der Sonne getrocknet Meersalz in Great Inagua, einem feuchten Dock in Freeport für die Reparatur von Kreuzfahrtschiffen, und Abbau von Aragonit - eine Art von Kalkstein mit mehreren industriellen Zwecken - aus dem Meeresboden am Ozean Cay.

Die Hawksbill Creek-Abkommens wurde ein Duty-free-Zone in Freeport, Bahamas "zweitgrößte Stadt, mit einem nahe gelegenen Gewerbegebiet die Förderung ausländischer Investitionen der Industrie. Die in Hongkong ansässigen Firma Hutchison Whampoa betreibt das Container-Hafen in Freeport. Die Bahamas Parlament das Gesetz im Jahre 1993 erweitert, dass die meisten Freeport Steuer-und Abgabenbefreiungen durch 2054.
Hope Town Villen lädt zum Aufenthalt in unserer künstlerisch gestaltete, einsamen Villen. Das Hotel liegt direkt am Wasser oder am Strand, sie sind bekannt für ihre üppigen Gärten, schöne Aussicht und Versteck Standorten in der Abwicklung von Hope Town.
Entspannen Sie sich auf unserer Insel die schönsten Strand, Schnorcheln auf die Riffe, nur drei Minuten zu Fuß entfernt. Bummeln Sie durch die autofreien, engen Gassen unserer Siedlung mit bunt bemalten Häuser zu schätzen clapboard einem langsameren Tempo des Lebens.

Genießen Sie den Blick auf unsere malerische Hafen mit Segelbooten und historischen Candy-gestreifte Leuchtturm, essen in unserer feinen Restaurants, Tanz unter den Sternen. Es ist alles zu Ihrer Haustür!
Wir bieten Ihnen einige der schönsten Ferienhäuser auf der Insel und sind stolz darauf, mit außergewöhnlich saubere und gut ausgestattete Villen. Viele unserer Gäste Rückkehr jährlich.

Unser Manager Karen Huff-Lowe bietet persönliche Aufmerksamkeit und Gastfreundschaft um sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Urlaub ist etwas ganz Besonderes.

Hope ist ein netter Ort, aus dem 18. Jahrhundert Fischerdorf auf Elbow Cay, (sechs Meilen lang um ein Viertel Meile breit) auf der äußeren Riff von einer Reihe von Emerald Isles, bekannt als die Abacos. Umgeben von einer transluzenten turquiose Meer und bekannt als einer der am meisten geschützten Gebiete in der Karibik für die kleinen Boot erkunden.
Die historische Siedlung der Hoffnung Stadt Packungen um einen geschützten Hafen, nur drei Blocks weit vom Meer Seite zu Hafen auf dieser Seite, es ist auch bekannt für seine berühmten Süßigkeiten gestreiften Leuchtturm. Besucher sind frei zu klettern Leuchtturm für die herrliche Aussicht auf die benachbarten Inseln und Barriere Riffe.

Insel Leben ist vor allem Ruhe, Einheimische und Besucher flanieren die verkehrsfreien Straßen der Stadt Hope mit seinen bunt bemalten Häusern clapboard, Streikposten Zäune und blühenden Gärten. Original Siedler waren Loyalisten, die Verlagerung auf diese Inseln nach der Amerikanischen Revolution. Plantagen, sponging, Angeln, Boot Gebäude, Piraterie, Schmuggel und Zerstörung wurde, wie in der Vergangenheit das Leben. Ein enger stricken Gemeinschaft von 300 Menschen bevölkern die Insel Jahr lang. Die Aktivitäten, die Besucher und halten unsere Gäste wieder jährlich sind:

Miete ein Boot und erkunden die vielen Inseln und historischen Siedlungen in den geschützten Gewässern der Sea of Abaco.
Schnorcheln oder Tauchen auf unsere nationalen Unterwasser Meer Parks.
Essen und Trinken in unserer schönen Restaurants unter den Sternen, und tanzen zu Calypso-Musik.
Picnicing und Granaten auf die vielen Strände der Inseln verlassen.
Exploring Künstler Kolonie, und nippen Rum Stempel auf romantische Strandbars.
Die Erforschung unserer Insel auf einem gemieteten Golf Warenkorb oder mit dem Fahrrad.
Tiefseefischerei, Knochen Fischerei werden von professionellen Führern.
Sitzend auf dem Wasser Deck oder hängen in einer Hängematte und einem guten Buch.
Wir hoffen, Sie werden die Gelegenheit nutzen, um uns zu besuchen, lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen, wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, wir wollen uns nicht, Ihnen zu sagen, alles über unserer Insel, aber einige Dinge lassen einen angenehmen surprise.Junkanoo ist ein nationales Fest in der Bahamas, der einzige Ort, wo sie eine solche Ehre. Es gibt sogar ein Museum präsentiert Kostüme Junkanoo, Kunst und Artefakte in der Innenstadt von Nassau - ein kulturelles Highlight und sehen muss Attraktion für alle Besucher. Der Ursprung des Wortes Junkanoo ist unklar. Einige sagen, es kommt aus dem französischen "L'inconnu" (dh die unbekannt), in Bezug auf die Masken getragen von der paraders; oder "Junk-enoo," der schottischen Siedler 'Verweis auf die Paraden, was bedeutet, dass "Junk genug" oder "John Canoe", den Namen eines afrikanischen Stammes-Chef forderte, die das Recht zu feiern mit seinen Menschen, die auch nach der West Indies in Sklaverei.

Es wird vermutet, dass dieses Festival begann in der 16. und 17. Jahrhundert. Die Sklaven erhielten einen besonderen Urlaub zu Weihnachten, wenn sie könnten aus den Plantagen werden mit ihren Familien feiern und die Ferien mit den afrikanischen Tanz, Musik und Kostüme. Nach der Emanzipation, sie setzte diese Tradition fort, und heute, Junkanoo hat sich von seiner einfachen Herkunft zu einem formellen, organisierten Parade mit mehr anspruchsvolle, komplizierte Kostüme, Musik-Themen-und Incentive-Preise.

Weihnachten auf den Bahamas wäre nicht komplett ohne Junkanoo Bands "Rauschen" in den Straßen. Venture bis Bay Street in Nassau in den frühen Morgenstunden des Boxing Day (der Tag nach Weihnachten) und New Year's Day und siehe dieser Fülle von Farbe und Ton. Die Dunkelheit des frühen Morgen fügt hinzu, auf die verzaubernde Atmosphäre. Overhead-Straßenlampen die Farben der Kostüme und Banner aufwendig konzipiert und gestaltet von Minute Streifen Krepp-Papier in allen Farben geklebt, um Kleidung, Karton und Holz.

Unter den Junkanoo Truppen sind die "Sachsen", "Valley Boys" und "Roots". Wettbewerb unter ihnen ist hart - Tausende von Dollar an Preisgeld auf dem Spiel stehen - und Kostüme entwirft ein eng-gehütetes Geheimnis, bis sie endlich enthüllt.

Jede Truppe wählt ein Thema für die Kostüme und die Mitglieder sind gekleidet in Variationen dieses Themas. Es könnte sein, etwas so archaisch, wie Wikinger oder als zeitgenössische wie Astronauten. Die Gruppen kurz-oder Merengue Schritt entlang der Straße, in Abhängigkeit von der Musik, die sie spielen mit ihren Ziegen-Haut Trommeln, Kuhglocken, Hörnern und Pfeifen conchshell. Nachtschwärmer am Rande tummeln sich mit dem
gleichen aufgeben, Gesang und Tanz an: "Wir sind rushin ', wir rushin', wir rushin durch die Menge ... KK-kalik, KK-kalik, KK-kaliking KK-kalik, KK-kalik, kk-kalik, KK-kalik, ja. "

Jeder ist herzlich eingeladen, sich in der Partei und singen und tanzen zusammen. Es dauert ungefähr zwei Stunden, um alle Einträge, aber nicht verlassen, nur noch. Es ist sogar noch besser zum zweiten Mal um!

Und wenn Sie gerade nicht machen, auf die Bahamas in der Weihnachtszeit, Junkanoo Paraden sind auch in Verbindung mit anderen besonderen Feiern wie Independence Day (10. Juli).

Die Abacos. Mit einer Fläche von 650 Quadrat Meilen, diese Gruppe von Inseln Kurven mehr als 130 Meilen von smaragdgrünen Meer. Einwanderer aus Großbritannien und den USA Loyalisten der Flucht nach der Amerikanischen Revolution siedelten sich hier im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert. Diese Herkunft spiegelt sich in der New England-Architektur und die traditionellen Aktivitäten der ruhigen Dörfern, vor allem unbeeinflusst durch die moderne Zeit. Die Inseln sind nach wie "Das Boot-Bau-Zentrum der Bahamas. Einwohner: 10.061.

Crooked Island. Diese beiden Inseln sind Teil einer Gruppe von vier Inseln, die 100 Meilen. Fortune Flanken Crooked Island und Schloss Insel, Aklins. Columbus ist angeblich haben sich auf den Bereich der Suche nach Gold, aber nur die "Schatz", hat er gefunden wurde sensorischen - wie die Jasmin-Duft in der Luft. Acklins bei 120 sq Meilen ist felsig und steil und hat eine Bevölkerung von 428. Crooked Island 92 sq Meilen ist in erster Linie aus Wattflächen und tiefe Buchten. Bevölkerung: 423.

Andros. Andros ist die größte der Bahamas, mit einer Fläche von 2300 Quadrat Meilen. Bekannt als "The Bonefishing Hauptstadt der Welt", sie ist flach (mit Ausnahme der Ostküste) und durch zahlreiche Buchten und Seen voller Fische. Die Landschaft umfasst umfangreiche Virgin Pinien, Palmen und Mahagoni-Wälder, Buschwerk und Mangrovensümpfe mit großen Kolonien von Seevögeln. Die westliche Küste ist eine karge niedrigen Bank namens "The Mud," die von Andros Barrier Reef liegt direkt an der Ostküste entlang der Zunge des Ozeans. Einwohner: 8155.

Berry Island. Liegt in einer langen Linie Lacy, dieser Gruppe von 30 Inseln erstreckt sich über eine Fläche von 12 Quadrat Meilen. Mit Namen wie Fisch Cay, Bird Cay, Frozen Cay, Whale Cay und Little Whale Cay, es ist kein Wunder, sie sind neben der Biminis als Zufluchtsort für die Sportfischerei. Ihrer Abgeschiedenheit, schöne Strände und die umliegenden Gewässer auch die Inseln auf eine populat Rückzug für Segler. Nur wenige der Inseln haben eine ständige Bevölkerung, die insgesamt 634.

Biminis. Sind eine kleine Gruppe von Inseln, bestehend aus Nord-und Süd-Bimini, Cat Cay Cay und Gun. Sie befinden sich 50 Meilen östlich von Miami, Florida, am Rande des Golfstroms (Hochseefischerei Gebiet) mit dem Großen Bahama Bank (Knochenfische Treffpunkt) in seiner Hintertür. Das Wasser dieses kleinen Teil der Bahamas spawn einige der größten Fische der Welt. Es hat eine Fläche von 9 Meilen ² und eine Bevölkerung von 1638.

Cat Island. Ist eine der schönsten, fruchtbaren Inseln auf den Bahamas und verfügt über die höchste Erhebung der sie alle mit MT. Alvernia auf 206 Meter. 150 sq Meilen ist mit sanften Hügeln der dichten grünen Wäldern und unzähligen Meilen von herrlichen Stränden. Noch sehr viel enmeshed in der Vergangenheit Beweise für seine frühen indischen Kulturen und Loyalist Plantagen finden dachte der Insel. Es hat eine Bevölkerung von 1678. Eleuthera. Hier sind die Wurzeln der modernen Geschichte der Bahamas wurden von der "Eleutheran Abenteurer", die gegründet wurde, was wahrscheinlich das erste wirkliche Demokratie in der westlichen Welt mehr als 300 Jahren. Ein Großteil der frühen kolonialen Atmosphäre wird in der kleinen Fischerei villagesand ausgedehnten landwirtschaftlichen Gebieten. Die Insel ist 110 Meilen lang und nur zwei Meilen weit auf den größten Teil seiner Länge. Offshore-Anlagen sind nur Harbour Island (bekannt für seine rosa-Sand-Strand) und Spanisch Wells (wo Piraten und andere gefunden frisches Wasser). Einwohner: 10.524.

Exuma. Stretching für 130 Quadrat Meilen, diese Inseln bieten bemerkenswerte Kreuzfahrten und sind bekannt durch die Segler als "Segel-Hauptstadt der Bahamas." Es gibt 365 Inseln mit reinen Sandstrände, vereinzelt Verankerungen und Binnenstaaten Häfen. Abwechslung und Abenteuer Marke jeder Meile. Einige Inseln sind nur ein Haufen Sand im Meer, andere sind hoch-cliffed und bewaldet. Die meisten der Inseln sind unbewohnt, mit einer Gesamtbevölkerung von 3539.

Grand Bahama. Der Geschmack von Grand Bahama Island ist eine Kombination aus den spannenden, modernen Handels-und Resort-Center von Freeport und vergessen Dörfer und historische Städte wie West End (West) und McLeans Stadt im Osten. Freeport, ein Mann aus Wunder, ist die Nation die zweitgrößte Stadt. Es entwickelte sich aus einem Gebiet der Natur, wurde gezähmt und in ein Ferien-Mekka für alle, die zu verwöhnen ihre sportliche Art, unabhängig davon, ob an Land oder im Meer. Die Insel hat eine Fläche von 530 Quadrat Meilen; Bevölkerung: 41.035. Inagua. Liegen die am weitesten nach Süden auf den Bahamas, die sich auf 645 Meilen ² und besteht aus den Inseln der Großen und Kleinen Inagua. Die Landschaft ist wild und öde, das Klima wüstenähnlichen. Great Inagua ist bekannt für seine umfangreiche Salz Felder erzeugen, die mehr als eine Million Tonnen der Ware ein Jahr. Ein großer Teil davon ist eine geschützte Park - Heiligtum und Zucht Gebiet für über 60000 West Indian Flamingos - nationalen Vogel der Bahamas - viele seltene Arten von tropischen Vögeln, Schildkröten und Leguane. Little Inagua ist unbewohnt von Menschen. Die Bevölkerung ist 924.

Ragged Island. Die Sichel-Form Ragged Island Spanne reicht von der Jumento Inseln an der südlichen Spitze des Exumas Kurven Osten, dann nach Süden bis Sehr Gut Ragged Island mit ihren wichtigsten Beilegung von Duncan Stadt. Es ist eine sehr trockene, wild, windgepeitschten Ort, umgeben von einem tückischen Meer. Ragged Islanders sind viel in der Nachfrage nach ihren Fähigkeiten in der Navigation diese Schwärme, deren Chef Berufen sind Schifffahrt, Fischerei und Handwerk. Die Inseln haben eine Fläche von 15 Quadrat-Meilen und eine Bevölkerung von 89.

Mayagua. Ist friedlich und ruhig, "nur wie Columbus erfüllt ist," so dass die Einheimischen sagen. Er selbst behält seinen ursprünglichen indianischen Namen. Mayaguana ist ein Ideal für Segler, mit mehreren guten Häfen und Ankerplätze und großen Fischen, Granatfeuer und Schwimmen. Wandern durch die Dörfer ist ein weiteres Lieblings-Freizeitbeschäftigung, wo es viel Lokalkolorit zu genießen in der zauberhaften Häusern und Menschen. Die Insel hat eine Fläche von 110 Meilen ² und eine Bevölkerung von 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. Ist wirtschaftlich die wichtigste Insel der Bahamas, wo sich die Hauptstadt Nassau, dem Sitz der Regierung. Nassau ist ein anspruchsvolles, charmanten Altstadt auf einer Sun-spritzte Hügel mit Blick auf das Meer. Es wurde in 1670 gegründet und wuchs schnell als Zentrum des Handels für die Inseln aufgrund ihrer geschützten Hafen mit feinen Verankerungen. Nassau / Paradise Island Resort umfasst auch die Bereiche der Cable Beach und Paradise Island. Innerhalb von 80 Meilen ² leben 171.542 Menschen - etwa 60% der Bevölkerung der Bahamas.
Rum Cay. Das "Dornröschen" der Bahamas, mit seinen historischen Loyalist Baumwolle Plantage Ruinen und indische Artefakte, schönen Hügeln, goldene Strände und Kette von Korallenriffen umgeben seine Ufer. Ursprünglich Namen Santa Maria de la Conception von Columbus, Rum Cay ist angeblich auf ihren heutigen Namen abgeleitet aus dem Wrack auf dessen Ufer des West Indian rumrunner Laden mit der Ware. Port Nelson, einem geschützten Hafen an der Südküste, ist die einzige Lösung. Die Insel ist 10 Meilen lang und 5 Meilen breit und hat weniger als 100 Einwohner.
San Salvador. Ursprünglich als "Guanahani," Christopher Columbus aus diesem kleinen, 63-Quadrat-Meile, dem bedeutendsten historischen Insel der Bahamas. Er wird zum ersten Land hier im Jahr 1492 und nicht weniger als vier separate Denkmal Marke die genaue Stelle, wo Kolumbus an Land kam. Es bleibt unentdeckt, verhüllt in der Vergangenheit, prominent sichtbar unter den tumbling Loyalisten Plantage Ruinen und Übergewicht interessante Relikte und Artefakte aus indischen Tage. Die Bevölkerung von 465 ist ein lebendiges von der Fischerei und der Landwirtschaft. Cat Island kommt vielleicht seinen Namen von Arthur Catt, den berühmten britischen Kapitän oder berüchtigte Pirat (je nachdem, auf welcher Seite Sie sich auf). Eine konkurrierende Quelle für den Namen sind die Horden von wilden Katzen, die englische, die hier bei der Ankunft in der 1600. Die Katzen wurden gesagt, dass die Nachkommen von ihren Vettern Tamer verwaisten von den frühen spanischen Kolonisten in ihrer Eile, die Gold in Südamerika. Dieser Boot-förmigen, ungezähmten Insel ist eine der schönsten und fruchtbarsten der Bahamas. Eine üppige Heiligtum bietet es Ruhe für diejenigen, die eine Flucht aus dem Druck der modernen Zivilisation. Andere, so dachte sie, wie Pater Jerome, ein Büßer Einsiedler gebaut, die ein mittelalterliches Kloster gehauen aus dem Kalksteinfelsen Gipfel des 206-Fuß-Mt. Alvernia, ein Ort für Meditation. Von dieser hohen Klippen, gibt es einen herrlichen Ausblick auf dicht bewaldeten Hügeln und 60 Meilen von verlassenen rosa-weiß-Sand-Strand.

Cat Island war einst die Heimat einer der wohlhabenderen Loyalist Kolonien der Out Islands. Die Insel gewann seinen Reichtum aus den zahlreichen Baumwollplantagen, die während der 1700. Nun, Wein-, die, halb zerstörten Häusern und Mauern von den landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben, wo Rinder wurden Feder und Ananas gewachsen, spielen Verstecken in den tropischen Blumen, Gras und Sand. Bröckelnden Überreste Slave Dörfer und Artefakte in Höhlen Arawak Flüstern der Vergangenheit ein Leben lang. Nachkommen der frühen Siedler in der gleichen Städte ihrer Vorfahren.

Natur und was "der Herr wird" sind die Philosophie, dass die Menschen hier leben. Cat Islanders sind bekannt für ihren Einfallsreichtum bei der Verwendung von Materialien zur Hand zu machen, was sie gerade brauchen. Zum Beispiel, Musiker kombinieren ein Stück Holz, einige der Fischerei und eine Badewanne getragen Zinn, um die Bass-Instrument in einem "Rake" n "kratzen"-Band auf einem lokalen Nachtclub. Begleitet von einer Conchshell (Horn), eine alte Kamm mit Papier (Mundharmonika), einer alten Schreinerei sah ausgeschabt mit einem Stück Metall, und wird gekrönt von einer Trommel, die wirklich raucht (Ziege Felle sich über Holz und über einer Flamme erhitzt) , Cat Island Bands einen einzigartigen Sound.

Ein Großteil der Bahamas "indigenen Musik, Folklore und Mythen kann auf Cat Island. Hier, "Ich werde mit Ihnen im Geiste" nimmt eine ganz neue Bedeutung. Traditionell, wenn der letzte einer Generation stirbt, sein oder ihr Haus links ist für den Geist zu leben in. Verbleibende Verwandten sammeln Steine von der Website und eine neue Wohnung. Anderswo, in den Norden der Insel, Ort Einwohner Spindeln atop Häuser zu verhindern, dass Schaden von befalling sie - eine Art Blitzableiter für die bösen Geister.

Wie wäre es mit dieser Familie Bahamas Strand Urlaub Idee: Live in Ihren eigenen privaten Strand Ferienhaus in Fernandez Bay Village auf Cat Island, Bahamas. Der perfekte Bahamas Island Resort für Familien finden Wochenende mit ihren Kindern, könnte dies nur die beste Familie Bahamas Insel Urlaub Idee überhaupt. Spielen am Strand, Schwimmen im kristallklaren Wasser, ein Boot mieten, um Schnorcheln, Tauchen oder einfach nur entspannen auf der einsamen Insel Cat Strand im Schatten der Bäume Casurina.

Auf dieser Insel Urlaub Bahamas Wochenende Sie wohnen direkt am Strand in einer Villa mit zwei Schlafzimmern Bahamas komplett mit Küche, Wohn-und Essbereich. Aber es gibt so viel zu tun, für die dieser Familie Urlaub, dass Sie wahrscheinlich nicht viel Zeit im Freien.



Insel Urlaub Bahamas Wochenende

BAHAMAS Lucayan Le Parc national de Abaco Cays Harbour Island Cat Island Nassau Junkanoo Boxing Day carnaval Pink Sands Beach Wild dauphins souffleurs Deepest Blue Hole Alvernia Hermitage Marsh Harbour Elbow Cay, Hope Town Paradise Island



Il ya 700 îles des Bahamas saupoudré sur 100.000 miles carrés d'océan à partir de 50 miles au large de la côte de la Floride. L'archipel est une oasis écologique dotées 2000 îles et îlots à couper le souffle et possède la plus claire l'eau sur la planète, avec une visibilité de plus de 200 pieds. Vous pouvez voir vos orteils aussi facilement que vous pouvez le monde la troisième plus grande barrière de corail.

Nous vous invitons à découvrir l'ensemble de nos îles. Un pas et vous rendre la beauté de chaque île, s'étend bien au-delà de nos merveilles naturelles extraordinaires. C'est le sourire sur les visages des gens des Bahamas. Les sons uniques de la richesse de notre culture. La chaleureuse hospitalité de notre patrimoine et notre histoire colorée.

Quatre-vingt-cinq pour cent de la population des Bahamas est du patrimoine africain. Environ les deux tiers de la population réside sur New Providence Island (l'emplacement de Nassau). Beaucoup ancêtres sont arrivés aux Bahamas lors de l'archipel a servi de zone de la traite des esclaves au début des années 1800. Autres accompagné des milliers de loyalistes britanniques qui ont fui les colonies américaines pendant la Guerre.

Haitiens forment la plus grande communauté d'immigrés aux Bahamas. 30000-50000 sont estimées être résident légalement ou illégalement, se sont concentrées sur New Providence, Abaco et Eleuthera îles.

La fréquentation scolaire est obligatoire entre les âges de 5 et 16. Le gouvernement exploite pleinement 158 des 210 écoles primaires et secondaires dans les Bahamas. Les autres 52 écoles sont privées. Le recrutement pour l'état des écoles primaires et secondaires est 50332, avec plus de 16.000 étudiants qui fréquentent des écoles privées. Le Collège des Bahamas, établie à Nassau en 1974, offre des programmes menant à un baccalauréat et d'associés degrés. Plusieurs non-Bahamian collèges offrent également des programmes d'enseignement supérieur à La Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus a fait son premier point d'atterrissage dans l'hémisphère occidental, aux Bahamas. Espagnol côté des marchands d'esclaves capturés Lucayan des Indiens à travailler dans les mines d'or à Hispaniola, et dans 25 ans, tous les Lucayans péri. En 1647, un groupe de Français et religieux Bermudien réfugiés, le Eleutheran Adventurers, a fondé la première colonie européenne permanente dans les Bahamas et l'île d'Eleuthera donné son nom. Des groupes similaires de colons dans les gouvernements formés Bahamas jusqu'à l'île devint une colonie de la Couronne en 1717.

La fin des années 1600 au début des années 1700 ont été l'âge d'or pour les pirates et les corsaires. Beaucoup de célèbres pirates et les corsaires - dont Sir Francis Drake et Barbe Noire - utilisé les îles des Bahamas comme base. Les nombreuses îles et d'îlots avec leurs bancs et les chaînes complexes d'excellents endroits pour se cacher le pillage des navires à proximité des voies de navigation voyagé. Le premier gouverneur royal, Woodes Rogers, a la loi et l'ordre aux Bahamas en 1718 quand il a expulsé les boucaniers.

Pendant la Révolution américaine, les colons américains fidèles au drapeau britannique installé aux Bahamas. Ces nouveaux colons loyalistes et de la Grande-Bretagne a introduit coloniaux de renforcer des compétences d'expertise et de l'agriculture. Jusqu'en 1834, lorsque la Grande-Bretagne a aboli l'esclavage, ils ont également apporté des esclaves, l'importation, les ancêtres de nombreux Bahamiens moderne de l'Afrique de l'Ouest.

La proximité des États-Unis a continué de fournir l'occasion de l'expédition l'activité illégale. Au cours de la guerre civile américaine, les Bahamas ont prospéré comme centre de Confederate blocus marche. Au cours de la prohibition, l'île a servi de base pour l'Amérique rumrunners. Aujourd'hui, les Bahamas est un important point de transbordement pour les stupéfiants sur la voie vers les États-Unis

Bahamiens atteint l'auto-gouvernement par le biais d'une série de mesures constitutionnelles et politiques, la réalisation de l'autonomie interne en 1964 et en pleine indépendance dans le Commonwealth, le 10 Juillet 1973. Depuis l'indépendance, les Bahamas ont continué à se développer dans une importante localité touristique et centre de services financiers.
Les Bahamas sont un membre indépendant du Commonwealth des Nations. Elle est une démocratie parlementaire avec des élections régulières. En tant que pays du Commonwealth, de ses traditions politiques et juridiques suivent de près ceux du Royaume-Uni. Les Bahamas reconnaît le monarque britannique comme son chef d'état formel, alors que l'a nommé gouverneur général est le représentant de la Reine dans les Bahamas. Une législature bicamérale adopte des lois en vertu de la Constitution de 1973.

L'Assemblée se compose de 41 membres, élus par des circonscriptions pour 5 ans. Comme dans le système de Westminster, le gouvernement mai dissoudre le Parlement et de déclencher des élections à tout moment. La Chambre de l'Assemblée s'acquitte de toutes les grandes fonctions législatives. Le leader du parti de la majorité comme Premier ministre et chef du gouvernement. Le Cabinet est composé d'au moins neuf membres, y compris le premier ministre et les ministres des départements exécutifs. Ils réponse politique à la Chambre d'assemblée.

Le Sénat est composé de 16 membres nommés par le gouverneur général, dont neuf sur les conseils du premier ministre, quatre sur les conseils du chef de l'opposition, et trois sur l'avis du Premier ministre après consultation avec le chef de l'opposition .

Le gouverneur général nomme le juge en chef de la Cour suprême sur les conseils du premier ministre et le chef de l'opposition. Le gouverneur général nomme les autres juges avec l'avis d'une commission judiciaire. Le Conseil privé du Royaume-Uni est la plus haute cour d'appel.

Le gouvernement local districts élire des conseils en matière d'urbanisme, les permis, les questions de trafic et de maintenir les bâtiments du gouvernement. Dans certains grands districts, les conseils municipaux de niveau inférieur ont également des responsabilités mineures.

Pendant des décennies, le blanc domine Unies Bahamian Party (UBP) a jugé les Bahamas, puis une dépendance du Royaume-Uni, et un groupe de commerçants influents blanc, connu sous le nom de "Bay Street Boys, dominé l'économie locale. En 1953, insatisfait de Bahamiens UBP règle dans l'opposition du Parti libéral progressiste (PLP). Sous la direction de Lynden Pindling, le PLP a remporté le contrôle du gouvernement en 1967 et a conduit aux Bahamas à la pleine indépendance en 1973.

Une coalition de dissidents et d'anciens PLP UBP membres formé le Free National Movement (FNM) en 1971. PLP Ancien ministre et membre de Hubert Ingraham Parlement est devenu chef de la FNM en 1990, à la mort de Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Sous la direction de l'Ingraham, la FNM a pris le contrôle du gouvernement de la PLP en août 1992 des élections générales. Le PLP a retrouvé le pouvoir en 2002 sous la direction de Perry Christie, mais la FNM, à nouveau dirigée par Ingraham, est retourné au gouvernement en capturant 23 des 41 sièges à la Chambre d'assemblée de Mai 2007 au cours de l'élection. La prochaine élection doit être tenue au plus tard en Mai 2012.

En Juillet 2008 Le Premier ministre Hubert Ingraham a annoncé des changements aux portefeuilles ministériels et la création de deux nouveaux ministères - le Ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Culture et le ministère de l'Environnement.
Les Bahamas sont chassés par le tourisme et les services financiers. Le tourisme et le tourisme axé sur la construction et la fabrication de fournir une estimation de 60% du produit intérieur brut (PIB). Le tourisme emploie environ la moitié de la force de travail des Bahamas. En 2008, 4,6 millions de touristes ont visité les Bahamas, 85% des États-Unis. Il s'agit d'une diminution de 4,5% dans l'ensemble des visiteurs par rapport à 2007. Il existe environ 110 entreprises américaines affiliées qui opèrent dans les Bahamas, et la plupart sont liés au tourisme et au secteur bancaire. Avec peu de ressources et peu d'industrie, les Bahamas importe presque tous ses aliments et de produits manufacturés en provenance des États-Unis. Américain des biens et services ont tendance à être favorisés par les Bahamiens en raison de similitudes culturelles et de forte exposition à la publicité américaine. L'économie des Bahamas, en raison de sa forte dépendance à l'égard du tourisme et du commerce des États-Unis, est profondément affecté par la performance économique des États-Unis.

Les Bahamas sont actuellement un ralentissement économique en raison de la récession économique mondiale. Le nombre de touristes a chuté de manière significative au cours du dernier trimestre de 2008, et environ 1000 employés du secteur touristique ont été licenciés depuis Septembre 2008. Les Bahamas se concentre sur la construction et d'autres projets d'infrastructure dans le but de stimuler l'économie et créer de l'emploi. Les objectifs futurs incluent le développement de propriétés à travers le tourisme à grande échelle les investissements du secteur privé, notamment la hausse de la propriété des Bahamas, de réaménagement de la Grand Bahama économie après l'ouragan pertes importantes en 2004, et l'expansion de la robustesse du secteur financier des Bahamas.

En plus de la diminution du tourisme, d'autres défis économiques auxquels les Bahamas de réunion maintien de l'emploi exige, jumpstarting un retard de processus de privatisation, et la surveillance des niveaux croissants de la dette publique. Un autre défi majeur pour les Bahamiens sera de se préparer à de libre-échange hémisphérique. Actuellement, les Bahamiens ne paient pas de revenu ou les taxes de vente. La plupart des revenus proviennent de droits de douane élevés et les droits d'importation. Réduction des obstacles au commerce nécessitera probablement une certaine forme d'imposition pour remplacer les revenus lorsque le pays devient une partie de la zone de libre-échange des Amériques (ZLEA). Comme le montrent par opposition à l'intérieur du marché unique des Caraïbes (CSME), les avantages du libre-échange a été difficile pour le gouvernement de vendre. En dépit de certains opposition intérieure, le gouvernement des Bahamas a signé un accord de partenariat économique (APE) avec l'Union européenne (UE) en Décembre 2008.

Un certain nombre de projets hôteliers prévus ont promis d'accroître la croissance économique et de créer à court et à long terme en matière d'emploi. Atlantis Resort and Casino Paradise Island reste sur une importante localité touristique et de tirer un moteur de l'économie. L'avenir de la Baha Mar projet a été remis en question après le casino Harrah's opérateur sorti de l'affaire en Mars 2008. Toutefois, en Mars 2009, l'Exim Bank de Chine a officiellement accepté de financer l'impasse du projet, estimé à 3,2 milliards de dollars en financement. Le gouvernement promet de développer l'aéroport international de Nassau et a remis la gestion à des opérateurs privés. Le gouvernement des Bahamas a également adopté une approche proactive pour courtiser les investisseurs étrangers et a mené d'importantes missions d'investissement à l'Extrême-Orient, en Europe, en Amérique latine, en Inde et au Canada. Le gouvernement continue d'accorder une attention particulière à la Chine pour encourager le tourisme et l'investissement. Les Chinois sont le financement de la construction d'un nouveau $ 30 millions de stade à New Providence et mai fournir une plus 100 millions de dollars en projets de construction routière. Alors que le FNM gouvernement a exprimé le désir d'accroître le capital des Bahamas dans les développements, les Bahamas' dépendance à l'égard des investissements étrangers est peu susceptible de changer.

Les services financiers constituent le deuxième plus important secteur de l'économie des Bahamas, de la comptabilité pour un maximum de 15% du PIB, en raison de la situation du pays comme un paradis fiscal et bancaire offshore centre. Le Stop Tax Haven Abuse projet de loi, qui a été proposé au Congrès américain et dont les noms Bahamas comme un secret de 34 pays, a suscité un vaste débat dans les médias locaux et les politiciens. Beaucoup Bahamiens se sentent à l'inclusion des Bahamas dans un tel projet de loi aurait pour conséquence d'importantes pertes d'emplois dans le secteur des services financiers. En 2005, le gouvernement avait licencié 262 banques et sociétés de fiducie dans les Bahamas. Les Bahamas promulgué l'International Business Companies (IBC) Loi en Janvier 1990 pour améliorer la situation du pays comme un chef de file financière. La loi a permis de simplifier et de réduire le coût de l'intégration de sociétés offshore aux Bahamas. Dans les 9 ans, plus de 84.000 sociétés IBC-type a été créé. En Février 1991, le gouvernement a également légalisé la création de fiducies de protection d'actifs dans les Bahamas. En 2000, en réponse à des organisations multilatérales des préoccupations, le gouvernement a adopté un paquet législatif de renforcer les mesures visant à mieux réglementer le secteur financier et de prévenir le blanchiment d'argent dans le secteur bancaire, y compris la création d'une cellule de renseignement financier et de l'application de "connaissez votre client ». Certaines de ces mesures ont été contestées devant les tribunaux des Bahamas, et le nombre de banques offshore enregistrées dans les Bahamas a considérablement diminué depuis 2002. En plus de la moitié de la GRV ont également fermé boutique. En conséquence, le gouvernement envisage une législation supplémentaire pour maintenir la compétitivité de l'industrie, tout en respectant les normes internationales, y compris une éventuelle réforme de la structure réglementaire et de la signature de plusieurs accords d'échange de renseignements fiscaux.

L'agriculture et la pêche représentent 3% du PIB. Les Bahamas les exportations de homard et de certains poissons, mais ne soulève pas ces questions commerciales. Il n'y a pas d'agriculture à grande échelle, et la plupart des produits agricoles sont consommés localement. Suite à l'apparition d'un foyer de chancre des agrumes sur Abaco, en 2005, les Bahamas ont perdu l'une des principales exportations de produits agricoles, et le Ministère de l'Agriculture a interdit l'exportation de matériel végétal de Abaco. Les Bahamas importations de plus de 250 millions de dollars en denrées alimentaires par an, représentant environ 80% de sa consommation alimentaire.

Le gouvernement des Bahamas maintient la valeur du dollar des Bahamas sur un pied d'égalité avec le dollar américain. Les Bahamas sont l'un des bénéficiaires de l'US-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), du Canada CARIBCAN programme, et de l'UE un accord de partenariat économique. Bien que les Bahamas participe dans les aspects politiques de la Communauté des Caraïbes (CARICOM), il n'est pas entré en commun des initiatives économiques, à l'instar du CSME, avec d'autres États des Caraïbes.

Les Bahamas ont quelques rares entreprises industrielles: la société pharmaceutique PFC Bahamas (anciennement Syntex), le pétrole BORCO installation, faisant affaires sous Vooak Terminal Bahamas; Sands Beer, et le Grand Bahama Brewery, tous à Freeport, et le Commonwealth Brewery à Nassau , qui produit Heineken, Guinness et Kalik bières. Autres industries séchés au soleil, sel de mer en Grande Inagua, une darse à Freeport installation pour la réparation de navires de croisière et l'exploitation minière d'aragonite - une forme de calcaire à plusieurs usages industriels - de la mer à l'océan Cay.

Le Hawksbill Creek accord établi une zone franche à Freeport, aux Bahamas "deuxième plus grande ville, à proximité d'un parc industriel pour encourager les investissements industriels étrangers. Le Hong-Kong Hutchison Whampoa entreprise exploite le port de conteneurs à Freeport. Le Parlement a approuvé la législation des Bahamas en 1993, qui a le plus franc et le devoir des exonérations d'impôt par le biais de 2054.
Hope Town Villas vous invite à séjourner dans notre artistiquement conçus, villas isolées. Situé sur le front de mer ou au bord de la plage, ils sont connus pour leurs jardins luxuriants, belle vue et de lieux de refuge le règlement de Hope Town.
Détendez-vous sur notre île la plus belle plage, tuba sur les récifs, à seulement trois minutes de marche. Promenez-vous dans la circulation, des ruelles étroites de notre règlement de vives maisons peintes clin d'apprécier un rythme plus lent de la vie.

Profitez de la vue de notre port pittoresque et historique, avec des voiliers de bonbons-phare à rayures, à notre dîner de bons restaurants, de la danse sous les étoiles. C'est tout à votre porte!
Nous offrons des locations de vacances les plus attrayantes de l'île et sont fiers d'offrir exceptionnellement propres et bien aménagées villas. Beaucoup de nos clients reviennent chaque année.

Notre gestionnaire de Karen Huff-Lowe offre une attention personnelle et l'hospitalité pour vous assurer des vacances est très spéciale.

Hope Town est un charmant village de pêcheurs du 18ème siècle sur Elbow Cay, (six miles de long par un quart de mile de large) située sur le récif extérieur de la chaîne d'émeraude îles, connue sous le nom de Abacos. Entouré d'une mer translucide turquiose et connu pour être l'un des la plupart des zones protégées dans les Caraïbes pour les petits bateaux à explorer.
L'historique de règlement de Hope Town roulés autour d'un port protégé, à seulement trois pâtés de maisons à l'échelle de l'océan à côté du port, il est également connu pour ses célèbres bonbons à rayures phare. Les visiteurs sont libres de montée du phare pour des vues splendides sur les îles adjacentes et les barrières de corail.

Île de la vie est sans hâte, notamment, les habitants et les visiteurs de la promenade des rues sans trafic de Hope Town avec ses couleurs vives clin maisons, les clôtures et les piquets jardins fleuris. Original colons loyalistes qui ont été transférés à ces îles, après la Révolution américaine. Les plantations, l'éponge, la pêche, la construction navale, la piraterie, la contrebande et détruisant les moyens de passé, est devenue la vie. Une communauté soudée de 300 personnes habitent l'île toute l'année. Les activités qui attirent les visiteurs et de garder nos clients reviennent chaque année sont les suivants:

Louer un bateau et d'explorer les nombreuses îles et historique de colonies de peuplement dans les eaux protégées de la mer d'Abaco.
Plongée en apnée ou la plongée sous la mer de nos parcs nationaux.
Salle à manger à nos restaurants gastronomiques, sous les étoiles, et la danse à la musique calypso.
Picnicing et les tirs d'obus sur les nombreuses plages des îles désertes.
Exploring une colonie d'artistes, et de boire du rhum punchs à la plage romantique bars.
Exploration de notre île sur un chariot de golf ou de location de vélos.
Pêche en haute mer, les os de pêche sont proposées par des guides professionnels.
Assis sur le bord de l'eau ou le pont suspendu dans un hamac et lire un bon livre.
Nous espérons que vous prendrez l'occasion de nous rendre visite, s'il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir si vous avez d'autres questions, nous ne voulons pas tout vous dire sur notre île, mais certaines choses laissent une agréable surprise.Junkanoo est un festival national de La Bahamas, le seul endroit où il est titulaire d'un tel honneur. Il existe même un musée présentant Junkanoo costumes, d'art et d'artisanat au centre-ville de Nassau - un bien culturel et de mettre en évidence l'attraction à voir absolument pour tous les visiteurs. L'origine du mot est obscure Junkanoo. Certains disent que cela vient du français "L'inconnu" (sens inconnu), en référence à des masques portés par les paraders ou «junk enoo", le colons écossais de référence pour les défilés, qui signifie «junk suffit" ou «John Canoe», le nom d'un chef de tribu africaine qui ont exigé le droit de célébrer avec son peuple, même après avoir été portée à l'esclavage dans les Antilles.

Il est estimé que ce festival a débuté lors de la 16e et 17e siècles. Les esclaves ont été donnés un temps de vacances à Noël, quand ils pourraient quitter les plantations pour être avec leur famille et de célébrer les fêtes avec la danse africaine, la musique et les costumes. Après l'émancipation, ils ont poursuivi cette tradition, et aujourd'hui, Junkanoo a évolué depuis ses origines à une simple forme, plus organisé parade sophistiqués, complexes costumes, le thème de la musique et des prix d'encouragement.

Célébrations de Noël dans les Bahamas ne serait pas complète sans Junkanoo bandes "se précipiter" dans les rues. Venture à Bay Street à Nassau, au cours des premières heures du matin du Boxing Day (le lendemain de Noël) et le Jour de l'An et voici cette corne d'abondance de couleurs et de sons. L'obscurité du petit matin, ajoute à l'atmosphère envoûtante. Overhead lampadaires en évidence les couleurs des costumes et des bannières intimement conçue et modelée minute à partir de bandes de papier crépon de toutes les couleurs collés à l'habillement, de carton et de bois.

Parmi les troupes Junkanoo sont les «Saxons», «Valley Boys" et "Roots". La concurrence est féroce entre eux - des milliers de dollars en prix en argent sont en jeu - et les costumes sont un secret étroitement surveillé jusqu'à ce qu'ils soient enfin dévoilé.

Chaque troupe choisit un thème pour ses costumes et les membres sont habillés dans les variations de ce thème. Il pourrait être quelque chose d'aussi archaïque que les Vikings ou contemporaines comme les astronautes. Les groupes à court ou merengue étape le long de la rue, en fonction de la musique qu'ils jouent avec leurs tambours en peau de chèvre, cloches, conchshell des cornes et des sifflets. Fêtards à l'écart des cabrioles avec les
même abandonner, de chant et de danse ainsi: "Nous sommes rushin», nous sommes rushin », nous sommes rushin à travers la foule ... KK-Kalik, kk-Kalik, kaliking kk-kk-Kalik, kk-Kalik, kk-Kalik, kk-Kalik, oui. "

Chacun est invité à se joindre à la fête et chanter et danser le long. Il faut environ deux heures pour voir toutes les entrées, mais ne laissez pas tout de suite. C'est encore mieux la deuxième fois!

Et si vous ne pouvez pas le rendre aux Bahamas, à Noël, Junkanoo des défilés sont également organisées en collaboration avec d'autres célébrations telles que Jour de l'Indépendance (Juillet 10).

Les Abacos. Avec une superficie de 650 miles carrés, ce groupe d'îles des courbes de plus de 130 miles de la mer émeraude. Les immigrants de la Grande-Bretagne et de Loyalistes fuyant les États-Unis après la Révolution américaine, installés ici au cours des 17e et 18e siècles. Ces origines sont pris en compte dans le style Nouvelle-Angleterre et de l'architecture des activités traditionnelles des villages tranquilles, la plupart épargnés par les temps modernes. Les îles sont dénommés "Le Bateau de construction Centre des Bahamas. Population: 10.061.

Crooked Island. Ces deux îles font partie d'un groupe de quatre îles de 100 miles. Fortune flancs Crooked Island et Castle île, Aklins. Columbus aurait viennent de la région cherchent de l'or, mais la seule "trésor", il a été trouvé sensorielles - comme le parfum de jasmin dans l'air. Acklins à 120 miles carrés est rocheux et escarpé et a une population de 428. Crooked Island de 92 miles carrés se compose principalement de marée de pavillons et de profondes calanques. Population: 423.

Andros. Andros est la plus grande des Bahamas, d'une superficie de 2,300 miles carrés. Connu sous le nom de "La Bonefishing capitale du monde", il est plat (sauf pour la côte est) et marquée par de nombreuses criques et les lacs regorgent de poissons. Le paysage comprend les vierges de pins, de palmiers et de l'acajou des forêts, des broussailles et des mangroves à d'importantes colonies d'oiseaux marins. La rive ouest est un peu stérile banque "La boue", la barrière de corail d'Andros se trouve juste au large de la côte Est le long de la maternelle de l'océan. Population: 8155.

Berry Island. Situé dans une longue ligne de dentelle, ce groupe de 30 îlots couvre une superficie de 12 miles carrés. Avec des noms comme Cay Fish, Bird Cay, Frozen Cay, Whale et Little Whale Cay Cay, il n'est pas étonnant, ils sont la deuxième à La Biminis un refuge pour la pêche sportive. Leur isolement, de belles plages et les eaux entourant les îles aussi faire une retraite pour les populat plaisanciers. Seules quelques-unes de ces îles ont une population permanente, qui totalise 634.

Biminis. Sont un petit groupe d'îles, composée du Nord et du Sud Bimini, Cat and Gun Cay Cay. Elles sont situées à 50 miles est de Miami, en Floride, sur le bord du Gulf Stream (pêche en eau profonde du territoire), avec le Great Bahama Bank (Bonefish hanter) à sa porte. Les eaux de ce petit morceau de frayer Bahamas certains des plus gros poissons dans le monde. Il a une superficie de 9 miles carrés et une population de 1638.

Cat Island. Est l'une des plus belles îles fertiles dans les Bahamas et possède le plus élevé de tous avec Mt. Alvernia à 206 pieds. 150 miles carrés est couverte de collines de la forêt dense et verte innombrables miles de plages magnifiques. Toujours très lié dans le passé, la preuve de son début de cultures indiennes et loyaliste plantations abonde pensée de l'île. Elle a une population de 1678. Eleuthera. Ici, les racines de l'histoire moderne des Bahamas ont été plantés par le "Eleutheran aventuriers», qui a établi ce qui était probablement la première véritable démocratie dans le monde occidental, plus de 300 ans. Une grande partie de l'atmosphère coloniale au début est conservé dans la petite pêche villagesand vastes zones agricoles. L'île est de 110 miles de long et seulement deux miles de large le long de la plupart de sa longueur. Just offshore sont Harbour Island (renommée pour ses plages de sable rose) et en espagnol Wells (où les pirates et les autres ont trouvé l'eau douce). Population: 10,524.

Exuma. S'étendant sur 130 miles carrés, ces îles offrent de croisière et sont connus par les plaisanciers comme la "Capitale de la voile aux Bahamas." Il ya 365 îlots avec des plages de sable pur, isolé des ancrages et des pays sans littoral des ports. Variété et aventure marque chaque mile. Certaines îles ne sont qu'un tas de sable dans la mer, d'autres sont des cliffed et de forêts. La plupart des îlots sont inhabités, avec une population totale de 3539.

Grand Bahama. La saveur de l'île de Grand Bahama est une combinaison des passionnant, moderne, commercial et centre de la station de Freeport et à l'oubli de paisibles villages et villes historiques comme le West End (ouest) et McLeans ville dans l'est du pays. Freeport, un miracle fait de l'homme, est la deuxième ville du pays. Elle a évolué d'une zone de nature sauvage, a été dompté et transformé en un haut lieu de vacances pour ceux qui cherchent à profiter de leur caractère sportif, que ce soit sur terre ou en mer. L'île a une superficie de 530 miles carrés, population: 41.035. Inagua. Situé le plus au sud des Bahamas, il couvre 645 miles carrés et comprend les îles de la Grande et la Petite Inagua. Le relief est sauvage et désolée, le désert, comme le climat. Great Inagua est célèbre pour ses vastes champs de sel, qui produisent plus d'un million de tonnes de marchandise par an. Une grande partie de celui-ci est un parc protégé - sanctuaire de reproduction et de territoire de plus de 60000 West Indian Flamingos - oiseau national des Bahamas - de nombreuses espèces rares d'oiseaux tropicaux, des tortues et des iguanes. Little Inagua est inhabitée par l'homme. La population est 924.

Ragged Island. La forme de faucille Ragged Island Range s'étend de la Jumento Cays, à l'extrémité sud de la Exumas courbes est, puis vers le sud de la Grande Ragged Island avec son principal règlement de Duncan Town. Il s'agit d'un très sec, sauvage, le vent, place, entourée d'une mer traîtresse. Ragged Islanders sont en forte demande pour leurs compétences à gérer ces hauts-fonds et leur chef sont les professions maritimes, la pêche et de l'artisanat. Les îles ont une superficie de 15 miles carrés et une population de 89.

Mayagua. Est calme et paisible, "comment il a rencontré Christophe Colomb», de sorte que les gens du pays disent. Elle conserve encore son nom d'origine indienne. Mayaguana est une étape idéale pour les amateurs de voile, avec plusieurs bons ports et mouillages, de pêche, des bombardements et de la natation. Randonnée pédestre à travers les villages est un autre passe-temps favori, où il ya beaucoup de couleur locale de bénéficier dans le charme des chalets et des personnes. L'île a une superficie de 110 miles carrés et une population de 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. Est économiquement la plus importante île des Bahamas, à la maison de sa capitale, Nassau, le siège du gouvernement. Nassau est sophistiquée, la vieille ville construite sur une colline éclaboussé de soleil sur la mer. Elle a été fondée en 1670 et a grandi rapidement en tant que centre de commerce pour les îles en raison de son port protégé avec de beaux mouillages. Nassau / Paradise Island comprend également la station balnéaire de Cable Beach et de Paradise Island. Dans le cadre de ses 80 miles carrés vivent 171.542 personnes - environ 60% de la population des Bahamas.
Rum Cay. Le "Sleeping Beauty" des Bahamas, avec son historique Loyalist ruines des plantations de coton et de l'Inde des artefacts, des jolies collines, des plages dorées et le collier de récifs de corail entourant de ses rives. L'origine du nom de Santa Maria de la Conception par Christophe Colomb, Rum Cay est censé avoir tiré son nom actuel de l'épave sur sa rive ouest d'un Indien rumrunner en charge de la marchandise. Port Nelson, un port abrité sur la côte sud, est la seule solution. L'île est à 10 miles de long et de 5 miles de large et a moins de 100 habitants.
San Salvador. Initialement appelé "Guanahani," Christopher Columbus fait de cette minuscule, 63-sq-mile zone, la plus importante historiquement île des Bahamas. Il a d'abord atteint les terres ici en 1492 et pas moins de quatre monuments marque l'endroit où Christophe Colomb est venu à terre. Il reste encore à découvrir, enveloppée dans son passé, bien visible entre les loyalistes tumbling plantation prépondérance des ruines et des vestiges et des artefacts intéressants indiennes jours. La population de la 465 fait une vie par la pêche et l'agriculture. Cat Island mai ont retiré son nom de Arthur Catt, le célèbre capitaine de la marine britannique ou célèbre pirate (en fonction de quel côté vous étiez). Une source de concurrence pour le nom sont les hordes de chats sauvages que les Français rencontrés ici à l'arrivée dans les années 1600. Les chats ont dit être des descendants de leurs cousins tamer rendus orphelins par le début des colons espagnols dans leur course pour trouver l'or de l'Amérique du Sud. Cette forme de botte, île sauvage est l'un des plus beaux et des plus fertiles des Bahamas. Un refuge verdoyant, elle offre la tranquillité pour ceux qui cherchent un moyen d'échapper à la pression de la civilisation moderne. D'autres pensent aussi, comme le Père Jérôme, un pénitent ermite qui a construit un monastère médiéval taillé du sommet de falaises de calcaire Mt 206-pied. Alvernia, un lieu de méditation. Du haut de ces falaises, il ya une vue merveilleuse à forte densité de la forêt au pied et à 60 miles de désert et de rose-blanc-sable de plage.

Cat Island était une fois l'une des plus prospères de la colonie loyaliste Out Islands. L'île a gagné sa richesse des nombreuses plantations de coton établie au cours des années 1700. Maintenant, couverte de vigne, des semi-ruiné demeures de pierre et les murs des fermes où le bétail a été écrit et ananas cultivés, jouer à cache-cache dans les fleurs tropicales, de l'herbe et du sable. Crumbling vestiges de villages d'esclaves et d'artefacts en Arawak grottes murmure d'une vie passée. Les descendants de ces premiers colons restent dans la même ville de leurs ancêtres.

La nature et de ce que «le Seigneur de fournir" la philosophie est que les gens ici vivent de. Cat Islanders sont réputés pour leur ingéniosité en utilisant les matériaux à portée de main pour faire ce qu'ils ont besoin. Par exemple, les musiciens de combiner un morceau de bois, certains de pêche et d'un bain d'étain portés à créer l'instrument de basse dans un "rateau" n "gratter" la bande à une boîte de nuit locale. Accompagné d'un Conchshell (cor), un vieux peigne recouvert de papier (harmonica), un vieux charpentier a gratter avec une pièce de métal, et coiffé d'un tambour qui fume vraiment (peaux de chèvre tendues sur le bois et le chauffage à la flamme) , Cat Island bandes de produire un son unique.

Une grande partie des Bahamas "la musique, le folklore et le mythe peut être attribuée à Cat Island. Ici, "Je vais être avec vous en esprit» prend un tout nouveau sens. Traditionnellement, lorsque le dernier d'une génération meurt, sa maison est laissée à l'esprit à vivre restant proches de recueillir les pierres du site et de former un nouveau logement. Ailleurs, dans le nord de l'île, les résidents des maisons au sommet de broches place pour prévenir les dommages survenus à partir de - une sorte de paratonnerre pour les mauvais esprits.

Comment cette famille sur la plage de vacances Bahamas idée: Live dans votre propre maison de vacances à la plage de Fernandez Bay Village sur Cat Island, Bahamas. The Perfect Bahamas Island recours pour les familles à la recherche de fuite avec leurs enfants, ce pourrait être la meilleure famille de vacances Bahamas Island idée jamais. Jouer sur la plage, de nager dans l'eau cristalline, de louer un bateau pour aller la plongée avec tuba, plongée sous-marine ou simplement vous détendre sur la plage de l'île de Cat isolée à l'ombre des arbres Casurina.

Sur cette île de vacances Bahamas escapade vous séjourner directement sur la plage dans une villa de deux chambres Bahamas avec une cuisine, salon et salle à manger. Mais il ya tellement de choses à faire sur cette famille de vacances, que vous n'aurez probablement pas passer beaucoup de temps à l'intérieur.



île de vacances Bahamas escapade

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Er zijn 700 eilanden van de Bahama's besprenkeld ruim 100.000 vierkante mijl van de oceaan te beginnen op slechts 50 mijl voor de kust van Florida. De archipel is een ecologische oase met 2000 adembenemende eilanden en cays en heeft het helderste water op de planeet, en met een zichtbaarheid van meer dan 200 meter. U kunt zien dat uw tenen zo gemakkelijk als je kunt 's werelds derde grootste barrière rif.

Wij nodigen u uit om al onze eilanden. Een stap en je zult zien van de schoonheid van elk eiland uitstrekt tot ver buiten onze buitengewone natuurlijke wonderen. Het is de glimlach op de gezichten van de Bahamas mensen. Het unieke geluid van onze rijke cultuur. De warme gastvrijheid van ons erfgoed en onze kleurrijke geschiedenis.

Vijfentachtig procent van de Bahamas bevolking is van Afrikaanse erfgoed. Ongeveer tweederde van de bevolking woont op New Providence Island (de locatie van Nassau). Veel voorouders kwamen in de Bahama's toen de eilanden diende als halteplaats voor de slavenhandel in de vroege jaren 1800. Anderen gaan duizenden Britse loyalisten die vluchtte de Amerikaanse kolonies tijdens de Revolutionaire Oorlog.

Haïtianen vormen de grootste allochtone gemeenschap in de Bahama's. 30000-50000 Naar schatting zijn verblijfplaats legaal of illegaal, geconcentreerd op New Providence, Abaco en Eleuthera eilanden.

Schoolbezoek is verplicht tussen de leeftijd van 5 en 16. De regering volledig exploiteert 158 van de 210 primaire en secundaire scholen in de Bahama's. De overige 52 scholen zijn in particulier geëxploiteerd. Inschrijven voor de staat primaire en secundaire scholen is 50.332, met meer dan 16.000 studenten wonen, particuliere scholen. Het college van de Bahama's, gevestigd in Nassau in 1974, biedt programma's die leiden tot bachelors en partnerondernemingen graden. Verschillende niet-Bahamas hogescholen bieden ook het hoger onderwijs programma's in de Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus zijn eerste aanlandings in het Westelijk halfrond in de Bahama's. Spaanse slaaf handelaren later gevangen native Lucayan Indiërs werken in goudmijnen op Hispaniola, en binnen 25 jaar alle Lucayans versleten. In 1647, een groep van Engels en Bermuda religieuze vluchtelingen, de Eleutheran Adventurers, stichtte de eerste permanente Europese nederzetting in de Bahama's en gaf Eleuthera Island zijn naam. Soortgelijke groepen kolonisten gevormd regeringen in de Bahama's tot de eilanden werd een Britse kroon kolonie in 1717.

De late 1600 tot de vroege 1700s was de gouden eeuw voor piraten en kaperschip. Veel beroemde piraten en kaperschip - met inbegrip van Sir Francis Drake en Zwartbaard - gebruikt de eilanden van de Bahama's als basis. De vele eilanden en eilandjes met hun complexe scholen en kanalen uitstekende verstopplaatsen voor de plundering van schepen buurt goed reisde scheepvaartroutes. De eerste Koninklijk Gouverneur, Woodes Rogers, die recht en orde op de Bahamas in 1718 toen hij uitgewezen de Buccaneers.

Tijdens de Amerikaanse Revolutie, Amerikaanse kolonisten trouw aan de Britse vlag geregeld in de Bahama's. Deze loyalisten en nieuwe kolonisten uit Groot-Brittannië bracht Koloniale gebouw vaardigheden en agrarische expertise. Tot 1834, toen Groot-Brittannië schafte de slavernij af, maar ook slaven, het importeren van de voorouders van de vele moderne Bahamians uit West-Afrika.

Nabijheid tot de VS blijft de kans op illegale scheepvaart activiteit. In de loop van de Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog, de Bahama's floreerde als een centrum van Confederate blokkade-running. Tijdens Verbod, de eilanden diende als basis voor de Amerikaanse rumrunners. Vandaag, de Bahama's is een belangrijke overslag voor verdovende middelen op de weg naar de VS

Bahamians bereikt self-overheid door middel van een aantal constitutionele en politieke stappen, de verwezenlijking van de interne zelfbestuur in 1964 en volledige onafhankelijkheid binnen het Gemenebest op 10 juli 1973. Sinds de onafhankelijkheid, de Bahama's is verder te ontwikkelen tot een belangrijke toeristische en financiële diensten centrum.
De Bahama's is een onafhankelijk lid van het Gemenebest van Naties. Het is een parlementaire democratie met regelmatige verkiezingen. Zoals een Commonwealth land, zijn politieke en juridische tradities nauw aan bij die van het Verenigd Koninkrijk. De Bahama's erkent de Britse vorstin als haar formeel staatshoofd, terwijl een benoemde gouverneur-generaal fungeert als vertegenwoordiger van de Koningin in de Bahama's. Een tweekamerstelsel wetgever legt wetten onder de 1973 grondwet.

De House of Assembly bestaat uit 41 leden, gekozen uit de afzonderlijke kiesdistricten voor 5 jaar gesloten. Zoals in het kader van de Westminster, de regering kan het parlement ontbinden en verkiezingen gesprek op elk gewenst moment. De House of Assembly voert alle belangrijke wetgevende functies. De leider van de meerderheid partij dient als minister-president en hoofd van de regering. Het kabinet bestaat uit ten minste negen leden, waaronder de premier en de ministers van de uitvoerende afdelingen. Ze beantwoorden politiek bij het House of Assembly.

De Senaat bestaat uit 16 leden die worden benoemd door de gouverneur-generaal, waaronder negen op het advies van de minister-president, vier op het advies van de leider van de oppositie, en drie op het advies van de minister-president, na overleg met de leider van de oppositie .

De Gouverneur-generaal benoemt de Chief Justice van het Supreme Court op advies van de premier en de leider van de oppositie. De Gouverneur-generaal benoemt de andere Justices met het advies van een gerechtelijke commissie. De Privy Council van het Verenigd Koninkrijk dient als het hoogste gerecht.

Lokale overheid districten raden kiest voor de ruimtelijke ordening, zakelijke licenties, verkeer en handhaving van overheidsgebouwen. In sommige grote districten, lager niveau gemeenteraden hebben ook kleine verantwoordelijkheden.

Voor decennia, de witte gedomineerde Verenigde Bahamas Partij (UBP) regeerde de Bahama's, dan is een afhankelijkheid van het Verenigd Koninkrijk, terwijl een groep van invloedrijke witte handelaren, die bekend staat als de "Bay Street Boys," domineerde de plaatselijke economie. In 1953, Bahamians ontevreden met UBP regel vormde de oppositie Progressief Liberale Partij (PLP). Onder leiding van Lynden Pindling, de PLP gewonnen controle van de regering in 1967 en heeft ertoe geleid dat de Bahama's tot volledige onafhankelijkheid in 1973.

Een coalitie van PLP dissidenten en voormalige UBP leden vormden de Vrije Nationale Beweging (FNM) in 1971. PLP voormalig minister en lid van het Europees Parlement Hubert Ingraham werd de leider van de FNM in 1990, bij het overlijden van Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Onder leiding van Ingraham, de FNM gewonnen controle van de regering van de PLP in augustus 1992 algemene verkiezingen. De PLP herwonnen macht in 2002 onder leiding van Perry Christie, maar de FNM, wederom geleid door Ingraham, teruggegeven aan de overheid door het vastleggen van 23 van de 41 zetels in het House of Assembly tijdens de in mei 2007 verkiezingen. De volgende verkiezingen moet worden vastgesteld, uiterlijk in mei 2012.

In juli 2008 minister-president Hubert Ingraham aangekondigde wijzigingen in de ministeriële portefeuilles en de oprichting van twee extra ministeries - het ministerie van Jeugd, Sport en Cultuur en het ministerie van Milieu.
De Bahama's wordt aangedreven door het toerisme en financiële diensten. Toerisme en toerisme aangedreven constructie en de fabricage van een geschatte 60% van het bruto binnenlands product (BBP). Toerisme telt ongeveer de helft van de Bahamas beroepsbevolking. In 2008, 4,6 miljoen toeristen bezocht de Bahama's, 85% uit de Verenigde Staten. Dit was een daling van 4,5% in de totale bezoekers in vergelijking met 2007. Er zijn ongeveer 110 VS-gelieerde bedrijven in de Bahama's, en de meeste zijn in verband met toerisme en het bankwezen. Met enkele binnenlandse middelen en weinig industrie, de Bahama's invoer bijna al zijn voedsel en goederen en producten uit de Verenigde Staten. Amerikaanse goederen en diensten de neiging te worden begunstigd door Bahamians vanwege de culturele overeenkomsten en zware blootstelling aan Amerikaanse reclame. De Bahamas economie, vanwege de sterke afhankelijkheid van de Amerikaanse toerisme en handel, is diep getroffen door het Amerikaanse economische prestaties.

De Bahama's is momenteel een economische recessie als gevolg van de wereldwijde economische recessie. Toerisme aantallen aanmerkelijk gedaald in het laatste kwartaal van 2008, en ongeveer 1000 toeristische sector werknemers die zijn ontslagen sinds september 2008. De Bahama's is gericht op de bouw en andere infrastructurele projecten in een poging om de economie te stimuleren en creëren van werkgelegenheid. Toekomstige doelstellingen omvatten verdere ontwikkeling van het toerisme eigenschappen door middel van grootschalige investeringen in de particuliere sector, met inbegrip van extra Bahamas eigendom, herontwikkeling van het Grand Bahama economie na de orkaan grote verliezen in 2004, en de uitbreiding van de robuuste Bahamas financiële sector.

Naast de daling in het toerisme, andere economische uitdagingen van de Bahama's omvatten vergadering voortgezet werkgelegenheid eisen, jumpstarting een achterblijvende privatiseringsproces, en de controle toenemende niveaus van de overheidsschuld. Een andere grote uitdaging voor Bahamians zal zich voor te bereiden op hemisferisch vrijhandel. Momenteel Bahamians betaalt geen inkomen of omzetbelasting. Meest overheid de inkomsten is afkomstig van hoge tarieven en de invoer vergoedingen. Vermindering van handelsbelemmeringen zal waarschijnlijk enige vorm van belasting-inkomsten te vervangen wanneer het land wordt een deel van de Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Zoals duidelijk door de binnenlandse oppositie tegen de Caribische Single Market Economy (CSME), de voordelen van vrije handel is moeilijk voor de overheid te verkopen. Ondanks enkele binnenlandse oppositie, de Bahamas regering ondertekende een economische partnerschapsovereenkomst (EPO) met de Europese Unie (EU) in december 2008.

Een aantal van de geplande hotel projecten hebben beloofd om de economische groei en het creëren van korte en lange termijn de werkgelegenheid. Atlantis Resort en Casino op Paradise Island blijft een belangrijke toeristische trekpleister en een motor van de economie. De toekomst van de Baha Mar Hotel project werd in twijfel getrokken na casino exploitant Harrah's zich teruggetrokken van de transactie in maart 2008. Echter, in maart 2009 de Exim Bank of China formeel ingestemd met de financiering van de vastgelopen project, geschat op $ 3,2 miljard bij de financiering. De overheid belooft te breiden Nassau International Airport en heeft de leiding aan particuliere exploitanten. De Bahamas regering heeft een proactieve benadering van het hof buitenlandse investeerders en heeft grote investeringen missies naar het Verre Oosten, Europa, Latijns-Amerika, India en Canada. De regering blijft bijzondere aandacht te besteden aan China ter bevordering van het toerisme en de investeringen. De Chinezen zijn de financiering van de bouw van een nieuwe $ 30 miljoen sport-stadion in New Providence en kan het zorgen voor een toevoeging van $ 100 miljoen in de wegenbouw projecten. Terwijl de FNM regering heeft de wens uitgedrukt om de Bahamas eigendomsbelangen in de ontwikkelingen, de Bahama's afhankelijkheid van buitenlandse investeringen is weinig te veranderen.

Financiële diensten vormen de op een na belangrijkste sector van de economie van de Bahamas, goed voor maximaal 15% van het BBP, als gevolg van het land de status als belastingparadijs en offshore banking center. Het Stop Tax Haven Abuse factuur, die is voorgesteld in het Amerikaanse Congres, en die namen de Bahama's als een van 34 geheimhouding jurisdicties, heeft veel discussie in de lokale media en onder politici. Veel Bahamians voel de integratie van de Bahama's in een dergelijk wetsvoorstel zou resulteren in een aanzienlijke banenverlies in de sector financiële dienstverlening. Vanaf 2005 heeft de regering een vergunning had 262 banken en het vertrouwen in de Bahamas. De Bahama's verspreid het International Business Companies (IBC) wet in januari 1990 tot verbetering van het land de status als een van de grootste financiële centrum. De wet diende te vereenvoudigen en de kosten van de integratie van offshore-bedrijven in de Bahama's. Binnen 9 jaar, meer dan 84.000 IBC-type bedrijven waren gevestigd. In februari 1991 heeft de regering ook legaliseerde de oprichting van Asset Protection Trusts in de Bahama's. In 2000, in antwoord op multilaterale organisaties betreft, maakt de regering een wetgevend pakket van maatregelen ter betere regulering van de financiële sector en het voorkomen van het witwassen van geld in het land van de bancaire sector, met inbegrip van het scheppen van een Financial Intelligence Unit en de handhaving van de "ken-uw -klant "-voorschriften. Sommige van deze maatregelen zijn aangevochten in de Bahamas rechtbanken, en het aantal offshore-banken zijn geregistreerd in de Bahama's is afgenomen sinds 2002. Zoveel als de helft van de IBC's zijn ook gesloten winkel. Als gevolg hiervan heeft de regering overweegt aanvullende wetgeving om de industrie concurrerend met inachtneming van internationale normen, met inbegrip van de eventuele hervorming van de structuur en de ondertekening van meer Tax Information Exchange Agreements.

Landbouw en visserij zijn samen goed voor 3% van het BBP. De Bahama's export kreeft en vis, maar geen aanleiding geeft tot deze items commercieel. Er is geen grootschalige landbouw, en de meeste landbouwproducten worden verbruikt binnenland. Na een uitbraak van citrusvruchten verkankeren op Abaco in 2005, de Bahama's verloren belangrijkste landbouwproducten exporteren, en het ministerie van Landbouw een verbod op de uitvoer van plantaardige materialen uit Abaco. De Bahama's importeert meer dan $ 250 miljoen in levensmiddelen per jaar, wat neerkomt op ongeveer 80% van zijn voeding.

De Bahamas regering stelt de waarde van de Bahamaanse dollar op een lijn met de Amerikaanse dollar. De Bahama's is een begunstigde van de US-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), Canada's CARIBCAN programma, en het EU-economische partnerschapsovereenkomst. Hoewel de Bahama's deel aan de politieke aspecten van de Caribische Gemeenschap (Caricom), heeft niet in de gezamenlijke economische initiatieven, zoals de CSME, met andere Caribische landen.

De Bahama's heeft een paar opmerkelijke industriële ondernemingen: de farmaceutische onderneming PFC Bahama's (voorheen Syntex); de BORCO olie-faciliteit, die zaken doen als Vooak Terminal Bahamas; Sands Beer, en de Grand Bahama Brouwerij, allemaal in Freeport, en de Commonwealth Brewery in Nassau , dat Heineken, Guinness, en Kalik bieren. Andere industrieën omvatten de zon gedroogd zeezout in Groot Inagua, een natte dok faciliteit in Freeport voor reparatie van cruise-schepen, en de ontginning van aragoniet - een soort kalksteen met verschillende industriële toepassingen - van de zeebodem op Oceaan Cay.

De Hawksbill Creek overeenkomst wordt een duty-free zone in Freeport, Bahama's tweede grootste stad, met een nabijgelegen industriepark aan te moedigen buitenlandse industriële investeringen. Het in Hongkong gevestigde Hutchison Whampoa onderneming exploiteert de containerhaven in Freeport. De Bahamas Parlement goedgekeurde wetgeving in 1993, dat verlengd meest Freeport belasting en de vrijstellingen van rechten door middel van 2054.
Hope Town Villas nodigt u uit voor een verblijf in onze artistiek ontworpen, afgelegen villa. Gelegen aan de waterkant of naast het strand, ze staan bekend om hun weelderige tuinen, prachtige uitzichten en hideaway locaties in de afwikkeling van de Hoop binnenstad.
Relaxen op ons eiland het mooiste strand, snorkelen op de riffen, op slechts drie minuten lopen. Wandeling door de verkeersvrije, smalle straatjes van onze schikking met fel beschilderde duig huizen te appreciëren een langzamer tempo van het leven.

Geniet van het uitzicht van onze pittoreske haven met zeilboten en historische snoep-gestreepte vuurtoren, dineren in onze restaurants, dans onder de sterren. Het is allemaal aan uw voeten!
Wij bieden een aantal van de meest aantrekkelijke vakantie huren op het eiland en zijn er trots op het aanbieden van uitzonderlijk schone en goed ingerichte villa. Veel van onze gasten jaarlijks terugkeren.

Onze manager Karen Huff-Lowe biedt persoonlijke aandacht en gastvrijheid om uw vakantie is heel speciaal.

Hoop binnenstad is een ouderwetse, 18e eeuws vissersdorp op Elbow Cay, (zes mijl lang met een kwart mijl breed) gelegen op de buitenste rif van een string van smaragd eilanden, bekend als de Abacos. Omringd door een doorschijnende turquiose zee en bekend als een van de meest beschermde gebieden in het Caribisch gebied voor de kleine boot te verkennen.
De historische nederzetting van de Hoop binnenstad wraps rond een beschutte haven, slechts drie blokken breed uit oceaan kant aan de haven kant, het is ook bekend om haar beroemde snoep gestreepte vuurtoren. Bezoekers zijn vrij om te beklimmen van de vuurtoren voor schitterende uitzicht op de aangrenzende eilanden en riffen barrière.

Island Life is met name bedaard, locals en bezoekers wandeling de verkeersvrije straten van de Hoop binnenstad met haar fel beschilderde duig huizen, omheiningen piket en bloeiende tuinen. Oorspronkelijke kolonisten waren loyalisten die verplaatst naar deze eilanden na de Amerikaanse Revolutie. Plantages, afsponzing, vissen, boot bouwen, piraterij, smokkel en verwoesting werd manieren van in het verleden leven. Een hechte gemeenschap van 300 mensen bevolken het eiland het hele jaar door. De activiteiten die het aantrekken van bezoekers en onze gasten jaarlijks terugkeren zijn:

Het huren van een boot en het verkennen van de vele eilanden en historische nederzettingen in de beschermde wateren van de zee van Abaco.
Snorkelen of duiken op onze nationale onderwater zee parken.
Dineren in onze restaurants onder de sterren, en dansen tot calypso muziek.
Picnicing en schelpen op de vele stranden van verlaten eilanden.
Het verkennen van een kunstenaar kolonie, en nippen rum stoten op romantische strand bars.
Het verkennen van ons eiland op een gehuurde golfkar of fiets.
Diepzeevissen, bot vissen worden aangeboden door professionele gidsen.
Zittend op uw waterkant opknoping dek of in een hangmat en het lezen van een goed boek.
We hopen dat u de gelegenheid voor een bezoek aan ons, laat het ons weten als u nog vragen hebben, willen we niet dat je alles vertellen over ons eiland, maar sommige dingen een aangename surprise.Junkanoo is een nationaal festival in de Bahama's, de enige plaats waar zij een dergelijke eer. Er is zelfs een museum presentatie Junkanoo kostuums, kunst en voorwerpen in het centrum van Nassau - een cultureel hoogtepunt en niet mag missen attractie voor alle bezoekers. De oorsprong van het woord Junkanoo is duister. Sommigen zeggen dat het afkomstig is van het Franse "L'inconnu" (dwz de onbekende), met verwijzing naar de maskers gedragen door de paraders, of "junk enoo," de Schotse kolonisten 'verwijzing naar de optochten, zin "junk genoeg;" of "John Kano," de naam van een Afrikaans stamhoofd die eiste het recht om te vieren met zijn mensen, ook al is die op de West-Indië in slavernij.

Het is van mening dat dit festival begon in de 16e en 17e eeuw. De slaven kregen een bijzondere vakantie met Kerstmis, toen zij konden verlaten de plantages te zijn met hun familie en vieren de feestdagen met de Afrikaanse dans, muziek en kostuums. Na de emancipatie, zij deze traditie voortgezet en, vandaag, Junkanoo heeft zich van zijn eenvoudige afkomst tot een formele, meer georganiseerde stoet met geavanceerde, ingewikkelde kostuums, muziek en thema-stimulans prijzen.

Kerstvieringen in de Bahama's zou niet compleet zijn zonder Junkanoo bands "haasten" in de straten. Venture naar Bay Street in Nassau tijdens de vroege ochtenduren van Tweede Kerstdag (de dag na Kerstmis) en New Year's Day en aanschouw deze hoorn van kleur en geluid. De duisternis van de vroege ochtend, voegt aan de betoverende sfeer. Terugprojector straatverlichting op de kleuren van de kostuums en spandoeken intricately ontworpen en patroon van minuut repen Crêpe papier van alle kleuren vastgelijmd aan kleding, karton en hout.

Onder de Junkanoo troepen zijn de "Saksen", "Valley Boys" en "Roots". Concurrentie tussen hen is hevig - duizenden dollars aan prijzengeld op het spel staan - en kostuum ontwerpen zijn nauw bewaakt geheim totdat ze eindelijk onthuld.

Elke Troupe kiest een thema voor de kostuums en de leden zijn gekleed in variaties op dat thema. Het kan iets als archaïsch als Vikingen of als hedendaagse als astronauten. De groepen korte stap merengue of langs de straat, afhankelijk van de muziek die ze spelen met hun geit-huid trommels, cowbells, conchshell hoorns en fluitjes. Revelers op de zijlijn rondspringen met de
dezelfde verlaten, zingen en dansen samen, "We rushin ', we rushin', we rushin door de menigte ... KK-kalik, KK-kalik, KK-kaliking KK-kalik, KK-kalik, KK-kalik, KK-kalik, ja. "

Iedereen is uitgenodigd om mee te doen in de partij en zingen en dansen mee. Het duurt ongeveer twee uur om alle items, maar niet verlaten alleen nog niet. Het is zelfs beter de tweede keer rond!

En als je gewoon niet kan maken naar The Bahamas op kerst, Junkanoo optochten worden gehouden in combinatie met andere speciale vieringen zoals Independence Day (juli 10).

De Abacos. Met een oppervlakte van 650 vierkante mijl, deze groep eilanden bochten meer dan 130 mijl van smaragdgroene zee. Immigranten uit Groot-Brittannië en loyalisten ontvluchten de VS na de Amerikaanse Revolutie geregeld hier in de 17de en 18de eeuw. Deze oorsprong terug te vinden zijn in de New England-stijl van de architectuur en de traditionele activiteiten van rustige dorpjes, meestal onaangeroerd door de moderne tijd. De eilanden worden aangeduid als "The Boat-gebouw midden van de Bahama's. Bevolking: 10.061.

Crooked Island. Deze twee eilanden zijn onderdeel van een groep van vier eilanden die 100 mijl. Fortune Island flanken Crooked en Castle eiland, Aklins. Columbus zou zijn gekomen om het gebied op zoek naar goud, maar de enige "schat" hij gevonden werd, zintuiglijke - de jasmijn-achtige geur in de lucht. Acklins op 120 vierkante mijl rotsachtig en steil en heeft een bevolking van 428. Crooked Island's 92 vierkante mijl is hoofdzakelijk samengesteld uit droogvallende platen en diepe kreken. Bevolking: 423.

Andros. Andros is het grootste van de Bahama's, met een oppervlakte van 2300 vierkante mijl. Bekend als "De Bonefishing hoofdstad van de wereld," het is plat (behalve voor de oostkust) en wordt gekenmerkt door talloze baaien en meren vol met vis. Het landschap omvat uitgebreide maagd pijnbomen, palmbomen en mahonie bossen, struikgewas en mangrove moerassen met grote kolonies van zeevogels. De westelijke oever is een kale lage bank met de naam "The Mud;" de Barrier Reef van Andros ligt net buiten de oostelijke oever langs de tong van de Oceaan. Bevolking: 8155.

Berry Island. Liegen in een lange kantachtig lijn, deze groep van 30 cays heeft een oppervlakte van 12 vierkante mijl. Met namen als Vis Cay, Bird Cay, bevroren Cay, Whale Cay en Little Whale Cay, het is klein wonder dat ze zijn alleen naar The Biminis als een toevluchtsoord voor sportvissen. Hun afzondering, mooie stranden en de omliggende wateren ook de eilanden een populat retraite voor zeilers. Slechts een paar van de eilanden hebben een permanente bevolking, die in totaal 634.

Biminis. Zijn een groep van kleine eilanden, bestaande uit Noord-en Zuid-Bimini, Cat Cay en Gun Cay. Zij bevinden zich 50 mijl ten oosten van Miami, Florida, aan de rand van het Gulf Stream (diepzeevisdocument grondgebied) in het Great Bahama Bank (bonefish spoken) aan zijn achterdeur. De wateren van dit kleine deel van de Bahama's paaien enkele van de grootste game vissen in de wereld. Het heeft een oppervlakte van 9 vierkante mijl en een bevolking van 1638.

Cat Island. Is een van de mooiste, vruchtbare eilanden in de Bahama's en biedt de hoogste elevatie van hen allen met Mt. Alvernia op 206 meter. De 150 vierkante mijl is bedekt met golvende heuvels van dichte groene bossen en ontelbaar mijl van de prachtige stranden. Nog steeds zeer veel enmeshed in het verleden, het bewijs van de eerste Indiase culturen en loyalisten plantages overvloedig dacht het eiland. Het heeft een bevolking van 1678. Eleuthera. Hier, de wortels van de moderne geschiedenis van de Bahamas werden geplant door de "Eleutheran Adventurers', die gevestigd was waarschijnlijk de eerste echte democratie in de westerse wereld meer dan 300 jaar geleden. Veel van de vroege koloniale sfeer is bewaard in de kleine vissen villagesand gespartel landbouwgebieden. Het eiland is 110 mijl lang en slechts twee mijl breed langs de meeste van haar lengte. Net offshore zijn Harbour Island (bekend om zijn roze zandstranden) en de Spaanse Wells (waar piraten en anderen vinden zoet water). Bevolking: 10.524.

Exuma. Stretching voor 130 vierkante mijl, deze eilanden bieden opmerkelijke kruissnelheid en is bekend door zeilers als de "Zeilen hoofdstad van de Bahama's." Er zijn 365 cays met zuiver zand stranden, geïsoleerde bevestigingspunten en zee grenzende havens. Ras en avontuur merk elke mijl. Sommige eilanden zijn slechts een hoopje zand in de zee, andere zijn hoge cliffed en bosbouwgronden. Het merendeel van de cays zijn onbewoond, met een totale bevolking van 3539.

Grand Bahama. De smaak van Grand Bahama Island is een combinatie van de spannende, moderne commerciële en resort midden van Freeport / Lucaya en vergeten slaperige dorpjes en historische stadjes als West End (west) en McLeans stad in het oosten. Freeport / Lucaya, een man-made wonder, is de natie's tweede stad. Het evolueerde van een ruimte van de wildernis, werd getemd en omgetoverd tot een mekka voor de vakantie willen verwennen hun sportieve aard, zowel op het land of over zee. Het eiland heeft een oppervlakte van 530 vierkante mijlen; bevolking: 41.035. Inagua. Liegen de verste zuiden van de Bahama's, zij bestrijkt 645 vierkante mijl en omvat de eilanden van Groot en Klein Inagua. Het terrein is wild en desolate; het klimaat woestijn-achtige. Great Inagua is beroemd om haar uitgebreide zout gebieden die meer dan een miljoen ton van de grondstof per jaar. Een groot deel daarvan is een beschermd park - heiligdom en broedende grondgebied ruim 60.000 West-Indische Flamingos - de nationale vogel van de Bahama's - vele zeldzame soorten tropische vogels, schildpadden en leguanen. Little Inagua onbewoond door de mens. De bevolking is 924.

Haveloos Island. De sikkel-vormige ruw Island Range strekt zich uit van de Jumento Cays op de zuidpunt van het Exumas bochten oosten, vandaar zuidwaarts naar Groot ruw Island met haar belangrijkste afwikkeling van Duncan binnenstad. Het is een zeer droog, wild, winderige plek, omringd door een verraderlijke zee. Haveloos Islanders in veel vraag naar hun vaardigheden in het navigeren van deze scholen, hun belangrijkste bezigheden zijn de scheepvaart, visserij en ambachten. De eilanden hebben een oppervlakte van 15 vierkante mijlen en een bevolking van 89.

Mayagua. Is rustig en stil, "hoe Columbus ontmoet hij," zodat de bewoners zeggen. Het is zelfs nog hun oorspronkelijke Indiaanse naam. Mayaguana is een perfecte stop voor liefhebbers van zeilen, met een aantal goede havens en ankerplaatsen, grote vissen, schelpen en zwemmen. Wandelen door de dorpen is een andere favoriete tijdverdrijf, waar veel lokale kleur te genieten in het charmante cottages en mensen. Het eiland heeft een oppervlakte van 110 vierkante mijlen en een bevolking van 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. Is economisch de belangrijkste eiland van de Bahama's, de thuishaven van de hoofdstad, Nassau, de zetel van de regering. Nassau is een geavanceerde, charmante oude stad gebouwd op een zon-bespat heuvel met uitzicht op de zee. Zij werd opgericht in 1670 en snel gegroeid als het centrum van de handel voor de eilanden vanwege de beschutte haven met mooie ankerplaatsen. Nassau / Paradise Island ook het resort gebieden van Cable Beach en Paradise Island. Binnen zijn 80 vierkante mijl wonen 171.542 mensen - ongeveer 60% van de Bahamas bevolking.
Rum Cay. De "Sleeping Beauty" van de Bahama's, met haar historische loyalisten katoen plantage ruïnes en Indische voorwerpen, prachtige heuvels, gouden stranden en halsketting van koraal riffen ringnetten haar oevers. Oorspronkelijk genaamd Santa Maria de la Conception door Columbus, Rum Cay wordt verondersteld te hebben afgeleid zijn huidige naam uit het wrak op de kust van een West-Indische rumrunner beladen met de grondstof. Port Nelson, een beschutte haven aan de zuidkust, is de enige oplossing. Het eiland is 10 mijl lang en 5 mijl breed en heeft minder dan 100 inwoners.
San Salvador. Oorspronkelijk genaamd "Guanahani," Christopher Columbus heeft dit kleine, 63-sq-mijl zone, de meest historisch belangrijke eiland van de Bahama's. Hij maakte eerste aanlandings hier in 1492 en niet minder dan vier afzonderlijke monumenten markeren de exacte plek waar Columbus kwam aan wal. Het is nog onontdekt, Cloaking in haar verleden, duidelijk zichtbaar onder de tumbling loyalisten plantage ruïnes en overwicht van interessante relikwieën en artefacten uit Indiase dagen. De bevolking van 465 maakt een levend door visserij en landbouw. Cat Island kan hebben afgeleid zijn naam aan Arthur CATT, de beroemde Britse zee kapitein of beruchte piraat (afhankelijk van welke kant je op). Een concurrerende bronnen voor de naam zijn de hordes wilde katten die het Engels hier aan bij aankomst in de 1600. De katten zouden worden nakomelingen van hun temmer neven wees bij het begin van de Spaanse kolonisten in hun rush naar het goud van Zuid-Amerika. Deze boot-vormig, ongetemde eiland is een van de mooiste en meest vruchtbare van de Bahama's. Een weelderige heiligdom, het biedt rust voor wie op zoek is naar een ontsnapping aan de druk van de moderne beschaving. Anderen vonden dat ook, net als Vader Jerome, een boeteling kluizenaar die gebouwd een middeleeuws klooster hewn uit de kalkstenen rotsen boven 206-voet Mt. Alvernia, een plaats voor meditatie. Van deze hoge kliffen, is er een prachtig uitzicht op een hoge-beboste uitlopers en 60 mijl van verlaten roze-wit-zand strand.

Cat Island was ooit thuis van een van de meer welvarende loyalisten kolonies van de out-eilanden. Het eiland kreeg de rijkdom van de vele plantages katoen vastgesteld tijdens de 1700s. Nu, wijnstokken bedekte, semi-verwoeste huizen en stenen muren van bedrijven waar runderen werden penned en ananas geteeld, spelen verbergen en zoeken in de tropische bloemen, gras en zand. Afbrokkelende overblijfselen van slaaf dorpen en artefacten in Arawak grotten fluisteren van een leven lang verleden. Nakomelingen van deze vroege kolonisten blijven in dezelfde steden van hun voorouders.

Natuur en wat "de Heer zal 'zijn de filosofie dat mensen hier leven. Cat eilandbewoners staan bekend om hun vindingrijkheid in het gebruik van de materialen bij de hand te doen wat ze nodig hebben. Bijvoorbeeld, musici combineren een stuk hout, sommige vissen en een versleten tin bad om de bas-instrument in een "hark 'n' schraap" band op een lokale nachtclub. Vergezeld door een Conchshell (hoorn), een oude kam bedekt met papier (mondharmonica), een oude timmerman's zag geschraapt met een stuk metaal, en bekroond met een trommel die echt rookt (geiten huiden gestrekt over hout en verhit boven een vlam) , Cat Island band een uniek geluid.

Veel van de Bahama's "autochtone muziek, folklore en mythe kunnen worden getraceerd naar Cat Island. Hier, "Ik kom bij u in de geest" is op een geheel nieuwe betekenis. Traditioneel, toen de laatste van een generatie sterft, zijn of haar huis is links voor de geest om in te wonen Restemissie familieleden verzamelen stenen van de site en de vorm van een nieuwe woning. Elders, in het noorden van het eiland, omwonenden plaats spindles atop huizen om te voorkomen dat schade van befalling hen - een soort bliksemafleider voor boze geesten.

Hoe zit deze familie Bahamas strand vakantie idee: Live in uw eigen prive-strand vakantie thuis Fernandez Bay Village op Cat Island, Bahama's. The Perfect Bahama's Island resort voor families op zoek naar vakantie met hun kinderen, dit kan alleen als de beste familie Bahama's Island vakantie idee ooit. Spelen op het strand, zwemmen in het kristalheldere water, huur een boot te gaan snorkelen, duiken of gewoon ontspannen op het afgelegen Cat Island strand in de schaduw van de Casurina bomen.

Op deze Bahama's Island vakantie uitje je verblijf direct aan het strand in een twee slaapkamer Bahamas villa compleet met een volledige keuken, woonkamer en eetkamer. Maar er is zoveel te doen over deze familie vakantie, dat zal je waarschijnlijk niet besteden veel tijd binnenshuis.


Bahama's Island vakantie uitje

ΜΠΑΧΑΜΑΣ Lucayan Το Εθνικό Πάρκο Abaco Cays Harbour Island Cat Island Νασσάου Junkanoo Boxing Day καρναβάλι Pink Sands Beach bottlenose Άγρια δελφίνια βαθύτατη μπλε τρύπα Alvernia Hermitage Marsh Harbour Hope πόλη Αγκώνας χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί Paradise Island


Υπάρχουν 700 Νησιά του Μπαχάμες πασπαλίζονται κατά 100.000 τετραγωνικά μίλια ωκεανού που αρχίζει μόλις 50 μίλια από την ακτή της Φλόριντα. Το αρχιπέλαγος είναι μια οικολογική όαση διαθέτει 2.000 νησιά και cays καταπληκτική και μπορεί να υπερηφανεύεται για τη σαφέστερη νερό στον πλανήτη-με προβολή των πάνω από 200 πόδια. Μπορείτε να δείτε δάχτυλα σας το ίδιο εύκολα όπως μπορείτε να τον κόσμο της τρίτης μεγαλύτερης Barrier Reef.

Σας προσκαλούμε να εξερευνήσετε όλα τα νησιά μας. Ένα βήμα και θα συνειδητοποιήσει την ομορφιά του κάθε νησιού εκτείνεται πολύ πέρα από τις έκτακτες φυσικές θαύματα. Είναι τα χαμόγελα για τα πρόσωπα των ανθρώπων Bahamian. Ο μοναδικός ήχος του πλούσιου πολιτισμού μας. Η ζεστή φιλοξενία της κληρονομιάς μας και την ιστορία μας, χρωματιστά.

Ογδόντα πέντε τοις εκατό του πληθυσμού είναι Bahamian της αφρικανικής κληρονομιάς. Περίπου τα δύο τρίτα του πληθυσμού διαμένει στις New Providence Island (η θέση του Νασάου). Πολλοί πρόγονοι έφτασαν στις Μπαχάμες, όταν τα νησιά χρησίμευσε ως περιοχή για το δουλεμπόριο στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 1800. Άλλα συνοδεύεται loyalists χιλιάδες Βρετανοί που εγκατέλειψαν τις αμερικανικές αποικίες κατά τη διάρκεια του Επαναστατικού Πολέμου.

Haitians αποτελούν τη μεγαλύτερη κοινότητα μεταναστών στις Μπαχάμες. 30000-50000 εκτιμάται ότι θα πρέπει να κατοικούν νόμιμα ή παράνομα, επικεντρώθηκε στη New Providence, Abaco και Eleuthera νησιά.

Τη φοίτηση στο σχολείο είναι υποχρεωτική από την ηλικία των 5 και 16. Η κυβέρνηση λειτουργεί πλήρως 158 της 210 σχολεία πρωτοβάθμιας και δευτεροβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης στις Μπαχάμες. Τα άλλα 52 σχολεία που λειτουργούν σε ιδιώτες. Εγγραφή για τις κρατικές σχολεία πρωτοβάθμιας και δευτεροβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης είναι 50.332, με περισσότερους από 16.000 φοιτητές που συμμετέχουν σε ιδιωτικά σχολεία. Το Σώμα των Μπαχάμες, που ιδρύθηκε το 1974 στο Nassau, προβλέπει προγράμματα που οδηγούν σε εργένηδες και συνεργάτες βαθμούς. Πολλές μη Bahamian κολέγια τριτοβάθμιας εκπαίδευσης, επίσης, προσφέρει προγράμματα σε Bahamas.In Το 1492, ο Χριστόφορος Κολόμβος πραγματοποίησε την πρώτη ξηράς στο δυτικό ημισφαίριο στις Μπαχάμες. Ισπανική σκλάβος εμπόρους αργότερα συλλαμβάνονται αυτόχθονα Lucayan Ινδοί να εργάζονται σε ορυχεία χρυσού σε Hispaniola, και μέσα σε 25 χρόνια, όλα τα Lucayans χαθεί. Στο 1647, μια ομάδα αγγλικά και Bermudan θρησκευτικές τους πρόσφυγες, η Eleutheran Adventurers, ίδρυσε την πρώτη μόνιμη ευρωπαϊκή διακανονισμού στις Μπαχάμες και Eleuthera Νησί έδωσε το όνομά της. Παρόμοιες ομάδες που σχηματίζονται κυβερνήσεις των εποίκων στις Μπαχάμες, μέχρι τα νησιά έγινε μια βρετανική αποικία στην Crown 1717.

Τα τέλη 1600 για την πρόωρη 1700s ήταν η χρυσή εποχή για τους πειρατές και privateers. Πολλά διάσημα πειρατές και privateers - συμπεριλαμβανομένων και ο Sir Francis Drake και Blackbeard - χρησιμοποιούνται τα νησιά Μπαχάμες ως βάση. Τα πολυάριθμα νησιά και νησίδες με πολύπλοκες κοπάδια τους και τα κανάλια που παρέχονται εξαιρετική απόκρυψη θέσεων για την λεηλασία πλοίων κοντά καλά ταξίδεψε θαλάσσιες οδούς. Το πρώτο βασιλικό κυβερνήτη, Woodes Rogers, έφερε νόμο και την τάξη στις Μπαχάμες το 1718, όταν εκδιώχθηκε ο buccaneers.

Κατά τη διάρκεια της Αμερικανικής Επανάστασης, αμερικανικά αποίκους πιστοί στη βρετανική σημαία διακανονιστεί στις Μπαχάμες. Αυτές οι Loyalists και νέων εποίκων από τη Βρετανία άσκησε Colonial οικοδόμηση ικανοτήτων και της γεωργικής εμπειρίας. Μέχρι το 1834, όταν η Βρετανία καταργηθεί η δουλεία, αλλά και έφερε σκλάβους, εισαγωγής, οι πρόγονοι των σύγχρονων Bahamians πολλές από τη Δυτική Αφρική.

Εγγύτητα προς τις ΗΠΑ συνέχισε να παρέχει την ευκαιρία για τη ναυτιλία της παράνομης δραστηριότητας. Κατά τη διάρκεια του Αμερικανικού Εμφυλίου Πολέμου, Μπαχάμες ευημέρησαν ως κέντρο της συμμαχίας αποκλεισμό-σε λειτουργία. Κατά τη διάρκεια Απαγόρευση, τα νησιά χρησίμευσε ως βάση για την αμερικανική rumrunners. Σήμερα, η Ελλάδα αποτελεί ένα σημαντικό σημείο για την μεταφόρτωση των ναρκωτικών στο δρόμο προς τις ΗΠΑ

Bahamians επιτευχθεί αυτοδιοίκησης μέσα από μια σειρά συνταγματικών και πολιτικών μέτρων, την επίτευξη της εσωτερικής αυτοδιοίκησης το 1964 και η πλήρης ανεξαρτησία στο πλαίσιο της Κοινοπολιτείας στις 10 Ιουλίου 1973. Από την ανεξαρτησία της, η Ελλάδα συνέχισε να αναπτύσσεται σε ένα σημαντικό τουριστικό κέντρο και τις χρηματοπιστωτικές υπηρεσίες.
Οι Μπαχάμες είναι ένα ανεξάρτητο μέλος της Κοινοπολιτείας των Εθνών. Είναι μια κοινοβουλευτική δημοκρατία με τακτικές εκλογές. Ως Κοινοπολιτεία χώρας, τις πολιτικές και νομικές παραδόσεις του σύνεγγυς αυτές του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου. Η Ελλάδα αναγνωρίζει την βρετανικής μοναρχίας ως την επίσημη αρχηγού κράτους, ενώ παράλληλα έχει διοριστεί ως Γενικού Διοικητή της Βασίλισσας εκπρόσωπος της στις Μπαχάμες. Ένα με δύο βουλές νομοθέτης θεσπίζει νόμο, βάσει του συντάγματος του 1973.

Η Βουλή των Συνέλευση αποτελείται από 41 μέλη, που εκλέγονται από τα επιμέρους εκλογικές περιφέρειες για το 5-ετών. Όπως και με το Westminster συστήματος, η κυβέρνηση μπορεί να διαλύσει το Κοινοβούλιο και να ζητήσει εκλογές, ανά πάσα στιγμή. Η Βουλή των Συνέλευσης εκτελεί όλες τις σημαντικές νομοθετικές λειτουργίες. Ο ηγέτης της πλειοψηφίας μέρος χρησιμεύει ως πρωθυπουργός και επικεφαλής της κυβέρνησης. Το υπουργικό συμβούλιο αποτελείται από εννέα μέλη, συμπεριλαμβανομένου του πρωθυπουργού και των υπουργών των εκτελεστικών υπηρεσιών. Θα απαντήσει πολιτικά στο Σώμα της Συνέλευσης.

Η Γερουσία αποτελείται από 16 μέλη που διορίζονται από το Γενικό Διοικητή, συμπεριλαμβανομένων εννέα με τη συμβουλή του πρωθυπουργού, τέσσερα με τη συμβουλή του αρχηγού της αντιπολίτευσης, και τρεις για τις συμβουλές του ο πρωθυπουργός μετά από συνεννόηση με τον αρχηγό της αντιπολίτευσης .

Η Γενική Κυβερνήτης διορίζει τον γενικό Δικαιοσύνης του Ανωτάτου Δικαστηρίου σχετικά με τη συμβουλή του πρωθυπουργού και του αρχηγού της αντιπολίτευσης. Η Γενική Κυβερνήτης διορίζει τα άλλα justices με τις συμβουλές της δικαστικής επιτροπής. Το Privy Council του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου αποτελεί την υψηλότερη του δευτεροβάθμιου δικαστηρίου.

Τοπική αυτοδιοίκηση περιφέρειες εκλέγουν συμβούλια για την πολεοδομία, τις άδειες των επιχειρήσεων, τα θέματα της κυκλοφορίας και τη διατήρηση κυβερνητικά κτίρια. Σε ορισμένες μεγάλες περιφέρειες, χαμηλότερο επίπεδο δημοτικά συμβούλια έχουν ανήλικα ευθύνες.

Για δεκαετίες, το λευκό-κυριαρχείται Ηνωμένο Bahamian Κόμματος (UBP) αποφάνθηκε Μπαχάμες, τότε η εξάρτηση από το Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο, ενώ μια ομάδα εμπόρων λευκής επιρροή, που είναι γνωστή ως "Bay Street Boys," κυριαρχούν στην τοπική οικονομία. Το 1953, Bahamians δυσαρεστημένος με UBP κανόνα αποτέλεσε η αντιπολίτευση Προοδευτικό Φιλελεύθερο Κόμμα (PLP). Υπό την ηγεσία του LYNDEN Pindling, η PLP κέρδισε τον έλεγχο της κυβέρνησης το 1967 και οδήγησε την Ελλάδα στην πλήρη ανεξαρτησία της το 1973.

Μια συμμαχία PLP αντιφρονούντων και πρώην μέλη του UBP αποτέλεσαν τη δωρεάν Εθνικό Κίνημα (FNM) το 1971. PLP πρώην υπουργό και μέλος του Κοινοβουλίου Hubert Ingraham έγινε αρχηγός του FNM το 1990, μετά το θάνατο του Σερ Γουόλας Cecil-Whitfield. Υπό την ηγεσία του Ingraham, το FNM κερδίσει τον έλεγχο της κυβέρνησης από την PLP του Αυγούστου 1992 σε γενικές εκλογές. Η PLP ανέκτησε ισχύ το 2002, υπό την ηγεσία του Perry Christie, αλλά η FNM, πάλι υπό την ηγεσία του Ingraham, επέστρεψε από την κυβέρνηση να συλλάβει 23 από τις 41 έδρες στη Βουλή των Συνέλευσης κατά τη διάρκεια των εκλογών του Μαΐου του 2007. Οι επόμενες εκλογές δεν πρέπει να θεωρηθεί αργότερα από Μάιο 2012.

Τον Ιούλιο του 2008 ο πρωθυπουργός Hubert Ingraham ανακοίνωσε αλλαγές στο υπουργικό χαρτοφυλακίων και τη δημιουργία δύο επιπλέον Υπουργεία - το Υπουργείο Νεότητας, Αθλητισμού και Πολιτισμού και το Υπουργείο Περιβάλλοντος.
Η Ελλάδα οδηγείται από τον τουρισμό και τις χρηματοπιστωτικές υπηρεσίες. Ο τουρισμός και ο τουρισμός από τη ζήτηση δομικών και κατασκευής παρέχουν περίπου το 60% του ακαθάριστου εγχώριου προϊόντος (ΑΕΠ). Ο τουρισμός απασχολεί περίπου το μισό του εργατικού δυναμικού Bahamian. Το 2008, 4,6 εκατ. τουρίστες επισκέφθηκαν την Ελλάδα, το 85% από τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες. Αυτό ήταν το 4,5% στη συνολική μείωση των επισκεπτών σε σύγκριση με το 2007. Υπάρχουν περίπου 110 US-συνδεδεμένες επιχειρήσεις που δραστηριοποιούνται στην Ελλάδα, και οι περισσότεροι είναι συνδεδεμένες με τον τουρισμό και την τραπεζική. Με λίγα εγχώριων πόρων και μικρή βιομηχανία, Μπαχάμες σχεδόν όλες τις εισαγωγές τροφίμων και βιομηχανικών προϊόντων από τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες. American αγαθών και υπηρεσιών τείνει να ευνοεί η Bahamians λόγω πολιτιστικών ομοιότητες και βαριά έκθεση σε αμερικανική διαφήμιση. Η Bahamian οικονομία, λόγω της μεγάλη εξάρτηση από τις ΗΠΑ, τον τουρισμό και το εμπόριο, είναι βαθιά επηρεαστεί από τις οικονομικές επιδόσεις των ΗΠΑ.

Η Ελλάδα είναι σήμερα βιώνει μια οικονομική ύφεση ως αποτέλεσμα της παγκόσμιας οικονομικής ύφεσης. Τουρισμός αριθμοί μειώθηκαν σημαντικά κατά το τελευταίο τρίμηνο του 2008, και περίπου 1000 εργαζόμενους τον τομέα του τουρισμού έχουν τεθεί εκτός από το Σεπτέμβριο του 2008. Οι Μπαχάμες είναι επικεντρώνεται στην κατασκευή και άλλων έργων υποδομής, σε μια προσπάθεια να δώσει ώθηση στην οικονομία και τη δημιουργία θέσεων απασχόλησης. Μέλλον στόχοι περιλαμβάνουν τη συνεχή ανάπτυξη του τουρισμού μέσω του ιδιότητες σε μεγάλη κλίμακα των επενδύσεων του ιδιωτικού τομέα, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της αυξημένης Bahamian ιδιοκτησία, την αναμόρφωση του Grand Bahama οικονομία μετά τον τυφώνα σημαντικές απώλειες το 2004, καθώς και η επέκταση του Bahamian εύρωστο οικονομικό τομέα.

Εκτός από τη μείωση του τουρισμού, άλλες οικονομικές προκλήσεις που αντιμετωπίζει η συνεδρίαση συνεχίζεται Μπαχάμες περιλαμβάνουν απαιτήσεις της απασχόλησης, jumpstarting μείνει μία διαδικασία ιδιωτικοποίησης, την παρακολούθηση και την αύξηση των επιπέδων του δημόσιου χρέους. Μια άλλη μεγάλη πρόκληση για Bahamians θα ημισφαιρικός να προετοιμαστεί για το ελεύθερο εμπόριο. Επί του παρόντος, Bahamians δεν καταβάλλουν φόρους εισοδήματος ή των πωλήσεων. Τα περισσότερα κρατικά έσοδα προέρχονται από τα υψηλά τιμολόγια και τέλη εισαγωγής. Η μείωση των εμπορικών φραγμών θα απαιτήσει ίσως κάποια μορφή φορολογίας να αντικαταστήσει τα έσοδα που η χώρα γίνεται τμήμα της Ζώνης Ελεύθερων Συναλλαγών της Αμερικής (FTAA). Όπως διαπιστώνεται από τις εγχώριες αντίθεσή του προς την Ενιαία Αγορά Οικονομίας της Καραϊβικής (CSME), τα πλεονεκτήματα του ελεύθερου εμπορίου ήταν δύσκολο για την κυβέρνηση να πουλήσει. Παρά κάποια εγχώρια αντιπολίτευση, η κυβέρνηση Bahamian υπέγραψαν συμφωνία οικονομικής εταιρικής σχέσης (EPA) με την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση (ΕΕ), το Δεκέμβριο του 2008.

Μια σειρά από έργα που έχουν προγραμματιστεί ξενοδοχείο υποσχέθηκε να ενισχύσει την οικονομική ανάπτυξη και να δημιουργήσει βραχυπρόθεσμα και μακροπρόθεσμα την απασχόληση. Το Atlantis Resort and Casino στις Paradise Island παραμένει σημαντική τουριστική κατάρτιση και ένας κινητήρας της οικονομίας. Το μέλλον της Baha Μάρτιο ξενοδοχείο έργο τέθηκε υπό αμφισβήτηση μετά καζίνο Harrah φορέα της απομακρύνθηκε από τη συμφωνία τον Μάρτιο του 2008. Ωστόσο, τον Μάρτιο του 2009, η Τράπεζα της Κίνας Exim συμφώνησαν για τη χρηματοδότηση του έργου στασιμότητα, που υπολογίζεται σε $ 3,2 δισ. ευρώ στη χρηματοδότηση. Η κυβέρνηση υπόσχεται να επεκτείνει Νασάου Διεθνές Αεροδρόμιο και στράφηκε κατά της διαχείρισης σε ιδιώτες επιχειρηματίες. Η Bahamian κυβέρνηση έχει υιοθετήσει μια ενεργητική προσέγγιση για την courting ξένους επενδυτές και έχει πραγματοποιήσει σημαντικές επενδύσεις αποστολές προς την Άπω Ανατολή, την Ευρώπη, τη Λατινική Αμερική, την Ινδία, και του Καναδά. Η κυβέρνηση εξακολουθεί να αποδίδει ιδιαίτερη προσοχή στην Κίνα για την ενθάρρυνση του τουρισμού και των επενδύσεων. Οι Κινέζοι είναι η χρηματοδότηση της κατασκευής ενός νέου σπορ $ 30 εκατ. στο γήπεδο New Providence και μπορεί να παρέχει ένα επιπλέον $ 100 εκατομμύρια σε έργα οδοποιίας. FNM Ενώ η κυβέρνηση έχει εκφράσει την επιθυμία να αυξήσουν Bahamian ιδιοκτησία συμφερόντων όσον αφορά τις εξελίξεις, Μπαχάμες 'εξάρτηση από τις ξένες επενδύσεις είναι απίθανο να αλλάξει.

Οι χρηματοπιστωτικές υπηρεσίες αποτελούν το δεύτερο πιο σημαντικό τομέα της οικονομίας Bahamian, αντιπροσωπεύοντας ποσοστό έως 15% του ΑΕΠ, λόγω της κατάστασης της χώρας, ως φορολογικός παράδεισος και υπεράκτιες τραπεζικές κέντρο. Η Στάση φορολογικός παράδεισος Κατάχρηση νομοσχέδιο, το οποίο έχει προταθεί στο Κογκρέσο των ΗΠΑ και τα οποία ονόματα Μπαχάμες ως μία από 34 απορρήτου δικαιοδοσίες, έχει προκαλέσει μεγάλη συζήτηση στα τοπικά μέσα ενημέρωσης και στους πολιτικούς. Πολλοί αισθάνονται Bahamians την ένταξη των Μπαχάμες σε ένα τέτοιο νομοσχέδιο θα οδηγήσει σε σημαντικές απώλειες θέσεων εργασίας στον τομέα των χρηματοπιστωτικών υπηρεσιών. Από το 2005, η κυβέρνηση είχε αδειοδοτηθεί 262 τράπεζες και εταιρείες στις Μπαχάμες. Η Ελλάδα υποστηρίζει τις διεθνείς εμπορικές εταιρείες (IBC) του τον Ιανουάριο του 1990 για την ενίσχυση του καθεστώτος της χώρας ως ηγετικό οικονομικό κέντρο. Η πράξη επιδίδεται στην απλούστευση και τη μείωση του κόστους της ενσωμάτωσης υπεράκτιες εταιρείες στις Μπαχάμες. Μέσα σε 9 χρόνια, πάνω από 84.000 IBC τύπου εταιρειών είχαν καθοριστεί. Τον Φεβρουάριο του 1991, η κυβέρνηση νομιμοποιηθούν, επίσης, τη δημιουργία περιουσιακών στοιχείων Προστασίας Καταπιστεύματα στις Μπαχάμες. Το 2000, σε ανταπόκριση με τις πολυμερείς οργανώσεις τις ανησυχίες, η κυβέρνηση ψήφισε ένα νομοθετικό πακέτο των ισχυρότερων μέτρων για την καλύτερη ρύθμιση του χρηματοπιστωτικού τομέα και την πρόληψη της νομιμοποίησης εσόδων από παράνομες δραστηριότητες στη χώρα του τραπεζικού τομέα, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της δημιουργίας μιας μονάδας χρηματοοικονομικών πληροφοριών και επιβολής του «τεχνογνωσία σας -πελάτη "κανόνες. Ορισμένα από τα μέτρα αυτά έχουν αμφισβητηθεί στο Bahamian δικαστήρια, και ο αριθμός των υπεράκτιων τραπεζών είναι νηολογημένα στην Ελλάδα έχει μειωθεί σημαντικά από το 2002. Όπως πολλοί, όπως το ήμισυ του IBC που έχουν επίσης κλειστό μαγαζί. Ως αποτέλεσμα, η κυβέρνηση εξετάζει το ενδεχόμενο πρόσθετων νομοθεσία για τη διατήρηση του ανταγωνιστικού κλάδου παραγωγής ενώ παράλληλα θα συμμορφώνονται με τα διεθνή πρότυπα, συμπεριλαμβανομένης της μεταρρύθμισης του δυνατού τη δομή του ρυθμιστικού συστήματος και την υπογραφή του πιο Φορολογικές Συμφωνίες ανταλλαγής πληροφοριών.

Γεωργία και αλιεία μαζί το 3% του ΑΕΠ. Οι εξαγωγές Μπαχάμες αστακό και κάποια ψάρια, αλλά δεν θέτει αυτά τα στοιχεία εμπορικά. Δεν υπάρχει μεγάλη κλίμακα γεωργία, και τα περισσότερα γεωργικά προϊόντα που καταναλώνονται στην εγχώρια αγορά. Μετά την εκδήλωση εστίας των εσπεριδοειδών σαράκι Abaco για το 2005, η Ελλάδα έχασε ένα κύριο εξαγωγών γεωργικών προϊόντων, και το υπουργείο Γεωργίας απαγόρευσε την εξαγωγή φυτικών υλικών από Abaco. Η Ελλάδα εισάγει περισσότερο από $ 250 εκατομμύρια σε τρόφιμα ανά έτος, που αντιπροσωπεύουν περίπου το 80% της κατανάλωσης τροφίμων.

Bahamian Η κυβέρνηση διατηρεί την αξία της Δολάριο Μπαχάμες στο ίδιο επίπεδο με το αμερικανικό δολάριο. Οι Μπαχάμες είναι δικαιούχος των ΗΠΑ-Καραϊβικής Λεκάνη Εμπορίου εταιρικής πράξης (CBTPA), του Καναδά CARIBCAN προγράμματος, και της ΕΕ για την σύναψη συμφωνίας οικονομικής εταιρικής σχέσης. Παρόλο που η Ελλάδα συμμετέχει στις πολιτικές πτυχές της Κοινότητας της Καραϊβικής (CARICOM), που δεν έχει τεθεί σε κοινές οικονομικές πρωτοβουλίες, όπως η CSME, με άλλα κράτη της Καραϊβικής.

Η Ελλάδα έχει λίγες αξιοσημείωτες βιομηχανικές επιχειρήσεις: η φαρμακευτική εταιρεία PFC Μπαχάμες (πρώην Syntex)? Το BORCO πετρελαίου εγκατάσταση, την άσκηση επιχειρηματικής δραστηριότητας, όπως Vooak Terminal Μπαχάμες? Sands Beer? Και το Grand Bahama Ζυθοποιία, όλα στο Freeport? Ζυθοποιία και της Κοινοπολιτείας στο Nassau , η οποία παράγει η Heineken, Guinness, και Kalik μπύρες. Άλλες βιομηχανίες περιλαμβάνουν λιαστή θαλασσινό αλάτι στη Μεγάλη Inagua, μια υγρή δεξαμενή εγκατάσταση στο Freeport για επισκευή κρουαζιερόπλοιων, καθώς και στα ορυχεία της αραγωνίτης - ένα είδος ασβεστόλιθου με αρκετές βιομηχανικές χρήσεις - από το βυθό της θάλασσας σε χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί Ωκεανό.

Η Hawksbill Creek συμφωνίας συγκροτείται αδασμολόγητων ζώνη στο Freeport, Μπαχάμες "και δεύτερη μεγαλύτερη πόλη, με ένα κοντινό βιομηχανικό πάρκο για να ενθαρρύνει τις ξένες ιδιωτικές επενδύσεις. Το Χονγκ Κονγκ με βάση εταιρεία Hutchison Whampoa λειτουργεί το εμπορευματοκιβώτιο στο λιμάνι Freeport. Η Bahamian Κοινοβούλιο ενέκρινε νομοθεσία που το 1993 επεκτάθηκε πλέον Freeport απαλλαγών από φόρους και δασμούς μέσω 2054.
Hope Town Villas σας προσκαλεί να μείνετε σε μας καλλιτεχνικά σχεδιασμένα, μοναχικές βίλες. Βρίσκεται στην προκυμαία ή δίπλα στην παραλία, είναι γνωστή για τους κήπους πλούσια, υπέροχη θέα και ησυχαστήριο τοποθεσίες στον οικισμό της Ελπίδας πόλη.
Χαλαρώστε στο νησί μας καλύτερους παραλία, αναπνευστήρας για την υφάλων, μόλις τρία λεπτά με τα πόδια. Βόλτα μέσω της ελεύθερης κυκλοφορίας, στενά δρομάκια του οικισμού με έντονα ζωγραφισμένα clapboard σπίτια για να εκτιμήσουν με βραδύτερους ρυθμούς της ζωής.

Απολαύστε τη θέα μας γραφικό λιμανάκι με ιστιοπλοϊκά και ιστορικά candy-διαγραμμισμένοι φάρο, δειπνήσετε σε μας εξαιρετικά εστιατόρια, χορός κάτω από τα αστέρια. Είναι όλα στην πόρτα σας!
Σας προσφέρουμε μερικές από τις πιο ελκυστικές ενοίκια διακοπές στο νησί και να υπερηφανεύεται για την προσφορά ιδιαίτερα καθαρά και καλά διορίζονται βίλες. Πολλοί από τους επισκέπτες μας επιστρέφουν κάθε χρόνο.

Η δική μας διαχειριστή Karen ξεφυσάω-Lowe παρέχει προσωπική φροντίδα και φιλοξενία για να εξασφαλίσει τις διακοπές σας είναι πολύ ξεχωριστή.

Ελπίδα πόλη είναι ένα γραφικό, ψαράδικο χωριό του 18ου αιώνα για Αγκώνας χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί, (έξι μίλια μακρά μιλίων από το ένα τέταρτο επίπεδο) βρίσκονται στην εξωτερική του υφάλου μια σειρά σμαραγδένια νησιά, που είναι γνωστή ως Abacos. Περιτριγυρισμένο από ένα ημιδιαφανές turquiose θάλασσα και είναι γνωστή για μια από τις πλέον προστατευόμενες περιοχές στην Καραϊβική για μικρό σκάφος διερεύνηση.
Η ιστορική πόλη του διακανονισμού της Ελπίδας αναδιπλώνεται γύρω από ένα προστατευμένο λιμάνι, μόνο τρία τετράγωνα από το ευρύ ωκεανό πλευρά σε πλευρά του λιμανιού, είναι επίσης γνωστό για την περίφημη καντιοζάχαρη διαγραμμισμένοι φάρο. Οι επισκέπτες έχουν την ευχέρεια να ανεβαίνουν τον φάρο για την υπέροχη θέα των γειτονικών νησιών και φράγμα υφάλων.

Νησί η ζωή είναι κυρίως unhurried, ντόπιους και επισκέπτες βόλτα την ελεύθερη κυκλοφορία δρόμους της πόλης με την Ελπίδα έντονα ζωγραφισμένο clapboard σπίτια, περιφράξεις και απεργοφύλαξ ανθήσεως κήπους. Αρχικό Loyalists έποικοι που είχαν τοποθετηθεί σε αυτά τα νησιά μετά την Αμερικανική Επανάσταση. Φυτείες, sponging, την αλιεία, την ναυπήγηση μικρών σκαφών, την πειρατεία, το λαθρεμπόριο και Ναυαγίων έγινε τρόπους ζωής του παρελθόντος. Μια στενή δεμένη κοινότητα των 300 ατόμων κατοικηθεί το νησί το χρόνο. Οι δραστηριότητες που προσελκύουν επισκέπτες και να διατηρήσουν τους επισκέπτες μας επιστρέφουν κάθε χρόνο είναι:

Ενοικίαση βάρκα και την εξερεύνηση της ιστορικής πολλά νησιά και οικισμούς στα προστατευόμενα νερά της θάλασσας του Abaco.
SNORKELING καταδύσεις ή για την εθνική μας υποβρύχια θαλάσσια πάρκα.
Φαγητό σε ωραία εστιατόρια μας κάτω από τα αστέρια, το χορό και τη μουσική να Calypso.
Picnicing και του κελύφους σχετικά με τις πολλές παραλίες ερημικές νησιά.
Η διερεύνηση ενός καλλιτέχνη αποικία, και πίνετε ρούμι γροθιές στο ρομαντικό beach bars.
Εξερευνώντας το νησί μας σε ενοικιαζόμενα γκολφ καλάθι ή ποδήλατο.
Αλιεία βαθέων υδάτων, των οστών αλιευτικών προσφέρονται από επαγγελματίες οδηγούς.
Συνεδρίαση για σας waterfront κατάστρωμα ή κρέμεται σε μια αιώρα και την ανάγνωση ενός καλού βιβλίου.
Ελπίζουμε ότι θα πάρετε την ευκαιρία να μας επισκεφθείτε, παρακαλούμε να μας ενημερώσετε αν έχετε περισσότερες ερωτήσεις, δεν θέλουμε να σας πω τα πάντα για το νησί μας, αλλά αφήνουν κάποια πράγματα μια ευχάριστη surprise.Junkanoo είναι εθνική γιορτή στη Μπαχάμες, το μόνο μέρος όπου κατέχει μια τέτοια τιμή. Υπάρχει ακόμη ένα μουσείο παρουσιάζει Junkanoo στολές, αντικείμενα τέχνης και στο κέντρο του Nassau - ένα πολιτιστικό και πρέπει να τονίσω-βλέπε έλξης για όλους τους επισκέπτες. Η προέλευση της λέξης Junkanoo είναι ασαφής. Μερικοί λένε ότι προέρχεται από τη γαλλική "L'inconnu" (που σημαίνει το άγνωστο), με αναφορά στις μάσκες φοριούνται από το paraders? Ή "junk enoo," της Σκωτίας εποίκων 'αναφορά προς τις παρελάσεις, που σημαίνει "junk αρκετά?" Ή "John Canoe," το όνομα του επικεφαλής μιας αφρικανικής φυλής που ζήτησε να του επιτραπεί να το γιορτάσουμε με τον λαό του, η οποία ακόμη και μετά να τις Δυτικές Ινδίες στη δουλεία.

Πιστεύεται ότι αυτό το φεστιβάλ ξεκίνησε κατά τη διάρκεια του 16ου και 17ου αιώνα. Οι σκλάβοι είχαν μια ειδική διακοπών τα Χριστούγεννα του χρόνου, όταν θα μπορούσε να αφήσει τις φυτείες να είναι με την οικογένειά τους και τις γιορτές με τις χώρες της Αφρικής ο χορός, η μουσική και τα κοστούμια. Μετά τη χειραφέτηση, θα συνεχιστεί αυτή η παράδοση και, σήμερα, Junkanoo έχει εξελιχθεί από την απλή προέλευση να έχει επίσημη, πιο οργανωμένη παρέλαση με εξελιγμένα, λεπτές στολές, με θέμα τη μουσική και το κίνητρο βραβεία.

Οι γιορτές των Χριστουγέννων στις Μπαχάμες δεν θα ήταν πλήρης χωρίς Junkanoo ζώνες "βιαστική" στους δρόμους. Venture προβλέπεται να Bay Street στο Nassau, κατά τις πρώτες πρωινές ώρες της Boxing Day (την ημέρα μετά τα Χριστούγεννα) και της Πρωτοχρονιάς και βλέπω αυτό το κέρας της αφθονίας του χρώμα και ήχο. Το σκοτάδι της νωρίς το πρωί προσθέτει στην μαγευτική ατμόσφαιρα. Υπέργειος streetlights τονίζουν την αποχρώσεων του φορεσιές και πανό intricately patterned σχεδιασμένα και λωρίδες από λεπτό κρεπ χαρτί κολλημένη σε όλα τα χρώματα της ένδυσης, χαρτόνι και ξύλο.

Μεταξύ των Junkanoo troupes είναι το "Σάξονες", "Valley Boys" και "Ρίζες". Ο ανταγωνισμός μεταξύ τους είναι σκληρός - χιλιάδες δολάρια σε χρηματικά έπαθλα που διακυβεύεται είναι - και είναι μια φορεσιά σχέδια στενά φυλασσόμενο μυστικό, έως ότου τελικά αποκαλυφθεί.

Κάθε θίασος επιλέγει ένα θέμα για τα κοστούμια και τα μέλη είναι ντυμένοι με παραλλαγές του ίδιου θέματος. Θα μπορούσε να είναι κάτι τόσο αρχαϊκή ως Βίκινγκς ή ως σύγχρονη ως αστροναύτες. Οι ομάδες μικρής ή merengue βήμα κατά μήκος του δρόμου, ανάλογα με τη μουσική που παίζουν με τους κατσικίσιο δέρμα-τύμπανα, cowbells, conchshell κέρατα και σφυρίχτρες. Revelers στο περιθώριο περισκιρτώ με την
ίδια εγκατάλειψη, τραγούδι και χορό μαζί, "Είμαστε rushin", είμαστε rushin ", είμαστε rushin μέσω του πλήθους ... kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kaliking kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, ναι. "

Ο καθένας καλείται να προσχωρήσει στο κόμμα και τραγουδούν και χορεύουν μαζί. Χρειάζονται περίπου δύο ώρες για να δείτε όλες τις συμμετοχές, αλλά μην αφήνετε λίγο ακόμα. Είναι ακόμη καλύτερο το δεύτερο χρόνο περίπου!

Και αν απλά δεν μπορώ να είμαι στις Μπαχάμες σε Christmastime, Junkanoo παρελάσεις είναι, επίσης, που πραγματοποιήθηκε σε συνδυασμό με άλλες ειδικές γιορτές όπως η Ημέρα της Ανεξαρτησίας (Ιούλιος 10).

Η Abacos. Με συνολική έκταση 650 τετραγωνικά μίλια, αυτή η ομάδα των νησιών καμπύλες πάνω από 130 μίλια της σμαραγδένια θάλασσα. Οι μετανάστες από τη Μεγάλη Βρετανία και τις ΗΠΑ να ξεφύγουν Loyalists μετά την Αμερικανική Επανάσταση εγκαταστάθηκαν εδώ το 17ο και 18ο αιώνα. Οι ρίζες αυτές αντικατοπτρίζονται στο New England-στυλ και την αρχιτεκτονική των παραδοσιακών δραστηριοτήτων της ήσυχο χωριά, κυρίως ανέπαφα από τη σύγχρονη εποχή. Τα νησιά αναφέρονται ως "Η οικοδόμηση Ακτοπλοϊκά Κέντρο Μπαχάμες. Πληθυσμός: 10.061.

Στραβώνω νησί. Αυτά τα δύο νησιά είναι μέρος μιας ομάδας τεσσάρων νησιών καλύπτει 100 ναυτικά μίλια. Fortune Island λαγόνες στραβώνω Κάστρο και το νησί, Aklins. Columbus φέρεται να έχει έρθει στην περιοχή αναζητούν χρυσό, αλλά μόνο το "θησαυρό" που διαπιστώθηκε ήταν αισθητήριας - όπως και το γιασεμί-άρωμα στον αέρα. Acklins στα 120 τετραγωνικά μίλια είναι βραχώδεις και απότομες και έχει πληθυσμό 428. Στραβώνω του νησιού είναι 92 τετραγωνικά μίλια κυρίως από διαμερίσματα και παλιρροϊκά βαθιά κολπίσκους. Πληθυσμός: 423.

Ανδρος. Άνδρος είναι η μεγαλύτερη από τις Μπαχάμες, με έκταση 2.300 τετραγωνικών μιλίων. Γνωστή ως "Το Bonefishing Πρωτεύουσα του Κόσμου», είναι κατ 'αποκοπή (με εξαίρεση την ανατολική ακτή) και χαρακτηρίζεται από πολλά στόμια εισόδου και εσωτερικές λίμνες γεμάτος με ψάρια. Το τοπίο περιλαμβάνει εκτεταμένη παρθένο πεύκα, φοίνικες και μαόνι δάση, θάμνους και μαγγρόβια βάλτους με μεγάλες αποικίες θαλάσσιων πτηνών. Η δυτική ακτή είναι ένα άγονο χαμηλή τράπεζα καλείται "λάσπη?" Το Barrier Reef της Άνδρου βρίσκεται ακριβώς έξω από την ανατολική ακτή κατά μήκος της γλώσσας του Ωκεανού. Πληθυσμός: 8.155.

Berry Island. Που βρίσκεται σε μια μακρά δαντελένιος γραμμή, αυτή η ομάδα των 30 cays καλύπτει έκταση 12 τετραγωνικών μιλίων. Με ονόματα όπως Ψάρια χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί, χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί Bird, Κατεψυγμένα χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί, χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί Φάλαινα και Little Φάλαινα χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί, είναι λίγο διερωτώμαι είναι η δεύτερη μετά τη Biminis ως καταφύγιο για τις αθλητικές αλιείας. Η απομόνωση, πανέμορφες παραλίες και τα γύρω ύδατα και των νησιών populat μία υποχώρηση για yachtsmen. Μόνο λίγα από τα νησιά έχουν ένα μόνιμο πληθυσμό, ο οποίος ανέρχεται συνολικά 634.

Biminis. Είναι ένα μικροσκοπικό ομάδα νησιών, που αποτελείται από το Βόρειο και το Νότιο BIMINI, χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί και Cat Gun χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί. Βρίσκονται 50 μίλια ανατολικά του Μαϊάμι, Φλόριντα, στην άκρη του ρεύματος του Κόλπου (αλιεία ανοικτής θάλασσας εδάφους) με τη Μεγάλη Bahama Τράπεζα (bonefish στέκι) κατά την πίσω πόρτα. Τα ύδατα του αυτό το μικρό κομμάτι της Μπαχάμες αναπαράγονται μερικά από τα μεγαλύτερα ψάρια παιχνίδι στον κόσμο. Έχει έκταση 9 τετραγωνικά χιλιόμετρα και πληθυσμό 1.638.

Cat Island. Είναι ένα από τα πιο όμορφα, εύφορα νησιά στις Μπαχάμες και μπορεί να υπερηφανεύεται για την υψηλότερη αύξηση της με όλους τους Mt. Alvernia στα 206 πόδια. Τα 150 τετραγωνικά μίλια, καλύπτεται με λόφους των πυκνών δασών και πράσινο ακαταμέτρητος μιλίων από υπέροχες παραλίες. Εξακολουθεί να είναι πολύ enmeshed στο παρελθόν, στοιχεία από τα πρώτα του Ινδικού πολιτισμών και νομοταγής φυτείες αισθητός σκέψης του νησιού. Έχει πληθυσμό 1.678. Eleuthera. Εδώ, οι ρίζες της σύγχρονης ιστορίας Bahamian φυτεύτηκαν από το "Eleutheran Adventurers," ο οποίος διαπίστωσε τι ήταν ίσως η πρώτη πραγματική δημοκρατία στο δυτικό κόσμο περισσότερα από 300 χρόνια πριν. Πολλές από τις αρχές της αποικιοκρατίας ατμόσφαιρα μέσα στη μικρή αλιευτική villagesand εκτεταμένο αγροτικές περιοχές. Το νησί είναι 110 μίλια μακρύς και μόνο δύο μιλίων κατά μήκος πιο ευρύ από το μήκος της. Απλά είναι υπεράκτια Harbour Island (φημίζεται για τα ροζ-άμμου) και τα ισπανικά Wells (όπου βρέθηκαν και άλλοι πειρατές του γλυκού νερού). Πληθυσμός: 10.524.

Exuma. Stretching για 130 τετραγωνικά μίλια, τα νησιά αυτά προσφέρουν αξιόλογα πλεύσης και είναι γνωστό από yachtsmen ως "Πρωτεύουσα της Ιστιοπλοικός Μπαχάμες." Υπάρχουν 365 cays με καθαρή άμμο, παραλίες, απομονωμένες και αγκυρώσεών μεσόγειων λιμάνια. Ποικιλία και περιπέτεια σήματος ανά μίλι. Ορισμένα νησιά είναι απλώς ένας σωρός άμμου στην θάλασσα? Άλλοι είναι υψηλής cliffed και δασικές. Τα περισσότερα από τα cays είναι ακατοίκητο, με συνολικό πληθυσμό 3.539.

Grand Bahama. Η γεύση του Grand Bahama Island είναι ένας συνδυασμός από το συναρπαστικό, σύγχρονο εμπορικό κέντρο του θέρετρου και Freeport / Lucaya και υπνηλία ξεχάσει χωριά και ιστορικές πόλεις όπως το West End (δυτικά) και McLeans πόλη στα ανατολικά. Freeport / Lucaya, ένα ύφασμα από θαύμα, είναι το έθνος, η δεύτερη πόλη. Αναπτύχθηκε από μια περιοχή της άγριας φύσης, ήταν tamed και μετατρέπεται σε Μέκκα διακοπών για εκείνους που επιθυμούν να επιδοθούν σε αθλητικές φύση τους, είτε στην ξηρά ή στη θάλασσα. Το νησί έχει έκταση 530 τετραγωνικά μίλια? Πληθυσμού: 41035. Inagua. Lying την πλέον απομακρυσμένη νότια στις Μπαχάμες, καλύπτει 645 τετραγωνικά χιλιόμετρα και αποτελείται από τα νησιά της Μεγάλης και της Little Inagua. Το τοπίο είναι άγριο και έρημες? Το κλίμα-όπως έρημο. Μεγάλη Inagua είναι διάσημη για την εκτεταμένη αλάτι τομείς που παράγουν πάνω από ένα εκατομμύριο τόνοι εμπορευμάτων το χρόνο. Ένα μεγάλο μέρος της αποτελεί προστατευόμενο πάρκο - ιερό και αναπαραγωγής έδαφος για πάνω από 60.000 Δυτική ινδική Flamingos - εθνικό πτηνό της Μπαχάμες - πολλά σπάνια είδη τροπικά πουλιά, χελώνες και iguanas. Μικρή Inagua είναι ακατοίκητο από ανθρώπους. Ο πληθυσμός της είναι 924.

Τραχύς νησί. Το δρεπάνι σχήμα κουρελιασμένος Island Γκάμα εκτείνεται από το Jumento Cays στο νότιο άκρο της Exumas καμπύλες ανατολικά, στη συνέχεια, νότια έως Μεγάλη κουρελιασμένος νησί με την επίλυση των κύριων Duncan πόλη. Είναι μια πολύ ξηρά, άγρια, ανεμοδαρμένος χώρα, που περιβάλλεται από μια ύπουλη θάλασσα. Τραχύς Νησιών είναι πολύ της ζήτησης για την πλοήγηση των δεξιοτήτων τους σε αυτά τα κοπάδια? Τα κυριότερα επαγγέλματα είναι η ναυτιλία, την αλιεία και τη βιοτεχνία. Τα νησιά έχουν έκταση 15 τετραγωνικά χιλιόμετρα και πληθυσμό 89.

Mayagua. Είναι ειρηνικό και ήσυχο, "πόσο πληρούνται Columbus αυτό," έτσι το λένε οι ντόπιοι. Είναι ακόμα και διατηρεί την αρχική του Ινδικού όνομα. Mayaguana αποτελεί μια ιδανική στάση για τους λάτρεις ιστιοπλοΐα, με αρκετά καλή τα λιμάνια και τα αγκυροβόλια, μεγάλη αλιείας, του κελύφους και το κολύμπι. Περπάτημα μέσα από τα χωριά είναι ένα άλλο αγαπημένο παιχνίδι, όπου υπάρχει πολύ τοπικό χρώμα για να απολαύσετε τη μαγευτική σε σπίτια και ανθρώπους. Το νησί έχει έκταση 110 τετραγωνικά χιλιόμετρα και πληθυσμό 308.

Νασσάου. Paradise Island. Είναι τα πιο σημαντικά οικονομικά νησί Μπαχάμες, στο σπίτι του κεφαλαίου, Nassau, η έδρα της κυβέρνησης. Nassau είναι ένα σύνθετο, γοητευτική παλιά πόλη χτισμένη σε ήλιο πιτσιλιστεί λόφο με θέα στη θάλασσα. Ιδρύθηκε το 1670 και αυξήθηκε ραγδαία ως κέντρο εμπορίου για τα νησιά, λόγω της προστατευόμενης λιμάνι με πρόστιμο αγκυρώσεις. Nassau / Paradise Island περιλαμβάνει επίσης το θέρετρο τομείς και Cable Beach Paradise Island. Εντός των 80 τετραγωνικών μιλίων ζουν 171.542 άνθρωποι - περίπου το 60% του πληθυσμού Bahamian.
Ρούμι χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί. Η "Ωραία Κοιμωμένη" του Μπαχάμες, με το ιστορικό νομοταγής βαμβακοφυτεία ερείπια και του Ινδικού αντικείμενα, lovely λόφους, χρυσές αμμουδιές και κολιέ των κοραλλιογενών υφάλων περικυκλώνει κυριολεκτικά τις ακτές της. Αρχικά το όνομα Santa Maria de la Σύλληψη από Columbus, Ρούμι είναι χαμηλό αμμώδες ή κοραλιογενές νησί να έχει τη σημερινή της ονομασία προέρχεται από το ναυάγιο μετά τη Δυτική όχθη του Ινδικού rumrunner εμφόρτου με το εμπόρευμα. Port Nelson, προστατευμένο λιμάνι στη νότια ακτή, είναι ο μοναδικός οικισμός. Το νησί είναι 10 μίλια μακρά και 5 μίλια πλάτος και διαθέτει λιγότερους από 100 κατοίκους.
Σαν Σαλβαδόρ. Αρχικά ονομάζεται "Guanahani,« Χριστόφορος Κολόμβος γίνει αυτό το μικρό, 63 τετραγωνικά μίλια ζώνη, τα πιο ιστορικά σημαντικό νησί της Μπαχάμες. Έκανε πρώτη ξηράς εδώ το 1492 και να μην είναι λιγότερο από τέσσερα ξεχωριστά μνημεία σήμα το ακριβές σημείο όπου Κολόμβος ήρθε στην ξηρά. Εξακολουθεί να παραμένει ανεύρετος, cloaked στο παρελθόν, ευκρινώς ορατή από το tumbling Loyalists φυτεία ερείπια και επικρατέστερο ενδιαφέροντα κειμήλια και αντικείμενα από την ινδική ημέρες. Ο πληθυσμός των 465 καθιστά το ζην από την αλιεία και τη γεωργία. Cat Island μπορεί να είχε προέλθει το όνομά της από τον Arthur Catt, το φημισμένο βρετανικό θάλασσα περιβόητος πειρατής καπετάνιος ή (ανάλογα με την πλευρά των οποίων ήταν για σας). Μια πηγή που ανταγωνίζονται για την ονομασία είναι τα πλήθη των άγριων γάτες ότι η αγγλική συναντούν εδώ κατά την άφιξή τους στο 1600. Οι γάτες, επρόκειτο για τους απογόνους του θηριοδαμαστής ξαδέρφια που έμειναν ορφανά από την πρώιμη ισπανική εποίκων στη βιασύνη τους να βρουν το χρυσό από τη Νότια Αμερική. Αυτή η εκκίνηση σχήμα, αδάμαστα νησιού είναι ένα από τα πιο όμορφα και γόνιμα από τις Μπαχάμες. Μια πλούσια ιερό, παρέχει απομόνωση για όσους αναζητούν μία απόδραση από τις πιέσεις του σύγχρονου πολιτισμού. Άλλοι θεωρούν το ίδιο, όπως και τον πατέρα Τζερόμ, ένα μετανοών ερημίτη που έχτισε ένα μεσαιωνικό μοναστήρι hewn από τα ασβεστολιθικά βράχια κορυφή 206-πόδι Mt. Alvernia, χώρο για διαλογισμό. Από αυτά τα υψηλά βράχους, υπάρχει μια υπέροχη θέα στο-πυκνά δασωμένη πρόποδες και 60 μιλίων από έρημο και-ροζ-λευκό-αμμουδιά.

Cat νησί ήταν κάποτε το σπίτι του σε ένα από τα πιο εύπορα νομοταγής αποικίες της Out Νήσων. Το νησί έχει αποκτηθεί από τον πλούτο των πολυάριθμων φυτείες βαμβακιού καθορίστηκε κατά τη διάρκεια των 1700s. Τώρα, αμπέλου-καλύπτονται, ημι-κατεστραμμένη αρχοντικά και πέτρινους τοίχους από τις εκμεταλλεύσεις όπου τα βοοειδή ήταν penned ανανά και καλλιεργούνται, παίζουν κρυφτούλι εντός της τροπικά λουλούδια, γκαζόν και άμμο. Καταρρέουσας απομεινάρια των σκλάβων χωριά και αντικείμενα σε σπηλιές Arawak ψίθυρος της δια βίου παρελθόν. Απόγονοι εκείνων νωρίς εποίκων παραμένουν στην ίδια πόλεις των προγόνων τους.

Φύση και τι "θα δώσει ο Κύριος" είναι η φιλοσοφία που οι άνθρωποι ζουν από εδώ. Cat Νησιών είναι γνωστή για την εξυπνάδα τους, χρησιμοποιώντας τα υλικά στο χέρι για να κάνουν ό, τι χρειάζονται. Για παράδειγμα, οι μουσικοί συνδυάζουν ένα κομμάτι ξύλου, ορισμένα αλιευτικά γραμμή και ένα φθαρμένο κασσίτερου μπανιέρα για να δημιουργήσετε το μπάσο σε ένα μέσο "στέκα 'n' ξυστά" ζώνη σε τοπικό νυχτερινό κέντρο διασκέδασης. Συνοδευόμενη από Conchshell (κέρας), ένα παλιό κτένα καλύπτονται με χαρτί (φυσαρμόνικα), ένα παλαιό ξυλουργείο του είδε ξυσθεί με ένα κομμάτι μέταλλο, και συμπληρώνεται εκτός από ένα τύμπανο που πραγματικά καπνίζει (κατσικίσιο δέρμα τεντωμένο πάνω από το ξύλο και να θερμαίνεται σε μια φλόγα) , Cat Island μπάντες παράγουν ένα μοναδικό ήχο.

Μεγάλο μέρος του Μπαχάμες «αυτόχθονες μουσική, λαογραφία και μύθος μπορεί να εντοπιστεί σε Cat Island. Εδώ, "Θα είναι μαζί σας ως προς το πνεύμα" παίρνει μια εντελώς νέα έννοια. Κατά παράδοση, όταν η τελευταία από μια γενιά αποβιώσει, ή το σπίτι του έχει απομείνει για να ζήσουν το πνεύμα in. Εναπομένουσες συγγενείς συγκεντρώνουν πέτρες από το χώρο και αποτελούν μία νέα κατοικία. Αλλού, στο βόρειο τμήμα του νησιού, οι κάτοικοι τόπο spindles κορυφή σπίτια για την πρόληψη των βλαβών από befalling τους - ένα είδος αλεξικέραυνο για κακά πνεύματα.

Τι λέτε για αυτή την οικογένεια Μπαχάμες παραλία διακοπές ιδέα: Live στο δικό σας σπίτι ιδιωτική παραλία διακοπές σε Fernandez Bay Village για Cat Island, Μπαχάμες. Το Τέλειο Μπαχάμες Νήσος θέρετρο για οικογένειες που αναζητούν να απόδραση με τα παιδιά τους, αυτό μπορεί να είναι απλά η καλύτερη οικογένεια Μπαχάμες Νήσος διακοπές ιδέα ποτέ. Παίξτε για την παραλία, κολύμπι στα κρυστάλλινα νερά, νοικιάσετε βάρκα για να πάμε ψαροντούφεκο, καταδύσεις ή απλά να χαλαρώσετε στην παραλία απομονωμένη Cat Island κάτω από τη σκιά των δέντρων Casurina.

Σε αυτή τη Μπαχάμες Νήσος διακοπές απόδραση θα μείνετε άμεσα στην παραλία σε δύο υπνοδωματίων Μπαχάμες βίλα ολοκληρωθεί με πλήρη κουζίνα, σαλόνι και τραπεζαρία. Αλλά υπάρχει τόσο πολύ να κάνει αυτή την οικογένεια για διακοπές, που πιθανότατα δεν θα περνούν πολύ χρόνο σε κλειστούς χώρους.

Μπαχάμες Νήσος διακοπές απόδραση

BAHAMAS Lucayan Il Parco Nazionale di Abaco Cays Harbour Island Cat Island Nassau Junkanoo Boxing Day carnevale Pink Sands Beach Selvatica Bottlenose delfini blu profondità foro Alvernia Hermitage Marsh Harbour Town Elbow Cay Speranza Paradise Island



Ci sono 700 isole Bahamas cosparsa di oltre 100.000 miglia quadrate di oceano iniziando a soli 50 miglia al largo della costa della Florida. L'arcipelago è un oasi ecologica mozzafiato con 2000 isole e cays e vanta la più evidente di acqua sul pianeta, con una visibilità di oltre 200 piedi. Puoi vedere le tue dita la stessa facilità con cui è possibile il mondo della terza più grande barriera corallina.

Ti invitiamo a esplorare tutte le nostre isole. Un passo e ti realizzare la bellezza di ogni isola si estende ben al di là delle nostre straordinarie bellezze naturali. E 'il sorriso sul volto della gente Bahamas. L'unico suono della nostra ricca cultura. La calda ospitalità del nostro patrimonio e la nostra storia colorate.

L'ottanta per cento della popolazione è di Bahamas africana. Circa due terzi della popolazione risiede a New Providence Island (la posizione di Nassau). Molti antenati arrivati alle Bahamas, quando le isole servito come uno spazio in scena per la tratta degli schiavi nei primi anni del 1800. Altri accompagnato migliaia di lealisti britannici fuggiti colonie americane durante la guerra rivoluzionaria.

Haitiani forma la più grande comunità di immigrati in Bahamas. 30000-50000 sono stimate di essere residente legalmente o illegalmente, si è concentrata sul New Providence, Abaco e Eleuthera isole.

La frequenza scolastica è obbligatoria di età compresa tra i 5 e 16. Il governo pienamente opera 158 di 210 scuole primarie e secondarie in Bahamas. Le altre 52 scuole sono gestite privatamente. Iscrizione stato di scuole primarie e secondarie è 50332, con più di 16.000 gli studenti che frequentano le scuole private. Il Collegio delle Bahamas, con sede a Nassau, nel 1974, prevede per i programmi di bachelor e associate gradi. Molti non Bahamas scuole offrono anche programmi di istruzione superiore in Il Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus ha fatto la sua prima nella costa occidentale in Bahamas. Spagnolo mercanti di schiavi catturati dopo Lucayan nativi indiani a lavorare in miniere d'oro in Hispaniola, ed entro 25 anni, tutti i Lucayans perirono. Nel 1647, un gruppo di lingua inglese e Bermudan religiosa rifugiati, la Eleutheran avventurieri, fondò il primo insediamento permanente europeo in Bahamas Eleuthera Island e ha dato il suo nome. Simili gruppi di coloni formato governi Bahamas fino alle isole divenne colonia della Corona britannica nel 1717.

La fine del 1600 agli inizi del 1700 sono stati l'età d'oro per i pirati e privateers. Molti famosi pirati e privati - tra cui Sir Francis Drake e Barbanera - usato le isole delle Bahamas come base. Le numerose isole e isolette con i loro banchi e complessa condizione eccellente canali nascondigli per il saccheggio delle navi vicino ben viaggiato rotte marittime. Il primo Governatore Reale, Woodes Rogers, ha portato la legge e l'ordine di Bahamas nel 1718 quando ha espulso i bucanieri.

Durante la Rivoluzione Americana, coloni americani fedeli alla bandiera britannica costante alle Bahamas. Questi lealisti e nuovi coloni dalla Gran Bretagna ha edificio coloniale competenze e know-how agricoli. Fino al 1834, quando la Gran Bretagna abolì la schiavitù, hanno anche portato schiavi, importare gli antenati di molti moderni Bahamians da Africa occidentale.

Di prossimità agli Stati Uniti ha continuato a fornire opportunità per attività illegali di spedizione. Nel corso della guerra civile americana, Bahamas prosperò come un centro di blocco-Confederato esecuzione. Durante Divieto, le isole servite come base per rumrunners americano. Oggi, Le Bahamas è un importante punto di trasbordo per droga sulla strada per gli Stati Uniti

Bahamians raggiunto auto-governo attraverso una serie di passaggi politici e costituzionali, raggiungere interno auto-governo nel 1964 e la piena indipendenza nell'ambito del Commonwealth il 10 luglio 1973. Dopo l'indipendenza, Bahamas ha continuato a svilupparsi in un maggiore interesse turistico e dei servizi finanziari centro.
Le Bahamas è un membro indipendente del Commonwealth of Nations. E 'una democrazia parlamentare con regolari elezioni. Come Commonwealth paese, le sue tradizioni politiche e giuridiche seguire da vicino quelli del Regno Unito. Le Bahamas riconosce il monarca britannico come formale capo di Stato, mentre uno nominato governatore generale serve come il Queen's rappresentante in Bahamas. Una bicamerale legislatore emana leggi sotto la costituzione 1973.

La House of Assembly consta di 41 membri, eletti dalle singole circoscrizioni per 5 anni. Come nel quadro del sistema di Westminster, il governo può sciogliere il Parlamento e le elezioni chiamata in qualsiasi momento. La House of Assembly svolge tutte le principali funzioni legislative. Il leader del partito di maggioranza serve come primo ministro e capo del governo. Il gabinetto è composto da almeno nove membri, compreso il primo ministro ei ministri dei dipartimenti esecutivi. Essi risposta politicamente alla House of Assembly.

Il Senato è composto da 16 membri nominati dal governatore generale, di cui nove su consiglio del primo ministro, quattro su parere del leader dell'opposizione, e tre su consiglio del Primo Ministro previa consultazione con il leader dell'opposizione .

Il governatore generale nomina il Chief Justice della Corte Suprema su parere del primo ministro e il leader dell'opposizione. Il Governatore Generale nomina gli altri giudici con la consulenza di una commissione giudiziaria. Il Privy Council del Regno Unito, serve come il più alto tribunale d'appello.

Il governo locale distretti eleggere i consigli per la pianificazione urbana, le licenze commerciali, il traffico e il mantenimento di questioni di edifici governativi. In alcuni grandi quartieri, livello più basso consigli comunali hanno anche minori responsabilità.

Per decenni, il bianco-dominato Uniti Bahamas Party (UBP) ha stabilito Bahamas, quindi una dipendenza del Regno Unito, mentre un gruppo di influenti bianco mercanti, conosciuto come il "Bay Street Boys," dominato l'economia locale. Nel 1953, Bahamians soddisfatto UBP regola costituita l'opposizione liberale Progressive Party (PLP). Sotto la guida di Lynden Pindling, PLP ha vinto il controllo del governo nel 1967 e ha portato Bahamas alla piena indipendenza nel 1973.

Una coalizione di PLP dissidenti ed ex membri UBP formata Free Movimento nazionale (FNM) nel 1971. PLP Ex ministro e membro del Parlamento Hubert Ingraham diventato leader del FNM nel 1990, alla morte di Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Sotto la guida di Ingraham, FNM ha vinto il controllo del governo da PLP nel numero di agosto 1992 le elezioni generali. Il PLP riconquistato il potere nel 2002 sotto la guida di Perry Christie, ma le FNM, sempre guidati da Ingraham, tornato al governo da catturare 23 dei 41 seggi in Parlamento nel corso della assemblea elettorale del maggio 2007. L'ordine del giorno delle elezioni deve essere tenuta entro e non oltre maggio 2012.

Nel luglio 2008 il Primo Ministro Hubert Ingraham annunciato modifiche al portafogli ministeriali e la creazione di altri due ministeri - il Ministero della Gioventù, Sport e Cultura e il Ministero dell'Ambiente.
Le Bahamas è trainata dal turismo e dei servizi finanziari. Turismo e turismo-driven di costruzione e di fabbricazione fornire una stima del 60% del prodotto interno lordo (PIL). Il turismo dà lavoro a circa la metà della forza lavoro delle Bahamas. Nel 2008, 4,6 milioni di turisti hanno visitato Bahamas, 85% dagli Stati Uniti. Questa è stata una diminuzione del 4,5% complessivo di visitatori rispetto al 2007. Ci sono circa 110 affiliati USA le imprese che operano nelle Bahamas, e la maggior parte sono connessi con il turismo e nel settore bancario. Con poche risorse interne e la piccola industria, Bahamas quasi tutte le sue importazioni di prodotti alimentari e manufatti provenienti dagli Stati Uniti. American beni e servizi tendono ad essere favorito da Bahamians causa di affinità culturali e pesante esposizione a pubblicità americana. L'economia delle Bahamas, a causa della sua forte dipendenza dal turismo e il commercio degli Stati Uniti, è profondamente influenzato dalla performance economica degli Stati Uniti.

Le Bahamas sono attualmente vivendo una recessione economica, a causa della recessione economica mondiale. Turismo numero è sceso notevolmente nel corso dell'ultimo trimestre del 2008, e circa 1000 dipendenti del settore del turismo sono stati licenziati dal settembre 2008. Le Bahamas si concentra sulla costruzione di infrastrutture e di altri progetti in uno sforzo per rilanciare l'economia e creare posti di lavoro. Obiettivi futuri includono continuato lo sviluppo del turismo attraverso la proprietà di grandi dimensioni gli investimenti del settore privato, compreso l'aumento delle Bahamas proprietà, valorizzazione del Grand Bahama economia importanti uragano perdite nel 2004, e l'espansione del settore finanziario solido Bahamas.

Oltre alla diminuzione del turismo, le altre sfide economiche Bahamas riunione includere richieste di posti di lavoro, uno in ritardo jumpstarting processo di privatizzazione, e aumentando i livelli di controllo del debito pubblico. Un'altra sfida importante per Bahamians sarà per preparare emisferica di libero scambio. Attualmente, Bahamians reddito non pagano le tasse o di vendita. La maggior parte delle entrate deriva da elevate tariffe e tasse di importazione. Riduzione delle barriere commerciali probabilmente richiederà qualche forma di imposizione di sostituire i ricavi quando il paese entra a far parte della zona di libero scambio delle Americhe (ALCA). Come evidente dalla opposizione interna ai Caraibi unico di economia di mercato (CSME), i vantaggi del libero scambio è stato difficile per il governo di vendere. Nonostante qualche opposizione interna, il governo delle Bahamas ha firmato un accordo di partenariato economico (APE) con l'Unione Europea (UE) nel dicembre 2008.

Un certo numero di progetti pianificati hotel hanno promesso di aumentare la crescita economica e creare a breve e lungo termine l'occupazione. Atlantis Resort and Casino Paradise Island resta una delle principali turistico e disegnare un motore dell'economia. Il futuro del progetto albergo Baha marzo è stato chiamato in causa dopo operatore casinò Harrah's tirato fuori l'accordo nel marzo 2008. Tuttavia, nel marzo del 2009 la Bank of China Exim formalmente accettato di finanziare la fase di stallo del progetto, stimato a $ 3,2 miliardi di euro nel finanziamento. Il governo promette di ampliare l'aeroporto internazionale di Nassau e si è trasformato nel corso di gestione ad operatori privati. Il governo delle Bahamas ha anche adottato un approccio proattivo per corteggiare gli investitori stranieri e ha realizzato importanti investimenti per le missioni in Estremo Oriente, Europa, America Latina, in India e in Canada. Il governo continua a prestare particolare attenzione alla Cina per promuovere il turismo e gli investimenti. I cinesi sono il finanziamento della costruzione di un nuovo $ 30 milioni di sport stadio di New Providence e può inoltre fornire un $ 100 milioni in progetti di costruzione stradale. Mentre il governo FNM ha espresso il desiderio di aumentare Bahamas proprietà interessi sviluppi, Bahamas' dipendenza degli investimenti esteri è improbabile che il cambiamento.

I servizi finanziari costituiscono il secondo più importante settore della Bahamas economia, in quanto rappresentano fino al 15% del PIL, a causa dello status del paese come un paradiso fiscale e bancario offshore centro. Stop fiscale abuso di legge, che è stato proposto nel Congresso degli Stati Uniti e Bahamas che nomi come uno dei 34 paesi segreto, ha generato un notevole dibattito in media locali e tra i politici. Molti Bahamians sentire l'inclusione delle Bahamas in un disegno di legge comporterebbe notevoli perdite di posti di lavoro nel settore dei servizi finanziari. Dal 2005, il governo ha concesso in licenza 262 banche e società fiduciarie nelle Bahamas. Le Bahamas promulgata la International Business Companies (IBC) legge nel gennaio 1990 per migliorare lo status del paese come centro finanziario leader. L'atto è servito a semplificare e ridurre i costi di inserire le società offshore alle Bahamas. All'interno di 9 anni, più di 84.000 società IBC-tipo era stato stabilito. Nel febbraio 1991, il governo ha legalizzato anche la costituzione di trust e Asset Protection Bahamas. Nel 2000, in risposta alle organizzazioni multilaterali 'preoccupazioni, il governo ha approvato un pacchetto legislativo di misure più severe per meglio regolamentare il settore finanziario e di prevenire il riciclaggio di denaro nel settore bancario del paese, compresa la creazione di una Unità di intelligence finanziaria e l'esecuzione di "know-your -cliente "regole. Alcune di queste misure sono state contestate in Bahamas tribunali, e il numero di banche offshore registrate in Bahamas è diminuito in modo sostanziale dal 2002. Come molti come la metà dei GIR hanno chiuso bottega. Come risultato, il governo sta prendendo in considerazione le nuove disposizioni per mantenere competitivo il settore, nel rispetto delle norme internazionali, compresa l'eventuale riforma della struttura di regolamentazione e la firma di più accordi per lo scambio di informazioni fiscali.

Agricoltura e pesca, insieme, rappresentano il 3% del PIL. Le Bahamas esportazioni aragosta e pesce, ma non sollevare tali oggetti in commercio. Non c'è l'agricoltura su larga scala, e la maggior parte dei prodotti agricoli sul mercato interno sono consumati. A seguito di un focolaio di agrumi canker su Abaco nel 2005, Le Bahamas perso una delle principali esportazioni agricole, e il ministero dell'Agricoltura ha vietato l'esportazione di materie vegetali da Abaco. Le Bahamas importa più di $ 250 milioni l'anno nei prodotti alimentari, che rappresentano circa l'80% del suo consumo di cibo.

Il governo delle Bahamas mantiene il valore del dollaro Bahamas in condizioni di parità con il dollaro statunitense. Le Bahamas è un beneficiario di US-Caraibi Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), il Canada's CARIBCAN programma, e gli accordi di partenariato economico. Sebbene Bahamas partecipa gli aspetti politici della Comunità dei Caraibi (CARICOM), non è entrato in comune le iniziative economiche, come il CSME, con gli altri Stati dei Caraibi.

Le Bahamas ha alcune importanti imprese industriali: la ditta farmaceutica PFC Bahamas (ex Syntex), la struttura Borco olio, attività commerciali come Vooak Terminal Bahamas; Sands Birra e il Grand Bahama Brewery, il tutto in Freeport e del Commonwealth Brewery a Nassau , che produce Heineken, Guinness, e Kalik birre. Altre industrie sono essiccate al sole sale marino in Gran Inagua, una darsena a Freeport impianto per la riparazione di navi da crociera, e miniere di aragonite - un tipo di pietra calcarea con diversi usi industriali - dal mare al piano Ocean Cay.

Il Hawksbill Creek stabilito un accordo di zona franca a Freeport, Bahamas' seconda città più grande, con un vicino parco industriale per incoraggiare gli investimenti industriali stranieri. L'Hong Kong a base di Hutchison Whampoa impresa gestisce il porto container a Freeport. Il Parlamento ha approvato la legislazione delle Bahamas nel 1993 che ha prorogato più Freeport fiscali e le esenzioni dai dazi grazie 2054.
Speranza Città Ville vi invita a soggiornare nel nostro design artistico, ville appartate. Situato sul lungomare o vicino alla spiaggia, sono noti per la loro rigogliosi giardini, una bella vista e rifugio in località la liquidazione Città della Speranza.
Relax sulla nostra isola più bella spiaggia, snorkeling sulla barriera, a soli tre minuti a piedi. Passeggiata attraverso il traffico gratuito, vicoli del nostro accordo con vivaci clapboard case dipinte ad apprezzare un ritmo più lento della vita.

Godetevi la vista del nostro pittoresco porto con le barche a vela e storico-candy strisce faro, cenare presso i nostri ristoranti, ballo sotto le stelle. E 'tutto a portata di mano!
Offriamo alcuni dei più interessanti affitti vacanze sull'isola e orgogliosi di offrire eccezionalmente pulito e ben arredate ville. Molti dei nostri ospiti di ritorno annuale.

Il nostro manager Karen Huff-Lowe offre l'attenzione personale e l'ospitalità per garantire la vostra vacanza è molto speciale.

La speranza è una città pittoresca, 18o secolo villaggio di pescatori sulla Elbow Cay, (sei miglia lungo di un quarto miglio di larghezza) situato sulla scogliera esterna di una stringa di smeraldo isole, noto come il Abacos. Circondato da un mare trasparente turquiose e noto per essere uno dei più aree protette nei Caraibi per le piccole imbarcazioni ad esplorare.
L'insediamento storico Città della Speranza avvolge intorno ad un porto protetto, a soli tre isolati da ampio oceano lato porto lato, è anche noto per il suo famoso faro candito a strisce. I visitatori sono liberi di salire al faro di una splendida vista delle isole adiacenti e barriera barriere coralline.

Isola di vita è in particolare unhurried, abitanti e visitatori passeggiare il traffico gratuito strade della Speranza Storico con i suoi vivaci dipinti clapboard case, recinzioni picchetto e giardini fioriti. Originale coloni lealisti che sono stati trasferiti a queste isole dopo la Rivoluzione Americana. Piantagioni, spugnature, pesca, barca da costruzione, la pirateria, il contrabbando e distruggendo divenne modi di vita passata. Una stretta maglia comunità di 300 persone che popolano l'isola anno. Le attività che attraggono i visitatori e mantenere i nostri ospiti ritornano ogni anno sono:

Affittare una barca ed esplorare le numerose isole e degli insediamenti storici in acque protette del Mare di Abaco.
Snorkeling o immersioni subacquee sul nostro mare, i parchi nazionali.
Mangiare a nostra ristoranti sotto le stelle, e balli di musica calypso.
Picnicing sgusciatura e sulle numerose spiagge di isole deserte.
Alla scoperta di un artista colonia, e sorseggiando rum a pugni romantico bar sulla spiaggia.
Esplorare la nostra isola su un carrello da golf in affitto o in bicicletta.
Pesca d'altura, pesca ossa sono offerti da guide professionali.
Seduta sul lungomare ponte o appesi in un amaca e la lettura di un buon libro.
Ci auguriamo che cogliere l'occasione per farci visita, ti invitiamo a farci sapere se avete altre domande, non vogliamo dirvi tutto sulla nostra isola, ma alcune cose lasciano un piacevole surprise.Junkanoo è una festa nazionale in Il Bahamas, l'unico luogo in cui essa detiene un tale onore. Vi è anche un museo in mostra Junkanoo costumi, arte e artefatti nel centro di Nassau - culturale evidenziare e deve vedere attrazione per tutti i visitatori. L'origine della parola Junkanoo è oscuro. Alcuni dicono che deriva dal francese "L'inconnu" (nel senso che non si conosce), in riferimento alle maschere indossate dal paraders, o "junk enoo," Scottish coloni 'di riferimento per le sfilate, che significa "spazzatura abbastanza" o "John Canoe", il nome di un capo tribù africane che chiedevano il diritto di celebrare con il suo popolo, anche dopo essere state portate a West Indies in stato di schiavitù.

Si ritiene che questo festival ha avuto inizio durante il 16 ° e 17 ° secoli. Gli schiavi hanno avuto una speciale vacanza a Natale, quando si potrebbe lasciare le piantagioni di essere con la loro famiglia e per celebrare le festività con i paesi africani danza, musica e costumi. Dopo l'emancipazione, hanno continuato questa tradizione e, oggi, Junkanoo si è evoluto dalle sue origini ad un semplice formale, più organizzato parata con sofisticati, intricato costumi a tema, musica e premi di incentivazione.

Celebrazioni natalizie nelle Bahamas non sarebbe completa senza Junkanoo bande di "correre" per le strade. Venture a Bay Street a Nassau durante le prime ore del mattino del giorno di Santo Stefano (il giorno dopo il Natale) e Capodanno ed ecco questa cornucopia di colore e suono. L'oscurità del mattino aggiunge alla affascinante atmosfera. Lavagna stradale evidenziare la tonalità dei costumi e le bandiere intrinsecamente progettato e modellato da crepe minuti strisce di carta di tutti i colori incollati ai capi di abbigliamento, legno e cartone.

Tra le truppe Junkanoo sono i "Sassoni", "Valle del Bambino" e "Radici". La concorrenza tra loro è feroce - di migliaia di dollari in premi in denaro sono in gioco - i disegni e costumi sono strettamente segreto custodito fino a che non siano finalmente svelato.

Ogni squadra sceglie un tema per i suoi costumi ei membri sono vestite di varianti di questo tema. Essa potrebbe essere qualcosa come arcaica come Vichinghi o contemporanea come astronauti. I gruppi di breve passo merengue o lungo la strada, a seconda della musica che giocare con i loro tamburi di pelle di capra, cowbells, conchshell corna e fischietti. Revelers a margine con il cavort
stesso abbandonare, cantando e ballando insieme, "Siamo rushin ', siamo rushin', siamo rushin attraverso la folla ... kalik-KK, kk-kalik, kaliking kk-kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, yeah ".

Tutti sono invitati a partecipare alla festa e cantare e ballare insieme. Il viaggio dura circa due ore per visualizzare tutte le voci, ma non lasciano ancora. E 'ancor meglio la seconda volta intorno!

E se proprio non può fare a Le Bahamas a Natale, Junkanoo sfilate sono detenute anche in combinato disposto con altre celebrazioni speciali come Independence Day (10 luglio).

Il Abacos. Con una superficie di 650 mq miglio, questo gruppo di isole curve oltre 130 miglia di mare smeraldo. Immigrati provenienti da Gran Bretagna e gli Stati Uniti lealisti in fuga dopo la Rivoluzione Americana stabilirono qui nel 17o e 18o secolo. Le origini si riflettono nel New England-architettura e delle attività tradizionali di tranquilla villaggi, in gran parte intatto da tempi moderni. Le isole sono indicati come "La costruzione della barca Centro delle Bahamas. Abitanti: 10.061.

Crooked Island. Queste due isole sono parte di un gruppo di quattro isole che copre 100 miglia. Fortuna Island Crooked fianchi e Castello isola, Aklins. Columbus è sospettato di aver venire alla zona in cerca di oro, ma solo il "tesoro" che è stato trovato sensoriali - il profumo di gelsomino, come in aria. Acklins miglia a 120 mq è rocciosa e scoscesa ed ha una popolazione di 428. Crooked Island's 92 sq miglio è principalmente composto da maree e profonde insenature appartamenti. Abitanti: 423.

Andros. Andros è la più grande delle Bahamas, con una superficie di 2300 mq miglio. Conosciuta come "La Bonefishing capitale del mondo", è piatto (ad eccezione della costa orientale) e caratterizzato da numerose insenature e laghi interni ricchi di pesce. Il paesaggio comprende ampie vergine di pini, palme e mogano boschi, macchia e mangrovie con grandi colonie di uccelli marini. La sponda occidentale è una banca sterile basso chiamato "Il fango;" la barriera corallina di Andros si trova lungo la sponda orientale la lingua del Oceano. Abitanti: 8.155.

Berry Island. Situato in una lunga linea Lacy, questo gruppo di 30 cays estende su una superficie di 12 mq miglia. Con nomi come pesce Cay, Bird Cay, congelati Cay, Whale Cay e Little Whale Cay, 'è poco da meravigliarsi che sono secondi solo a Biminis come un rifugio per la pesca sportiva. Il loro isolamento, belle spiagge e acque circostanti le isole anche fare uno populat ritirata per velisti. Solo alcune delle isole hanno una popolazione che ammonta a 634.

Biminis. Sono un piccolo gruppo di isole, composto da Nord e Sud Bimini, Cat Cay e Gun Cay. Essi sono posizionati a 50 miglia ad est di Miami, in Florida, a bordo della Corrente del Golfo (pesca d'altura territorio) con la Gran Bahama Bank (bonefish boomerang) a sua porta. Le acque di questo piccolo pezzo di Bahamas micelio alcuni il più grande gioco di pesce in tutto il mondo. Ha una superficie di 9 miglia quadrati e una popolazione di 1638.

Cat Island. È una delle più belle, fertili isole Bahamas e vanta la più alta quota di loro con tutti i milioni di tonnellate. Alvernia a 206 piedi. I suoi 150 mq è miglia con dolci colline coperte di fitti boschi verdi e innumerevoli chilometri di magnifiche spiagge. Ancora molto spirale in passato, la prova del suo precoce e culture indiane Loyalist piantagioni pensiero abbonda l'isola. Ha una popolazione di 1.678. Eleuthera. Qui, le radici della moderna storia Bahamas sono stati piantati dal "Eleutheran avventurieri," ciò che è stato stabilito che probabilmente la prima vera democrazia nel mondo occidentale più di 300 anni fa. Gran parte dei primi atmosfera coloniale è conservata nella piccola pesca villagesand ampia zone agricole. L'isola è lunga 110 miglia e larga solo due miglia lungo la maggior parte della sua lunghezza. Just off-shore sono Harbour Island (famosa per le sue spiagge di sabbia rosa) e lo spagnolo Wells (dove i pirati e altri trovati d'acqua dolce). Abitanti: 10.524.

Exuma. Si estende per 130 mq miglia, queste isole offrono notevoli crociera e da velisti sono noti come la "capitale della vela Bahamas". Ci sono 365 cays con spiagge di sabbia pura, isolate e senza sbocco sul mare ancoraggi porti. Varietà e avventura marchio ogni miglio. Alcune isole sono solo un mucchio di sabbia nel mare, altri sono ad alta cliffed e di boschi. La maggior parte delle cays sono disabitate, con una popolazione totale di 3539.

Grand Bahama. Il sapore di Grand Bahama Island è una combinazione di eccitante, moderno centro commerciale e la località di Freeport e dimenticati sonnolenta villaggi e città storiche come il West End (ovest) e McLeans Comune a est. Freeport, un miracolo fatto uomo, è la seconda città della nazione. Si è evoluto da una zona del deserto, è stato domato e trasformato in una vacanza per chi cerca la mecca per indulgere loro natura sportiva, sia a terra o in mare. L'isola ha una superficie di mq 530 miglia; popolazione: 41.035. Inagua. Situato a sud della più lontano nelle Bahamas, che copre 645 miglia quadrati e comprende le isole di Gran e Little Inagua. Il terreno è selvaggia e desolata; il clima di tipo desertico. Grande Inagua è famosa per le sue ampie sale settori che producono più di un milione di tonnellate di merce l'anno. Una gran parte di esso è un parco protetto - santuario e l'allevamento territorio per oltre 60000 West Indian Fenicotteri - uccello nazionale delle Bahamas - molte specie rare di uccelli tropicali, iguane e tartarughe. Little Inagua è disabitata dagli esseri umani. La popolazione è di 924.

Ragged Island. La forma di falce Ragged Island Gamma estende dal Jumento Cays sulla punta meridionale della Exumas curve est, poi a sud fino al Grande Ragged Island con la sua principale soluzione di Duncan Storico. E 'molto secco, selvaggio, vento luogo, circondato da un mare infido. Ragged isolani sono molto richiesta per la loro capacità di navigare in questi banchi, i loro principali occupazioni sono la navigazione, l'artigianato e la pesca. Le isole hanno una superficie di 15 chilometri quadrati e una popolazione di 89.

Mayagua. È pacifica e tranquilla ", come il Columbus è soddisfatto", così dice la gente del posto. Si conserva anche il suo nome originale indiano. Mayaguana è un punto fermo ideale per gli appassionati di vela, con molte buone porti e ancoraggi, grande pesca, sgusciatura e nuotare. Passeggiate attraverso i villaggi è un altro passatempo preferito, dove c'è molto colore locale per godere nel cottage di charme e di persone. L'isola ha una superficie di 110 miglia quadrati e una popolazione di 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. È economicamente più importanti isole delle Bahamas, a casa sua capitale, Nassau, la sede del governo. Nassau è un sofisticato, affascinante centro storico costruito su una collina al sole proiezioni sul mare. Essa è stata fondata nel 1670 ed è cresciuto rapidamente come il centro di commercio per le isole a causa della sua protetta porto con ammenda ancoraggi. Nassau / Paradise Island Resort include anche le zone di Cable Beach e Paradise Island. Entro i suoi 80 mq 171.542 miglia dal vivo di persone - circa il 60% della popolazione delle Bahamas.
Rum Cay. La "Bella addormentata nel bosco" delle Bahamas, con la sua storica Loyalist piantagione di cotone indiano rovine e artefatti, bella dolci colline, spiagge dorate e la collana di barriere coralline che circondano le sue sponde. Originariamente il nome di Santa Maria de la Concezione da Columbus, Rum Cay si suppone che il suo nome attuale deriva dal relitto al momento della sua terra di un Occidente rumrunner indiano carico di merce. Port Nelson, un riparo porto sulla costa meridionale, è l'unica soluzione. L'isola è lunga 10 miglia e largo 5 miglia e ha meno di 100 abitanti.
San Salvador. Originariamente chiamato "Guanahani," Christopher Columbus fatto questo piccolo, 63-sq-miglia zona, storicamente la più importante isola delle Bahamas. Ha fatto prima costa qui nel 1492 e non meno di quattro monumenti marchio l'esatto punto in cui Colombo è venuto a terra. Resta da scoprire, avvolta nel suo passato, ben visibile tra le rovine barilatura lealisti piantagione e preponderanza di interessanti cimeli e oggetti da indiano giorni. La popolazione di 465 fa una vita da pesca e l'agricoltura. Cat Island può derivare il nome da Arthur Catt, il famoso capitano britannico mare o famigerato pirata (la cui seconda parte si erano). Una fonte di concorrenza per il nome sono le orde di gatti selvatici che l'inglese incontrati qui in arrivo nel 1600. I gatti hanno detto di essere discendenti dei loro cugini Tamer orfani dai primi colonizzatori spagnoli nella loro corsa per trovare l'oro del Sud America. Questa forma di boot, selvaggia isola è una delle più belle e fertili delle Bahamas. Un santuario rigogliosa, offre la tranquillità per coloro che cercano una fuga dalle pressioni della civiltà moderna. Altri pensato così, come Padre Girolamo, un penitente eremita che ha costruito un monastero medioevale scavata dal calcare scogliere cima Mt 206-piede. Alvernia, un luogo di meditazione. Da queste alte scogliere, vi è una meravigliosa vista verso il basso per densamente boscosa piedi e 60 km di deserti rosa-e-bianco-spiaggia di sabbia.

Cat Island era una volta sede di una delle più ricche colonie di Loyalist Out Islands. L'isola la sua ricchezza acquisita dalle numerose piantagioni di cotone, istituito nel corso del 1700. Ora, coperte di viti, semi-distrutto case e muri in pietra da aziende in cui i bovini sono stati scritta e ananas coltivati, giocare nascondino entro tropicale fiori, erba e sabbia. Fatiscenti resti di villaggi e slave artefatti in Arawak grotte sussurro di una vita lunga passato. Discendenti di quei primi coloni rimangono nella stessa città dei loro antenati.

Natura e quello che "il Signore provvederà" è la filosofia che la gente qui vive da. Cat isolani sono rinomati per la loro ingegnosità a utilizzare i materiali a portata di mano per fare quello che serve. Ad esempio, i musicisti combinare un pezzo di legno, alcune lenze da pesca e una vasca indossati stagno per creare il basso in un "rastrello 'n' raschiare" banda in un locale notturno. Accompagnato da un Conchshell (corno), un vecchio pettine coperto con carta (armonica), un vecchio falegname vide raschiati con un pezzo di metallo, e coronata da un tamburo che veramente fuma (pelli di capra si estendeva su legno e su una fiamma riscaldato) , Cat Island bande di produrre un suono unico.

Gran parte delle Bahamas' indigene musica, folklore e mito possono essere fatte risalire a Cat Island. In questo caso, "sarò con voi in spirito" assume un nuovo significato. Tradizionalmente, quando l'ultimo di una generazione muore, la sua casa è a sinistra per lo spirito di vivere poll Rimanenti parenti raccogliere pietre dal sito e la forma di una nuova abitazione. Altrove, nel nord dell 'isola, luogo mandrini residenti in cima case per prevenire i danni da loro befalling - una sorta di fulmine verga per gli spiriti maligni.

Cosa ne pensate di questa famiglia Bahamas spiaggia vacanza idea: Live in spiaggia privata, la propria casa vacanze a Fernandez Bay Village su Cat Island, Bahamas. The Perfect Bahamas Island Resort per le famiglie in cerca di fuga con i loro bambini, questo potrebbe essere solo la migliore famiglia Bahamas Isola vacanza mai idea. Giocare sulla spiaggia, nuotare in acque cristalline, noleggiare una barca per fare snorkeling, immersioni subacquee o semplicemente rilassarsi sulla spiaggia appartata Cat Island sotto l'ombra di alberi Casurina.

Su questa Isola Bahamas vacanza vacanza vi soggiorno direttamente sulla spiaggia, in una villa con due camere da letto Bahamas completa con una cucina, soggiorno e zona pranzo. Ma c'è così tanto da fare in questa vacanza della famiglia, che probabilmente non trascorrere molto tempo in ambienti chiusi.

Isola Bahamas vacanza

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Existem 700 Ilhas Bahamas polvilhadas de mais de 100.000 milhas quadradas de oceano começando a apenas 50 milhas ao largo da costa da Flórida. O arquipélago é um oásis ecológico featuring 2000 deslumbrantes ilhas e cays e ostenta a mais clara água do planeta, com uma visibilidade de mais de 200 pés. Você pode ver os seus dedos de forma tão fácil como pode o mundo do terceiro maior barreira recife.

Nós convidamos você a explorar todas as nossas ilhas. Um passo e você percebe a beleza de cada ilha estende muito além das nossas maravilhas naturais extraordinárias. É o sorrisos nas faces dos Bahamas pessoas. Os únicos sons da nossa rica cultura. A hospitalidade do nosso património ea nossa história colorida.

Oitenta e cinco por cento da população é de Bahamas Africano património. Cerca de dois terços da população reside em New Providence Island (a localização de Nassau). Muitos antepassados chegaram nas Bahamas, quando as ilhas serviram como um espaço para a encenação o comércio de escravos, no início dos anos 1800. Outros acompanhado de milhares de britânicos que fugiram do lealistas colônias americanas durante a Guerra Revolucionária.

Haitianos formam a maior comunidade imigrante nas Bahamas. 30000-50000 são estimados para ser residente legal ou ilegalmente, concentrados em New Providence, Eleuthera e Abaco ilhas.

A freqüência escolar é obrigatória entre as idades de 5 e 16. O governo plenamente opera 158 dos 210 escolas primárias e secundárias nas Bahamas. As outras 52 escolas privadas são operados. Inscrição estadual para escolas primárias e secundárias é 50332, com mais de 16.000 estudantes freqüentando escolas privadas. O Colégio das Bahamas, com sede em Nassau, em 1974, oferece programas conducentes a solteiros e associados graus. Vários não-Bahamas colégios oferecem também o ensino superior nos programas A Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus fez seu primeiro desembarque no Hemisfério Ocidental nas Bahamas. Espanhol escravos capturados depois comerciantes nativos Lucayan índios a trabalhar em minas de ouro Hispaniola, e dentro de 25 anos, todos os Lucayans pereceram. Em 1647, um grupo de Inglês e religiosas Bermudan refugiados, o Eleutheran aventureiros, fundou o primeiro assentamento permanente Europeia nas Bahamas Eleuthera Island e deu o seu nome. Similar governos formados grupos de assentados nas Bahamas até as ilhas se tornou uma colônia britânica Crown em 1717.

A tarde o início dos anos 1600 a 1700 foram a idade dourada de piratas e privateers. Muitos famosos piratas e privateers - incluindo Sir Francis Drake e Blackbeard - utilizados nas ilhas das Bahamas como uma base. As numerosas ilhas e ilhotas com suas complexas cardumes e canais prestaram excelentes lugares para se esconder a pilhagem dos navios perto de bem-viajado rotas. O primeiro Royal Governador, Woodes Rogers, trazido da lei e da ordem e as Bahamas, em 1718, quando ele expulsou o buccaneers.

Durante a Revolução Americana, American colonos leais à bandeira britânica liquidadas nas Bahamas. Estes novos colonizadores lealistas e da Grã-Bretanha trouxe Colonial construção das competências e conhecimentos agrícolas. Até 1834, quando Bretanha aboliu escravidão, mas também trouxe escravos, importando os ancestrais de muitos Bahamians moderna de África Ocidental.

Proximidade de os E.U. continuou a dar oportunidade para o transporte marítimo atividade ilegal. No decurso da Guerra Civil Americana, Bahamas prosperou como um centro de bloqueio confederação-running. Durante a proibição, as ilhas serviram de base para a American rumrunners. Hoje, o Bahamas é um importante ponto de transbordo de narcóticos no caminho para os E.U.

Bahamians alcançados auto-governo através de uma série de medidas constitucionais e político, alcançando interno de auto-governo, em 1964, e completa independência no seio da Commonwealth, em 10 de julho de 1973. Desde a independência, Bahamas tem continuado a desenvolver em um grande centro turístico e de serviços financeiros.
As Bahamas é um membro independente da Commonwealth of Nations. É uma democracia parlamentar, com eleições regulares. Como um país da Commonwealth, as suas tradições políticas e jurídicas seguir rigorosamente as do Reino Unido. As Bahamas reconhece o monarca britânico como seu chefe de estado formais, enquanto que um nomeado Governador Geral serve como o representante da Rainha nas Bahamas. Um bicamarais legislador aprova leis sob a Constituição 1973.

O plenário da Assembléia é constituída por 41 membros, eleitos por círculos eleitorais individuais a partir de 5 anos. Tal como no âmbito do sistema de Westminster, o governo pode dissolver o Parlamento e chamar eleições a qualquer momento. O plenário da Assembléia realiza todas as principais funções legislativas. O líder do partido da maioria atua como primeiro-ministro e chefe de governo. O gabinete é composto de, no mínimo, nove membros, incluindo o Primeiro-Ministro e os ministros do executivo departamentos. Eles responder politicamente, para a Casa da Assembléia.

O Senado é composto por 16 membros nomeados pelo Governador Geral, incluindo nove sobre o conselho do primeiro-ministro, quatro sobre o conselho do líder da oposição, e três sobre o conselho do Primeiro-Ministro após consulta com o líder da oposição .

O governador nomeia o Diretor-Geral da Justiça do Supremo Tribunal sobre o conselho do primeiro-ministro e líder da oposição. O Governador Geral nomeia os outros juízes com o conselho de uma comissão judicial. O Conselho Privado do Reino Unido, serve como o mais alto tribunal de apelação ou recursos.

O governo local distritos elegem conselhos para urbanismo, licenças comerciais, questões de tráfego e manutenção edifícios governamentais. Em alguns grandes municípios, menor nível municípios menores também têm responsabilidades.

Durante décadas, o branco-dominada Unidos Bahamas Party (UBP) deliberou Bahamas e, em seguida, uma dependência do Reino Unido, enquanto um grupo de influentes comerciantes brancos, conhecido como o "Bay Street Boys", dominou a economia local. Em 1953, Bahamians insatisfeitos com UBP regra formaram a oposição Partido Liberal Progressista (PLP). Sob a liderança de Lynden Pindling, o PLP ganhou controle do governo em 1967 e levou As Bahamas para a independência total em 1973.

Uma coligação de PLP UBP e ex-membros dissidentes formaram o Movimento Nacional Livre (FNM), em 1971. PLP Antigo ministro e membro do Parlamento Hubert Ingraham se tornou líder da FNM, em 1990, após a morte de Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Sob a liderança de INGRAHAM, a FNM ganhou o controlo do governo da PLP, em 1992 a agosto de eleições gerais. O PLP recuperou o poder em 2002 sob a liderança de Perry Christie, mas a FNM, novamente liderada por INGRAHAM, regressou ao governo por capturando 23 das 41 cadeiras na Câmara dos Assembleia durante a maio 2007 eleição. A próxima eleição deve ser realizada o mais tardar em maio de 2012.

Em julho de 2008 Primeiro Ministro Hubert Ingraham anunciadas alterações às pastas ministeriais e da criação de mais dois ministérios - o Ministério da Juventude, Esporte e Cultura e do Ministério do Ambiente.
As Bahamas é impulsionado pelo turismo e serviços financeiros. Turismo e turismo-driven construção e fabricação em um número estimado de 60% do produto interno bruto (PIB). O turismo emprega cerca de metade da força de trabalho Bahamas. Em 2008, 4,6 milhões de turistas visitaram as Bahamas, 85% dos Estados Unidos. Esta foi uma diminuição em 4,5% global de visitantes, quando comparado a 2007. Existem cerca de 110 US-filiadas as empresas que operam nas Bahamas, e estão mais associados ao turismo e banca. Com poucos recursos internos e pouca indústria, Bahamas importações quase todos os seus alimentos e produtos manufaturados dos Estados Unidos. Americana bens e serviços tendem a ser favorecido pela Bahamians devido às semelhanças culturais e pesada exposição a publicidade americana. As Bahamas economia, devido a sua grande dependência da E.U. turismo e comércio, é profundamente afectada por E.U. desempenho económico.

As Bahamas é actualmente a uma desaceleração econômica como resultado da recessão económica mundial. Turismo números diminuíram significativamente durante o último trimestre de 2008, e cerca de 1000 trabalhadores do sector do turismo foram demitidos desde Setembro de 2008. As Bahamas é centrada na construção e outros projectos de infra-estruturas em um esforço para impulsionar a economia e criar emprego. Objetivos futuros incluem o desenvolvimento continuado do turismo através de propriedades de grande escala o investimento do sector privado, incluindo um aumento da propriedade Bahamas, Grand Bahama redesenvolvimento da economia após grande furacão perdas em 2004, ea expansão do sector financeiro robusto Bahamas.

Além da diminuição do turismo, outros desafios econômicos enfrentados Bahamas incluem reunião continuou emprego exige, jumpstarting menos um processo de privatização, e de acompanhamento níveis crescentes da dívida pública. Outro grande desafio para Bahamians será para preparar livre comércio hemisférica. Atualmente, Bahamians não pagam renda ou impostos sobre vendas. A maior parte das receitas públicas é obtido a partir de tarifas elevadas e taxas de importação. Redução das barreiras comerciais, irá provavelmente exigir uma certa forma de tributação para substituir as receitas quando o país se torne uma parte da Área de Livre Comércio das Américas (Alca). Doméstica, como é evidente por oposição à Economia Mercado Único do Caribe (MEUC), as vantagens do livre comércio tem sido difícil para o governo a vender. Apesar de alguma oposição interna, o Bahamas Governo assinou um Acordo de Parceria Económica (APE) com a União Européia (UE) em Dezembro de 2008.

Uma série de projectos planeados hotel tem prometido para aumentar o crescimento económico ea criação de curto e longo prazo do emprego. O Atlantis Casino Resort em Paradise Island e continua a ser um grande turista desenhar e um motor da economia. O futuro do mar hotel Baha projeto foi posta em causa após operador cassino Harrah's puxou para fora do negócio, em Março de 2008. No entanto, em Março de 2009, o Exim Bank da China formalmente acordado para financiar o projeto estagnou, estimado em US $ 3,2 bilhões em financiamentos. O governo promete a expansão do Aeroporto Internacional de Nassau e se transformou a gestão a operadores privados. Bahamas O governo também tem adoptado uma atitude proactiva para cortejar os investidores estrangeiros e tem realizado grandes investimentos missões para o Extremo Oriente, Europa, América Latina, Índia e Canadá. O governo continua a dedicar especial atenção para a China para fomentar o turismo eo investimento. Os chineses estão a financiar a construção de um novo estádio desportivo $ 30 milhões em New Providence e pode proporcionar um complemento $ 100 milhões na construção rodoviária projectos. Enquanto o governo FNM manifestou o desejo de aumentar Bahamas propriedade interesses em evolução, Bahamas' dependência de investimentos estrangeiros é improvável que a mudança.

Os serviços financeiros constituem o segundo mais importante sector da economia Bahamas, representando até 15% do PIB, devido ao estatuto do país como um paraíso fiscal e bancário offshore centro. A Stop Tax Haven Abuse lei, que foi proposto no Congresso e que os E.U. nomes Bahamas como um segredo de 34 jurisdições, tem gerado grande discussão nos meios de comunicação locais e entre os políticos. Muitos sentem Bahamians a inclusão das Bahamas, de tal lei resultaria em importantes perdas de emprego no sector dos serviços financeiros. A partir de 2005, o governo tinha licenciado 262 bancos e empresas confiam nas Bahamas. As Bahamas promulgada a International Business Empresa (IBC) Act em Janeiro de 1990 para reforçar o status do país como um dos principais centro financeiro. O ato serviu para simplificar e reduzir o custo de incorporar empresas offshore nas Bahamas. Dentro de 9 anos, mais de 84.000 GRG do tipo de empresas tinha sido estabelecida. Em Fevereiro de 1991, o governo também legalizou o estabelecimento de Asset Protection Confia nas Bahamas. Em 2000, em resposta às organizações multilaterais "preocupações, o governo aprovou um pacote legislativo de medidas mais eficazes para regular melhor o setor financeiro e prevenir o branqueamento de capitais no sector bancário do país, incluindo a criação de uma Unidade de Inteligência Financeira e de aplicação de" know-o -cliente "regras. Algumas destas medidas foram contestadas no Bahamas tribunais, bem como o número de bancos offshore registrada nas Bahamas tem diminuído substancialmente desde 2002. Tal como muitos como metade dos GRG também fecharam loja. Como resultado, o governo está a considerar a legislação suplementar para manter a indústria competitiva sem deixar de respeitar as normas internacionais, incluindo uma possível reforma da estrutura regulamentar e com a assinatura de vários acordos de Intercâmbio de Informações Fiscais.

Agricultura e pescas, em conjunto, representam 3% do PIB. As Bahamas exportações lagosta e alguns peixes, mas não levanta esses itens comercialmente. Não há agricultura em grande escala, ea maioria dos produtos agrícolas que são consumidos no mercado interno. Na sequência de um surto de cancro cítrico em 2005, em Abaco, Bahamas perdeu uma das principais exportações agrícolas, e do Ministério da Agricultura proibiu a exportação de produtos vegetais a partir de Abaco. As Bahamas importações superiores a US $ 250 milhões em alimentos por ano, representando cerca de 80% do seu consumo alimentar.

As Bahamas Governo mantém o valor do dólar Bahamas em pé de igualdade com os E.U. dólar. As Bahamas é um beneficiário do US-Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), do Canadá CARIBCAN programa, e da UE, acordo de parceria económica. Embora Bahamas participa nos aspectos políticos da Comunidade do Caribe (CARICOM), ele ainda não tenha entrado em conjunto de iniciativas económicas, como o CSME, com outros estados do Caribe.

As Bahamas tem algumas notáveis empresas industriais: a empresa farmacêutica PFC Bahamas (anteriormente Syntex); a BORCO petróleo facilidade, fazer negócios como Vooak Terminal Bahamas; Sands Beer, e do Grand Bahama Brewery, todos em Freeport, e da Commonwealth Brewery, em Nassau , que produz Heineken, Guinness, e Kalik cervejas. Outras indústrias incluem seco ao sol sal marinho em Great Inagua, uma doca molhada facilidade no Freeport para a reparação de navios de cruzeiro, e mineração de aragonite - um tipo de pedra calcária com vários usos industriais - a partir do mar no Oceano Cay.

O Hawksbill Creek acordo estabeleceu uma zona livre de impostos em Freeport, Bahamas' de segunda maior cidade, com um parque industrial perto de incentivar o investimento industrial estrangeiras. A empresa baseada em Hong Kong Hutchison Whampoa opera o porto de contentores Freeport. Bahamas O Parlamento aprovou legislação em 1993 que se estendeu mais Freeport através de isenções fiscais e 2054.
Villas Vila Esperança convida você para ficar no nosso artisticamente concebido, moradias isoladas. Localizado na margem do rio ou ao lado da praia, eles são conhecidos por sua exuberante jardim, bonita vista refúgio e locais na resolução de Vila Esperança.
Relaxe na nossa ilha o melhor da praia, sobre os recifes snorquel, apenas a três minutos a pé. Passeie no livre-trânsito, estreitas faixas de nosso acordo com brightly-ripa de madeira pintada casas para apreciar um ritmo de vida.

Aprecie a vista da nossa pitoresco porto com veleiros e histórico candy-striped farol, jantar no nosso restaurante fino, dança sob as estrelas. É tudo à sua porta!
Oferecemos alguns dos mais atraentes aluguéis de férias na ilha e tem orgulho em oferecer excepcionalmente limpo e bem aprontado moradias. Muitos dos nossos hóspedes retorno anual.

Nosso gerente Karen Huff-Lowe oferece atenção personalizada e hospitalidade para garantir a sua viagem de férias é muito especial.

Esperança é uma cidade pitoresca, do século 18 na vila piscatória Elbow Cay, (seis milhas de comprimento por quarto milhas de largura) localizadas no exterior recife de uma cadeia de ilhas esmeralda, conhecida como a Abacos. Rodeado por um mar translúcido turquiose e conhecido por ser um dos mais áreas protegidas no Caribe para pequenas embarcações explorar.
O histórico de liquidação da Esperança Cidade moldado em torno de um porto protegido, apenas a três quarteirões de grande oceano lado para abrigar lado, também é conhecida pelos seus famosos doces listrada farol. Os visitantes são livres para subir ao farol de esplêndida vista da barreira recifes e ilhas adjacentes.

Ilha é a vida sem pressa, nomeadamente, moradores e visitantes passear o tráfego livre ruas da Vila Esperança com o seu brightly ripa de madeira pintada casas, cercas e floridos jardins piquete. Original lealistas colonos que foram transferidos para estas ilhas após a Revolução Americana. Plantações, compressas, pesca, construção naval, a pirataria, contrabando e tornou destruindo as formas de vida passada. A estreita malha comunidade de 300 pessoas povoam a ilha durante o ano inteiro. As actividades que atraem os visitantes e manter os nossos clientes regressam anualmente são:

Alugar um barco e explorar as muitas ilhas e histórico assentamentos no protegidas águas do mar de Abaco.
Snorkeling ou mergulho em nossos parques nacionais subaquática mar.
Jantar no nosso finos restaurantes sob as estrelas, e dançar a música calypso.
Picnicing e bombardeamentos sobre as muitas praias de ilhas desertas.
Explorando um artista colônia, beber rum e socos na romântica praia bares.
Explorando a nossa ilha em um carro alugado golfe ou de bicicleta.
Pesca no alto mar, pesca óssea são oferecidas por guias profissionais.
Sentado em seu waterfront convés ou sair em um hammock e ler um bom livro.
Nós esperamos que você terá a oportunidade de visitar-nos, por favor deixe-nos saber se você tem alguma dúvida, não quero te contar tudo sobre a nossa ilha, mas deixar algumas coisas de uma agradável surprise.Junkanoo é uma festa nacional na Bahamas, o único lugar onde se realiza tal honra. Há mesmo um museu mostrando Junkanoo costumes, arte e artefatos na baixa de Nassau - um culturais e deve destacar-ver atracção para todos os visitantes. A origem da palavra Junkanoo é obscura. Alguns dizem que vem do francês "L'inconnu" (significando o desconhecido), em referência às máscaras usadas pelos paraders, ou "junk enoo", o escocês colonos' referência à desfiles, significando "junk suficiente;" ou "John Canoe", o nome de um chefe tribal Africano, que exigiram o direito de comemorar com seu povo, mesmo depois de serem levadas ao West Indies em escravidão.

Acredita-se que este festival começou durante os dias 16 e 17. Séculos. Os escravos foram dadas um momento especial férias no Natal, quando as plantações poderia deixar de estar com a família e comemorar os feriados com Africano dança, música e figurinos. Após a emancipação, que continuou essa tradição, e, hoje, Junkanoo evoluiu a partir de suas origens a uma simples formal, mais organizado com o desfile sofisticado, intrincado figurinos, músicas temáticas e incentivo prêmios.

Natal celebrações nas Bahamas não seria completa sem Junkanoo bandas "pressa" nas ruas. Venture para Bay Street, em Nassau durante o início da madrugada de Boxing Day (o dia depois do Natal) e no Dia de Ano Novo e eis esta cornucópia de cor e som. A escuridão da madrugada adiciona à atmosfera encantadora. Overhead streetlights destacar as cores das fantasias e banners intricadamente concebida e padronizada a partir de tiras de papel crepom minuto de todas as cores colada ao vestuário, papelão e madeira.

Entre os Junkanoo troupes são os "saxões", "Vale Boys" e "Raízes". A concorrência entre elas é acirrada - milhares de dólares de prémio monetário estão em jogo - e desenhos são um disfarce estreitamente-segredo até que sejam finalmente revelada.

Cada trupe escolhe um tema para as suas fantasias e membros estão vestidas com as variações do mesmo tema. Poderia ser algo tão arcaico como Vikings ou como contemporâneos como os astronautas. Os grupos de curta etapa ou merengue ao longo da rua, em função da música que jogar com a sua cabra-pele tambores, cowbells, conchshell buzinas e apitos. Revelers à margem pinotear com o
mesmo abandonar, cantar e dançar junto, "We're rushin ', estamos rushin', estamos rushin por meio da multidão ... Kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kaliking kk-kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, sim. "

Todos estão convidados a participar na festa e dançar e cantar junto. Demora cerca de duas horas para ver todas as entradas, mas não deixe isso agora. É ainda melhor no segundo tempo ao redor!

E se você apenas não pode deixar de Bahamas em Christmastime, Junkanoo desfiles também são realizadas em conjunto com outras celebrações especiais, como Dia da Independência (10 jul.).

O Abacos. Com uma área de 650 metros quadrados milhas, este grupo de ilhas curvas mais de 130 milhas de mar esmeralda. Os imigrantes da Grã-Bretanha e os E.U. lealistas fogem após a Revolução Americana resolvido aqui no 17 º e 18. Séculos. Estas origens estão reflectidas na Nova Inglaterra ao estilo de arquitetura e as actividades tradicionais de calma aldeias, principalmente intocado por tempos modernos. As ilhas são referidas como "O Barco de construção de central das Bahamas. População: 10061.

Crooked Island. Estas duas ilhas fazem parte de um grupo de quatro ilhas cobrindo 100 milhas. Fortune Crooked Island flancos e Castelo ilha, Aklins. Columbus é acusada de ter vindo para a área à procura de ouro, mas apenas o "tesouro" ele foi encontrado sensoriais - o jasmim-como fragrância no ar. Acklins em 120 metros quadrados milhas é rochosa e íngreme e tem uma população de 428. Crooked Island a 92 milhas sq é principalmente composta por tidal flats e profundas enseadas. População: 423.

Andros. Andros é a maior das Bahamas, com uma área de 2300 metros quadrados milhas. Conhecido como "O Bonefishing Capital do Mundo", que é plana (excepto para a costa leste), e marcado por inúmeras enseadas e lagos interiores cheias de peixe. A paisagem inclui extensa virgens pinheiros, palmeiras e mogno florestas, manguezais e esfrega com grandes colônias de aves marinhas. O Oeste é uma terra árida baixa banco chamado "O Barro;" a Barreira de Corais de Andros cabe apenas ao largo da costa oriental ao longo da Língua do Oceano. População: 8.155.

Berry Island. Deitado em uma longa linha Lacy, este grupo de 30 cays abrange uma área de 12 metros quadrados milhas. Com nomes como Fish Cay, Bird Cay, Congelados Cay, Whale Cay e Little Whale Cay, não é nada surpreendente que são apenas para o segundo Biminis como um paraíso para a pesca desportiva. O seu isolamento, belas praias e águas em torno das ilhas também fazer um retiro para populat iatistas. Apenas algumas das ilhas tem uma população permanente, o que totaliza 634.

Biminis. São um pequeno grupo de ilhas, que consiste do Norte e do Sul Bimini, Cat Cay e Gun Cay. Eles estão localizados 50 milhas a leste de Miami, Flórida, na ponta da corrente do Golfo (pesca de alto mar território), com a Grande Bahama Bank (bonefish assombrar) na sua porta traseira. As águas deste pequeno pedaço das Bahamas spawn alguns dos maiores jogo peixe no mundo. Possui uma área de 9 metros quadrados milhas e uma população de 1638.

Cat Island. É uma das mais belas, férteis ilhas nas Bahamas e ostenta a maior elevação de todos eles com MT. Alvernia a 206 pés. Seus 150 metros quadrados milhas é coberta com material verdes colinas de densa floresta e inúmero milhas de praias magníficas. Ainda muito enmeshed no passado, a prova da sua rápida indianas culturas e plantações Lealistas abunda pensamento da ilha. Tem uma população de 1.678. Eleuthera. Aqui, as raízes da história moderna Bahamas foram plantadas pela "Eleutheran aventureiros", que estabeleceu o que provavelmente foi a primeira verdadeira democracia no mundo ocidental mais de 300 anos atrás. Grande parte da atmosfera colonial precoce é preservada na pequena pesca villagesand expansão zonas agrícolas. A ilha é de 110 milhas de comprimento e apenas duas milhas de largura ao longo dos seus mais de comprimento. Basta offshore são Harbour Island (conhecido pela sua cor rosa-praias) e espanhol Wells (onde encontraram outros piratas e de água doce). População: 10.524.

Exuma. Alongamento para 130 metros quadrados milhas, essas ilhas oferecem notável cruzeiro e são conhecidos pelos iatistas como a "vela de capital das Bahamas." Existem 365 cays praias com areia pura, isolado fixações portos e litoral. Variedades e aventura marca cada milha. Algumas ilhas são apenas um monte de areia no mar, outros são de alta cliffed e florestas. A maioria dos cays são desabitadas, com uma população total de 3539.

Grand Bahama. O sabor do Grand Bahama Island é uma combinação do excitante e moderno resort centro comercial e de Freeport / Lucaya esquecida e sonolento aldeias e cidades históricas como West End (oeste) e McLeans Cidade de Leste. Freeport / Lucaya, um homem-feito milagre, é a segunda cidade do país. Ela evoluiu de uma área de deserto, foi domesticado e transformado em um feriado mecca para aqueles que procuram saciar a sua natureza desportiva, quer em terra ou mar. A ilha tem uma área de 530 metros quadrados milhas; população: 41.035. Inagua. Situada a sul o mais distante nas Bahamas, que abrange 645 metros quadrados milhas e compreende as ilhas da Grande e Pequena Inagua. O terreno é selvagem e desolado; deserto-como o clima. Great Inagua é famosa por sua extensa sal campos que produzem mais de um milhão de toneladas do produto em um ano. Uma grande parte do que é um parque protegido - santuário e reprodutores território há mais de 60000 West Indian Flamingos - ave nacional das Bahamas - muitas espécies raras de aves tropicais, tartarugas e iguanas. Little Inagua é desabitada por seres humanos. A população é 924.

Esfarrapado Ilha. A foice-shaped esfarrapado Ilha Gama trechos do Jumento Cays na ponta sul da Exumas curvas leste, sul, em seguida, para baixo para Ilha Grande em pedaços com os seus principais liquidação de Duncan Town. É uma grande seca, selvagem, vento local, rodeado por um mar traiçoeiro. Áspero ilhéus são em grande demanda por suas habilidades em navegar nestes cardumes; são as suas principais ocupações navegação, de pesca e fazer artesanato. As ilhas têm uma área de 15 quilómetros quadrados e uma população de 89.

Mayagua. É pacífico e tranquilo, "quão Colombo reuniu-la", assim o dizem os habitantes locais. Ela ainda mantém a sua origem indiana nome. Mayaguana é um perfeito para parar de velejar entusiastas, com vários bons portos e ancoradouros, grande pesca, bombardeamentos e natação. Andar a pé através das aldeias é outro passatempo favorito, onde há muita cor local para desfrutar na encantadora casas e pessoas. A ilha tem uma área de 110 metros quadrados milhas e uma população de 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. É economicamente a mais importante ilha das Bahamas, a casa de seu capital, Nassau, a sede do governo. Nassau é uma sofisticada, charmosa cidade velha construída sobre um sol-splashed encosta sobranceira ao mar. Foi fundada em 1670 e cresceu rapidamente como o centro de comércio para as ilhas devido ao seu porto protegido com multa fixações. Nassau / Paradise Island também inclui as áreas de resort Cable Beach e Paradise Island. Dentro de seus 80 metros quadrados milhas vivem 171.542 pessoas - cerca de 60% da população Bahamas.
Rum Cay. A "Bela Adormecida", de Bahamas, com a sua lavoura de algodão ruínas históricas Lealistas e indianos artefatos, lovely colinas onduladas, praias douradas e colar de recifes de corais rodeia as suas margens. Originalmente chamado Santa Maria de la Concepción por Colombo, Rum Cay é suposto ter o seu nome actual a partir de derivados do naufrágio da sua terra de uma West Indian rumrunner carregado com a mercadoria. Port Nelson, um porto abrigado na costa sul, é a única solução. A ilha é de 10 milhas de comprimento e 5 milhas de largura e tem menos de 100 habitantes.
San Salvador. Originalmente chamada "Guanahani," Christopher Columbus fez este minúsculo, 63-sq-milha área, historicamente a mais importante ilha das Bahamas. Ele fez primeiro desembarque aqui em 1492 e nada menos que quatro separado monumentos marca o local exato onde Colombo chegou em terra. Ela ainda permanece desconhecido, camuflada em seu passado, claramente visíveis entre os lealistas plantação desmoronar ruínas e preponderância de interessante relíquias e artefatos de indianos dias. A população de 465 faz uma vida pela pesca ea agricultura. Cat Island pode ter o seu nome derivado de Arthur Catt, o famoso capitão britânico mar ou famoso pirata (dependendo do que você estava em cujo lado). Uma fonte concorrentes para o nome são as hordas de gatos selvagens que o Inglês encontradas aqui na chegada à 1600. Os gatos foram dito ser descendentes de seus primos domesticador órfãs por os primeiros colonizadores espanhóis, em sua corrida para encontrar o ouro da América do Sul. Esta forma de arranque, não domesticado ilha é uma das mais belas e férteis das Bahamas. Uma exuberante santuário, que proporciona tranqüilidade para aqueles que procuram uma fuga, contra as pressões da civilização moderna. Outros pensam assim também, como o Padre Jerónimo, um penitente eremita que construiu um mosteiro medieval hewn das falésias calcárias 206-pé em cima de Mateus. Alvernia, um local de meditação. A partir destas altas falésias, existe uma maravilhosa vista para as colinas densamente florestadas, e 60 quilômetros de deserto rosa-e-branca praia de areia.

Cat Island era uma vez a casa de uma das mais prósperas colônias do Lealistas Out Islands. A ilha ganhou a sua riqueza a partir do algodão numerosas plantações estabelecidas durante o 1700. Agora, videira-coberto, semi-arruinados mansões de pedra provenientes de explorações onde escreveu e ananases bovinos foram cultivados, e procurar jogar esconder dentro do flores tropicais, capim e areia. Esboroando remanescentes de escravos aldeias e artefatos em Arawak cavernas sussurrar de uma vida longa passado. Descendentes daqueles primeiros colonizadores permanecem na mesma cidade dos seus antepassados.

Natureza e que "o Senhor dará" é a filosofia de que as pessoas vivem por aqui. Cat ilhéus são famosos por sua habilidade em utilizar os materiais em mãos para fazer o que eles precisam. Por exemplo, músicos combinar um pedaço de madeira, alguns linha de pesca e uma banheira de estanho usado para criar o robalo em um instrumento "rake 'n' arranhei" banda em uma boate local. Acompanhado por um Conchshell (buzina), um velho pente coberto com papel (harmônica), um velho carpinteiro da serra raspados com um pedaço de metal, e culminou em um tambor que realmente fuma (cabra peles esticadas sobre madeira e aquecida durante uma chama) , Cat Island bandas produzir um único som.

Grande parte das Bahamas' indígenas música, folclore e mito podem ser rastreados para Cat Island. Aqui, "vou estar com você em espírito" assume todo um novo significado. Tradicionalmente, quando o último de uma geração morre, a sua casa, é deixado para o espírito para viver pol Restantes parentes recolher pedras do local e formar uma nova habitação. Noutros casos, no norte da ilha, além de moradores local fusos casas para evitar danos causados pelo abate sobre eles - uma espécie de pára-raios por espíritos malignos.

Como sobre esta família praia férias Bahamas ideia: ao vivo em sua própria casa na praia de férias Fernandez Bay Village em Cat Island, Bahamas. A Perfect Bahamas Island resort para famílias que procuram fugir com seus filhos, isto pode ser apenas o melhor família férias Bahamas Island ideia nunca. Jogue na praia, nadar nas águas cristalinas, alugar um barco para ir snorkel, mergulho, ou apenas relaxar na praia isolada Cat Island sob a sombra das árvores Casurina.

Nesta ilha de férias Bahamas fuga você ficar directamente sobre a praia em um quarto dois Bahamas vivenda completa com uma cozinha completa, sala de estar e jantar. Mas há muito a fazer sobre esta família de férias, que você provavelmente não vai passar muito tempo em ambientes fechados.


Le Chemin de Saint Jacques

BAHAMAS Den Lucayan nationalpark Abaco Cays Harbour Island Cat Island Nassau Junkanoo Annandag jul karnevalsartiklar Pink Sands Beach Wild bottlenose delfiner Djupaste blått hål Alvernia Hermitage Marsh Harbour Hope Town Elbow Cay Paradise Island



Det finns 700 öar Bahamas bevattnas över 100,000 square miles i havet börjar bara 50 miles utanför kusten till Florida. Skärgården är en ekologisk oas med 2000 hisnande öar och cays och ståtar med den klaraste vatten på planeten, med en synlig på över 200 meter. Du kan se dina tår lika lätt som du kan världens tredje största barriärrevet.

Vi inbjuder dig att utforska alla våra öar. Ett steg och du kommer att inse skönheten i varje ön sträcker sig långt bortom våra extra naturliga underverk. Det är leenden i ansiktena på de BAHAMANSK människor. Den unika ljud i vår rika kultur. Den varma gästfrihet av vårt kulturarv och våra färgstarka historia.

Åttiofem procent av BAHAMANSK befolkningen afrikanska arv. Omkring två tredjedelar av befolkningen är bosatt på New Providence Island (lokalisering av Nassau). Många förfäder kom till Bahamas när öarna fungerat som en mellanstation för slavhandeln i början av 1800-talet. Andra åtföljas tusentals brittiska lojalister som flydde den amerikanska kolonierna under den revolutionära kriget.

Haitier utgör den största invandrargrupper samfundet i Bahamas. 30000-50000 beräknas vara bosatta lagligt eller olagligt, koncentrerad på New Providence, Abaco och Eleuthera öar.

Är skolpliktiga mellan 5 och 16. Regeringen fullt verksam 158 av 210 grundskolor och gymnasieskolor i Bahamas. De övriga 52 skolor är privata. Enrollment för statliga grund-och gymnasieskolor är 50332, med mer än 16000 elever privata skolor. Kollegiet för Bahamas, med säte i Nassau 1974, innehåller program som leder till ungkarlar och intressebolag grader. Flera icke-BAHAMANSK högskolor också erbjuda högre utbildning program i Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus gjorde sin första LANDKÄNNING på västra halvklotet i Bahamas. Spanska slavhandlarna senare fångas infödda Lucayan indierna arbete i guldgruvorna i Hispaniola och inom 25 år, alla Lucayans försvunnit. Under 1647 kan en grupp av engelska och bermudiansk religiösa flyktingar, Eleutheran äventyrare, som grundades den första permanenta europeiska uppgörelse i Bahamas och gav Eleuthera Island sitt namn. Liknande grupper av bosättare bildade regeringar i Bahamas till öarna blev en brittisk kronkoloni i 1717.

Det sena 1600-talet till början av 1700-talet var en gyllene ålder för pirater och privateers. Många kända pirater och privateers - däribland Sir Francis Drake och Blackbeard - används öarna Bahamas som bas. De många öar och skär med deras komplexa stim och kanaler förutsatt utmärkta gömställen för plundring fartyg nära väl rest fartygsleder. Den första kungliga guvernör, Woodes Rogers, som väckts lag och ordning till Bahamas i 1718 när han drev ut buccaneers.

Under den amerikanska revolutionen, amerikanska kolonister lojala mot den brittiska flaggan fast i Bahamas. Dessa regeringstrogna och nya bosättare från Storbritannien tog Colonial att bygga upp kompetens och jordbrukslagstiftningen expertis. Fram till 1834, när Storbritannien avskaffade slaveriet, de också väckt slavar, importera förfäder i många moderna Bahamians från Västafrika.

Närheten till USA fortsatte att ge möjlighet för illegala sjöfarten. Under det amerikanska inbördeskriget, Bahamas blomstrat som ett centrum Konfedererade blockad-kör. Under Förbud, öar fungerade som en bas för amerikanska rumrunners. Idag Bahamas är ett stort omlastningsmedlemsstaten för narkotika på väg till USA

Bahamians uppnås självstyre genom en rad konstitutionella och politiska åtgärder för att uppnå inre självstyre år 1964 och full självständighet inom Brittiska samväldet den 10 juli 1973. Sedan självständigheten har Bahamas har fortsatt att utvecklas till ett stort turist-och finansiella tjänster centrum.
Bahamas är en oberoende medlem av Commonwealth of Nations. Det är en parlamentarisk demokrati med regelbundna val. Som en Commonwealth landet, dess politiska och rättsliga traditioner noga följa dem i Storbritannien. Bahamas erkänner den brittiska monarken som formell statschef, medan en utses generalguvernören fungerar som drottningens representant i Bahamas. En tudelad lagstiftaren stiftar lagar under 1973 författning.

Hus församlingen består av 41 ledamöter, valda från enskilda valkretsar för 5 år termer. Liksom i det brittiska systemet, regeringen kan upplösa parlamentet och utlysa val när som helst. Hus församlingen utför alla större lagstiftande funktion. Ledaren för de flesta parter tjänar som statsminister och regeringschef. Kansliet består av minst nio ledamöter, inklusive premiärministern och ministrarna i verkställande organ. De svar politiskt till House of Assembly.

Senaten består av 16 ledamöter som utses av generalguvernören, inklusive nio på inrådan av premiärministern, fyra på inrådan av oppositionsledaren och tre på inrådan av premiärministern efter samråd med oppositionsledaren .

Centralbankschefen Allmänna utser Chief Justice i Högsta domstolen på inrådan av statsministern och oppositionsledaren. Centralbankschefen Allmänna utser annan rättslig med hjälp av ett rättsligt provision. Den Privy Council i Storbritannien utgör den högsta appellationsdomstolen.

Samkommunernas distrikt välja råd för stadsplanering, företag licenser, trafik och underhålla offentliga byggnader. I vissa stora distrikt, lägre kommuner har också mindre ansvar.

Under årtionden har den vita dominerade United BAHAMANSK Party (UBP) regerade Bahamas, då ett beroende av Storbritannien, medan en grupp inflytelserika vita handlare, känt som "Bay Street Boys", domineras den lokala ekonomin. Under 1953, Bahamians missnöjda med UBP regel bildas oppositionen Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Under ledning av Lynden Pindling den PLP vunnit kontroll av regeringen 1967 och ledde Bahamas till full självständighet 1973.

En koalition av PLP dissidenter och tidigare UBP Medlemmens Free National Movement (FNM) i 1971. Tidigare PLP minister och medlem av parlamentet Hubert Ingraham blev ledare för FNM 1990, vid dödsfall Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Under ledning av Ingraham den FNM vann kontrollen av de offentliga från PLP i august 1992 allmänna val. Den PLP återfick makten 2002 under ledning av Perry Christie, men FNM, återigen ledd av Ingraham, återlämnas till staten genom att ta 23 av de 41 platserna i parlamentet i församlingen under maj 2007 val. I nästa val måste hållas senast i maj 2012.

I juli 2008 premiärminister Hubert Ingraham aviserade förändringar ministeriell portföljer och skapandet av ytterligare två ministerier - Ministeriet för ungdom, idrott och kultur och miljö.
Bahamas drivs av turism och finansiella tjänster. Turism och turism-driven konstruktion och tillverkning ger uppskattningsvis 60% av bruttonationalprodukten (BNP). Turismen sysselsätter ungefär hälften av BAHAMANSK arbetskraften. Under 2008, 4,6 miljoner turister besökte Bahamas, 85% från USA. Detta var en 4,5% minskning av totala besökare jämfört med 2007. Det finns omkring 110 US-anslutna företag som är verksamma i Bahamas, och de flesta i samband med turism och bank. Med några få inhemska resurser och liten industri, Bahamas import nästan all sin mat och varor från USA. Amerikanska varor och tjänster tenderar att gynnas av Bahamians på grund av kulturella likheter och tung exponering för amerikansk reklam. Den BAHAMANSK ekonomin, på grund av dess starka beroendet av USA turism och handel, är djupt påverkas av USA: s ekonomiska resultat.

Bahamas för närvarande befinner sig i en ekonomisk nedgång till följd av den världsomfattande lågkonjunkturen. Turism antalet sjunkit avsevärt under det sista kvartalet 2008 och cirka 1000 turistnäringen anställda har blivit uppsagd sedan september 2008. Bahamas är inriktad på bygg-och andra infrastrukturprojekt i ett försök att stimulera ekonomin och skapa sysselsättning. Framtida mål omfattar fortsatt utveckling av turismen egenskaper genom storskaliga investeringar i den privata sektorn, inklusive ökad BAHAMANSK ägande, renovering av Grand Bahama ekonomin efter större orkan förluster under 2004 och utbyggnaden av den robusta BAHAMANSK finansiella sektorn.

Förutom den minskade turismen, andra ekonomiska utmaningar Bahamas omfatta möte fortsatt anställning krav, jumpstarting ett släpar privatiseringsprocessen och övervakning ökande statsskuld. En annan stor utmaning för Bahamians kommer att vara att förbereda sig för HEMISFERISK frihandel. För närvarande Bahamians betalar inte inkomst-eller omsättningsskatt. De flesta offentliga intäkter kommer från höga tullar och import avgifter. Minskade handelshinder kommer förmodligen att kräva någon form av beskattning för att ersätta intäkterna när landet blir en del av ett frihandelsområde i Nord-och Sydamerika (FTAA). Som framgår av den inhemska oppositionen mot Karibien Single Marknadsekonomisk (CSME), fördelarna med frihandel har varit svårt för regeringen att sälja. Trots vissa inhemska oppositionen, de BAHAMANSK regeringen undertecknade ett avtal om ekonomiskt partnerskap (EPA) med den Europeiska unionen (EU) i december 2008.

Ett antal planerade hotellet projekt har lovat att öka den ekonomiska tillväxten och skapa kort-och långsiktig sysselsättning. Atlantis Resort and Casino på Paradise Island är fortfarande ett stort turist dra och en motor i ekonomin. Framtiden för Baha mars hotell projektet ifrågasattes efter casino operatör Harrah's dragit sig ur affären i mars 2008. Men i mars 2009 den Exim Bank Kina formellt för att finansiera de avstannade projektet, som uppskattas till $ 3,2 miljarder i finansiering. Regeringen lovar att expandera Nassau International Airport och blev över förvaltningen till privata aktörer. Den BAHAMANSK regeringen har också antagit en proaktiv inställning till UPPVAKTANDE utländska investerare och har gjort stora investeringar uppdrag till Fjärran Östern, Europa, Latinamerika, Indien och Kanada. Regeringen fortsätter att ägna särskild uppmärksamhet åt Kina för att främja turism och investeringar. Den kinesiska finansierar byggandet av en ny $ 30 miljoner idrottsarenan i New Providence och kan ge ett tillägg $ 100 miljoner i väg byggnadsprojekt. Medan FNM Regeringen har uttryckt en önskan att öka BAHAMANSK ägarintressen i utvecklingen, Bahamas beroende av utländska investeringar kommer sannolikt inte att förändras.

Finansiella tjänster är den näst viktigaste delen av BAHAMANSK ekonomin och står för upp till 15% av BNP på grund av landets status som skatteparadis och offshore banking center. Stop Tax Haven Abuse lagförslag, som har föreslagits i den amerikanska kongressen och som namn Bahamas som en av 34 sekretess jurisdiktioner, har väckt stor debatt i lokala media och bland politiker. Många Bahamians känna delaktighet i Bahamas på ett sådant lagförslag skulle resultera i en betydande förlust av arbetstillfällen inom sektorn för finansiella tjänster. Från och med 2005 har regeringen haft licensierade 262 banker och förtroende i Bahamas. Bahamas promulgerades International Business Companies (IBC) Act i januari 1990 för att stärka landets ställning som en ledande finansiella centrum. Lagen syftade till att förenkla och minska kostnaderna för att införa offshore-bolag i Bahamas. Inom 9 år, mer än 84.000 IBC-typ företag hade fastställts. I februari 1991 har regeringen också legaliseras inrättandet av Asset Protection litar på Bahamas. Under 2000, som svar på multilaterala organisationer oro har regeringen antagit ett lagstiftningspaket starkare åtgärder för att bättre reglera den finansiella sektorn och förhindra penningtvätt i landets banksektor, inklusive skapandet av en finansiell underrättelseenhet och verkställighet av "know-din -kunder "-reglerna. Några av dessa åtgärder har ifrågasatts i BAHAMANSK domstolar och antalet offshore banker är registrerade i Bahamas har minskat väsentligt sedan 2002. Så många som hälften av IBCer har också stängt butiken. Som en följd av att regeringen överväger ytterligare lagstiftning för att bevara industrins konkurrenskraft samtidigt som internationella normer, inklusive eventuell reform av regelverket och undertecknandet av mer Skatteinformation Exchange avtalen.

Jordbruk och fiske står för 3% av BNP. Bahamas export hummer och en del fisk men inte ta upp dessa poster kommersiellt. Det finns inga storskaliga jordbruk, och de flesta jordbruksprodukter konsumeras inom landet. Efter ett utbrott av citrus kräfta på Abaco 2005, Bahamas förlorat viktigaste jordbruksexportsubventionerna och jordbruksministeriets förbjudit export av vegetabiliskt material från Abaco. Bahamas importerar mer än $ 250 miljoner i livsmedel per år, vilket motsvarar ungefär 80% av sina livsmedel.

Den BAHAMANSK regeringen hävdat värdet på Bahamas-dollar i nivå med den amerikanska dollarn. Bahamas är en mottagare av den USA-Karibien Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), Kanada: s CARIBCAN program och EU: s ekonomiska partnerskapsavtal. Även Bahamas deltar i de politiska aspekterna av Karibien gemenskapen (CARICOM), det har inte trätt i gemensamma ekonomiska initiativ, liksom CSME, med andra Karibien stater.

Bahamas har några anmärkningsvärda industriföretag: läkemedelssektorn företaget PFC Bahamas (tidigare Syntex) och BORCO olja anläggningen, göra affärer som Vooak Terminal Bahamas; Sands Beer och Grand Bahama Bryggeri, allt i Freeport, och Commonwealth Brewery i Nassau , som tillverkar Heineken, Guinness och Kalik öl. Övriga omfattar soltorkat havssalt i Great Inagua, våt dockstationen anläggning i Freeport för reparation av kryssningsfartyg och utvinning av aragonite - en typ av kalksten med flera industriellt bruk - från havsbottnen på Ocean Cay.

Den Hawksbill Muskogee avtalet inrättas en tullfri zon i Freeport, Bahamas "näst största stad, med ett närliggande industriområde för att uppmuntra utländska industriinvesteringar. Det Hongkong-baserade företaget Hutchison Whampoa driver containerhamn i Freeport. Den BAHAMANSK Parlamentet godkände lagstiftningen 1993 att förlängas mest Freeport skatt och tull undantag genom 2054.
Hope Town Villas inbjuder till vistelse i vår konstnärligt utformade, avskilt villor. Ligger vid vattnet eller bredvid stranden, de är kända för sina lummiga trädgårdar, vackra vyer och gömställe platser vid avveckling av Hope Stan.
Slappna av på vår öns finaste strand, snorkla på reven, bara tre minuters promenad bort. Strosa genom trafik-fria, smala gränder i vår uppgörelse med starkt målad FJÄLLPANEL hus att uppskatta en långsammare takt i livet.

Njut av utsikten från vår pittoreska hamn med segelbåtar och historiska godis-randiga fyr, äta på våra fina restauranger, dans under stjärnorna. It's all på dörren!
Vi erbjuder några av de mest attraktiva Semesterbostad på ön och är stolta över att erbjuda extremt rena och välutrustade villor. Många av våra gäster återkommer varje år.

Vår chef karenska Huff-Lowe ger personlig uppmärksamhet och gästfrihet att säkerställa att din semester är mycket speciell.

Hope Town är ett pittoreskt, 18th century fiskeläge på Elbow Cay, (sex miles lång med en fjärdedel mil bred) på det yttre revet av en sträng med smaragd öar, kallas Abacos. Omgiven av en genomskinlig turquiose sjö och känd för att vara en av de mest skyddade områdena i Karibien för liten båt utforska.
Den historiska uppgörelse Hoppets Stan radbryts runt en skyddad hamn, bara tre kvarter stort från havet från sida till hamnen sida, det är också känt för sina berömda godis randiga fyr. Besökare har möjlighet att klättra upp i fyren för strålande utsikt över de närliggande öarna och hinder rev.

Island livet är särskilt MAKLIG, lokalbefolkningen och besökare strosa trafiken fri gatorna i Hope Town med ljust målade FJÄLLPANEL hus, piket staket och blommande trädgårdar. Original bosättare har regeringstrogna som flyttat till dessa öar efter den amerikanska revolutionen. Plantations, BADDNING, fiske, båtbyggeri, sjöröveri, smuggling och förstör blev sätt av tidigare liv. En nära sticka gemenskap av 300 personer befolkar ön året runt. Den verksamhet som lockar till sig besökare och hålla våra gäster återvänder varje år är:

Hyra en båt och utforska de många öarna och historiska bosättningar i skyddade vatten i havet av Abaco.
Snorkling eller dykning på vår nationella undervattensbuller havet parker.
Mat på vår fina restauranger under stjärnorna, och dans till calypso musik.
Picnicing och skalning på de många stränderna öde öar.
Utforska en artist koloni, och sipping rom slag på romantisk strand barer.
Utforska vår ö på en hyrd golf cart eller cykel.
Djuphavsfiske, ben fiske erbjuds av professionella guider.
Att sitta på din Waterfront däck eller hänga i en hängmatta och läsa en bra bok.
Vi hoppas att ni kommer att ta tillfället i akt att besöka oss, vänligen meddela oss om du har ytterligare frågor, vi vill inte berätta allt om vår ö, men lämnar vissa saker en trevlig surprise.Junkanoo är en nationell festival i Bahamas, det enda ställe där det har en sådan ära. Det finns även ett museum med utställning Junkanoo dräkter, konst och artefakter i downtown Nassau - en kulturell markera och måste-se attraktion för alla besökare. Ursprunget av ordet Junkanoo dunkelt. Vissa säger att det kommer från det franska "L'inconnu" (dvs det okända), med hänvisning till masker som bärs av paraders, eller "junk enoo," den skotska nybyggare "hänvisning till parader, vilket betyder" skräp nog "eller "John Canoe", namnet på en afrikansk stamkonflikter överstyrman som krävde rätten att fira med sitt folk även efter att ha förts till West Indies i slaveri.

Man tror att den här festivalen startade under 16 och 17-talen. Slavarna fick en speciell semester vid jul, när de kunde lämna odlingar vara med familjen och fira semester med afrikansk dans, musik och kostymer. Efter frigörelse, de fortsatte denna tradition och i dag Junkanoo har utvecklats från enkla ursprunget till ett formellt, mer organiserad parad med sofistikerade intrikata kostymer, tema musik och incitament priser.

Jul firande i Bahamas skulle inte vara komplett utan Junkanoo band "rusa" på gatorna. Venture ner till Bay Street i Nassau under den tidiga morgonen på annandag jul (dagen efter jul) och nyårsdagen och skåda denna uppvisning i färg och ljud. Mörkret i tidig morgon lägger till skönhet atmosfär. Overhead streetlights belysa nyanser av kostymer och banners intricately utformas och mönstrade från minut band av KRÄPPAPPER av alla färger limmade till kläder, wellpapp och trä.

Bland de Junkanoo trupper är "saxare", "Valley Boys" och "Roots". Konkurrens mellan dem är hård - tusentals dollar i prispengar står på spel - och klädedräkt design är en väl bevakad hemlighet tills de slutligen presenterades.

Varje CIRCUSTRUPP väljer ett tema för sina kostymer och medlemmarna är klädda i varianter på det temat. Det kan vara något som ålderdomlig som Vikingarna eller som samtida som astronauterna. Grupperna korta steg eller merengue längs gatan, beroende på vilken musik de spelar med sina getter-hud trummor, cowbells, conchshell horn och visselpipor. Revelers på åskådarplats HOPPA OMKRING med
samma överge, sång och dans tillsammans, "Vi rushin" kan vi rushin "kan vi rushin genom folkmassan ... kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kaliking kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, kk-kalik, ja. "

Alla uppmanas att gå med i partiet och sjunga och dansa tillsammans. Det tar ungefär två timmar för att visa alla poster, men inte lämnar ännu. Det är ännu bättre andra gången!

Och om du inte kan göra det till Bahamas på Christmastime, Junkanoo parader hålls också i samband med andra speciella festligheter såsom självständighetsdag (10 juli).

Den Abacos. Med en yta på 650 kvadratmeter miles, denna grupp av öar kurvor över 130 miles från Emerald havet. Invandrare från Storbritannien och regeringstrogna flyr USA efter den amerikanska revolutionen fast här i 17 och 18-talen. Dessa ursprung återspeglas i New England-stil arkitektur och traditionell verksamhet tysta byar, de flesta inte av modern tid. Öarna kallas "The Boat uppbyggnad Center i Bahamas. Befolkning: 10061.

Sned Island. Dessa två öar är en del av en grupp av fyra öar som omfattar 100 miles. Fortune Island slaksidor sned och Castle ön, Aklins. Columbus påstås ha kommit till området som letar efter guld men det enda "skatt" han hittade var sensoriska - den jasmin-liknande doft i luften. Acklins på 120 kvadratmeter miles är stenig och brant och har en befolkning på 428. Sned öns 92 sq miles huvudsakligen består av tidvattenenergi lägenheter och djupa vikar. Befolkning: 423.

Andros. Andros är den största i Bahamas, med en yta på 2300 kvadratmeter miles. Känd som "The Bonefishing huvudstad i världen," det är platta (förutom östra kust) och kännetecknas av många vikar och insjöar vimlar av fisk. I landskapet ingår omfattande virgin furu, palmkärnolja och mahogny skogar, buskmarker och mangrove träsk med stora kolonier av sjöfåglar. Den västra stranden är en karg liten bank som heter "Mud" Barrier Reef i Andros ligger strax utanför östra stranden längs tungan i oceanen. Befolkning: 8155.

Berry Island. Ligga i en lång Lacy rad, denna grupp av 30 cays täcker ett område på 12 sq miles. Med namn som Fish Cay, Bird Cay, frysta Cay, Whale Cay och Little Whale Cay, det är lite konstigt att de andra bara den Biminis som en tillflyktsort för sportfiske. Deras avskildhet, vackra stränder och omgivande vatten också gör öarna ett populat reträtt för yachtsmen. Endast ett fåtal av öarna har en permanent befolkning, som uppgår till 634.

Biminis. Är en liten grupp av öar som består av nord och syd Bimini, Cat Cay och Gun Cay. De ligger 50 miles öster om Miami, Florida, i utkanten av Golfströmmen (djuphavsfisketillstånd territorium) med Great Bahama Bank (bonefish spökar) vid bakdörren. Farvattnen i denna lilla del av Bahamas leka några av de största spel fisk i världen. Det har en yta på 9 sq miles och en befolkning på 1.638.

Cat Island. Är en av de vackraste, bördig öarna i Bahamas, och ståtar med den högsta höjden av dem alla med Mt. Alvernia på 206 meter. Dess 150 sq miles är täckt med kullar av täta gröna skogar och OTALIG miles av magnifika stränder. Fortfarande mycket enmeshed i det förflutna, ett bevis på den tidiga indiska kulturer och regeringstrogna odlingar problem trodde ön. Den har en befolkning på 1.678. Eleuthera. Här rötterna moderna BAHAMANSK historia planterades med "Eleutheran äventyrare", som etablerade vad som förmodligen är den första verkliga demokratin i västvärlden mer än 300 år sedan. Mycket av den tidiga koloniala atmosfären bevaras i den lilla fiske villagesand SPRETIG jordbruksområden. Ön är 110 miles lång och bara två miles bred längs större delen av sin längd. Bara offshore är Harbour Island (känd för sin rosa sandstränder) och spanska Wells (där pirater och andra hittades färskvatten). Befolkning: 10524.

Exuma. Stretching för 130 sq miles, dessa öar erbjuder fantastiska kryssningar och är kända av yachtsmen som "Sailing Capital of Bahamas." Det finns 365 cays med rena sandstränder, isolerade förankring och inlandsstaterna hamnar. Sort och äventyr markera varje mil. Vissa öar är bara en hög med sand i havet, andra är hög cliffed och skogsområden. De flesta av de cays är obebodda, med en sammanlagd befolkning på 3539.

Grand Bahama. Den variant av Grand Bahama Island är en kombination av de spännande, modernt affärs-och resort centre of Freeport / Lucaya och glömt sömniga byar och historiska städer som West End (väster) och McLeans Stan i öst. Freeport / Lucaya, en av människan skapad mirakel, är landets andra stad. Det har utvecklats från ett område i öknen, var tämja och omvandlas till en semester mekka för de som vill ägna sin idrottskarriär natur, antingen på land eller till sjöss. Ön har en yta på 530 kvadratmeter miles, populationsgenetik: 41035. Inagua. Ligger längst söderut i Bahamas, det omfattar 645 sq miles och består av öarna Stora och Lilla Inagua. Terrängen är vild och öde, klimatet öken-liknande. Great Inagua är känd för sina omfattande salt områden som producerar över en miljon ton av råvara per år. En stor del av det är en skyddad park - helgedomen och avel territorium för över 60000 West Indian Flamingos - nationella fågel i Bahamas - många sällsynta arter av tropiska fåglar, sköldpaddor och iguanas. Little Inagua är obebott av människor. Befolkningen är 924.

Ragged Island. Skäran-formade Ragged Island sortiment sträcker sig från Jumento Cays vid södra spetsen på Exumas kurvor österut, sedan söderut ner till Great Ragged Island med sina främsta lösning av Duncan Stan. Det är en mycket torr, vilda, vindpinade plats, omgiven av en förrädisk havet. Ragged Islanders är stor efterfrågan på sina färdigheter i att navigera dessa stim, deras viktigaste yrken är sjöfart, fiske och göra hantverk. Öarna har en yta på 15-kvadrat miles och en befolkning på 89.

Mayagua. Är lugn och ro, "hur Columbus mötte den", så lokalbefolkningen säger. Man behåller sin ursprungliga indiska namn. Mayaguana är ett perfekt stopp för seglare med flera goda hamnar och ankarplatser, bra fiske, skalning och simning. Vandring genom byarna är en annan favorit tidsfördriv, där det finns mycket lokala färgen att njuta i den charmiga stugor och människor. Ön har en yta på 110 kvadratmeter miles och en befolkning på 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. Är det ekonomiskt viktigaste ön Bahamas, hem till sin huvudstad Nassau, säte för regeringen. Nassau är en sofistikerad, charmiga gamla staden byggdes på en sön-stänks sluttning med utsikt över havet. Det grundades 1670 och snabbt ökade i mitten av handel för öarna på grund av sitt skyddade hamnen med fina ankarplatser. Nassau / Paradise Island ingår även utväg områden Cable Beach och Paradise Island. Inom sitt 80 sq miles bor 171.542 människor - cirka 60% av BAHAMANSK befolkning.
Rum Cay. Den "Törnrosa" av Bahamas med sin historiska regeringstrogna bomull plantering ruiner och indiska artifakter, vackra kullar, gyllene stränder och halsband av korallrev runt dess kuster. Ursprungligen namnet Santa Maria de la Conception av Columbus, Rum Cay förmodas ha härrör sitt nuvarande namn från vraket på dess strand en West Indian rumrunner lastat med råvara. Port Nelson, en skyddad hamn på sydkusten, är den enda lösning. Ön är 10 miles lång och 5 miles bred och har färre än 100 invånare.
San Salvador. Ursprungligen kallade Guanahani "Christopher Columbus gjorde detta lilla, 63-sq sjömil området, de mest historiskt viktiga ön Bahamas. Han gjorde första LANDKÄNNING här i 1492 och inte mindre än fyra olika monument markerar den exakta platsen där Columbus kom iland. Det är fortfarande oupptäckta, Cloaking i sitt förflutna, med tydlig synlig bland de tumlande regeringstrogna plantering ruiner och dominansen av intressanta reliker och föremål från indiska dagar. Befolkningen på 465 gör en levande genom fiske och jordbruk. Cat Island kan härledas sitt namn från Arthur CATT, den berömda brittiska sjökapten eller ökänd pirat (beroende på vilken sida du var på). Ett konkurrerande källa för namnet är de horder av vilda katter som de engelska uppstått här vid ankomst på 1600-talet. De katter som sades vara ättlingar till deras Tamer kusiner föräldralösa på grund av den tidiga spanska kolonisatörerna i sin brådska att hitta guld i Sydamerika. Detta stövelformade, otämjda Ön är en av de vackraste och bördig från Bahamas. En grönskande fristad, det ger ro för dem som söker en flykt från trycket av den moderna civilisationen. Andra ansåg det också, precis som Fader Jerome, en botfärdig eremit som byggde ett medeltida kloster hewn från kalksten klippor TOPPEN 206 meter Mt. Alvernia, en plats för meditation. Från dessa höga klippor, finns det en fantastisk utsikt till tätt beskogade foten och 60 miles av övergivna rosa-vit-sand beach.

Cat Island var en gång hem till en av de mer välmående regeringstrogna kolonier i Out Islands. Ön fick sin förmögenhet från många bomull odlingar etablerades under 1700-talet. Nu vinförökningsmaterial omfattas delvis förstörda hus och stenmurar från gårdar där boskapen var kättade och ananas odlas, lek kurragömma i tropiska blommor, gräs och sand. Sönderfallande resterna av slavej byar och artefakter i Arawakiska grottor viskning av ett liv långt tidigare. Ättlingar till de första bosättarna kvar i samma städer om deras härstamning.

Natur och vad "Herren ger" är filosofin att folk här lever efter. Cat Islanders är kända för sin påhittighet på att använda material till hands för att göra vad de behöver. Till exempel, musiker kombinera ett trästycke, fiske linje och en sliten tenn tub att skapa basen instrument i en "rake" n "skrapa" bandet på en lokal nattklubb. Åtföljas av en Conchshell (horn), en gammal kam täckt med papper (munspel), en gammal timmermans såg skrapats med en bit metall, och toppas av med en trumma som verkligen röker (get skinn utsträckta över trä och värms över en eld) , Cat Island band producerar ett unikt sound.

Mycket av Bahamas "inhemsk musik, folklore och myt kan spåras till Cat Island. Här, "Jag ska vara med dig i sak" tar på sig en helt ny innebörd. Traditionellt, då den sista av en generation som dör, hans eller hennes hus finns kvar för den anda att leva i. Återstående släktingar samla stenar från området och bilda en ny bostad. På andra håll i norra delen av ön, boende plats spindlar TOPPEN hus för att förhindra skador från drabbar dem - ett slags ÅSKLEDARE för onda andar.

Vad sägs om denna familj Bahamas stranden semester idé: Live in din egen privat strand Fritidshus på Fernandez Bay Village på Cat Island, Bahamas. Den perfekta Bahamas Island Resort för familjer som vill flykt med sina barn, detta kan bara vara det bästa familj Bahamas Island semester idén någonsin. Spela på stranden, simma i kristallklart vatten, hyra en båt för att gå snorkling, dykning eller bara koppla av på avskilt Cat Island strand under skuggan av Casurina träd.

På denna Bahamas Island semester flyktbilen du ska stanna direkt på stranden i en två sovrum Bahamas villa komplett med ett fullt kök, vardagsrum och matplats. Men det finns så mycket att göra på den här familjen semester, som ni antagligen inte spendera mycket tid inomhus.

denna Bahamas Island semester

BAHAMA The Lucayan kansallispuisto Abaco Cays Harbour Island Cat Island Nassau Junkanoo Tapaninpäivä karnevaali Pink Sands Beach Luonnonvarainen bottlenose delfiinien syvän sininen aukko Alvernia Hermitage Marsh Harbour Hope kaupunki Kulmaputki Cay Paradise Island



On 700 saaret Bahama sadetukselle yli 100000 neliömailin merivirtausten alkaen vain 50 meripeninkulmaa rannikolta Floridasta. Saaristo on ekologinen keidas featuring 2000 henkeäsalpaavista saarten ja cays ja kehut selkein vettä planeetan-, joiden näkyvyys on yli 200 jalkaa. Näet varpaitasi yhtä helposti kuin voit maailman kolmanneksi suurin este riutta.

Kutsumme sinut tutkimaan kaikkia saaria. Yksi askel ja sinun ymmärtää kauneuden kunkin saaren ulottuu paljon pidemmälle kuin on ainutlaatuisten luonnon ihmeitä. Se on hymyile ja Bahamian ihmisiä. Ainutlaatuinen ääniä rikasta kulttuuria. Lämmin vieraanvaraisuus kulttuuriperintöämme ja värikäs historia.

Kahdeksankymmentä viisi prosenttia on Bahamian väestöstä on Afrikkalainen perintöä. Noin kaksi kolmasosaa väestöstä asuu New Providence Island (sijainti Nassau). Monet esi-isät saapuivat Bahamasaaret kun saarten palveli pysähdyspaikan alueella orjakauppa luvun alussa 1800-luvulla. Muut mukana tuhansia British lojalistit jotka pakenivat Amerikan siirtomaiden aikana Revolutionary War.

Haitians muodostavat suurimman maahanmuuttajien yhteisö Bahamasaaret. 30000-50000 arvioidaan olevan asuvat laillisesti tai laittomasti, keskittyi New Providence, Abaco ja Eleuthera saarilla.

Koulunkäynti on pakollista vuotiaita 5 ja 16. Hallitus täysin toimii 158 210 perus-ja keskiasteen kouluissa Bahamasaaret. Muut 52 koulua on yksityisesti käyttää. Ilmoittautuminen valtion perus-ja keskiasteen kouluissa on 50332, ja yli 16000 opiskelijaa osallistuu yksityisiä kouluja. College of Bahamasaaret perustettu Nassaussa vuonna 1974, säädetään ohjelmat johtavat suorittaneet alemman ja yhteistyökumppaneitaan astetta. Useat ei-Bahamian kollegioiden tarjota myös korkea-asteen koulutuksen ohjelmia The Bahamas.In 1492, Christopher Columbus teki ensimmäisen maantuntuma että Länsi Puolipallopinta vuonna Bahamasaaret. Espanja orjakauppiaita myöhemmin otettu native Lucayan intialaisia työskentelemään kultaa kaivokset Hispaniola, ja 25 vuotta, kaikki Lucayans jäässä. Vuonna 1647, ryhmä Englanti ja Bermudan uskonnolliset pakolaiset, Eleutheran seikkailijoita, joka perustettiin ensimmäinen pysyvä Euroopan ratkaisun Bahamasaaret ja antoi Eleuthera Island sen nimeä. Samanlaisia ryhmiä uudisasukasta muodostettu hallitukset Bahamasaaret kunnes saarille tuli Britannian kruununsiirtomaa vuonna 1717.

1600-luvun on alussa 1700 olivat kultakausi varten merirosvoja ja privateers. Monet kuuluisat merirosvot ja privateers - myös Sir Francis Drake ja Blackbeard - käytti saaret Bahamasaaret kuin perusta. Lukuisat saarilla ja luodoilla kanssa niiden monimutkaisia salakarit ja kanavat tarjosi erinomaiset piilopaikkoja ja ryöstely alusten lähellä paljon matkustellut laivaväylillä. Ensimmäinen Royal kuvernööri, Woodes Rogers, joka on lain ja jotta Bahamasaaret vuonna 1718, kun hän karkotti Buccaneers.

Aikana Amerikan vallankumous, Amerikan siirtolaiset uskollisia Ison-Britannian lipun alla ratkaistaan Bahamasaaret. Nämä lojalistien ja uusien siirtokuntien Britanniasta tuonut Colonial taitojen kehittämiseen ja maatalouden asiantuntemusta. Vuoteen 1834, jolloin Ison-Britannian poistetaan orjuutta, ne myös tuonut orjia tuoda polveutumisesta monien nykyaikaisten Bahamians Länsi-Afrikassa.

Proximity to the US jatkoi tarjota mahdollisuus laittoman meriliikenteen toimintaa. Vuoden American Civil War, Bahamasaaret vaurastunut kuin keskustassa confederate saarto-käynnissä. Aikana kieltäminen, saarilla toiminut perusta American rumrunners. Tänään Bahamasaaret on suuri jälleenlaivataan piste huumausaineet, niinkuin USA:

Bahamians saavuttaa itsehallinnon kautta useita perustuslaillisia ja poliittisia toimia, saavuttaa sisäisen itsehallinnon vuonna 1964 ja täydellinen riippumattomuus Kansainyhteisöstä 10. heinäkuuta, 1973. Itsenäistymisen jälkeen, Bahamasaaret on edelleen kehittyä merkittävä matkailu-ja rahoituspalvelut keskustasta.
Bahamasaaret on riippumaton jäsen, Commonwealth of Nations. Se on parlamentaarinen demokratia, jossa säännöllinen vaaleissa. Tämän kansainyhteisöasiain maasta, sen poliittisia ja oikeudellisia perinteitä seuraa kuin Yhdistyneessä kuningaskunnassa. Bahamasaaret tunnustaa Britannian monarkki kuin sen muodollinen valtionpäämies, joka on nimitetty kenraalikuvernööri toimii Queen's edustaja Bahamasaaret. A kaksikamarinen lainsäätäjä säätää lakeja mukaan vuoden 1973 perustuslaki.

House of Assembly koostuu 41 jäsenestä, jotka valitaan yksittäisten vaalipiirien osalta 5-vuoden jaksoina. Kuten Westminster järjestelmä, hallitus voi hajottaa parlamentin ja järjestämään vaalit milloin tahansa. House of Assembly suorittaa kaikilla tärkeimmillä lainsäädäntötehtäviä. Johtaja enemmistö osapuoli toimii pääministerin ja hallituksen päämies. Hallitus koostuu vähintään yhdeksän jäsentä, mukaan lukien pääministeri ja ministerit täytäntöönpanovaltaa departementeissa. Ne vastaus poliittisesti House of Assembly.

Senaatti kuuluu 16 jäsentä, jotka kenraalikuvernööri, joista yhdeksän on neuvoa pääministeriä, neljä neuvoa oppositiojohtaja ja kolme neuvoa pääministeriä kuultuaan oppositiojohtaja .

Kenraalikuvernöörin nimittää Chief Justice, että korkein oikeus on neuvoa pääministerin ja oppositiojohtaja. Kenraalikuvernöörin nimittää muut Hallitusneuvos kanssa neuvot oikeudellisen. Privy neuvoston puolesta Britannia palvelee kuin korkein tuomioistuimeen.

Paikallishallinto piirit valitsevat neuvostojen yhdyskuntasuunnittelu, liike-lisenssit, liikenteen tiedotteet ja ylläpidosta hallituksen rakennuksia. Joissakin suuret piirit, alemman tason kunnat ovat pieniä vastuita.

Vuosikymmeniä, valko-hallinnut Iso Bahamian puolue (UBP) sulkea Bahamasaaret sitten riippuvuus on Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta, kun taas ryhmän vaikutusvaltainen valkoinen kauppiaat, jotka tunnetaan nimellä "Bay Street Boys" hallitsee paikallista taloutta. Vuonna 1953 Bahamians tyytymättömiä UBP sääntö muodostivat opposition Progressive liberaali puolue (PLP). Johdon alaisina Lynden Pindling, että PLP voitti valvonta hallituksen vuonna 1967 ja johti Bahamasaaret saavuttaa täyden itsenäisyyden vuonna 1973.

A koalition PLP toisinajattelijoita ja entinen UBP jäsenet muodostivat vapaa kansallinen liike (FNM) vuonna 1971. Entinen PLP hallituksen ministeri ja Euroopan parlamentin jäsen Hubert Ingraham tuli johtaja, FNM vuonna 1990, kun kuolema Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Johdon alaisina Ingraham, että FNM voitti valvonta hallituksen tiedonanto PLP vuonna elokuun 1992 yleisissä vaaleissa. The PLP takaisin valtaan vuonna 2002 johdon alaisina Perry Christie, mutta FNM taas johti Ingraham palasi hallitus syömällä 23 ja 41 paikkaa parlamentissa yleiskokouksen aikana toukokuun 2007 vaaleissa. Seuraavat vaalit on pidettävä viimeistään toukokuussa 2012.

Heinäkuussa 2008 pääministeri Hubert Ingraham ilmoittanut muutoksista ministerin salkkuja ja luoda kaksi ylimääräistä ministeriöt - opetusministeriön nuoriso-, urheilu-ja kulttuuri-ja ympäristöministeriö.
Bahamasaaret ohjaavat matkailun ja rahoituspalvelut. Matkailu ja matkailuun ohjaavat rakentamista ja valmistus tarjota arviolta 60%: n bruttokansantuote (BKT). Matkailu työllistää noin puolet Bahamian työvoimasta. Vuonna 2008 4,6 miljoonaa matkailijaa vieraili Bahamasaaret, 85% USA: sta. Tämä oli 4,5% lasku yleinen kävijöitä verrattuna vuoteen 2007. On noin 110 US-sidosyritysten toimivien yritysten Bahamasaaret, ja useimmat liittyvät matkailuun ja pankkitoiminta. Harvoja kotimaisia resursseja ja vähän teollisuutta, Bahamasaaret tuonti lähes kaikki ruoka ja valmistettujen tuotteiden tuonti Yhdysvalloista. American tavaroita ja palveluja on yleensä suosiman Bahamians johtuu kulttuurisista yhtäläisyyksistä ja raskas altistuminen American mainontaa. The Bahamian talouteen, koska se on voimakas riippuvuus USA: matkailun ja kaupan on syvästi vaikuttaa Yhdysvaltain talouden suorituskykyä.

Bahamasaaret on tällä hetkellä taloudellinen taantuma, joka johtuu maailmanlaajuisesta talouden taantumasta. Matkailu määrä laski huomattavasti vuoden viimeisellä neljänneksellä 2008 ja noin 1000 matkailualan työntekijöitä on irtisanottu syyskuusta 2008. Bahamasaaret keskittyy rakentamisen ja muun infrastruktuurin hankkeita pyritään lisäämään talouden ja työpaikkojen luomiseen. Tulevat tavoitteet sisältävät jatkuvaa kehittämistä matkailun ominaisuuksien kautta suuren mittakaavan yksityisen sektorin investointeja, muun muassa lisäämällä Bahamian omistusta, uudelleenkehittämisen Grand Bahama talouden seuraava suuri hurrikaani tappiot vuonna 2004, ja laajentamisen selkeän Bahamian rahoitusalalla.

Sen lisäksi, että lasku matkailu, muut taloudelliset haasteet Bahamasaaret sisältää Kokousta jatkettiin työllisyystarpeisiin, jumpstarting yksi jälkeenjääneiltä yksityistämisprosessiin, ja seuranta lisäämällä julkista velkaa. Toinen suuri haaste Bahamians tulee valmistautua hemisfäärissä vapaakauppaa. Tällä hetkellä Bahamians eivät maksa tulo-tai myynnin verot. Suurin osa julkisista tuloista on peräisin korkeat tullit ja tuonnin maksuja. Vähentäminen kaupan esteiden edellyttää todennäköisesti jossain muodossa toteutettavaan verotukseen korvata tulot kun maa tulee osa Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Kuten selvää kotimainen vastustamatta Karibian Yhtenäismarkkinat talousalueen (CSME), edut vapaakauppa on vaikea hallitusta myymään. Huolimatta joistakin kotimaan oppositiota, Bahamian hallitus allekirjoittivat Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) ja Euroopan unionin (EU) joulukuussa 2008.

Joukko suunniteltu hotelli hankkeita ovat luvanneet lisätä taloudellista kasvua ja luoda lyhyen ja pitkän aikavälin työllisyyttä. Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island on edelleen suuri matkailualan piirtää ja moottori taloudessa. Tulevaisuuden kannalta Baha maaliskuu hotelli hanke oli kyseenalaistaa jälkeen kasino-operaattorin Harrah's vedetty pois sopimuksen maaliskuussa 2008. Kuitenkin maaliskuussa 2009 EXIM Pankki Kiina suostui virallisesti rahoittaa jumiutuneet hanke, arviolta $ 3.2 miljardia euroa rahoitusta. Hallitus lupaa laajentaa Nassau International Airport, ja se on käännetty yli hallinnon yksityiset toimijat. The Bahamian hallitus on myös omaksunut ennakoivan lähestymistavan courting ulkomaisten sijoittajien ja on tehnyt suuria investointeja tehtiin Kaukoitään, Eurooppa, Latinalainen Amerikka, Intia ja Kanada. Hallitus on edelleen kiinnitettävä erityistä huomiota Kiina kannustaa matkailua ja investointeja. Kiinalaiset ovat rahoitusta rakentamiseen uusi $ 30 miljoonaa urheilu stadionilla New Providence, ja se voi antaa lisäksi $ 100 miljoonaa maantie rakennushankkeisiin. Vaikka FNM hallitus on ilmaissut halunsa lisätä Bahamian omistus etujen kehityksestä, Bahamasaaret riippuvuutta ulkomaisista investoinneista on todennäköisesti muutu.

Rahoituspalvelut ovat toiseksi tärkein ala on Bahamian talouden osuus on enintään 15% suhteessa BKT: hen, mikä johtuu maan asemaa eräänlaisena veroparatiisina ja offshore pankkitoiminnan keskus. Stop Tax Haven väärinkäyttö laskun, jossa on ehdotettu, että Yhdysvaltain kongressi ja joiden nimet Bahamasaaret on yksi 34 salassapitosyistä lainkäyttöalueilla on aiheuttanut huomattavia keskustelua paikallisissa tiedotusvälineissä ja joukossa poliitikkoja. Monet Bahamians tuntea osallisuutta Bahamasaaret tällaisessa lasku aiheuttaisi huomattavia työpaikkojen menetyksiä rahoituspalvelujen alalla. As of 2005, hallitus oli myönnetty 262 pankit ja luottamusta yritysten Bahamasaaret. Bahamasaaret levittää International Business Companies (IBC) Act tammikuussa 1990 vahvistaa maan asemaa yhtenä johtavista Financial Center. Lakia tarjoillaan yksinkertaistaa ja alentaa sisällyttää offshore-yhtiöiden Bahamasaaret. Within 9 vuoden aikana yli 84000 IBC-tyyppisten yritysten on laadittu. Helmikuussa 1991, että hallitus myös laillistettu perustamisesta Asset Protection trustit Bahamasaaret. Vuonna 2000 vastauksena monenvälisten järjestöjen huolenaiheet, hallitus hyväksyi lainsäädäntöpaketti voimakkaampia toimenpiteitä paremmin säännellä rahoitusalalla ja estää rahanpesua maan pankkialalla, myös luoda Financial Intelligence Unit ja täytäntöönpanosta "Tiedän itse -asiakas "sääntöjä. Jotkin näistä toimista on riitautettu Bahamian tuomioistuimissa, ja määrä offshore pankkien rekisteröity Bahamasaaret on vähentynyt huomattavasti vuodesta 2002. Peräti puoli, että IBC-pakkaus on myös suljetun. Tämä johtaa siihen, että hallitus harkitsee lainsäädäntöä pitää teollisuuden kilpailukyvyn noudattaen kansainvälisiä standardeja, mukaan lukien mahdollisen uudistuksen sääntelymenettelyä rakenne ja allekirjoittamisesta enemmän Tax Information Exchange sopimukset.

Maatalouden ja kalastuksen osuus on 3% BKT: sta. Bahamasaaret viennin hummeri ja joitakin kaloja, mutta ei aiheuta näitä kohteita kaupallisesti. Ei ole mitään laajamittaista maataloutta, ja useimpien maataloustuotteiden kulutetaan kotimaassa. Puhjetessa sitrushedelmän syöpä on Abaco vuonna 2005, Bahamasaaret menettänyt tärkeimmät maataloustuotteiden vientiä, ja maatalousministeriö kielsi vienti kasvi-aineita Abaco. Bahamasaaret tuonti yli $ 250 miljoonaa elintarvikkeissa vuodessa, eli noin 80% sen elintarvikkeiden kulutusta.

The Bahamian hallitus väittää arvo on Bahaman dollari on samalla tasolla Yhdysvaltain dollari. Bahamasaaret on edunsaaja US-Karibian Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), Kanadan CARIBCAN ohjelmaa, ja EU: n talous-kumppanuussopimuksen. Vaikka Bahamasaaret osallistuu poliittiset näkökohdat Karibian yhteisön (CARICOM), se ei ole tullut yhteisiin taloudellisiin aloitteisiin, kuten CSME muiden Karibian valtioissa.

Bahamasaaret on muutamia merkittäviä teollisuusyrityksiä: lääkealan yritys PFC Bahama (entinen Syntex), jossa BORCO öljyn laitoskokonaisuus, liiketoiminnan kuin Vooak Terminal Bahama; Sands Beer ja Grand Bahama Brewery, kaikki Freeport, ja kansainyhteisöasiain Brewery Nassaussa , joka tuottaa Heineken, Guinness ja Kalik oluita. Muut kattaa aurinkokuivatun merisuolaa in Great Inagua, märkä telakka laitos Freeport korjaus risteilyalusten ja louhinta aragonite - tyyppi kalkkikiven useita teollisuuskäyttöön - päässä merestä kerros valtameren Cay.

The Hawksbill Creek Sopimuksen tulliton alueella Freeport, Bahama "toiseksi suurin kaupunki, jossa on lähellä teollisuusalue kannustaa ulkomaisten investointinäkökulmasta. Hong Kong-pohjainen yritys Hutchison Whampoa toimii kontin satamaan Freeport. The Bahamian parlamentti hyväksyi lainsäädäntöä vuonna 1993, joka on jatkanut kaikkein Freeport verotus-ja tullinäkökohtia poikkeuksia kautta 2054.
Hope kaupunki Villas kutsuu sinut jäämään meidän taiteellisesti suunniteltava, eristäytynyt huviloita. Located on the waterfront tai vieressä rannalla, ne ovat tunnettuja niiden rehevän puutarhat, lovely näkemyksiä ja hideaway paikoissa ratkaistaan Hope kaupunki.
Rentoudu meidän saaren hienoin ranta, snorkkelia on riuttojen vain kolmen minuutin kävelymatkan päässä. Kävele kautta liikenne-free, kapeat kaistat meidän kanssa kirkkaasti maalattu vuorauslauta taloa arvostamaan hitaampaa elämää.

Nauti mieltä meidän picturesque harbor kanssa purjeveneisiin ja historialliset candy-striped majakka, ruokailla meidän hienoja ravintoloita, tanssi nojalla tähteä. It's all at your doorstep!
Tarjoamme joitakin houkuttelevin Lomavuokrauspalvelut-saarella ja ylpeitä tarjoaa poikkeuksellisen puhdas ja hyvin nimittää huviloita. Monet vieraistamme palaavat vuosittain.

Meidän johtaja Karen puuskahtaa-Lowe tarjoaa henkilökohtaista huomiota ja vieraanvaraisuus varmistaa lomaviestisi on hyvin erikoista.

Hope kaupunki on viehättävä, 18. vuosisadan kalastusyhdyskunta on Kulmaputki Cay, (kuusi mailia pitkä on neljäsosa mailia leveä) sijaitsee ulkopakkauksessa riutta on merkkijono smaragdi Isles, joka tunnetaan nimellä Abacos. Kehystettävä läpikuultava turquiose meri-ja tunnettu on yksi kaikkein suojattu alueilla Karibian pienten vene tutkitaan.
Historiallisen ratkaisun Hope kaupunki ylireagoi noin suojattu satama, vain kolmen korttelin laaja alkaen meressä puolelta satamalaitteisto puolella, se on tunnettu myös sen kuuluisan karkkia raidalliset majakka. Kävijät voivat vapaasti kiivetä majakka on loistava näkemykset viereiset saaret ja este karia.

Island elämä on erityisesti verkkainen, paikalliset asukkaat ja vierailijat patikoida liikenteen vapaa kaduilla Hope kaupunki sen kirkkaasti maalattu vuorauslauta talot, lakkovahti aidat ja kukkivat puutarhat. Alkuperäinen uudisasukasta olivat lojalistien jotka siirrettiin näillä saarilla jälkeen Amerikan vallankumous. Istutukset, sponging, kalastus, veneenrakennus, piratismi, salakuljetusta ja wrecking tuli tapoja viime elämään. Tiivis neuloa yhteisö 300 ihmistä kansoittavat saaren ympäri vuoden. Toimintaa, jotka houkuttelevat kävijöitä ja pitää vieraistamme palaavat vuosittain ovat:

Vuokraus vene ja tutkitaan monia saaria ja historiallisia siirtokunnat suojatun vesillä merioikeusyleissopimusta Abaco.
Snorklausta tai sukellusta meidän kansallisten vedenalaisen meri puistoja.
Ruokaa meidän hieno ravintolat mukaan tähteä, ja tanssi on calypso musiikkia.
Picnicing ja kranaattituli että monet rannat autioiden saarilla.
Exploring taiteilija siirtomaa, ja sipping rommi iskujaan on romanttinen beach bars.
Exploring meidän saaren vuokra golf cart tai pyörällä.
Syvänmerenkalastus, luun kalastus tarjoaa ammatillista oppaita.
Istunto teidän waterfront kannelle tai ripustettu on verkkokeinu ja lukemisen hyvä kirja.
Toivomme, että tätä tilaisuutta tavata meitä, ota meihin yhteyttä, jos sinulla on kysyttävää, emme halua kertoa teille kaikki olemme saari, mutta joitakin asioita on miellyttävä surprise.Junkanoo on kansallinen festivaali The Bahama, ainoa paikka, jossa se omistaa tällainen kunnia. On olemassa jopa museossa esitellään Junkanoo pukuja, taide-ja esineitä in downtown Nassau - kulttuuri esiin ja on-katso houkuttelevuutta kaikille kävijöille. Alkuperä sana Junkanoo on epäselvä. Jotkut sanovat, että se on peräisin Ranskan "L'inconnu" (jolla tarkoitetaan tuntematon), mikä viittaa aliverkkopeitteet kuluneet, että paraders, tai "junk enoo" Skotlannin uudisasukasta "viittaus tähän paraateja, mikä tarkoittaa" junk riitä; "tai "John Canoe," nimi on Afrikkalainen heimojen päällikkö, joka vaati oikeus juhlia hänen ihmisiä, vaikka se saatetaan West Indies vuonna orjuuteen.

Uskotaan, että tämä festivaali alkoi aikana 16 ja 17-luvuilla. Orjat saivat erityistä vapaapäivä joulun aikaan, kun ne voi jättää istutusten olla perheensä ja Juhlapyhien kanssa Afrikkalainen tanssi, musiikki-ja puvut. Kun emansipaatiota, ne jatkoi tätä perinnettä, ja nyt Junkanoo on kehittynyt sen yksinkertainen alkuperät muodolliseen enemmän järjestetty paraati runsassisältöisillä, monivaiheinen puvut, teemoitetut musiikkia ja kannustin palkintoja.

Joulujuhlissa vuonna Bahamasaaret ei olisi täydellinen ilman Junkanoo bändejä "kiirehtimättä" kaduilla ja toreilla. Venture alas Bay Street Nassaussa aikana varhain aamulla tunnin Boxing Day (päivä joulun jälkeen) ja New Year's Day ja katso tämän runsaudensarvi värien ja ääntä. Pimeydessä varhain aamulla lisätään niiden bewitching ilmakehään. Overhead streetlights korostaa sävyjä ja puvut ja banderolleja intricately suunniteltu ja Kuviodut alkaen minuutin nauhat ja kreppipaperi kaikki värit liimattu vaatteet, pahvia ja puuta.

Niistä Junkanoo troupes ovat "Saxons", "Valley Boys" ja "Juuret". Kilpailu kesken on kovaa - tuhansia dollareita palkintorahoja ovat vaakalaudalla - ja puku mallit ovat läheisesti vartioitu salaisuus, kunnes ne lopulta paljastettu.

Jokainen seurue valitsee teeman sen puvut ja jäsenet ovat pukeutuneet vaihteluita, että teema. Se voisi olla jotain niin vanhanaikaista kuin viikingit tai contemporary kuin astronautit. Ryhmät lyhyen askeleen tai merengue pitkin katua, riippuen musiikkia he pelaavat niiden vuohi-ihon rummut, cowbells, conchshell sarvet ja vihellyspillit. Revelers sivussa riehua kanssa
samalla luopua, laulu ja tanssi pitkin, "We're rushin", we're rushin ", we're rushin kautta väkijoukkojen ... KK-kalik, KK-kalik, KK-kaliking kk-kalik, KK-kalik, kk-kalik, KK-kalik, joo. "

Kaikki ovat tervetulleita liittymään puolueen ja laulaa ja tanssia pitkin. Se kestää noin kaksi tuntia, jos haluat nähdä kaikki merkinnät, mutta älä jätä vielä. Se on jopa parempi toista kertaa noin!

Ja jos et tee sitä Bahamasaaret klo Christmastime, Junkanoo paraateja on myös katsonut yhdessä muita erityisiä juhlia kuten itsenäisyyspäivä (heinäkuussa 10).

The Abacos. Jonka pinta-ala 650 sq miles, tämä ryhmä saarten kaartaa yli 130 meripeninkulman smaragdi mereen. Maahanmuuttajat Isosta-Britanniasta ja lojalistien pakenevat Yhdysvaltojen jälkeen Amerikan vallankumous ratkaistaan tässä 17. ja 18. vuosisatojen ajan. Nämä alkuperät näkyvät myös New England-tyylinen arkkitehtuuri ja perinteisen toiminnan vähämeluisten kylistä, enimmäkseen puututtu nykyaikana. Saaret ovat jäljempänä "The Boat-rakennuksen keskus Bahamasaaret. Asukasluku: 10061.

Kepuli Island. Nämä kaksi saaret ovat osa ryhmää, neljä saarta, jotka kattavat 100 mailia. Fortune Island kylkiosat kepuli ja linnan saari, Aklins. Kolumbus on väitetty ovat alueen etsivät kultaa, mutta ainoa "aarre", hän todettiin Sensoristen - että jasmiini kaltaiset hajusteina ilmaan. Acklins 120 sq miles on kallioinen ja jyrkkä ja jonka väkiluku on 428. Kepuli saaren 92 sq mailia on pääasiassa koostuu vuorovesienergia asuntoja ja syvä creeks. Väkiluku: 423.

Andros. Andros on suurin Bahamasaaret, jonka pinta-ala 2300 sq miles. Nimitystä "Bonefishing Capital of the World" on kiinteä (paitsi itärannikolla) ja merkitty useita tulo-ja sisävesillä täynnä kalaa. Maiseman sisältää laajan neitsyt mänty, palmu-ja mahogny metsät, pestä ja mangrovemetsiä suot, joilla on suuret pesäkkeet merilintua. Länsirannalla on karua pieni pankki nimeltään "The Mud" on Valliriutan tehty Andros on vain pois itärannalla pitkin Tongue on valtamerellä. Asukasluku: 8155.

Berry Island. Valehtelu on pitkä pitsimäinen linja, tämä ryhmä 30 cays pinta-ala on 12 sq miles. Nimitysten kuten Kala Cay, Lintulahdenkuja Cay, Frozen Cay, valashain Cay ja Little valashain Cay, se on vähän ihme, ne ovat vain The Biminis kuin Haven varten urheilukalastukseen. Heidän yksinäisyys, kauniit rannat ja ympäröivän vedet myös saarten yksi populat vetäytyä varten yachtsmen. Vain harvat saaret ovat pysyvän väestön, joka Summissa 634.

Biminis. Onko pieni ryhmä saaria, joka koostuu Pohjois-ja Etelä-Bimini, Cat Cay ja Gun Cay. Ne sijaitsevat 50 mailia itään Miami, Florida, että reuna Persianlahden Stream (syvänmerenkalastus alueella) ja Great Bahama Bank (bonefish kummittelemaan) sen takaovesta. Vesillä tämä pieni murikka on Bahamasaaret kutemaan joitakin suurin peli kalastaa maailman. Sen pinta-ala on 9 sq mailia ja väkiluku 1638.

Cat Island. On yksi kauneimmista, hedelmällisen saarilla Bahamasaaret ja kehut korkein korkeus niistä kaikki Mt. Alvernia on 206 jalkaa. Sen 150 sq miles on peitetty Vierintäsäteiden hills on tiheä vihreitä metsiä ja lukematon päähän upea rantoja. Edelleen hyvin paljon enmeshed että aiemmin todisteita sen aikaista Intian kulttuureja ja Loyalist istutusten abounds ajatuksen saarella. Sen väkiluku on 1678. Eleuthera. Täällä juuret nykyaikaisen Bahamian historia oli istutettu kuin "Eleutheran seikkailijoita", joka perustettiin, mikä oli luultavasti ensimmäinen todellista demokratiaa länsimaiden yli 300 vuotta sitten. Suuri osa varhaista siirtomaa tunnelma on säilynyt pieni kalastuksen villagesand sprawling viljelyalueilla. Saarella on 110 mailia pitkä ja vain kaksi mailia leveä ohella useimmat sen pituus. Just offshore ovat Harbour Island (tunnettu sen vaaleanpunainen-hiekkarannat) ja Espanja Wells (jos merirosvot ja muut löytynyt tuoretta vettä). Väkiluku: 10524.

Exuma. Stretching varten 130 sq miles, nämä saaret tarjoavat huomattavan matkalentonopeudella ja tunnetaan yachtsmen nimellä "Sailing Capital of Bahamasaaret." On 365 cays puhtaalla hiekkarannat, eristyneillä kiinnityspisteiden ja meriyhteyttä satamissa. Lajike ja seikkailu kaikkiin mailin. Jotkin saaret ovat vain kasa hiekkaa mereen, toiset ovat korkea-cliffed ja metsää. Suurin osa cays ovat asumattomia, joiden yhteenlaskettu väestö 3539.

Grand Bahama. The maku Grand Bahama Island on yhdistelmä jännittävää, nykyaikaisen kaupallisen ja keinona keskustassa Freeport / Lucaya ja unohdettu uninen kyliä ja historialliset kaupungit, kuten West End (länsi) ja McLeans kaupungin itäpuolella. Freeport / Lucaya, mies-made ihme on kansakunnan toinen kaupunki. Se kehittynyt alue erämaa oli kesytetty ja muuntaa loma Mekka jotka haluavat hemmotella urheilu luonne, onko maalla tai merellä. Saaren pinta-ala on 530 sq maileja asukasluku: 41035. Inagua. Valehtelu on kaukaisin etelän Bahamasaaret, se kattaa 645 sq mailia, ja se käsittää saarten Great ja Little Inagua. Maasto on villi ja autio; ilmaston aavikon kaltainen. Great Inagua on tunnettu sen laaja suolaa aloilla, jotka tuottavat yli miljoona tonnia hyödykkeen vuodessa. Suuri osa siitä on suojattu puisto - turvapaikan ja jalostus alueella yli 60000 Länsi-Intian Flamingos - kansallinen muuttolintu Bahamasaaret - monia harvinaisia lajeja trooppisten lintujen, kilpikonnien ja iguanas. Little Inagua on asumaton ihmiselle. Väestöstä on 924.

Risainen Island. The sirppi-muotoinen risainen Island Valikoima ulottuu sen Jumento Cays klo eteläisen kärjen ja Exumas kaartaa itään ja sitten etelään alas Great risainen Island ja sen pääkilpailijat ratkaisun Duncan kaupunki. Se on hyvin kuiva, luonnosta, windswept paikka, kehystettävä kavala mereen. Risainen Islanders ovat paljon kysyntää taitojaan navigoimassa nämä salakarit; niiden tärkeimmistä ammatit merenkulku, kalastus ja käsityö. Saaret ovat alueen 15-neliökilometriä ja väkiluku 89.

Mayagua. On rauhallinen ja hiljainen, "kuinka Columbus täyttyvät se", niin paikalliset sanovat. Se myös säilyttää alkuperäinen intialainen nimi. Mayaguana on täydellinen pysähtyä purjehdusta harrastaville, jossa on useita hyviä satamiin ja ankkuripaikkoihin, upeille kalavesille, kuoret ja uintia. Kävely kautta kylissä on toinen suosikki harrastus, joissa on paljon paikallista väriä nauttia viehättävän mökkejä ja ihmisiä. Saaren pinta-ala on 110 sq mailia ja väkiluku 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. On taloudellisesti tärkein saari Bahamasaaret, kotona sen pääoman, Nassau, kotipaikka hallitukselle. Nassau on hienostunut, viehättävä vanha kaupunki rakennettiin Sun-roiskua rinnemailla merelle päin. Se perustettiin vuonna 1670 ja nopeasti kasvoivat keskustassa kaupankäynnin saarten johtuu sen suojattu satama, jossa hienot kiinnityspisteet. Nassau / Paradise Island myös keinona alueilla Cable Beach ja Paradise Island. Sen 80 sq miles elää 171542 ihmistä - noin 60%: n Bahamian väestöstä.
Rum Cay. The "Sleeping Beauty" The Bahamas, sen historiallinen Loyalist puuvilla istutus rauniot ja Intian esineitä, lovely Vierintäsäteiden kukkuloita, kultaisia hiekkarantoja ja kaulakoru koralliriuttojen saartopyydysten sen rannoille. Alunperin nimeltä Santa Maria de la Conception jonka Columbus, Rum Cay on oletettavasti saanut nykyisen nimen hylyn sen rannalla Länsi-Intian rumrunner Kuormitetun kanssa kauppatavaraa. Port Nelson, suojaisan satama on etelärannikolta, on ainoa ratkaisu. Saarella on 10 mailia pitkä ja 5 mailia leveä ja jonka palveluksessa on vähemmän kuin 100 asukasta.
San Salvador. Alun perin nimeltään "Guanahani" Christopher Columbus teki tämän pienen, 63-sq meripeninkulman alue, historiallisesti tärkeä saaren Bahamasaaret. Hän on ensin tehtävä maantuntuma täällä 1492 ja vähintään neljä erillistä monumentteja merkki tarkka paikalla kun Columbus tuli maihin. Se on edelleen havaitsemattomista, Peitetty sen aikaisemmin, näkyvästi näkyvissä keskuudessa pyllähdys lojalistien istutus rauniot ja voittopuolisuus mielenkiintoisia jäänteinä ja esineitä Intian päivää. Väestöä 465 tekee elävät kalastus ja maatalous. Cat Island on saanut nimensä Arthur Catt, kuuluisa brittiläinen meri kapteeni tai kuuluisa merirosvo (riippuen siitä, kenen puolella olet olivat). A kilpailevien lähde nimi on laumoista luonnonvaraisten kissojen, että Englanti kohtasi täällä saapuessa 1600-luvulla. Kissat väitettiin olevan jälkeläisensä niiden kesyttäjä serkusten orvoksi, jonka alussa Espanja siirtolaiset niiden kiire löytää kultaa Etelä-Amerikassa. Tämä boot-muotoinen, untamed saari on yksi kauneimmista ja hedelmällisen ja Bahamasaaret. A rehevän pyhäkkö, se antaa rauha niille, jotka hakevat paeta paineet modernin sivilisaation. Muut ajatellut niin, kuten isä Jerome, joka on katuvainen erakko, joka rakennettiin keskiaikaisen luostarin veistetty siitä kalkkikivi kallioita atop 206-jalka Mt. Alvernia, paikka mietiskelyyn. Mistä näitä korkeita kallioita, on ihana nähdä alas tiheästi metsäisin esivuoristo ja 60 meripeninkulman autioiden vaaleanpunainen ja valkoinen hiekkaranta.

Cat Island oli kerran kotiin yksi vauras Loyalist siirtomaita Out Islands. Saaren sai runsaat alkaen lukuisia puuvillan istutusten aikana vahvistettu 1700-luvulla. Nyt viiniköynnöslajikkeiden peitossa, puolittain tuhoutunut kartanoita ja kivimuurit maatiloilta, joilla karjaa oli penned ja ananasten viljelty, leikkiä kuurupiiloa on trooppisia kukkia, ruohoa ja hiekkaa. Murentamisaineet jäänteiden orja kyliä ja esineitä vuonna arawak luolissa kuiskitaan ja elinikäisen aiemmin. Jälkeläisille näiden aikaisin uudisasukasta edelleen sama kaupungeissa niiden polveutumisesta.

Luonto ja mitä "Herra antaa" ovat filosofia, että ihmiset täällä elävät. Cat Islanders ovat tunnettuja heidän kekseliäisyytensä klo käyttäen materiaalin tehdä mitä he tarvitsevat. Esimerkiksi muusikot yhdistävät pala puuta, noin siimamyynnissä ja kuluneet tina kylpyammeella luoda basso väline on "reikki" n "raaputus" bändi paikallisessa yökerhossa. Mukana on Conchshell (torvi), vanha kampa päällystetty paperi (huuliharppu), vanha puuseppä n näki kaavittu kanssa pala metallia, ja kruunasi rummun, joka todella polttaa (vuohesta skins venynyt yli puun ja kuumennetaan yli liekki) , Cat Island bändit tuottaa ainutlaatuisen äänen.

Suuri osa Bahamasaaret "alkuperäiskansojen musiikki, kansanperinne ja myytti voidaan jäljittää Cat Island. Tässä, "I'll olla teidän kanssanne hengessä" saa aivan uuden merkityksen. Perinteisesti kun viimeisen sukupolven kuolee, hänen talo on jätetty henki elää tuumaa Jäljellä olevat sukulaiset kerätä kiviä päästöpaikasta ja muodostaa uuden asunnon. Muualla, saaren pohjoisosan asukkaat paikka karan atop taloa estämään vahingon befalling heitä - eräänlainen ukkosenjohdatin varten pahat henget.

Miten tästä perhe Bahama beach vacation ajatus: Live in oma yksityinen ranta loma kotiin Fernandez Bay Village on Cat Island, Bahama. The Perfect Bahama Island keinona perheet etsivät GetAway niiden lapset, tämä saattaa vain olla paras perhe Bahama Island loma idea koskaan. Pelaa rannalla, uida ja kristallinkirkas vesi, vuokrata veneen mennä snorklausta, scuba diving tai vain rentoutua ja eristäytynyt Cat Island beach nojalla varjossa on Casurina puita.

Tämän Bahama Island loma GetAway sinun pysyä suoraan rannalla kahden makuuhuoneen Bahama huvila täydellisenä täydellinen keittiö, olohuone ja ruokailutila. Mutta siellä on niin paljon tekemistä tämän perheen loma, että luultavasti ei viettävät paljon aikaa sisätiloissa.

Tämän Bahama Island loma GetAway

BAHAMAS Lucayan В Национальном парке Абако рифах гавань острова Cat острова Нассау Junkanoo День карнавала Розовые пески пляжа bottlenose диких дельфинов глубокое синее отверстие Alvernia Эрмитаж Марш Гавань Надежды Город колено Кей Остров Парадайз



Есть 700 Острова Багамские Острова кропили более 100000 квадратных миль океана откроется в 50 милях от побережья Флориды. Архипелаг является экологический оазис FEATURING 2000 дух крупных и мелких островов и имеет чистая вода на планете, с видимостью более 200 футов. Вы можете видеть ваши пальцы так же легко, как вы можете мира третий по величине барьерный риф.

Мы приглашаем вас изучить все наши острова. Один шаг, и вы будете понимать красоту каждого остров простирается далеко за пределы нашей внеочередной природных чудес. Это улыбки на лицах из багамского народа. Уникальный звуки нашей богатой культурой. В теплое гостеприимство нашего наследия и нашей красочная история.

Восемьдесят пять процентов от багамского населения африканского наследия. Около двух третей населения проживает на острове Нью-Провиденс (местонахождение Нассау). Многие предки прибыли на Багамские Острова, когда остров служил в качестве временной области для работорговли в начале 1800. Другие сопровождали тысячи британских верноподданных, которые бежали из американских колоний в ходе революционной войны.

Гаитянцев образуют крупнейший иммигрантов в Багамы. 30000-50000 оценкам быть резидентом, законно или незаконно, сосредоточены на Нью-Провиденс, Абако и Eleuthera островов.

Посещение школы является обязательным для детей в возрасте от 5 до 16 лет. Правительство полностью работает 158 из 210 начальных и средних школ в Багамы. Еще 52 школ являются частными. Запись для государственных начальных и средних школ 50332, с более чем 16000 студентов, обучающихся в частных школах. Колледж Багамских Островов, созданный в Нассау в 1974 году, предоставляет программы, ведущие к бакалаврам и зависимые градусов. Несколько неприсоединения багамского колледжи также предлагают программы высшего образования в Bahamas.In 1492 году Христофор Колумб сделал свой первый берегового в Западном полушарии в Багамы. Испанский работорговцам позже захватили родной Lucayan индейцев работать в золотых приисков в "Эспаньола", и в течение 25 лет, все Lucayans погибли. В 1647 году группа Английский Bermudan и религиозных беженцев, Eleutheran Adventurers, основали первое постоянное европейское поселение на Багамские острова и дал Eleuthera Острова свое название. Аналогичные группы поселенцев формируются правительства на Багамских Островах до острова стали британской коронной колонией в 1717.

В конце 1600 в начале 1700-х было золотым веком для пиратов и privateers. Многие известные пираты и privateers - в том числе сэр Фрэнсис Дрейк и Blackbeard - используется острова Багамы в качестве базы. В многочисленных островов и островков с их сложных перекатов и каналов предусмотрено скрываются прекрасные места для разграбления кораблей вблизи хорошо ездил судоходных путей. Первый Королевского губернатора, Woodes Роджерс, приняли закон и порядок на Багамские острова в 1718 году, когда он изгнал buccaneers.

Во время Американской революции, американские колонисты лояльных британской флагом поселились на Багамах. Эти лоялистов и новые поселенцы из Англии доведено колониальным навыков и сельскохозяйственных знаний. До 1834, когда Англия отменила рабство, они также доведено рабов, импорт предки многих современных багамцы из Западной Африки.

Близость к США продолжали оказывать возможностей для незаконной деятельности судоходной. Во время американской гражданской войны, Багамы процветал как центр конфедерации блокады турнир. За запрещении островов в качестве базы для американских rumrunners. Сегодня Багамы является основным пунктом для перевалки наркотиков по пути в США

Багамцы достигнута самоуправления посредством ряда конституционных и политических шагов, достижение внутреннего самоуправления в 1964 году и полной независимости в рамках Содружества от 10 июля 1973. С момента обретения независимости, Багамы по-прежнему развиваться в крупный туристический и финансовый центр услуг.
Багамы является независимым членом Содружества наций. Она является парламентской демократией в очередных выборах. Как одна из стран Содружества, его политических и правовых традиций, внимательно следить за тем, Соединенное Королевство. Багамы признает британского монарха в качестве формального главы государства, в то время как назначаются генерал-губернатором является представителем королевы в Багамы. Двухпалатный законодательный орган принимает законы в соответствии с Конституцией 1973 года.

Палата собрания состоит из 41 членов, избираемых от отдельных избирательных округах в течение 5-летний срок. В соответствии с Вестминстерской системе, то правительство может распустить парламент и выборы вызова в любой момент. Палата собрания выполняет все основные законодательные функции. Лидер партии большинства в качестве премьер-министра и главы правительства. Кабинет министров состоит из по меньшей мере девять членов, включая премьер-министра и министров исполнительных департаментов. Они отвечают на политическом в палате собрания.

Сенат состоит из 16 членов, назначаемых генерал-губернатором, в том числе девяти по рекомендации премьер-министра, четыре по рекомендации лидера оппозиции и три по рекомендации премьер-министра после консультаций с лидером оппозиции .

Генерал-губернатор назначает главного судью Верховного суда по рекомендации премьер-министра и лидера оппозиции. Генерал-губернатор назначает судей других в консультации с судебной комиссии. Тайный совет Великобритании является высшим апелляционным судом.

Местные органы власти округа избрать совет по градостроительству, бизнес-лицензий, вопросы движения и поддержания правительственных зданий. В некоторых крупных районах, снижение уровня городских советов также иметь незначительные обязанности.

На протяжении многих десятилетий, белые доминируют Соединенные багамского партия (ОБП) правила Багамы, а затем в зависимости от Соединенного Королевства, в то время как группа влиятельных бело купцов, известных как "Bay Street Boys," доминирующее влияние на местную экономику. В 1953 году багамцы удовлетворен ОБП правило формируется оппозиция Прогрессивной либеральной партии (ПЛП). Под руководством Линден Pindling, ПЛП выиграла контроля со стороны правительства в 1967 году и привела Багамы на полную независимость в 1973 году.

Коалиция ПЛП диссиденты и бывшие члены сформировали ОБП свободной Национального Движения (FNM), в 1971 году. Бывший ПЛП кабинета министра и члена парламента Хьюберт Ингрэхэм стала лидером в FNM в 1990 году, после смерти сэр Сесил Уоллес-Whitfield. Под руководством Ингрэхэм в FNM выиграл контролем правительства от ПЛП в августе 1992 года всеобщих выборов. ПЛП восстановили власть в 2002 году под руководством Перри Кристи, но FNM, вновь под руководством Ингрэхэм, вернулся в правительство в захвате 23 из 41 мест в палате собрания в течение мая 2007 года выборов. Следующие выборы должны состояться не позднее мая 2012.

В июле 2008 года премьер-министр Хьюберт Ингрэхэм объявила об изменениях в министерских портфелей, а также создание двух новых министерств - Министерства по делам молодежи, спорта и культуры и Министерством охраны окружающей среды.
Багамы определяется туризм и финансовые услуги. Туризм и туристические инициативе строительства и обрабатывающей промышленности обеспечивают около 60% от валового внутреннего продукта (ВВП). Туризм работает около половины багамского рабочей силы. В 2008 году 4,6 млн. туристов посетили Багамские острова, 85% из США. Это было на 4,5% сокращение общего посетителей по сравнению с 2007. Есть около 110 US-аффилированных предприятий, действующих на Багамских Островах, и большинство из них связаны с туризмом и банковской деятельности. В нескольких внутренних ресурсов и мало промышленности, Багамы импорт почти всех своих продуктов питания и промышленных товаров из США. Американских товаров и услуг, как правило, благоволят багамцы в силу культурных сходств и тяжелого воздействия американской рекламы. В багамского экономики, из-за своей сильной зависимости от США туризма и торговли, это сильно влияет на экономические показатели США.

Багамские острова в настоящее время переживает экономический спад в связи с глобальным экономическим спадом. Туризм число значительно сократилось за последний квартал 2008 года, и около 1000 работников туристического сектора, были уволены с сентября 2008 года. Багамы с упором на строительство и других инфраструктурных проектов, в целях стимулирования экономики и создания рабочих мест. Будущие цели включают дальнейшее развитие туризма свойства путем крупномасштабных инвестиций частного сектора, включая увеличение багамского собственности, реконструкции "Большой Багама экономики после крупных ураганов потерь в 2004 году, и расширение решительные багамского финансового сектора.

В дополнение к снижению в сфере туризма, других экономических проблем, стоящих перед Багамы включать продолжение заседания рабочих требований, jumpstarting а отставание процесса приватизации, а также мониторинг повышения уровня государственного долга. Еще одной серьезной проблемой для багамцы будет подготовить для свободной торговли в масштабах полушария. В настоящее время багамцы не платят доходов или налогов с продаж. Большинство государственных доходов, полученных от высоких тарифов и импортных пошлин. Снижение торговых барьеров, вероятно, потребуется определенная форма налогообложения заменить доходы, когда страна становится частью зоны свободной торговли в Северной и Южной Америки (ЗСТСЮА). Как видно на внутреннюю оппозицию в Карибском Единой рыночной экономики (ЕРЭК), о преимуществах свободной торговли, были тяжело правительства продать. Несмотря на некоторую внутреннюю оппозицию, то багамского правительство подписали соглашение об экономическом партнерстве (EPA), с Европейским союзом (ЕС) в декабре 2008 года.

Ряд запланированных проектов отеля обещали увеличить экономический рост и создание краткосрочного и долгосрочного трудоустройства. "Атлантис" Курорт и казино на острове Парадайз остается одним из основных туристических разработать и двигателем экономики. В будущем из Баха Мар отелей проект был поставлен под сомнение после оператор казино Harrah извлекается из сделку в марте 2008 года. Тем не менее, в марте 2009 года Эксим Банка Китая официально согласились финансировать проект застопорился, оценивается в 3,2 млрд. долл. США в финансировании. Правительство обещает расширить Международном аэропорту Нассау и переданы в управление частным операторам. В багамского правительство также приняло активное Судебная подход к иностранным инвесторам и провела крупные инвестиционные миссии на Дальнем Востоке, в Европе, Латинской Америке, Индии и Канады. Правительство продолжает уделять особое внимание Китая по развитию туризма и инвестиций. Китайцы финансирования строительства нового $ 30 млн. спортивный стадион в Нью-Провиденс и может предоставить в дополнение 100 млн. долл. США, в дорожно-строительных проектов. Хотя FNM правительство выразило желание увеличить багамского собственности на события, Багамские Острова 'зависимость от иностранных инвестиций, вряд ли изменится.

Финансовые услуги являются вторым наиболее важным сектором экономики Багамских Островов, на долю которых приходится до 15% ВВП, в результате в стране статус в качестве "налогового убежища и офшорные банковские центр. Остановить "налогового убежища" Злоупотребление законопроект, который был предложен в Конгрессе США и имена Багамы в качестве одного из 34 юрисдикций тайны, вызвало значительные дискуссии в местных средствах массовой информации и среди политиков. Многие считают, багамцы включение Багамы такой законопроект приведет к значительному сокращению числа рабочих мест в секторе финансовых услуг. В 2005 году правительство приняло 262 лицензированных банков и трастовых компаний на Багамских Островах. Багамы промульгирован Международной Бизнес Компании (МБК) закон в январе 1990 года в целях повышения статуса страны в качестве ведущего финансового центра. Этот закон служит для упрощения и снижения стоимости включения оффшорных компаний на Багамских Островах. В течение 9 лет, более чем 84000 КСГМГ типа компаний, были созданы. В феврале 1991 года правительство также легализованы создание защиты активов трастов на Багамах. В 2000 году в соответствии с многосторонними организациями, проблемы, правительство приняло пакет законодательных мер, направленных на укрепление лучше регулировать финансовый сектор и предотвращения отмывания денег в стране банковского сектора, включая создание подразделения финансовой разведки и соблюдения принципа "знай своего клиента "правилами. Некоторые из этих мер были оспорены в судах багамского, а количество оффшорных банков, зарегистрированных на Багамских Островах существенно снизилась с 2002 года. Как и многие, как половина КСГМГ также закрыты магазины. В результате, правительство рассматривает возможность дополнительного законодательства держать конкурентоспособные отрасли при соблюдении международных стандартов, включая возможные реформы регулирования структуры и подписание более Налоговые соглашения об обмене информацией.

Сельское хозяйство и рыболовство приходится 3% ВВП. Багамы экспорта омаров и рыбу, но не поднять эти вопросы на коммерческой основе. Существует не крупномасштабного сельского хозяйства, а также большинство сельскохозяйственной продукции потребляется внутри страны. После вспышки цитрусовых на Абако язвы в 2005 году, Багамские Острова потеряли основным сельскохозяйственным экспортом и Министерство сельского хозяйства запретило экспорт растительных материалов Абако. Багамы импорта более чем на $ 250 млн. в продуктах питания в год, что составляет около 80% его потребления продовольствия.

В багамского правительство сохраняет ценность из багамских доллара на одном уровне с американским долларом. Багамы является бенефициаром американо-карибского бассейна торговле Партнерство закона (CBTPA), Канады КАРИБКАН программу и ЕС соглашения об экономическом партнерстве. Хотя Багамы участвует в политических аспектах Карибского сообщества (КАРИКОМ), она еще не вступила в совместных экономических инициатив, как ЕРЭК, в других карибских государствах.

Багамские острова есть несколько заметных промышленных предприятий: фармацевтическая фирма ПФК Багамы (ранее Syntex); в BORCO нефть объекте, ведения бизнеса, как Vooak терминалов Багамы; сланцам Пиво и Большой Багама Пивоварня, все в Свободном и Содружества Пивоварня в Нассау , которая производит Heineken, Гиннесса, и Калик пива. Другие отрасли включают вяленый морской соли в Великой Inagua, влажной среды в док для ремонта Фрипорта круизных судов, а также добыча арагонит - вид известняка с рядом промышленных целей - от морского дна океана на Кей.

В Hawksbill Creek Соглашения создана беспошлинная зона в Свободном, Багамы "второго по величине города в близлежащие промышленный парк для поощрения иностранных инвестиций в промышленность. В Гонконге на основе фирма Hutchison Whampoa эксплуатирует контейнерный порт в Свободном. В багамского парламент одобрил законодательство, в 1993 году, что самым продлил Фрипорта освобождений от налогов и пошлин через 2054.
Надежда Город Виллы приглашает Вас остановиться в нашей художественной спроектированы, уединенные виллы. Расположенный на набережной или рядом с пляжем, они известны своими пышными садами, милые взгляды и укрытие мест в поселке Надежда Город.
Отдых на нашем острове лучших пляжей, трубка на рифы, всего три минуты ходьбы. Прогулка через свободные движения, узкие улочки нашего поселения с ярко окрашенный колотый лесоматериал для клепки домов оценить более медленными темпами жизни.

Наслаждайтесь мнение наших живописные гавани с парусники и исторические конфеты-полосатый маяк, пообедать в наших прекрасных ресторанов, танцы под звездами. Это все в ваших дверей!
Мы предлагаем некоторые из наиболее привлекательных Сезонный наем на острове, и с гордостью предлагают исключительно чистый и ухоженный вилл. Многие из наших гостей вернуться в год.

Наш менеджер Карен Huff-Lowe предоставляет персональное внимание и гостеприимство, чтобы обеспечить ваш отдых очень особенное.

Надежда Город является заманчивой, 18 век рыбацкую деревушку на колено Кей, (шесть миль в длину и на четверть мили в ширину), расположенный на внешней риф строку Изумрудного острова, известные как Abacos. Окруженный полупрозрачном бирюза моря и известна как один из самых охраняемых районов в Карибском бассейне для маленьких лодках изучать.
Исторический урегулирования Надежда Город обертывания вокруг охраняемых гавани, только три из блоков широкий океан сторону гавани стороны, он также известен своей знаменитой карамели полосатый маяк. Посетители имеют право подняться на маяк за великолепные виды на прилегающих островах и барьерных рифов.

Остров жизни заметно неторопливый, местные жители и гости прогулке трафик бесплатно улицах Надежда Город с его ярко окрашенный колотый лесоматериал для клепки домов, заборов и пикет цветущие сады. Оригинал поселенцы лоялистов, кто переехал в эти острова после Американской революции. Плантации, sponging, рыболовство, строительство лодки, пиратством, контрабандой и стал подрыв путей прошлой жизни. В тесном узами 300 человек населявших острова круглый год. Мероприятия, которые привлекают посетителей и сохранить наши гости возвращаются в год являются:

Аренда лодки и изучения многих островов и исторических поселений в охраняемых водах моря Абако.
МОРСКИЕ или дайвинг на наши национальные морские подводные парки.
Питание на наших прекрасных ресторанов под звездами и танцами в музыке калипсо.
Picnicing и обстрелов на многих пляжах пустынных островов.
Исследуя художник колонией, и, потягивая ром пуансонов на романтический пляж барах.
Исследуя наши острова на арендованной гольф карточке или на велосипеде.
Глубоководный морской промысел, рыболовство кости предлагаются профессиональные гиды.
Сидя на набережной палубе или висит в гамаке и читать хорошую книгу.
Мы надеемся, что вы воспользоваться возможностью посетить нас, пожалуйста, дайте нам знать, если у вас возникнут дополнительные вопросы, мы не хотим рассказать вам все о нашем острове, но оставить некоторые вещи приятно surprise.Junkanoo является гражданином фестиваль в Багамские острова, то единственное место, где он проводит такой чести. Существует даже музей демонстрации Junkanoo костюмах, искусство и артефакты в центре Нассау - культурный и выделить необходимые см. притяжения для всех гостей. Происхождение слова Junkanoo является неясным. Некоторые говорят, что оно происходит от французского "L'inconnu" (имея в виду неизвестно), со ссылкой на носили маски в paraders; или "Junk enoo", шотландский поселенцев ссылкой на парадах, что означает "мусор достаточно" или "Джон Каноэ", название одной из африканских племенных начальника, который потребовал право праздновать с его народом, даже после того, привлечены к Вест-Индии в рабство.

Считается, что этот праздник начался в ходе 16-й и 17-м веках. Рабы получили специальный отпуск на Рождество, когда они могут покинуть плантации быть со своей семьей, и отмечать праздники с африканскими танцами, музыкой и костюмами. После освобождения они продолжают эту традицию, и сегодня, Junkanoo превратился из простого происхождения на формальные, более организованные парад со сложными, замысловатый костюмы, тематические музыкальные и стимулирования призы.

Рождественские праздники на Багамских Островах не будет полным без Junkanoo группы "торопится" на улицах. Венчурный до Bay Street в Нассау в первые утренние часы День (на следующий день после Рождества), и Первый день Нового Года, и вот этот рог изобилия цвета и звука. В темноте раннего утра добавляет в чарующую атмосферу. Накладные уличное выделить тона в костюмах и баннеры неразрывно разработан и узорными с минуту полоски бумаги креп всех цветов приклеены к одежде, картона и дерева.

Среди Junkanoo труппы являются "сакс", "Долина Мальчики" и "Корни". Конкуренция среди них является жестокой - тысяч долларов призовых денег на карту - и костюм образцы тщательно охраняемые тайной до тех пор, пока они, наконец, открыли.

Каждая труппа выбирает темы для своих костюмов, а их члены одеты в вариаций этой темы. Она может быть как-то архаикой, как викинги или как современное, как космонавты. Группа короткий шаг или меренге вдоль улицы, в зависимости от музыку они играют со своими козу-кожа барабана, cowbells, conchshell рога и свистки. Revelers на обочине прыгать с
же отказаться, пели и танцевали вместе, "Мы rushin ', мы rushin', мы rushin через толпу ... KK-Калик, KK-Калик, KK-kaliking KK-Калик, KK-Калик, KK-Калик, KK-Калик, да ".

Все это предлагается вступить в партию и петь и танцевать вместе. Она занимает около двух часов, чтобы просмотреть все записи, но не оставляйте только пока. Он даже лучше второй раз!

А если вы просто не можете сделать это на Багамские острова на рождественских, Junkanoo парады проводятся также в сочетании с другими специальными торжеств, таких как День Независимости (10 июля).

В Abacos. С площадью 650 кв миль, эта группа островов кривых более 130 миль от изумрудно море. Иммигранты из Великобритании и лоялистов покидающих США после американской революции поселились здесь в 17-м и 18-го веков. Эти истоки, отражены в Новой Англии в стиле архитектуры и традиционные виды деятельности, тихой деревни, в основном нетронутый современности. Эти острова называются "лодку строительство центра Багамы. Население: 10061.

Кривые Остров. Эти два острова являются частью группы из четырех островов, охватывающих 100 миль. Фортуны острова стегнах Кривые и замок острова, Aklins. Колумб, как утверждается, пришел в этот район в поисках золота, но лишь "сокровищем" он был найден сенсорных - с Жасмин-как аромат в воздухе. Acklins на 120 кв миль скальных и крутой, с населением 428. Кривые острова 92 кв миль в основном состоит из приливов квартир и глубоких ручьев. Население: 423.

Андрос. Андрос является крупнейшей из Багамских островов, с площадью 2300 кв км. Известные как "Bonefishing столица мира", это квартиры (за исключением восточное побережье) и отмечены многочисленные заливы и внутренние озера изобилует рыбой. В ландшафт включает в себя обширные девственные сосны, красного дерева и пальмовых лесов, кустарников и мангровых болот с большими колониями морских птиц. На западном побережье является низкая неплодна банка под названием "Грязь; в Барьерный Риф Андрос находится недалеко от восточного берега вдоль язык океана. Численность населения: 8155.

Берри острове. Лежа в длинной кружевной линии, эта группа из 30 рифов занимает площадь в 12 кв км. С такими именами, как рыба-Кей, Bird-Кей, замороженные Кей, Уэйл Кей и Малый Уэйл Кей, то приходится удивляться, они уступают только в Biminis в качестве убежища для спортивной рыбалки. Их уединение, прекрасные пляжи и прилегающие воды также на островах в populat отступление для яхтсменов. Лишь немногие из островов имеют постоянного населения, которое составляет 634.

Biminis. Есть одна небольшая группа островов, состоящая из Северной и Южной Bimini, Кат-Кей-Кей и пушки. Они расположены 50 милях к востоку от Майами, штат Флорида, на берегу залива Stream (глубоководная рыбалка территории) с Большой Багама банк (bonefish преследовать) на заднюю дверь. В водах этого мало кусок Багамы запустить некоторые из крупнейших игровых рыбы в мире. Он имеет площадь 9 кв миль и с населением 1638.

Остров Кат. Является одним из самых красивых, плодородные острова на Багамских островах и имеет самый высокий подъем их с горы. Alvernia на 206 футов. 150 кв миль покрыта холмами плотные зеленые леса и неучтенных мили великолепных пляжей. Еще очень многое бушевала в прошлом, доказательств его ранних индийских культур и плантаций лоялистов изобилует думал острова. Численность ее населения составляет 1678. Eleuthera. Здесь корни современной истории багамского были посажены на "Eleutheran Adventurers", который установил, что, вероятно, первой подлинной демократии в западном мире более 300 лет назад. Многое из ранних колониальных атмосфера сохраняется на маленькой рыболовной villagesand расползающийся сельскохозяйственных районах. На острове составляет 110 миль, и лишь в двух милях вдоль широкого большинства своей длины. Просто порта являются офшорные острова (известный своими розовато-песчаных пляжей) и испанской Уэллс (где пираты и другие сочли пресной воды). Население: 10524.

Exuma. Протяженностью 130 кв миль, эти острова предлагают замечательные крейсерская и известны яхтсменов, как "Водный столица Багамских островов." Есть 365 рифах чистых песчаных пляжей, в изоляции и крепления, не имеющих выхода к морю гавани. Разнообразие и приключения пометить каждую милю. Некоторые острова являются лишь куча песка в море, другие высокого cliffed и лесом. Большая часть рифов необитаемы, с общей численностью населения 3539.

Гранд Багама. На вкус Гранд Багама остров представляет собой комбинацию из интересных, современных коммерческих и курортного центра Свободного / Lucaya забыли сонливость и деревни и исторические города, как West End (запад) и McLeans город на востоке страны. Свободного / Lucaya, а антропогенные чудо, это нация второй город. Она превратилась из района пустыни, был приручили и превращается в праздник Мекку для тех, кто стремится к себе своего спортивного характера, будь то на суше или морем. Остров имеет площадь 530 кв миль; численность населения: 41035. Inagua. Лежа краев Юга в Багамские острова, она охватывает 645 кв мили и включает острова Большой и Малый Inagua. Рельеф местности и дикой пустыне, и климат пустыни типа. Великий Inagua славится своей обширной соли областях, которые производят более одного миллиона тонн товарной один год. А большая часть его является охраняемым парк - заповедник и селекции территории свыше 60000-западной части Индийского Фламинго - национальная птица Багамы - многие редкие виды тропических птиц, черепахи и игуаны. Мало Inagua является необитаемым человека. Численность населения составляет 924.

Оборванных Остров. В серповидный оборванных Остров диапазон простирается от Jumento рифов на южной оконечности о Exumas кривых восток, а затем к югу вплоть до Великой оборванных остров с его основными урегулирования Дункан города. Это очень сухой, дикий, ветра месте, в окружении один коварный море. Оборванных островов находятся в гораздо спросом на свои навыки в плавании эти отмели, их главный профессий судоходство, рыболовство и ремесла. Острова имеют площадь 15 квадратных миль, а население составляет 89.

Mayagua. Является мирной и спокойной, "просто, как Колумб встретился ей", так говорят местные жители. Она еще сохраняет свое первоначальное название индейцев. Mayaguana является идеальным остановки для любителей парусного спорта, несколько хороших портов и креплений, большая рыбалка, обстрелы и плавание. Прогулка через деревни является еще одним любимым времяпрепровождением, где есть много местных цвет пользоваться в очаровательных домиков и людей. Остров имеет площадь 110 кв миль и с населением 308.

Нассау. Остров Парадайз. Экономически наиболее важные острова Багамские острова, где в ее столице, Нассау, резиденция правительства. Нассау представляет собой сложную, очаровательный старый город построен на солнце splashed холма с видом на море. Он был основан в 1670 и быстро росло как центр торговли, по островам в связи с его защитой гавань с прекрасными креплений. Нассау / Остров Парадайз также включает в курортных зонах кабельных Пляж и Остров Парадайз. В своем 80 кв миль проживает 171542 человек - около 60% от багамского населения.
Ром-Кей. В "Спящей красавице" в Багамские острова, с его историческим лоялистов хлопковых плантаций руины и индийских артефактов, милые холмах, золотые пляжи и ожерелье коралловых рифов вокруг его берегов. Первоначально именем Санта-Мария-де-ла Концепция Колумбом, Ром-Кей, как предполагается, получили свое нынешнее название от гибели на его побережье в западной части Индийского rumrunner Ладена с товаром. Порт-Нельсон, а защищенная гавань на южном побережье, это единственное поселение. На острове в 10 милях долго и 5 миль широк и имеет менее 100 жителей.
Сан-Сальвадор. Первоначально называется "Guanahani," Христофор Колумб сделал этого крошечного, 63-кв-мильной области, наиболее исторически важных острова Багамы. Он сделал первый берегового здесь в 1492 году и не менее четырех отдельных памятников знак точное место, где Колумб вступил на берег. Он по-прежнему остается неоткрытым, маскируют в своем прошлом, видно заметны среди акробатика лоялистов плантационные руины и преобладание интересных реликвий и артефактов из индийских дней. Численность населения составляет 465 на жизнь рыболовством и земледелием. Cat острове могут быть получены от его имени Артур Catt, знаменитый Британский морской капитан или пресловутого пирата (в зависимости, на чьей стороне вы были). Конкурирующего источника по имени ордами диких кошек, что Английский столкнулись здесь по прибытии в 1600. На кошек, как утверждается, потомки их дрессировщица двоюродных братьев, ставших сиротами в раннем Испанский колонисты в спешке, чтобы найти золото из Южной Америки. Это загрузке формы, untamed остров является одним из самых красивых и плодородных из Багамских островов. А пышные святилище, он обеспечивает спокойствие для тех, кто стремится к спасению от нагрузки современной цивилизации. Другие полагали, так же, как и Отец Жерома, а раскаивающийся отшельник, который построил средневековый монастырь из тесаных известняковых скалах на вершине 206-футовый Mt. Alvernia, место для медитации. Из этих высоких скал, есть чудесный вид на густо покрытых лесом предгорьях, и в 60 милях от дезертировало розовый и белый песчаный пляж.

Cat острова когда-то дом на одну из самых процветающих лоялистов колоний вне острова. Этот остров получил свое богатство из многочисленных хлопковых плантаций, созданных в 1700-х. Теперь лозы покрытых полу-разрушенных особняков и каменных стен из ферм крупного рогатого скота, где были penned и ананасы производства, играть в прятки в тропических цветов, травы и песка. Падения остатков Славянский деревень и артефакты в пещерах араваки шепот жизни давно. Потомки этих первых поселенцев останутся в том же городе своих предков.

Природа и то, что "Господь будет предоставлять" являются философия, что люди здесь живут. Cat островов славятся своей изобретательности при использовании материалов в руки сделать то, что им нужно. Например, музыканты сочетают куска дерева, некоторые рыболовные линии и изношенных жестяной ванне, чтобы создать инструмент бас в "грабли" N "наскрести" полоса в местном ночном клубе. Сопровождается Conchshell (горн), старый гребень покрыт документ (гармоника), старый столярные увидел Царапины с куском металла, и превысила сдвигается на барабан, который действительно курит (шкур козла растягивается за дерева и нагревается над пламенем) , КПП острове полосы производят уникальный звук.

Многое из Багамских островов "коренной музыка, фольклор и миф можно отнести на острове Кат. Здесь, "Я буду с Вами в духе" принимает на совершенно новый смысл. Традиционно, когда последний из поколения умирает, его или ее доме осталось по духу жить Оставшиеся родственники собирать камни с сайта, и сформировать новое жилье. Кроме того, в северной части острова, жители места шпинделями поверх домов для предотвращения ущерба от befalling них - своего рода громоотводом для злых духов.

Как насчет этого семейства Багамы пляж отдых идеей: Живите в свой частный пляж отпуск домой на Фернандес залива село на Cat остров, Багамские острова. The Perfect Багамы острове курорт для семей, перспективных для отдыха с детьми, это может быть просто лучшие семьи Багамы Остров отпуск идея никогда. Играть на пляже, искупаться в кристально чистой воде, арендовать лодку идти подводным плаванием, подводным плаванием или просто отдохнуть на уединенный остров Cat пляже под сенью деревьев в Casurina.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха вам остановиться непосредственно на пляже в две спальни Багамы вилла в комплекте с полным кухня, гостиная и столовая. Но существует так много сделать в этом семейного отдыха, который вам, вероятно, не будет тратить много времени в помещениях.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

BAHAMAS Abaco cays Lucaya National Park Harbour Island Cat Island Nassau Junkanoo carnival Boxing Day Pink Sands Beach Wild bottlenose dolphins deep blue hole Alvernia Hermitage Marsh Harbour Hope Town Elbow Cay Paradise Island



There are 700 islands of the Bahamas Rocio over 100,000 square miles of ocean starting just 50 miles off the coast of Florida. The archipelago is an ecological oasis with some 2,000 islands and cays and boasts the clearest water on the planet-with a visibility of over 200 feet. You can see the toes of her feet as easily as can the world's third largest barrier reef.

We invite you to explore all the islands. One step and you will realize the beauty of each island extends far beyond our extraordinary natural wonders. Is the smiles on the faces of the people of the Bahamas. The unique sounds of our rich culture. The warm hospitality of our heritage and our colorful history.

Eighty-five percent of the population is of African heritage Bahamas. About two thirds of the population resides on the island of New Providence (Nassau location). Many ancestors arrived in the Bahamas when the islands served as an area for the slave trade in the early 1800's. Accompanied by thousands of other British loyalists who fled the American colonies during the Revolutionary War.

Haitians are the immigrant community in the Bahamas. 30000-50000 is estimated to reside legally or illegally, concentrated on New Providence, Eleuthera and Abaco islands.

School attendance is compulsory between the ages of 5 and 16. The government fully operates 158 of the 210 primary and secondary schools in the Bahamas. The other 52 are private schools. State tuition for primary and secondary schools is 50,332, with more than 16,000 students attending private schools. The College of The Bahamas, established in Nassau in 1974, offers programs leading to associate degrees and bachelors. Several colleges also offer programs not Bahamas higher education Bahamas.In In 1492, Christopher Columbus made his first saturated in the Western Hemisphere in the Bahamas. Spanish slave traders later captured Lucaya native Indians to work in gold mines in Hispaniola, and within 25 years, all died Lucaya. In 1647, a group of English religious refugees Bermuda, the Eleuthir adventurers founded the first permanent European settlement in the Bahamas and gave Eleuthera Island its name. Similar groups of settlers formed governments in the Bahamas until the islands became a British Crown Colony in 1717.

The late 1600 to early 1700 were the golden age of pirates. Many famous pirates - including Sir Francis Drake and Blackbeard - used the islands of Bahamas as a base. The numerous islands and islets with their complex banks and channels provided excellent hiding places for the plundering ships near well traveled shipping routes. The first Royal Governor, Woodes Rogers, brought law and order to the Bahamas in 1718 when he expelled the buccaneers.

During the American Revolution, colonists loyal to the British flag settled in the Bahamas. These new colonists loyal to the Crown of Great Britain and led colonial and agricultural capacity building experience. Until 1834, when Britain abolished slavery also brought slaves, importing the ancestors of many modern bahameses West Africa.

The proximity to the U.S. continued to provide opportunities for illegal activity costs. During the American Civil War, The Bahamas prospered as a center of Confederate blockade-running. During Prohibition, the islands served as a base for American rumrunners. Today, The Bahamas is a major transshipment point for narcotics in the way the U.S.

Bahameses achieved self-government through a series of constitutional and political steps, attaining internal autonomy in 1964 and full independence within the Community on 10 July 1973. Since independence, the Bahamas has continued to develop into a major center of tourism and financial services.
The Bahamas is an independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It is a parliamentary democracy with regular elections. As a Commonwealth country, its political and legal traditions closely follow that of the UK. Bahamas recognizes the British monarch as their head of state, compared with an appointed Governor General acts as the Queen's representative in the Bahamas. A bicameral legislature passes laws under the Constitution of 1973.

The Assembly consists of 41 members elected in individual constituencies for 5 years. As in the Westminster system, the government can dissolve parliament and call elections at any time. The Assembly performs all major legislative functions. The leader of the majority party serves as prime minister and head of government. The Cabinet is composed of at least nine members, including the prime minister and the ministers of the executive departments. Respond politically to the House of Assembly.

The Senate consists of 16 members appointed by the governor general, including nine on the advice of the prime minister, four on the advice of the leader of the opposition, and three on the recommendation of the prime minister after consultation with the head of the opposition.

The Governor-General appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the advice of the Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition. The Governor General appoints the other judges on the advice of a judicial commission. The Privy Council of the United Kingdom serves as the highest court of appeal.

The local districts to elect councils planning, business licenses, traffic matters and maintenance of government buildings. In some districts large lower level councils also have responsibilities under.

For decades, predominantly white states Bahamas Party (UBP) ruled Bahamas and then a dependency of the United Kingdom, while a group of influential white merchants known as the "Bay Street Boys" dominated the local economy. In 1953, discontent with bahameses UBP rule formed the opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Under the leadership of Lynden Pindling, the PLP won control of the government in 1967, Bahamas and lead to full independence in 1973.

A coalition of PLP dissidents and former UBP members formed Foundation National Movement (FNM) in 1971. PLP Member of Parliament and former Minister Hubert Ingraham became leader of the FNM in 1990 after the death of Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield. Under the leadership of Ingraham, the FNM won control of the PLP government in August 1992 general elections. The PLP regained power in 2002 under the leadership of Perry Christie, but the FNM, again directed by Ingraham, returned to the government by capturing 23 of 41 seats in the House of Assembly during the May elections , 2007. The next election must be held no later than May 2012.

In July 2008, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham announced changes in ministerial portfolios and the creation of two ministries - the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and the Ministry of Environment.
Bahamas is driven by tourism and financial services. Tourism and tourism-driven construction and manufacturing to provide an estimated 60% of gross domestic product (GDP). Tourism employs about half of the workforce Bahamas. In 2008, 4.6 million tourists visited Bahamas, 85% of the United States. This was a decrease of 4.5% in the total number of visitors compared to 2007. There are about 110 affiliates in the United States operating in the Bahamas, and most are related to tourism and banking. With few resources and little industry, The Bahamas imports nearly all its food and manufactured goods from the United States. American goods and services tend to be favored by bahameses due to cultural similarities and heavy exposure to American advertising. The economy of the Bahamas, due to its heavy dependence on U.S. tourism and trade, is deeply affected by U.S. economic performance.

Bahamas is currently experiencing an economic downturn as a result of the global economic downturn. Tourism numbers fell considerably during the last quarter of 2008 and approximately 1,000 employees in the tourism sector have been laid off since September 2008. The Bahamas focuses on construction and other infrastructure projects in an effort to boost the economy and create jobs. Future goals include continued development of tourism properties through large-scale private sector investment, including an increase in Bahamas property, the redevelopment of the Grand Bahama economy major hurricane losses in 2004, and extending Bahamas robust financial sector.

In addition to the decline in tourism, other economic challenges facing series of meetings Bahamas requires less jumpstarting a privatization process, and track rising levels of public debt. Another important challenge for bahameses be prepared for hemispheric free trade. Currently, bahameses pay no sales tax or income. Most government revenue is derived from high import tariffs and taxes. Reducing trade barriers, will probably require some kind of tax to replace the income that the country becomes a part of the Free Trade Area of ??the Americas (FTAA). As evidenced by the internal opposition to the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME), the advantages of free trade have been difficult for the government to sell. Despite some domestic opposition, the Government of The Bahamas signed an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU) in December 2008.

Planned a number of hotel projects have been undertaken to increase economic growth and create short and long term employment. Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island remains a major tourist draw and economic engine. The Future of Hotel Baha Mar project is called into question after casino operator Harrah's pulled out of the operation in March 2008. However, in March 2009, the Exim Bank of China a formal agreement to finance the stalled project, estimated at $ 3.2 billion in funding. The government is committed to expand the airport and Nassau became the management to private operators. The Bahamas Government has adopted a proactive approach to courting foreign investors and has invested significant missions in the Far East, Europe, Latin America, India and Canada. The Government is paying special attention to China to promote tourism and investment. The Chinese are funding the construction of a new $ 30 million sports stadium in New Providence and can provide an addition of $ 100 million in road construction projects. FNM, while the government has expressed its desire to increase ownership interests in events Bahamas, Bahamas dependence on foreign investment is unlikely to change.

Financial services constitute the second most important sector of the economy of the Bahamas, which represents up to 15% of GDP, due to the condition of the country as a tax haven and offshore banking center. Stop the abuse of tax law, which was proposed in the U.S. Congress and the names of the Bahamas as a secret from 34 countries, has generated much debate in the local media and among politicians. Many feel bahameses including the Bahamas on a bill would lead to significant job losses in the financial services sector. Since 2005, the government had licensed 262 banks and Trust Companies in The Bahamas. Bahamas promulgated the International Business Companies (IBC) Act in 1990 to enhance the country's status as a leading financial center. The act served to simplify and reduce the cost of incorporating offshore companies in The Bahamas. Within 9 years, more than 84,000 IBC-type companies had been created. In February 1991, the government legalized the creation of asset protection trusts in the Bahamas. In 2000, in response to multilateral organizations "are concerned, the government approved a legislative package of stricter measures to better regulate the financial sector and prevent money laundering in the banking sector of the country, including the creation of a Financial Intelligence Unit and enforcement of "know your customer" rules. Some of these measures have been challenged in the courts of the Bahamas, and the number of offshore banks registered in the Bahamas has been substantially reduced since 2002. Up to half of GRG also closed. As a result, the government is considering additional legislation to maintain the competitiveness of the industry in accordance with international standards, including a possible reform structure and regulatory signing more agreements to exchange tax information.

Agriculture and fishing account for 3% of GDP. Bahamas exports lobster and some fish but does not raise these trade issues. No large-scale agriculture, and most agricultural products are consumed domestically. Following an outbreak of citrus Cancri 2005 in Abaco, Bahamas lost a major agricultural exports, and the Ministry of Agriculture banned the export of raw vegetables Abaco. Bahamas imports more than $ 250 million in foodstuffs per year, representing about 80% of their food intake.

The Government of the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas dollar value on par with the U.S. dollar. The Bahamas is a beneficiary of the United States and the Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA), Canada CARIBCAN program, and the European Union Economic Partnership Agreement. Although the Bahamas participates in the political aspects of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), which has entered into joint economic initiatives, such as the Unique Market and Economy, with other Caribbean states.

Bahamas has a few notable industrial firms: the pharmaceutical company PFC Bahamas (formerly Syntex), Borca oil installation, doing business as Vooak terminal Bahamas, Sands Beer and Brewery Grand Bahama, Freeport in all, and the Community Brewery in Nassau, which produces Heineken, Guinness, and Kalik beer. Other industries include sun-dried sea salt in Great Inagua, a dock facility in Freeport for repair of cruise ships, and mining of aragonite - a type of limestone with several industrial uses - from the bottom of sea ??at Ocean Cay.

The Hawksbill Creek Agreement established a duty free zone in Freeport, Bahamas' second largest city, with about an industrial park to encourage foreign industrial investment. Hong Kong-based company Hutchison Whampoa operates the port of containers in Freeport. Parliament approved legislation Bahamas in 1993 that extended most Freeport tax exemptions and customs through 2054.
Hope Town Villas invites you to our artistically designed, isolated villages. Located on the coast or near the beach, is known for its lush gardens, beautiful views and places of hiding in the solution of Hope Town.
Relax in our island's best beach, snorkel the reefs, just three minutes. Stroll through the traffic free streets of our solution with brightly painted houses tablet to appreciate a slower pace of life.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

Enjoy views of our historic and picturesque harbor with sailboats candy striped lighthouse, dine in our restaurants, dancing under the stars. Everything is at your doorstep!
We offer some of the most beautiful vacation rentals on the island and take pride in offering exceptionally clean and well village. Many of our guests return year.

Our manager Karen Huff-Lowe offers personal attention and hospitality to ensure your vacation is very special.

Hope is a picturesque town, the fishing village of 18 century Elbow Cay, (six miles long and a quarter mile wide) located outside of a string of emerald islands reefs, known as the abacus. Surrounded by a sea translucent turquiose and known to be one of the most protected areas in the Caribbean for the exploration of small boats.
The historic settlement of Hope Town wraps around a protected port, only three blocks much of the ocean port is also known for its famous candy striped lighthouse. Visitors are free to climb the lighthouse splendid views of the surrounding islands and barrier reefs.

Is mainly island life without haste, locals and visitors walking the streets free of traffic City of Hope, with its brightly painted tablet houses, picket fences and flowering gardens. The original settlers were loyal to the Crown, who moved to the islands after the American Revolution. Plantations, sponge fishing, shipbuilding, piracy, smuggling and destruction became the way of life happens. A community of about 300 people inhabit the island throughout the year. Activities that attract visitors and keep our guests returning each year are:

Rent a boat and explore the many islands and historical settlements in protecting the waters of the Sea of ??Abaco.
Snorkeling or diving in our national parks under the sea.
Dine under the stars in our restaurants, and dancing to calypso music.
Picnicing and bombings in the many deserted beaches of the islands.
Exploring an artist's colony, and drinking rum punches romantic bars.
Explore the island on a golf cart or bicycle.
Deep sea fishing, bone fishing are offered by professional guides.
Sitting on the coast deck or out in a hammock and read a good book.
We hope you take the opportunity to visit us, please let us know if you have any questions, I mean everything about the island, but leaves some things is a nice surprise.Junkanoo national holiday in the Bahamas, the only place that has such honor. There is even a museum exhibiting Junkanoo costumes, art and artifacts in downtown Nassau - cultural highlight and must see attraction for all visitors. The origin of the word Junkanoo is dark. Some say it comes from the French "L'Inconnu" (ie, unknown), referring to the masks worn by fate, or "junk enoo" Scottish settlers referred to the parades, which means "enough rubbish" or "John Canoe," the name of an African tribal chief who demanded the right to celebrate with his people even after being subjected to slavery in the West Indies.

It is believed that this festival was started during the 16 th and 17 centuries. The slaves were given a special holiday at Christmas, when the plantations could leave to be with his family and celebrate the holidays with African dance, music and costumes. After emancipation, they continued this tradition and today Junkanoo has evolved from its origins to a single officer, organized the parade more sophisticated, intricate costumes, music and theme incentive awards.

Christmas Celebrations in the Bahamas Junkanoo bands would not be complete without "fast" in the streets. Company at Bay Street in Nassau during the early morning hours of Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) and New Year's Day and behold, this cornucopia of color and sound. The darkness of the night added to the atmosphere hechizante. General hints of lights over the costumes and intricate pattern designed banners and minutes from the pancake strips of all colors attached to the clothing, cardboard and wood.

Among the troops Junkanoo's "Saxon", "Valley of the children" and "Roots." The competition between them is fierce - thousands of dollars in prizes are at stake - and costume designs are closely guarded secret until finally unveiled.

Each company selected a theme for their costumes and dresses of the members of the variations of this theme. It could be something as archaic as the Vikings or as contemporary as astronauts. Groups or short meringue step along the street, depending on the music you play with goatskin drums, cowbells, horns and whistles conchshell. Revelers outside cavort with
leave it, singing and dancing along, "We Rush ', we rush,' we rush through the crowd ... kk-Kalik, Kalik, kk, kk-kk-kaliking Kalik, Kalik, kk, kk -kalik, kk-kalik, yes. "

Everyone is invited to join the party and sing and dance. It takes about two hours to see all the entries, but do not leave yet. It's even better the second time!

And if you can not go to the Bahamas for Christmas Junkanoo parade will also be held in conjunction with other special celebrations such as Independence Day (10 July).

The abacus. With an area of ??650 square miles, this group of islands curves of more than 130 miles of sea emerald. Immigrants from Britain and loyal to the Crown who fled the U.S. after the American Revolution settled here in the 17 and 18 centuries. These origins are reflected in the New England style, architecture and traditional activities of the peoples mind, most affected by modern times. The islands are known as "The ship-building center of The Bahamas. Population: 10,061.

Crooked Island. These two islands are part of a group of four islands covering 100 miles. Fortunately flanks Crooked Island and Castle Island, Aklins. Columbus would come to the area in search of gold, but the only "treasure" that is sensory - jasmine-like fragrance in the air. Acklins at 120 square miles is rocky and steep and has a population of 428. Crooked Island is 92 square miles consisting mainly of tidal flats and deep gorges. Population: 423.

Andros. Andros is the largest of the Bahamas, with an area of ??2,300 square miles. Known as "Bonefishing Capital of the World", which is flat (except east coast) and is marked by numerous orifices and lakes full of fish. The landscape includes a wide virgin pine, palm and mahogany forests, scrubs and mangroves with large colonies of seabirds. The west coast is a little barren bank called "The Fang", the Andros Barrier Reef is opposite the eastern coast along the Tongue of the Ocean. Population: 8155.

Berry Island. Located in a long line of lace, this group of 30 cays covers an area of ??12 square miles. Key names like fish, poultry Cay, Cay frozen Whale Cay and Little Whale Cay is second only wonder at the Bimini as a haven for fishing. Its seclusion, beautiful beaches and the waters surrounding the islands are a haven for sailors populations. Just some of the islands have a permanent population, which totals 634.

Bimini. They are a small group of islands, which consists of North and South Bimini, Cat Cay Cay and firearms. Situated 50 miles east of Miami, Florida, near the Gulf Stream (offshore fishing area) with the Grand Bahama Bank (bonefish torment) to your door. The waters of this small piece of Bahamas generate some of the largest fish in the world. It has an area of ??9 square miles and a population of 1638.

Cat Island. One of the most beautiful and fertile in the Bahamas and boasted pose the highest of all with Mt. Alvernia at 206 feet. Its 150 square miles are covered with dense forest green hills and countless kilometers of magnificent beaches. Still trapped in the past, the test of its first indigenous cultures and times abound plantations across the island. It has a population of 1678. Eleuthera. Here, the roots of the modern history of the Bahamas were planted "Eleuthir adventurers" who established what was probably the first true democracy in the western world for over 300 years. Much of the first preserved colonial atmosphere in the small fishing villagesand extensive agricultural areas. The island is only 110 miles long and two miles wide along most of its length. Just offshore is Harbour Island (known for its pink sand beaches) and Spanish Wells (where pirates are freshwater and others). Population: 10,524.

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Exuma. Extends to 130 square miles, these islands offer significant and are known for cruising yachtsmen as the "Sailing Capital of the Bahamas". There are 365 keys with pure sandy beaches, isolated and landlocked anchors ports. The variety and adventure mark each mile. Some islands are just a lot of sand in the sea, others are high cliff and woods. Most cays are inhabited, with a total population of 3,539.

Grand Bahama. Taste of Grand Bahama Island is an exciting combination of modern commercial and tourist center of Freeport dream and forgotten villages and historic towns such as West End (west) and McLeans Town to the east. Freeport, a man-made miracle, is the second largest city. Evolving from an area of ??nature tamed and transformed into a vacation mecca for those seeking to meet its sporty nature, whether on land or sea. The island has an area of ??530 square miles Population: 41,035. Inagua. Located farther south Bahamas, covers 645 square miles and includes the islands of Great Inagua and Little. The terrain is wild and desolate, desert climate. Great Inagua is famous for its salt fields that produce more than one million tons of goods a year. Much of it is a protected park - refuge and breeding territory for over 60,000 West Indian flamingos - national bird of the Bahamas - many rare species of tropical birds, turtles and iguanas. Inagua is inhabited by little man. The population is 924.

Torn island. The sickle-shaped island torn range extends from the mare to the south cays of the Exumas this curve, then head south to the island of Gran torn with its main settlement of the City of Duncan. It is a very dry and wild wind site, surrounded by a sea traitor. Torn island are largely in demand for their navigational skills in these banks are the main occupations of shipping, fishing and crafts. The islands have an area of ??15 square miles and a population of 89.

Mayagua. It's peaceful and quiet, "which met Columbus", as the locals say. It still retains its original name of India. Mayaguana is the perfect place for sailing, with several good harbors and anchorages, great fishing, shelling and swimming. Walk through the villages is another favorite pastime, where there is plenty of local color and enjoy the beautiful town houses. The island has an area of ??110 square miles and a population of 308.

Nassau. Paradise Island. It is economically the most important island of the Bahamas, home to the capital, Nassau, the seat of government. Nassau is a sophisticated and charming old town built on a hillside dotted with sun on the sea. It was founded in 1670 and grew rapidly as a center of commerce in the islands due to its well protected harbor with anchors. Nassau / Paradise Island also includes parts of the station Cable Beach and Paradise Island. Within its 80 square miles live 171,542 people - about 60% of the population of the Bahamas.
Rum Cay. The Sleeping Beauty "in The Bahamas, with its historical ruins from the time of planting cotton and Indian artifacts, lovely hills, golden beaches and coral reefs collar around its shores. Originally called Santa Maria of the Conception by Columbus, Cayo Ron is supposed to have derived its present name from the remains to their homeland from the West Indies rumrunner loaded with goods. Nelson harbor, a sheltered harbor on the south coast, is the only solution . island is 10 miles long and 5 miles wide and has less than 100 inhabitants.
San Salvador. Originally called "Guanahani," Christopher Columbus made this small, 63-square mile area, historically the largest island of the Bahamas. Earth first made here in 1492 and no less than four monuments mark the exact spot where Christopher Columbus made landfall. Remains undiscovered, wrapped in her past, prominent among visible loyal to the Crown plantations tumbling ruins and the preponderance of interesting relics and artifacts of Indians days. The population of 465 makes life for fishing and agriculture. Cat Island may have derived its name from Arthur Catt, the famous British captain and known pirate (depending on who was the banda). A source name are competing for the hordes of wild cats that the English encountered here on arrival in 1600. Cats are said to descendants of their tamer cousins ??are orphaned by the early Spanish colonists in their haste to find gold in South America. This kind of boot, wild island is one of the most beautiful and fertile of The Bahamas. A lush sanctuary, providing tranquility for those seeking an escape from the pressures of modern civilization. Others thought the same, as the father Jerome, a penitent hermit who built a medieval monastery, carved limestone cliffs above 206-foot Mt.

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Cigar Factory BAHAMAS Cable Beach Cliff Gray Pirate Museum Hotel Atalanta lost city of Atlantis Music Festival Hotel Compass Point Eleuthera Junkanoo Holiday Loyalist Rose Arena Lighthouse Hope Town UNEXSO Grand Bahama Lucaya National Park

The Bahamas

The peaceful Lucayans know a good place when they find one. This tribe of Arawak Indians paddling in the sea of ??change in the Bahamas bright ninth century. They decided to stay and became the first inhabitants of the country.
Living mainly in the sea, they developed skills as potters, carvers and boat-builders, and spun and wove cotton cloth and the ham-mocks, who traded with the neighbors. The Lucayans, but had no idea of ??the wheel and no written language, and did not use beasts of burden or metals.
Religion plays a central role in the life Arawak. They worshiped many gods that were thought to control rain, sun, wind and hurricanes. What little remains of their culture is limited to fragments of pottery, petro-glyphs and English words such as "canoe", "Cannibal", "swing", "theft-ricane 'and' tobacco '.
Columbus and the Spanish
Native Americans had occupied the Bahamas for at least 500 years ago when Christopher Columbus first sighted the New World on October 12, 1492, during the first of his four voyages to find a westward route the East Indies.
The expedition had left the west and after 33 days and over 3000 miles, the cry of 'Land!' Rose island shone and the light of the moon. Columbus planted the Spanish flag on an island he called San Salvador. From there, the fleet sailed south to Santa Maria de la Concepcion, then west to a large island he called Fernandina. Returning to the southeast, played a fourth island named Isabela, then sailed to the southwest of the current range Ragged Island.
Columbus and his fellow explorers were signed by kings and tradesmen interest was economic. Or, at least the thought of it, filled the sails. The Spanish did not stay in this barren coral islands. The Indians told Columbus that gold could be found in Cubanacán (central Cuba), which he translates as "Kublai Khan".
Until his death, Columbus was convinced that these islands were the outposts further east Asia. Since I had traveled to the west to get there, he called them the West Indies.
There has been much speculation over the decades regarding which island Columbus actually landed first. One of the biographers of the explorer believed it San Salvador. A study by the National Geographic Society suggested Samana Cay is convincing as the first landing.
As the search for gold dominated all the priorities of adventurers was no surprise that the Spaniards returned in 1495, and began to send them out of the Bahamas Lucayan Indians enslaved to work in its seams' Gold in Spanish.
The Indians were exploited to death. Those who resisted were killed by the sword, the other by European diseases or mass suicide. Within 25 years the total population of 50,000 Lucayan gone. The Spaniards sailed incidentally after leaving the island chain devoid of human life.
The stories of pirates and other treasures Spanish adventurers attracted to the islands, such as Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh, who operated with the approval of Queen Elizabeth I. San Salvador became the basis for the Raleigh colony of Roanoke Island, the first settlement of England in America. Charles Town was later founded by the British in 1666 (renamed Nassau in 1695 in honor of William III, former Prince of Orange).
During the 17 th century, England was constantly at war with France and Spain. Since the Royal Navy can not effectively patrol the Carib, the crown sponsored privateers to capture enemy ships and loot foreign cities. A combination of absentee owners and the increasing number of residents ruffians meant that the city fell into the hands of pirates like Henry and Jennings 'Blackbeard' (Edward Teach) who lized fear in their victims by using heat to fuse beard and disheveled hair. Blackbeard took over New Providence, establishing a lawless city in 1666 was full of brothels and taverns.
Spain, of course, was outraged, especially since claimed that title over the Bahamas and at least four times attacked and raided Charles Town. In 1718 Governor Woodes Rogers (himself a former privateer) was appointed by the British king to finally remove piracy. Rogers came with three warships and issued the ultimatum Pirate King: death or pardon. "He described his own mandate: Pirates Expelled - How-market Restituta (Pirates Expelled? - Commerce Restored ), words that still adorn the official seal of the Bahamas.
However, in the year 1850 to half the population of the islands still earn a living from demolition - like the government, which had a 15% customs duty on profits sales of assets recovered.
Damned Yankees
The Bahamas lay near the colonies of North America, and the outbreak of the American Revolution in 1775 put the Bahamas on the firing line. It is the last time the U.S. Navy fell to Nassau-ing the intention to capture weapons and explosives (first foreign invasion by U.S. forces). The Yankees occupied Nassau, orgies two weeks before sailing away.
In 1782, a joint Spanish-French-American force returned to take advantage of the weakened position of Eng-land to capture the city. Spain declared the possession of the Bahamas and then made life impossible for the inhabitants of the city.
Andrew Deveaux, loyal, reclaimed the Bahamas to England a year later with 200 pro-British mercenaries. The Spanish were far and boats carrying soldiers on the ground. As the landing point is hidden from sight, the soldiers stood up for the trip to the coast and then the same men lay out of sight for the trip back to the ship on several occasions. Thus, the impression that thousands of Spanish soldiers were landing. The Spanish empacaron their belongings and sailed to Cuba. The Treaty of Versailles formally ceded the Bahamas to England from Spain.
After the American Revolution, over 8000 Republicans and their slaves resettled in the Bahamas between 1783 and 1785, tripled the existing population. They introduced two things that would profoundly shape the future of the islands: cotton and slaves, but no land suitable for cotton. Then in 1807 the British slave trade banned and led to its liberated "loads" in the Bahamas. The abolition of slavery in 1834 and the transition to a free society developed smoothly, but a white elite minority of traders and administrators now rule over a black majority misrepresented, a state of affairs would last for more than a century.
The U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) gave a new boost economic Bahamas and the Bahamas became the leading trade center for South Aded blog. Boats and blocking became infamous Ballymena-runners, running south and returning with supplies warehouses full of cotton. Author Margaret Mitchell in Gone with the Wind, Rhett Butler has a well known figure in Nassau, where his schooner was loaded with the luxuries of the Confederacy.
But the end of hostilities in Nassau bubble burst again, and the following decades witnessed an exodus of immigrant labor in the U.S..
By the turn of the century, Florida was a tourist and Ba-Hamas were taking the spin-off.

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RUM treatment
The islands were granted divine new release in the early 1920's Prohibition, which banned the sale of alcohol in the U.S.. The coastline of Nassau rather like a huge warehouse rum. Million liters of alcohol were transferred through water in Florida or New Jersey Rum Row. Building boom on the island and casino first opened, attracting players and mobsters along with a medley of the rich and famous. However, the repeal of the ban on new Nassau bubble burst, the depression hit the Bahamas and keep slums.
During World War II, the islands served as a base for Allied air power and sea. Exhausted GIs arrived in the islands for the recovery of which joined the Canadians and Americans who want some rich winter sun.
The decision to promote tourism coincided with the advent of the jet and the Cuban Revolution in 1959. During the 1950, Havana was the mecca for American tourists. When Fidel Castro took Cuba to the Soviet orbit in 1961 and the subsequent U.S. embargo spree forced to seek their pleasures elsewhere, and Nassau became the new hot spot.
The Bahamas was redefined as a corporate tax haven, helped by statutes modeled on the secret laws of Switzerland. Tourism flourished and finance.
The rise in the fortunes coincided with (and perhaps helped spark) the evolution of bitter partisan politics and ethnic tensions, as the white elite and a growing black middle class picked earnings boom.
Only a small number of black representatives (mostly black businessmen rich) sat in the assembly, which was dominated by boys follow Bay Street, descendants of British whites and verily appointed. Black middle class aspirations "to represent teamed with repressed frustrations of his brothers who remained impoverished.
In 1953 a guy named local Lynden Pindling formed the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) to seek justice for the majority of the nation in the polls. In 1963, tensions bubbled to a violent national strike supported by the PP. A new constitution proposed by Britain, have been developed with the aim of creating a more representative parliament and how internal autonomy. The UBP, directed by Roland Symonette Bahamesa white, came to power in national elections by a slim majority, Symonette became prime minister. The bitter struggle led by white dominance is diluted somewhat, but the aspirations of blacks had barely subsided, especially since the vote was restricted to male owners, a provision favored overwhelmingly white.
Pindling and his followers of the party refused to recognize the authority of the parliamentary speaker. In 1967, the PP boycott Parliament finally the meeting, but not before winning an elimination of the requirement-owned property. A new election was held, Pindling and the PLP came to power, a position he would keep for the next 25 years.
On 10 July 1973, the Bahamas officially became a new nation, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, ending 325 years of British rule.
Pindling initially pursue progressive economic policies first adopted by their predecessors, based on tourism and finance. However, foreign ownership interests of developing and enjoyed preferential treatment when their government tried to correct these problems stalled economy.
Bribes to government officials had become a staple of political life in the 1980's and hundreds of islands of the Bahamas, harbors, runways and quickly became the first stopping point line drug in the way the U.S.. Bahameses from all walks of life made hay in commerce and government seemed unwilling to kill it.
In 1984 it was suggested by an American TV show that Co-Colombian drug barons had corrupted the government in its higher levels, and the country's heavy drug reputation tarnished its image abroad. Pindling and his ministers were accused? To be involved in drug trafficking ing. A Bahamian real committee faced several ministers, but Pindling removed. However, the report noted that its spending was eight times their declared income.
The country of heavy drugs tarnished its reputation abroad repuation. Tourism and financial investment fell, so mind-Belat government launched an offensive led by the U.S. Drug antidrug agency (DEA, USA).
The electorate felt frustrated and voted in a conservative government and business-oriented, the FNM in 1992. Lynden Pindling died in August 2000.

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Ads in 2004 that the U.S. government can cut funding for the successful joint campaign against drug trafficking (OPBAT) Operation Bahamas Turks and Caicos Islands "caused some concern that drug trafficking could back out of their hands. La Tribune, for example, reviewing the days when it rained money on Colombian drug traffickers holding bahamenses from airplanes as a thank you for your cooperation and even a clergyman stated that "the principles of putting bread on the table.
Drug trafficking through the Bahamas to the U.S. and Europe is still very much alive, despite the concerted efforts of the Bahamas and the U.S. DEA has greatly reduced activity. In 2003 and 2004, police in the Bahamas announced a series of arrests in connection with Grand Bahama worth millions of dollars "of cocaine smuggling. The U.S. Attorney General in 2004 also announced the arrest of bahameses in Eleuthera , Bimini and New Providence during the cracking led by a Colombian drug trafficking network.
In August 1999, Hurricane Dennis passed Abaco and Grand Ba-hammocks. A month later, Hurricane Floyd - a Whopper 600 miles wide - Hit Cat, San Salvador, Abaco and Eleuthera with winds up to 155 mph. In 2004, two hurricanes, Frances and Jeanne hit those same islands, along with Grand Bahama in quick succession. Massive flooding and destruction of many buildings got new towns and the tourism industry in these islands since that fight.
Despite these blows, Prime Minister Perry Christie and the ruling Progressive Liberal Party Bahamas can celebrate the per capita disposable income is around 16,700 dollars, one of the highest in the region. The economy has also flourished, due to its stable political climate, liberal laws designed to attract investment, and certainly its proximity to the United States.
One of the country's assets is its large skilled and well-educated labor force, 10% of which is used in the banking and insurance industries.
Another third is used by the government. Wealth is concentrated in Nassau, however, so there are lots of pockets of poverty, especially in the Family Islands, where unemployment is high and much of the local economy operates on a barter basis. Thousands Bahamas make a living as street vendors.
Tourism alone accounts for 60% of GDP and directly or directly employs half of the labor force in the archipelago. Despite a slowdown in tourism in 2001 after 11 September tourist arrivals in 2003 were 4.6 million, the highest figure in the Carib. Americans make up more than 80% of visitors to the Bahamas, it is not surprising that Piz-forces are so good! A TAX SHELTER THE SUN
The Bahamas is one of the world's major tax havens and financial services are the second most important sector of the economy of the Bahamas, which represents around 15% of GDP. The incentives offered to attract investors millions of dollars each year.
The Bahamas levies are taxes on personal or corporate income, capital gains, dividends, interest, royalties, sales, inheritances, legacies and payroll. Repatriation of foreign investment funds, foreign assets and dividends and gains from investments permitted duty free.
The system serves primarily as a tax, planning and site security asset, financial records can not be named or released. Although the FNM government made radical changes in the banking laws to help the U.S. DEA and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to combat money laundering (Bahamas assets held are no longer safe from federal agencies USA), in 2000 the 26-country International Financial Action Task behalf of the Bahamas between a "black list" of 15 nations not cooperating in the fight against money laundering.
Remains one of the world's leading international financial centers, insurance Nassau claimed in 2003 that 284 institutions in the Bahamas, the U.S., Canada, UK, South America, Central America, Asia and Europe were authorized to operate in or from the Bahamas. Financial services annually contribute about 15% of GDP, the payment of $ 196.5 million in 2003 salaries and wages to employees who are almost 94% of Bahamas.
However, a number of international banks and other financial institutions have withdrawn if this is due to changes in the laws that protect client confidentiality from DEA investigations or not, is much speculation in the electronic and print media in the country.

National psyche Bahamas Bahamas Contemporary culture revolves around family, church and sea. However, the proximity of North America and cable television has had a profound influence on contemporary life and material values, although many British traditions, courtesies and attitudes remain.
As in any society, there are some lovely ironies. For example, al-though investors are encouraged to build complex territory Bahamas casinos, gambling is illegal for citizens of Bahamas! Better yet, these casinos are then given by trained croupiers Bahamas.
A low crime rate and an extremely cozy village illustrates the strength of a cohesive community led by overt Christian beliefs. However, in 2004 a gay cruise passenger and their families planned to dock in Nassau. This led to much outrage expressed in the media and on the streets, with demonstrators calling for the ban to stop the boat dock. An-other example of this intolerance is very little Christian discrimination against Haitian immigrants. Spiritual beliefs, held over from the days of slavery are a mix of African and Christian religions. These remain important for many bahamenses and come in many daily rituals (see P32).
In Nassau and Freeport, hardest working people are employed in the work of banking, tourism or government and live a lifestyle of nine to five. In mature industries, banking and finance has fostered the growth of a large professional class, many of whom have become extremely rich.
The people of the islands of the output of the islanders - Family - are generally more comfortable and more traditional. The practice of witchcraft African bush medicine and folk songs and stories still infuse their daily lives.
Tourism has hardly touched many islands and poverty is hand in glove with underdeveloped local economies. Despite these billionaires many expatriates hidden keys, many people live a hand-to-mouth existence relieved the public system of social security, fishing, and catching lobsters screw and grow corn, bananas and other crops for the kitchen.
Turks and Caicos Islands
The islands have their own identity, but they are so devoutly religious as their northern neighbors. This does not preclude having a few drinks on Sunday, when the pubs (strictly speaking) are not serving.
Turks and Caicos Islanders ('Belongers') are descendants of the first settlers from Bermuda, loyal colonists, settlers and slaves rakes salt. Many foreign residents, especially the British used in the industries of hospitality and finance, having fled from the cities and the miserable weather in Europe. Others are "aged retirement swordsmen" or avoiding open discussions about their origins!
More recently, hundreds of Haitians have fled their impoverished island and landed in the Turks and Caicos Islands, many on their way to Miami. Some residents and Belongers, as in the Bahamas, resent the 'Haitians
encroachment on the limited economic resources of the islands.

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About 80% of the population of the Bahamas is urban, and almost two-thirds of residents living in Nassau (212,432) and around 47,000 in Grand Bahama. The remaining population is scattered in about a dozen family islands, especially the Abacos, Andros, Eleuthera and a few dozen offshore cays. The islands tend to be less populated as it moves south and the southern islands are experiencing significant declines in population.
The Bahamas is proud of its harmonious race relations. In fact, the islands are refreshingly free of racial tension and class divisions are much less related to the color in many neighboring islands. Anyone can socialize together. The most virulent prejudice between black and white Bahamas, is against Haitians, a recent immigrant underclass.
Most Haitians are illegal immigrants seeking a better life in the Bahamas government who tried unsuccessfully to repatriate. Haitians perform household chores, agricultural work and domestic work and are often operated below the minimum wage. A report by Human Rights Watch also found that 90% of Haitians are taken in the Bahamas.
Other immigrants from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, or are of Hispanic or Asian descent. No descendants of indigenous Lucayans. But around Red Bay (Andros), you might consider the distinctive features of the Seminole Indians, the ancestors? They fled to Florida and settled here two centuries ago.
Lineage Bahamas
About 85% of the population is Black ancestry back to slaves brought to the Carolinas. Moreover, extracted mainly from West African tribes, like the House, Ibo, Mandingo, and Yoruba.
Black population of the Bahamas has grown from several events. When Loyal reached the islands, they brought with them their slaves loyal and capable. In other cases, slave traders called Nassau en route to other destinations and sold to local owners of African slaves.
Scores of free blacks also fled the United States to the islands, where many became landowners (often slave owners themselves) and prom-inent citizens. In addition, thousands of freed blacks and escaped from slave ships by the British also landed on the islands as a free people.
Whites make up 12% of the population are mostly of British origin, and to a lesser extent American, Irish and Greek. Out of Nassau, most whites are focused on a few settlements where most conspicuous: Marsh Harbour, Cherokee Sound, Treasure Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay, Elbow Cay and Man O 'War Cay (Abaco) and Spanish Wells and Harbour Island (Eleuthera).
Most white people in these settlements can claim descent from early English colonists loyal who fled the American Revolution. Others claim to descend from the south beyond the U.S. Civil War. A few like to assert English ancestry of the ruling elite. A much larger number are descended from pirates and vagabonds.
Nassau Community white still something exclusive and dominates the upper echelons of economic. Each descending Leal and other Caucasians born in the islands is known as a "Conchy Joe, identifiable by their distinctive features: usually blue or green eyes, blond hair and freckled skin.
Then there are the thousands of part-time and full-time resident Americans - predominantly wealthy, who have escaped the prying eyes of the world.

Christianity is a powerful and conservative in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, with the vast majority of islanders devout believers who profess to live by the word of God. Virtually every driver has a Bible in his hand, like many office workers. The functions of the state and the school day begins with prayers. Affairs of the Church on the news, while major international events are relegated to the inside pages. Every political speech is peppered with biblical citations and is considered the Church's position on social issues.
The nation states Bahamas largest number of churches per capita in the world. The vast majority of the population are mainstreamers, Baptists (35%), Anglican / Episcopal (15%) and Catholics (14%). The official religion of the state is the Anglican Church, though some Christian priests cover their bets and mix a little goodwill Obeah in practice (see P212).
Each island is a veritable maze of chapels and churches in general Bap-TIST revival centers, known as "church bridge" by locals - with every conceivable body represented in the world (as with the Channel My Sheep Church of God). Often seen no less than a dozen churches in settlements with just 200 people. Most of these churches are kept with love and money from the congregation can afford to give. Fundamentalists have made significant progress in recent years, often through cable TV, while some of the Family Islands have been won by a single church (Seventh-day Adventists, for example, dominate Crooked Island).
Sundays are really blessed days, when companies outside the most important tourist centers are closed. Under the Turks and Caicos, but Ba-hamians usually dress to show respect, even if they are working (as with taxi drivers in Nassau) and churches are a vision of glamor. Hats and heels are de rigueur for women, along with a suit and tie for men. Girls are spotless glowing white suits and his brothers in shirt and trousers, both eagerly await their freedom.
Gospel Choirs throughout the region take their work seriously, with the rise collaboration and joyful sounds floating out of the halls and churches throughout the week in preparation for the long list of Sunday services.
Some of the most important events in a calendar Bahamas are family funerals. National newspapers devote a large percentage of space to announce deaths and funerals (weddings recently played), while the radio programs are often interrupted by announcements of the death and funeral. Bahamas funerals are big events. In the Family Islands and cays, companies nearby residents dressed in mourning the death and funeral of the children play a sad song at the head of the procession.
Compared to its neighbors, the tradition of intellectual Bahamas is comparatively weak, and a capital city, Nassau has been surprisingly non-sophisticated visual arts and performance. This certainly has changed, but especially music and art, and the opening of the National Gallery in Nassau, sample works are really impressive winning his place in society bahamesa.
Although the Bahamas has been no world-famous writer, the nation has its writers. However, few are known even within the Caribbean region.
Bahamas Anthology (published by the College of the Bahamas) is a selection of poems, stories and plays by authors Bahamas. In a similar vein poetic, trying Bahamas: a target Coming On by Dennis Ryan.
However, the Bahamas were the most notable stage work, not writers Bahamas. Ernest Hemingway Islands in the Stream is fictional but accurate look at the history of Bimini 'and his own brutal ways during World War II.
Robert Wilder Wind from the Carolinas is a historical novel that chronicles the settlement of the Bahamas in the form of a generational saga. And Barbara is Whitnell Raker Salinas follow suit.
A more contemporary romp is Herman Wouk not stop the Carni-val, the story of a publicist who gives everything to open a hotel in a fictional island Carib-tious.
Folk tales and stories for children
Several books trace the evolution and meaning of folk tales Bahamas, including Bahamas Lore: folk tales and songs of Robert Curry. Patricia Glinton-Meicholas is another name to keep in mind, this prolific writer has an authentic style to bring oral histories and folk tales to life.
A "Good evening Guanima: The Treasury of Popular Stories of Patricia Glinton-Meicholas Bahamas is a great introduction to the Bahamas.
Telcine Turner, once under an hour: Stories Bahamas is a collection of illustrated stories for kids. In the same way, young people can enjoy climbing Clouds: Stories and Poems from the Bahamas, also published by Turner, and let the dog? (Dottie History) by Carole Hughes, a story about a Dalmatian born in Green Turtle Cay, who goes? Explore the world.
From beach parties hotel for dance clubs and premium sound system Over-the-Hill, worst quarter Nassau, Bahamas resonates with the sounds fascinating soul of calypso, the soca, reggae and own distinctive music that echoes of African rhythms and calypso Carib summarizes the strain and English folk songs in his Goombay pace.
This type of music - the name comes from an African word for 'rhythm' - derives its melody instrument of the guitar, the piano or horn accompanied by any combination of Goombay goatskin drums, maracas, rhythm (or Clicking) sticks, bells, conch shells, horns, flutes and pifres and cowbells to add a single-Bahamas Kalik Kalik Kalik-sound. It is characterized by a rapid pace, the melody sustained infection. Bahamas Goombay is what Reggae is Jamaica and is the most exposed during the Christmas and summer Junkanoo celebrations.
Goombay is based on a heritage of folk music introduced by African slaves from North America, Jamaica and other neighboring islands. Particularly important are the "talking drums, once used to transmit information, and folk songs developed in the cane fields to facilitate the work exhausting. For generations, European elements such as contredanse introduced by French landowners, so absorbed However, creating a unique style.
The Bahamas' down-home working-class music is rake 'n' scratch, usually with a guitar, an accordion, maracas made from the pods of the trees Flamboyanes and other makeshift tools like a saw played with a screwdriver.
Rake 'n' scrape music can be heard in local bars across the islands, and is a highlight of many festivals such as Family Island regattas. Grand Turk is an annual festival when these fabulous musicians from across the region gather Turks and Caicos to see and enjoy their talents.
Spirituals were brought to the islands by the loyal Southern slaves, and then adapted to incorporate the Bahamas purely "call and response techniques," rhyming voices exchanges. Bahamas folk music has its roots in the spiritual, with Gospel hymns are often performed in 'Rhymes style. Androsian popular singer Joseph Spence was the owner of the island folk and blues.
Dance hall, a sort of rap and fashion Carib working class music of the islands before the Carib UK, has developed his own style in the Bahamas, where it is known as 'chat'. It takes place entirely in local dialect. The music has its roots in America's urban ghettos the 1990 and monotonous, but generally has a fast-paced, compulsive rhythm, often with added vocals to the rhythms. It is performed most often by DJs with their own mobile discos.
The islands have their own architectural styles that reflect the influences of early settlers loyal to the United States and Bermuda. Most buildings plantations and government-were built sandstone and limestone, as were the houses of the rich. The stones were laid and finished with lime mortar and plaster containing produced by burning shells. Be thick - sometimes up to 3 feet - these massive walls sink temperature, keeping the building relatively cool even during the midday heat.
On many islands, wooden houses are more frequent. In Eleuthera and the Abacos Cays loyal, developed a distinctive style that has been compared with that of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
If you are interested in closer to nature, you will find many things that you keep on-thralled in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos. We will also do a good deed in the islands, with nature tourism one of the most practical ways of saving wild places and their inhabitants against the erosion operation. The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands governments take their role as guardians of their ecology seriously and work cooperatively with various conservation agencies worldwide. Both nations have designated large areas of land and sea, such as national parks.
The archipelago of the Bahamas sits on, and? It comprises one of the great masses of limestone in the world: a marine fossil reef conservation solids 20,000 feet thick, the absolute increase side seabed. The result of deposits of nearly 150 million years, the islands as we know them today began to take its present form, only about 500,000 years ago.
The islands are mostly linear scattered in a general direction northwest-southeast matrix. Various - Great Abaco, Eleuthera, Long Island, Andros - are as much as 100 kilometers in length. Few, however, are only a few kilometers wide. All are low-lying, flat pancakes either the ground or gently undulating. Mt Auvergne Cat Island, the highest point in the Bahamas, just 206ft above the sea level.
These coasts are lined up almost its entire length to white sandy beaches or pink sand - about 2200 miles on it - shelf in shallow turquoise.
Most of the islands are barrier reefs along the length of its eastern coast, anywhere from 200yd to 2 miles, offering protection against the waves of the Atlantic.
Blue Holes
The islands are dotted with giant sinkholes - full of water, often bottomless pits circular opening to the underground caves and underwater down to 600 feet.
Unique creatures have evolved to exist only in the darkness of submarine caves, blind fish, pigmentless. Local tradition attributes sirens, deadly sea monsters and tritons many holes.
Aside from the cute curly tail lizards dart around the world, a number of iguanas found in Keys Bahamas. Unfortunately, the development has not been good for them, and most of the species are in danger now. Animal lovers will also enjoy seeing bands wandering donkeys, horses and chickens.
Virtually every island is a paradise for birdwatchers, with access to a variety of vegetation and habitat for migratory and resident populations.
The archipelago has only 13 native species of land mammals, 12 of which are bats. All are at risk. The most common bat nose leaf. Bats consume large quantities of insects, especially mosquitoes and act as seed dispersers and pollinators are important for flora.
The only native land mammal is endangered jutía a brown cat-sized rodent similar to a guinea pig, a small population living in a small drop in the Exumas.
Boar crossed the passage to the larger islands. You may be appreciated for South-North American raccoons found in Grand Bahama. -Were introduced during the ban (popular pet smugglers Yankees).
The iguanas are vegetarians shy and harmless that have been virtually eradicated by humans, feral cats and dogs, and now live on some islands Outly collaboration and protected.
Bahamas have many endemic species of reptiles, including Cat Island, home to freshwater turtles Cat Island. Great Inagua has its own pace.
There are frogs, too, including the Cuban tree frog, mucus is poisonous.
Birdwatchers raise the Bahamas to 300 recorded species of birds. Only a few are endemic, including the Bahama Swallow, and the endangered Bahama parrot Bahama WOODSTAR hummingbird, which weighs less than a U.S. penny.
The West Indian (Caribbean) flamingo, which is the national bird, lives in Crooked Island, Long Cay and Great Inagua, a sanctuary with more than 50,000 birds.
From September to May, the forests swarm with visitors. Vireos thrushes, flytrap, and visit plovers migrate between summer and winter habitats. Birdwatchers also observed Bahama whistling ducks, guinea fowl, quail, agachadizas, coots, herons and Gallinula in wetlands. The forests of the Northern Bahamas nesters support a wide variety of summer residents, as well as migratory birds in winter.
The red-tailed hawk is one of several raptors commonly seen flying at the top, such as jet black turkey vulture, with its distinctive red plumage funeral bald head. The beautiful and I minutive-osprey and peregrine prefer spy from the top of telegraph poles.
The islands are also home to the Ranger and Tecolote owl. Both are protected species.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
Different sources claim that the Bahamas has between 900 and 2700 square kilometers of coral reefs. What is certain is that there are many species of fish that inhabit these shores, as beautiful, bouncy porcupine fish, three species of manta rays, moray eels, lobsters, parrot fish, sharks, pejerreyes, grouper, barracuda, fish deep blue gem and Creole Wrasse.
Many outfitters offer diving excursions to find wild stripes. Up to 5 feet wide, mantarrayas are quite soft and take food from your hand.
Humpback whales pass through the waters of the Bahamas and the Windward blue whales are often seen. Bottlenose dolphins frequent the waters of the Atlantic, such as often seen within the Atlantic spotted dolphin.
Three species of sea turtles - green, loggerhead and, more rarely, tortoiseshell - use the beaches of the islands as sites of implantation. Turtles migrate thousands of kilometers to nest and lay their eggs there, as are at least 150 million years. Unfortunately, these gentle creatures are endangered, and still hunted.
The Bahamas thin soil, rocks, supported by limestone, is not conducive to lush vegetation. However, the islands along with more than 1370 species of trees and plants, including 121 endemic species, such as mahogany and pine Bahamas Bahamas.
Lignum Vitae, the national tree - which can be recognized by its clusters of dark blue flowers - is the heaviest of all known wood forests and is much in demand among the cutters (its bark, gum Munch fruits, leaves and flowers also serve useful purposes, including medicines for gout and syphilis).
The branches of the tree wax Candlewood other endemic species, once they were lit by torches and Lucayan Indians.
The Bahamas has 22 national parks, reserves and protected areas, including much of the barrier reef.
The parks are used for scientific research and for the protection of threatened species, and are maintained by the Bahamas National Trust (BNT,% 242-393-1317,, The Retreat, Village Rd , Nassau). Note that the 175-square mile Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park was created in 1958 as the first marine reserve in the world of fishing. The park is now full of prehistoric life forms, coral reefs, sea turtles, fish and endangered rock iguanas and jutías.
The box below does not include all stocks of wild birds, which can be obtained at the Department of Agriculture (% 242-325-7413, fax: 242-325-3960, Levy Bldg, E Bay St, Nassau) .

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
Outside the national park system, inappropriate development, pollution and overharvesting-ing increasingly threaten wildlife and marine resources. Despite the Bahamas was the first Caribbean country to ban longline fishing as a threat to marine ecology, the actions of the islands of the sea, lobster, turtle and snail all face the consequences of overfishing.
Commercial poaching, mostly Cuban-Americans from Florida to the west and east by the Dominicans, was also a major problem. Since late 1970 the problem was shaken several island communities to establish their own government reserves. The shell has been listed by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES; as "commercially threatened" since 1994, and the Bahamas are considering merely the same risk. In early 2005 the Bahamas fishing men complained that international poachers were people fishing during the ban. I should add that it was still possible to find locally caught groupers in the Bahamas right now. See text box on p89.
Coral reefs have also been damaged by anchors, careless divers and swimmers and fishermen to the Bahamas. The biggest culprit, however, is mother nature: hurricanes cause as much devastation as a small war.
Be prepared to run out of superlatives. When it comes to providing in-joyable, fascinating dive for the experienced and novice alike, the Bahamas has no equal. His great success as the diving mecca of mind should be entitled to the repertoire unbeatable offers diving adventures. Pristine reefs, wrecks, blue holes, vertigo inducing descents, colorful tropical fish, rays, sharks and dolphins are actually diving here. Where in the world can join a shark feed, then mix with the dolphins, visit the film set of shipwrecks along the low walls of funds and explore a mysterious blue hole - all in the same area? Additional benefits include the state of the art of diving operations and warm turquoise waters throughout the year. In this fantasy world of colors, textures and shapes, several weeks are not exhausted the opportunities for adventure and discovery.
There always optimal conditions for diving all year round. Gin-clear visibility is the norm - which runs 100 feet and more - despite the occasional winds can muddy the waters. The lack of pollution and runoff is a definite advantage. Current Conditions vary, but are generally imperceptible to mild.
During the colder months (December to April), the water temperatures are usually between 72 ° F and 76 ° F. The water temperature in the summer range from a mild 78 ° F to 84 ° F. You do not need anything more than a 3 mm wetsuit.
The Bahamas is one of the richest marine environments in the Carib. Its warm tropical waters have a variety of marine life found in the region. Dream of big things? It can be mixed with Carib reef sharks and sharks, barracudas, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins. Technicolor little creatures prefer? You can see many reef fish like angel fish, snapper, jacks, Grunts, parrot fish, lobsters, fish, cardinal, damsel, Nassau groupers, rays and eels. Want to see the invertebrates? Vertical walls dripping with gorgonians, hard coral, sponges and crinoids, combine to create a live wallpaper and sensual.
Dive site in the Bahamas
The following descriptions are by no means exhaustive.

New Providence
The strength of New Providence is the wide variety of attractions, including shipwrecks magnificent, impressive walls along the Tongue of the Ocean, varied topography and coral gardens. But what makes it so special is diving with sharks. Divers from all over the world come here to experience an adrenaline rush fantastic and Sand Shark Shark Wall, two feeding points south of the island. In a patch of coral rubble in less than 65 feet, divers form a semicircle feeders a few feet to see the show. And what a show! The use of helmets and gloves and steel pole with a spear, feeders dive into a box and pulls out a piece of fish. Within seconds are surrounded by a dense cloud of Caribbean reef sharks, along with sharks. The scene is impressive sharks boot pieces of bait, starting with a nod. Divers are still, within walking distance to touch the sharks. After 15 minutes of intense activity, the remains are thrown aside and diving continues at a more tranquil.
Need a less challenging? Check out the many shipwrecks around the island. Wrecks bonds are probably the most attractive. The place gets its name 'roles in James Bond 007 "the wrecks films. They have a strap that is placed upright on a sandy bottom in about 45 feet, and a fighter jet near sham that has disintegrated. You'll swim around and inside of the ribs of the model, adorned with soft and hard corals, all with bright colors. Other remains include recommended Willaurie mass covered with bright corals and sponges, in about 60 feet, 110 feet the Bahama Mama, which was sunk in 1995, and Viking sea, yet another boat in good shape, the edge to fall. The abundant marine life around the ruins is an advantage. They are accessible for novice divers.
Grand Bahama
Like New Providence, Grand Bahama is an exceptional diversity of underwater wonders. The island is famous for its dolphin experience programs offered by the Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO, p107). Divers can interact with bottlenose dolphins domestic offshore, a fascinating - if artificial - show hosted by dolphin trainers. Divers are placed at the bottom of the sea, while two-Phin semicaptive mourning slide and play with them under the supervision of the trainer. Take your mouth and regulatory funny these cetaceans expect a kiss! Some divers are fun, while others are much more skeptical about this action circus prefer real encounters in nature.
Grand Bahama is also blessed with first class shipwrecks. Theo photo-destruction gene is a favorite for a long time. She lies on her port side at a depth of 110 feet. Divers can penetrate the engine rooms and cargo hole. Another accident that Sea Star II is a large wreck in 2002. She is becoming embedded in invertebrates, and can be incorporated as well. In less than 20 feet, the rest scattered Wreck sugar are not exactly impressive, but when they receive an abundance of fish life including sharks, moray eels, turtles, groupers and barracudas.
Olympus Memory Rock and rank among the most spectacular, and for good reason. At the eastern end of the Gulf Stream away from the island, have a spectacular seascape. Rock Memory is an excellent wall diving, wearing a dazzling array of sponges, corals and gorgonians. The common occurrence of pelagic species as well to dive. Olympus is a very friendly, with a number of prominent rocks, coral mixed with sand mountainlike valleys and ravines. The shelters in the area underwater paradise of coral growth lush and abundant marine life. If you are lucky, you will see hammerhead sharks.
Inside, the experienced divers who want to dive into Ben's cave, which lies within the boundaries of Lucaya National Park. The huge cave decorated with huge stalactites and stalagmites.
In the mood for a dive full of emotion? Try Shark Junction, another shark dive. Here, the feeding chain mail shark wear costumes and bring a unique spectacle. They literally can put sharks in a trance, holding and stroking the nose of the chief predators in their laps for several seconds. Divers are therefore visitors the opportunity to get close to a shark nearby.
20 minutes by plane hopping Grand Bahama opens up a whole new world of diving. Andros is one of the most fascinating islands in the Bahamas, snorkeling with a sense of boundary. Dive Andros wall and you'll understand why. This impressive fall plummets down 6000 feet in the tongue of the ocean. It is adorned with sponges and sea whips IANS Gorgon, and plenty of eaves, chimneys, arches and caves, such as Dungeons Diana, Alec Cavern, Hole in the Wall and over the wall, four fantastic places on the edge of the wall. Keep your eyes peeled for large pelagic species. There are also numerous dives in shallow reefs in the area.
Another attraction is the presence of continental and oceanic blue holes. Over the years it has become the epitome Andros Diving Blue Hole. While inland blue holes are highly trained specialized divers, there are some exceptional ocean blue holes that are perfectly suited for beginner and intermediate divers. Consider the Big Blue Hole which originated from the collapse of the wall of the sea. This site has a huge cave system endowed with magical huge tunnels, massive rocks and other geological structures. You'll feel like you're floating on a lunar landscape. Unforgettable.
Cat Island
Less visited Cat Island is a jewel with many virgin places for those willing to venture outside the tourist areas. The dramatic seascape is the main drawcard, with a circulation vertical wall that borders the south end of the island. Is dotted with numerous potholes, coral canyons, valleys, canyons sandy errors and swim-throughs. Pelagic species, particularly sharks regularly patrol the area. There are also elaborate shal-low reefs and coral gardens in the reef. Recommended sites include Hole in the Wall, an L-shaped channel on the wall, full of snappers, groupers, jacks and lots of soft and hard corals, the Fossa, a stunning gorge on the reef, with an outlet for vertical wall, the playground, at the tip of Punta del Diablo, a place with a variety of prolific fish life, including turtles, jacks, groupers, nurse sharks and lobsters squirrelfish hanging below projections. Tartar Bank, a pinnacle three miles offshore from the coast, deserves special attention: the place almost constant stream attracts many schools of fish, along with sharks and turtles.
The Bimini is famous for the wild dolphins excursions offered by Bill Keefe Nowdla Bimini and skin diving center (p129). The experience is completely different programs Encounter with Dolphins in Great Ba-hammocks. This is much more spontaneous. You'll dive with a herd of wild Atlantic spotted dolphins in their natural habitat in a plane northeast of the island - it requires a boat trip 11/2-hour marina. While the event is not exactly guaranteed Bimini Undersea Bill Keefe Nowdla and claims a success rate of 80%. Insurance against a backdrop of sand within 33 feet deep, graceful creatures gently play with divers. Dolphins never forced to do what I would not, and are never rewarded? With food. Do not miss this exciting tour is a real treat.
Diving in Bimini is not limited to encounters with dolphins. Fans ruin to explore the Bimini Barge, a magnificent barge sitting right around 90 feet near the edge of the initial fall, and Saponaria, which is half in and half out of the water and is surrounded by a smorgasbord of reef fish. Both are decorated with a kaleidoscope of corals and sponges delicious.
Experienced divers will not miss the wall, a high voltage and sensational diving adrift in the gulf stream, rich in nutrients, on the edge of the continental shelf-order. You never know what you'll see. Other favorites include the Strip, a night dive colored strip along a reef surrounded by sand, coral and hawksbill Bimini Road, an unusual place with a double row of large square tiles clean, says that the remains of the legendary civilization of Atlantis.

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'Holy Salt "boasts of world class diving wall. Miren a topographic map and you'll see why. Island is an underwater mountain discovered, surrounded by walls that fall vertically several thousand feet. Their isolation and deep the surrounding waters make it a magnet for both pelagic and reef species, including hammerheads and large numbers merely passing friendly. has also large cave and tunnel formations. Most dive sites are scattered Along the west coast, sheltered from the prevailing winds. do not think this is a challenge dive, though. Needless to deepen - the wall begins just 50 feet or so. Dive Centre Local Riding Rock Resort Marina (P218) uses at least 20 dive sites. not miss Devil's Claw, telegraph pole, Grotto Doolittle, North Pole Cave, Black Forest and French Bay.

The Exuma
If you want to dive relaxed, the Exumas will appeal to you. There are some excellent reef dives to George Town, near Stocking Island - Guana demand Reef, Fowl Cay Reef and Anchor Reef, burning with colorful life. The reef is in pristine condition and have places to yourself. Another highlight are the numerous caves and blue holes are dug into the reef. They are much less intimidating than the Andros and are a perfect introduction to diving the Blue Hole. You'll explore the nooks and crannies of Crab Cay Crevasse, a blue hole very atmospheric divable only during the outgoing tide, and Angelfish Blue Hole, a U-shaped entrance at about 25 feet. Look lobsters residents snorers, angel fish and nurse sharks.
Walker Cay main claim to fame is Shark Rodeo, a meeting shark puzzling that captivate even the most divers Blase - expect more than 100 sharks at once. Customers are placed on the sea remains as bait made of frozen fish - commonly known as a "chumsicle '- lowers the average water. Attracts dozens of sharks that are thrown out the offerings. Surprisingly, is the variety of species that congregate around this free breakfast, you will see the usual Caribbean reef sharks and large nurse sharks, bull sharks plus, black tip and lemon. Sometimes a hammer attached the fray. If you feel comfortable, you can swim with the predators whirl. A truly memorable experience.
The menu also includes two diving shipwrecks, K and Esther H. These tugs 100Ft Dorothy escaped as artificial reefs. They rest upright on a sandy bottom in about 100 feet and is home to a great variety of reef.
Isle relaxed, unhurried length is much diving sites outside the north-west. There are some outstanding reefs thriving with fish life and ruin a not-to-be-missed, MV Comberbach, a 103ft steel freighter sunk in 1986 and resting upright in 100 feet. Since then he has done very well embedded and has attracted a lot of colored species, including sea urchin, groupers and parrot fish. Inside you'll find a broken truck. Another perennial favorite is Long Island Heads Barracuda. Imagine a vast expanse of sand dotted with a mess of large coral heads, with the usual reef fish species fluttering multicolored. Great barracuda are patrolling the area. Further south, Flamingo Reef language is worth, a similar adjustment.
If you are looking for something more exciting, Shark Reef will find very rewarding. This is a very special source of shark. Divers kneeling on the seabed in about 40 feet of sand and then a bucket of bait is released from the stern of the dive boat. A bunch of reef sharks Carib dart immediately to the scene, competing for the free food. The frenzy is pretty intimidating when the tank is empty sharks usually leave the area. The dive continues through the reef. Dean Blue Hole is another favorite. It is the largest blue hole in the Bahamas and is accessible from the coast.
Long Island is also a good base for day trips to Conception Island, an uninhabited island and a national nature reserve 15 miles north. It has an absolutely pristine wall is densely carpeted in lush massive sponges and corals. For pure beauty and plenty of fish life, protected sanctuary that is difficult to match.
Abacos is the treatment of a diver with a good mix of caves, diving reefs, wrecks and holes inside. Of particular interest is the San Jacinto, which sank in 1865. His remains are scattered on a gentle slope in less than 50 feet. See their large boilers, engine, propeller stern, and other structures. There is abundant marine life circling snorers including schools, snappers, groupers, eels and spotted goat fish. Further south, Debra K is another paradise fish, about 45 feet. It is also broken, but it is very entertaining. There are some excellent diving reef near Great Guana Cay, including three picks, Big O, Cathedral Cave and Tarpon. They have an intricate system of caves, fissures and chimneys, in about 30 feet. You should not be afraid, because the sun's rays shine through skylights in the caves. The caves, nooks and crannies are worth close inspection as they are full of simple, pejerreyes, lobsters, snappers and dams. Outside, are likely to come across huge shad and great barracuda.
Experienced divers will be in Treasure Cay Blue Hole, a great blue hole interior, accesible by car from Marsh Harbour. The profile is a bit timidating - there is a layer of sulfur from 45 feet to 60 feet that prevents light to penetrate more. A strong flashlight is needed, and there is a rope to help the descent.
Eleuthera offers a wide range of diving experiences, ranging from diving to drift wall dives and dive wrecks. Most sites are located north of Harbour Island. If you want an exciting ride, try a power outage, a narrow channel between the western end of the island of North Eleuthera and current. During the exchange of the tides, divers are absorbed in the past and pro-expelled through the funnel by the powerful current. For about 10 minutes, you'll feel as if you are planning, accompanied by a procession of fish, both pelagic and reef species. The ride of your life!
Fans can enjoy spine remains Wreck of the devil. The Devil Backbone treacherous reef has caught many ships as Cienfuegos, an American 292ft steam that ran aground on the reef in 1895, Pope and onion Wreck and Carnarvon, another freighter. Most are dismembered, but some of the structures are still recognizable.
Other must-see diving include Plateau, the arc, the Grotto and Clot blower. As their names suggest, they have a spectacular topography, with guns, grooves, ledges, crevices and tunnels, all the large and small tropical fish house.

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Diving Centers

Bahamas dive centers offer a range of services and products, such as introductory dives (for children six years or older and adults), night diving, diving, diving exploratory specialized (like blue holes, drift dives, dives Nitrox) and certification programs (usually PADI or NAUI).
While most dive shops are independently owned and operated hotels on the island, you may be able to book a package that includes diving and diving accommodation in a hotel or resort renowned. In general, diving operations offer transfers to and from hotels.
An introductory dive, including equipment, will cost about $ 90. A single dive with just a tank and weights provided, from $ 35 to $ 45 and more for a dive specialty (like sharks or dolphins diving diving). If you need to rent equipment, and to pay an extra $ 15 to $ 20 per dive. There are generally two, five and 10 diving packages that are much cheaper. An open water certification course will cost around $ 380.
Good news - there are plenty of full service professional dive operations in the Bahamas. They are affiliated with one or more professional certification agencies (PADI, NAUI, CMAS). You can count on good maintenance and art equipment, first class facilities and friendly, knowledge able staff. However, as a hotel or restaurant, dive center each has its own style. Some people can adapt to the atmosphere and the personal attention of a smaller set, while others prefer the professionalism and logistics center is more structured. Do your research and choose the one that best suits your expectations. Check the website Diving Bahamas Association for more information.
New Providence
Bahamas Divers (% 242-393-5644, 800-398-3483; Dive Dive Dive (% 800-368-3483; Centro de Buceo Nassau (% 242-362-1964, 800-805-5485; Stuart Cove Aqua Adventures (% 800-879-9832, 954-524-5755;
Gran Bahama
Gran Bahama Scuba (% 242-373-6775; Divers Sunn Odyssey (% 242-373-4014; Underwater Explorers Society, UNEXSO (% 242-373-1244, 800-992 -3483; Viva Diving (% 242-373-4000; Aventuras Xanadu Undersea% (800-327-8150; 242-352-3811; / Freeport. html)
Ábaco Dive Adventures (242-367-2963%; Centro de Buceo Brendal (% 242-365-4441; Dive Abaco (% 800-247-5338, 242-367-2787; Dive Guana (% 242-365-5178;
Treasure Divers (% 242 - 365-8465, 800-327-1584;
Bill y Undersea Nowdla Keefe Bimini (% 242-347-3089, 800-348-4644; www.bimini Scuba Bimini Dive Centre (% 954-524-6090, 800-848-4073, 242-347-444 ;
Long Island
Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort (% 242-338-5273, 800-663-7090; Divers (% Carrete 242-338-0011; Stella Maris Resort Club (242-338% -2051, 800-426-0466;
Small Hope Bay Lodge (% 800-223-6961, 242-368-2014;
Isla del Gato
Hawk Nest Resort & Marina (% 242-342-7050, 800-688-4752; Hotel Greenwood Beach Resort (% 242-342-3053;
Ocean Fox (% 242-333-2323, 877-252-3594; Centro de San Valentín Dive (% 242-333-2080;
Scuba Adventures Exuma (% 242-336-2893;
San Salvador
Club Med Columbus Isle (% 242-331-2000; Riding Rock Resort & Marina (% 800-272-1492, 242-331-2631;

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Food and Drink
The cuisine of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos is the influence of the surrounding ocean, with fish and seafood listed as the main ingredient in many dishes of the region. Cultural influences are also distinctive. From the African slaves arrived spices like chili and garrisons johnnycakes - sweetbreads or drop in pasta made with butter - and rice 'n' peas. The English colonists brought to stews, roasts, pies and cheese macaroni everywhere in the U.S., while the fast food dishes such as burgers (although with a bias island) are also popular.
There is a great variety of dishes prepared soft times through the islands. However, a distinctive French flavor is emerging in the Turks and Caicos, which helps to give your kitchen a distinct advantage.
With little agriculture production in the region, most of the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos islands rely mainly on imported fruit, vegetables, meat and food products for consumption in general and for the supply of tourists. Shell and grouper, chicken and chicken eggs are examples of the few proteins provided locally.
Rice (imported), is the staple food, usually eaten with peas, beans and red, lazy, or beans. Another favorite is semolina (ground corn), also generally mixed with peas. Peas also found its way into soups with okra, meat and vegetables. Potato salad sometimes takes the place of rice.
Breakfasts tend towards the style of the U.S., with semolina staple. The local favorite breakfast is served with grits or tuna, canned meat or eggs.
Fruits and Vegetables
There was a time in rare and exotic fruits were synonymous Bahamas, especially pineapple, during the 19 th century it enjoyed a worldwide reputation. Only tiny amounts are produced today, but look for bread or sugar Eleuthera Spanish red varieties are considered especially delicious.
Hurricanes have destroyed many small plantations, but there are fruits and vegetables including green and yellow bananas, bananas and thyme (one of the most popular herbs in the Bahamas and, indeed, the cuisine of Carib), the tomatoes (fresh or packaged shredded), Irish po-tato, cassava chips, plums, mangoes, a variety of hot pepper called Chile finger, onions, peppers, lemons and more lemons regular sour.
Chozas road also utter papayas and pineapples. Also look out for Jujube lesser known but equally enjoyable, apples, prunes Pigeon stars, cherries, persimmons, or guanábanas Suriname.
Conch, crab, grouper, jack, shrimp, snapper, tuna and turbot are all staples of everyday kitchen Bahamas, often cooked with carrot, cassava, cucumber, grits, guinea corn, okra, banana, spinach and wild. Lobster (crayfish) are other favorites, though expensive, are not as important a staple as you can imagine.
Fish favorite region is merely a mild flavor of white fish, often served boiled, grilled or steamed slightly spicy sauce. Often eaten as "mere finger '- thin strips that are battered and fried.
A popular breakfast dish is the fish boil, "a mere fish soup boiled with bacon, onion, potato, and seasonings. Usually served with grits or johnnycakes. Johnnycake If you try a recipe, see text box, p55.
Everyone consumes conch (pronounced 'Conker'); every home, restaurant and takeaway ant on the road that has the menu. This screw drive mollusk served beaten, crushed and wasted, marinated and grilled, or raw as a ceviche salad screw (which is cut into cubes, onion, celery, bell pepper and cucumber then soaked in lemon juice), soup or as a 'pickle' (stew), 'burned' (marked in a salad), and "cracked" (battered and fried).
These days fishermen complain about the difficulty of finding screws and mer is much harder than it used to be, and everyone agrees that overfishing is to blame.
When it comes to meat, chicken is the most popular. In some places, you can not throw a rock without hitting a place that serves fried chicken and greasy fries. 'Lamb' - often seen on menus - can be goat or lamb is often served with curry.
Desserts brand or guava duff duff Bahamas is a fruit pudding jelly filled sauce served with sugar, egg, butter and rum. It can be steamed, baked or boiled, even. Another favorite is delicious coconut cake, a thin cake baked with a filling of sweetened shredded coconut. Colonial cultural hangovers are often held in the menus of tourist sites, as well as the residential suburbs. Regular dishes include beef and pudding kid-ney, sausages with mashed potatoes and meatloaf, while the main dishes of the region are served with a choice of coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. This is not, it should be noted, the same type of macaroni and cheese that comes in a box lined with aluminum package product cheese powder. This is genuine, baked and piled so that it can be cut into slabs and served in the same style lasagna.
It is virtually impossible to avoid fried dishes without any ingredient or carbohydrates. This means that a healthy diet is not easy or cheap.
Turks & Caicos Specialties
Like in the Bahamas, conch, lobster, soft shell crab and fresh fish (often blackened with Cajun seasoning) are favorites in Turks and Caicos with spicy jerk chicken in Jamaica.
The food in this region is generally much healthier and uses the freshest fruits, such as apples and sugar nisperos and vegetables.
A lot of foods are imported from Haiti instead of the U.S., which may help make healthy food more affordable than the Bahamas.
The kitchen is also more sophisticated, less fried foods and has distinctive French influences.
Bahamas Kalik beer is fantastic, golden bubbles and a strong flavor. The national cocktail of the Goombay Smash Bahamas could be a lethal cocktail easy drinking fruit juice and rum (see also text box, P171), although the Bahama Mama is probably one of the best known rum cocktail with a coffee liqueur thrown in for good measure.
Bottoms Up infamous rum cocktail simply called Local 151, which is 151% tested. There is an excellent range of quality rums under franchise available in Nassau, including the Bacardi line, which can also be purchased at its factory in New Providence (see P99). Flavored rums are also popular and include coconut, banana, mango and pineapple rum, and the best local brand for them is Ricardo.
The wine is sold, but expensive. Note that some bottles have been exposed to heat. Wine lovers should contact Graycliff in Nassau, its owner, Enrico Garzaroli says that the collection of wines largest in the Caribbean, with some exceptional vintages offered at more than $ 10,000. More people are drinking wine informally in the Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas and the local beer is a beer-filled taste Turks Head. There are also some delicious rum market, such as black and hot dog-ling, making cocktails powerful.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
West Indian families are usually very large and sparse. Despite the distance, the families are still incredibly close and when the team meets every few years is a big production that usually takes place over several days. These meetings usually occur during events like Island races, sports competitions and Christmas. Needless to say the family recipes are very popular in these meetings with families to sit and fish souse 'boil', countless plates and shells winner favorite fried chicken with rice 'n' peas.
Throughout the Carib predominantly Christian, Christmas is the biggest food festival of the year, followed closely by New Year's Eve - often celebrated with parties in which the center could be a pig roast. In fact, in many places, celebrating the festival and runs from Christmas Eve until New Year's Day.
And then there is Junkanoo, a celebration in which the entire population of the Bahamas is heading? The streets of a big party nonstop.
There is a full range of types of restaurants, from seafood shacks and funky burger restaurants with lavish chandeliers. The restaurants range from extremely expensive (the standard) to humble street stalls where you can eat simple food Bahamas from $ 6. Hole-in-the-Wall Small restaurants usually serve fabulous local food, do not get carried away by their appearance, generally base.
Large complexes have a variety of restaurants, a buffet always served. Ultradeluxe hotels have restaurants that are among the best in the islands, but can not replicate the flavor and atmosphere of small restaurants locally administered.
Some all-inclusive resorts that would otherwise sell for guests only happen at night that you eat and drink in the restaurants, bars and clubs for a single fee. Hotels may also offer a bargain price "Dine-Around" program, sometimes included in the hotel rate. Many restaurants aimed at the tourism industry are expensive. Gro-cerium are also expensive, canned goods and packaged? Are imported and cost three times more than I could afford at home.
Most settlements have a makeshift market - where fishermen sell their catch fresh filet of dolphin (the fish), grouper, conch and lobster (in season) - or a cache in someone's home. With the exception of Nassau, it is often difficult to find fresh fruits, vegetables and spices in markets and street stalls.
Fast Food
Bahameses led to processed snacks? In bulk, and even the most distant is sure to have a shack selling local snacks, from cookies to candy bars and other packaged snacks. Nassau and Freeport are also dozens of branded fast food shops among them.
Beware! Very few foods open on Sundays outside the resorts outlets.
Vegetarians and vegans
There is no easy way to say this, but vegetarians will find it difficult to go to the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, while vegan is the only way to eat is by purchasing their own food.
The concept of not eating meat or animal products is understood, but rarely experienced to be treated, but there is usually at least one vegetarian dish on the menu of the restaurant. Outside the main islands, dairy products are the most accessible of protein and can be eaten with meals in the restaurant side staple rice 'n' peas, macaroni and cheese, banana and coleslaw.
With so many rooms with refrigerators can now keep a stock of fruit and vegetables (when you can find!) To balance the diet a bit.
All stores have a variety of canned beans and seeds, while supermarket main islands "in the Turks and Caicos Islands also provide some meals and soy tofu.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
In general, all the communities of the islands are very family oriented, and this even includes restaurants and cafes. However, children are rarely seen island for dinner later, and if they do, they are very well educated and not run free.
Let the chefs do not know if you want the sauce to eat their children. Islanders love spicy pepper sauce and Chile and lemon juice in food. This can cause a few pains, and test systems of your kids' delicate. Addition, note that the salads are usually raw molluscs with shells.
Cultural habits of the English and North America are similar to those of bahameses and Turks and Caicos, many travelers find their eating and drinking habits translate easily into this region. Most people eat three meals a day, and many workers takeouts buy food from street stalls picnic. Politeness is very important through the islands, such as respect for serving in restaurants and bars.

With a great variety of small colorful nursery complaints Cosy, elegant condominiums, former excellent all-inclusive hotels and resorts, the Bahamas, the Turks and Caicos Islands cater to all tastes, but for all budgets! You may come across some very high rates and often unwarranted fear when paying accommodation, as many similarly priced hotels vary dramatically in atmosphere and value.
Taxes room can be around 12% and above, the surcharges can walk up to your bill another 10% to 30%. These costs are described as various energy charge a "resort tax" or fee allowances-housekeeper service. The charge for cleaning is legal, but the energy information is the time of the oil crisis of the mid 70's and is probably illegal. Make sure that the services and taxes are per room or per person (including partners and children share rooms can sometimes be loaded individually). Charges can also be added for credit card payments.
Most hotels also have a tiered pricing system for peak and off-season rates. Or off-season (summer) is usually mid-April to mid-December high season peak (win-ter) is the rest of the year, when hotel prices increased by 25% to 50% or more.
Now the good news: the season (or summer) spanning many months of good weather, and during that time virtually all types of accommodation fall anywhere from 25% to? 60%. During these times even the high end hotels usually look to fill their rooms and be affordable. So, although this area is expensive, you may find value accommodation and even some large businesses.
Even during rush hour, many of the most peaceful places offer some deals Amazo-Ing. The best bet is to contact the hotel by phone and through their website. These discounts and special offers site can save up to 30% on the price of books and many need to be booked online.
In addition, small houses, hotels or units where bahameses like when you're on vacation usually advertised in local newspapers or grocery stores.
In the same way, diving and fishing enthusiasts should check out the package very good value for money diving and fishing in many islands.
Flats and houses shared by at least four people can also reduce a fair bit rates, and there are some really fantastic self condos, apartments and villas where to stay, especially in the Keys.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
The listings section of this guide to sleep come in three broad categories of "budget", "mid-range" and "top". We have not included taxes or surcharges hotel in our directory, unless they are included in the rates, which we have indicated. Prices for all budgets are typically for two people. In high season, rooms are decent budget is around $ 65 to $ 80 per night, but a few bargains to be found. Mid-range hotels usually will cost $ 110 to $ 180 (with $ 120 to $ 150 is the average). Exclusive Resorts will cost $ 180 to $ 500 per night for the concept of stand-ard, and on top of that, the stars are the limit.
Prices in this guide refer to the room only, or European Plan (EP). Some hotels are listed interest rates as the Continental Plan (CP, bed and breakfast), Modified American Plan (MAP room with breakfast and din put-) or American Plan (AP up in the room all meals included).
Sites hosting
In addition to those listed below, check out the Resources section to find links to useful Internet p14 accommodation. Abaco Real Estate Agency ( Bahama Houseboats ( Island Dreams Car ( Luxury Properties ( (
Rent-a-Man International (
Turks and Caicos Real Estate Association (www
.) List all real estate agencies, most of which will rental properties. Turks and Caicos Islands Realty ( VHR Worldwide (
Abaco Bahamas Homepage ( Contains Abaco boat rental and accommodation information.
The Bahamas does not encourage campers. The camping on the beach is illegal and there are no official campsites, even in wilderness areas. However, land and marine parks contain many keys that are perfect for setting up a shop. To register keys that are best for camping parks with operators (see Environment, p37) and some islets may be out of bounds because they contain species that nest or young. A few charter airlines and operators of activity rented camping equipment base, but do not count on finding rental equipment easily.
These are the accommodation of choice for Bahamians to travel. Generally they are small and inexpensive, family-run property. Rules and prices vary greatly. Some are exquisite, with a direct owner that offers breakfast and dinner times on the site. Some apartments are independent, while others are indistinguishable from hotels or motels. In New Providence Nassau Guardian and the Tribune newspapers list guesthouses in 'Guesthouse' and rubrics 'pension Accommodation' in their classifieds sections. In other islands so check local newspapers and groceries.
Homestays Home & Exchange
Try to get in touch with the following organizations to see if there are any suitable Homestays. To access the database on a fee-ing.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

Homestay Finder ( World Homestays (
Another option is to exchange homes with a family in the Bahamas. These private organizations have databases available on homes worldwide. Again, you get access to the database on payment of a fee. ( Homelink International ( Intervac (

Bahamas Hotels run the gamut, but a trust-wise only a hotel brochure or promotional literature. These associations do not represent all owners of hotels and other accommodation providers and tourism in the islands, but can help with information about the properties of its members. Bahamas Hotel Association (% 242-322-8381, fax: 242-326-5346, W Bay St, Nassau)
Turks and Caicos Hotel Association (% 649-941-5787; / tcresorts, Ports of Call, Providence)
Hotels and rental accommodation
The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands and its islands have large private houses, more-ments, condominiums and houses for rent. These properties of 850 units ranging from modest to luxury villas and more than $ 12,000 in a week. Affordable, lovely one or two bedroom rental homes from $ 1,400 and three-bedroom homes from $ 1,800 a week. Rates can fall to 30% in summer (May to November). Check the websites above or links to real estate agents websites listed on p14. Also try the classifieds sections of Caribbean Travel & Life (www. and magazines (Islas www.
Many condominiums are attached to cross-televisions which it has access. These self-contained, fully furnished apartments, timeshare properties usually with a fully equipped kitchen (some have only a kitsch-enette), and some also have their own swimming pool, tennis court or pier or three. Verify that unexpected costs.
All inclusive resorts are cash free, independent hotels or Village Resorts, which pays a fixed price (theoretically) only once you set foot inside. Be careful when choosing a resort. Many properties have risen to the all-inclusive 'car for business purposes. Actually, you have to pay for drinks and some extras, such as diving. Check out for hidden charges for water sports, laundry, and other activities or services not included in the price. Rates start at $ 230 per day.
The Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos have a wide range of sports and activities of special interest to those who get a bit restless after lying on a beach for an hour or two. Nothing to do with these seas Glori-ing warm and bright color is a special pleasure, and easy to organize. Chapters island has more specific information, including details about particular sites for each activity and get in touch with information for local activities of tour operators.
Few people explore the island by bicycle, but flat on the islands seems ideal for biking. Many hotels and bike rental concessions ($ 12 to $ 20 per day). Some sites have mountain bikes, but most have one heavy gear beach cruisers, they are definitely not for sightseeing.
Grand Bahama hosts the Tour de Free-port race of 100 miles of roads in the spring.
The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands are a paradise for bird watchers (see Environment p38). More than two dozen reservations in Bahamas protects more than 230 species of birds, including flamingos and parrots Bahama West Indies.
The Bahamas National Trust (Map pp66-7,% 242-393-1317, fax: 242-393-4978, Village Road, Nassau, h9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday) offers guided birding walks information regularly and has the wonderful species that visit or live in these islands.
A list of all the Republic Bahamas Wild Bird reservations can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture (% 242-325-7413, fax: 242-325-3960, Levy Bldg, E Bay St, Nassau).
Also contact the Group Ornothology Bahamas (% 242-393-1317) for more news about birding activities.
In the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (Grand Turk% 649-946-2855, fax: 649-946-1895;,%-cial provision 649-946-4017, fax : 649-941 -3063, South Caicos% / fax 649-946-3306) manages 23 national parks and nature reserves.
For information on Ramsar wetlands in the North, the Middle East and Caicos, Turks and contact CaicosNationalTrust (TCNT,% 649-941-5710; tc.nattrust @, PO Box 540, Providenciales, Caicos).
Boating and Navigation
With over 3000 islands and islets scattered over 100,000 square miles of ocean, the region is the dream of sailing. Guides are indispensable in 2004 Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, edited by Tom Daly and Explorer Chartbook: Far Bahamas, Explorer Chartbook: Near Bahamas and Explorer Chartbook: Exumas, written by Monty and Sara Lewis. These give more details about customs regulations and cruising permits, plus a list of designated ports of entry.
Bahamas disadvantaged areas are protected waters of the Sea of ??Abaco (between Great Abaco Abaco and Cays) and Exuma Sound and the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Both are good for beginning sailing golds, as the waters are shallow, sheltered, and the land is always in sight.
The Turks and Caicos Islands also offer excellent boating and sailing opportunities.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
Experienced and novice sailors can charter boats, yachts and cruises day or week. Most marinas offer boats with a skip-captain and crew, as well as "no provision" ships that you are your own boss. Must be certified without providing a sailor, you usually need to demonstrate their skills before setting sail. All boats are equipped with clothing and other supplies.
Charters can be arranged in most major hotels or by calling a local rental company. Many people offer sport fishing, but happily take you to explore, snorkel and Snorre Keling. We paid some $ 350 to $ 500 for lunch, $ 600 to $ 1000 per day.
In the Turks and Caicos Islands chartered trips from $ 400 / $ 700 per night and cruises half-day/full $ 500 / $ 1,050 for half / day for up to eight people.
Of if you are usually for the week, prices start at $ 1200, depending on size. Crewed Charters often cost almost double that. The patterns can be rented for about $ 400 a day. See the Events section of the chapters of the island to learn about charter companies.
Most resorts offer small sunfish sailboats called either as part of the package price of the hotel or a rental fee per hour. You can also rent boats, to be at home, Boston Whalers as a gigantic luxury cruises with prices to match, from local marinas.
Boat Tours
Boat trips for all types of activities abound, if you like is fishing, sailing, kayaking, hiking or simply turn a
boat drinking rum punch while another person does all the hard work.
Fast Ferry Excursions from Nassau are an inexpensive and quick to get to some of the Family Islands, and a great day. Tickets start at $ 75 each way.
Day tours are priced around $ 85 to $ 180 depending on their activities.
The islands are honeycombed with dozens of limestone caves, many of them only partially explored and mapped. In some, the Lucayan Indian petroglyphs add to charm. Many caves are also havens for bats harmless. Be careful if you're exploring without a guide.
Grand Bahama has the world's longest cave system in Lucaya National Park. Allows obliged to dive these caves, hiking adventure tour while they are available. The Turks and Caicos have a lot of caves, especially Conch Bar Caves National Park in Middle Caicos, a 15-mile long system full of stalactites and stalagmites. Tour operators offer few days of cave tours tensions here. Refer to the sections of the islands activities operators for details.
See also text in blue box on p49 holes for a different kind of caving.
Diving and Snorkeling
This region acts holders. The range of sites means that both novice and experienced divers and snorkelers can enjoy these exotic waters and its occupants. See the sections in each chapter island activities, diving over the chapter (P45) for information on diving and snorkeling sites and key local operators.
It is possible to walk on a beach in the islands and was just meters from the beautiful coral Liv-ing full of fish. There are a number of operators to snorkelers will carry out a variety of places. You may be reminded not to touch the coral captains. No offense, with a mere slap their fins is enough to kill whole sections of the barrier, which has a domino effect to clear the area of ??marine fish life.
If you do a lot of snorkeling or scuba worth bring your own mask, snorkel and fins, otherwise it is $ 10 per day to rent the equipment.

The following organizations are a remarkable knowledge: Divers Alert Network (DAN;% U.S. 919-684-2948; Peter B Bennett Center, 6 W Colony Place, Durham, NC 27705, USA) offers health insurance divers, covering the evacuation and emergency treatment. National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI, U.S.% 813-628-6284;, 1232 Tech Blvd, Tampa, FL 33619-2667, USA)
Professional Association of Diving Instructors
(PADI, U.S.% 949-858-7234;, 30151 St. Tomas, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688-2125, USA)
Decompression chambers
There are two of these in the Bahamas.
Club Med Columbus Isle Resort (% 242-331-2000;, San Salvador) Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO,% 242 - 373-1244, Marina Port Lucaya, Freeport, Grand Bahama)
In the Turks and Caicos, a camera-sion repurchases Associated Medical Clinic Practice (% 649-946-4242; Leeward Highway) in Provo.
Dolphin Encounters
Several teams across the Bahamas offer swim with the dolphins, details are included in the Activities section of the islands. Some high-profile international organizations indicate that these adverse events in mammals and their life expectancies. For more information, see the text box dolphins in captivity (P81).
In North Bimini, operators can take to meet wild dolphins.
Protected Sea coastal waters immediately south-east of Marsh Harbour Abaco is also home to a resident population of about 100 bottlenose dolphins.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
Strict regulations in place, and ma-nags and marine parks are off limits to all fishing fans, so check with the relevant authorities.
These regions host major fishing tournaments annually (usually held between April and June), big game competitions to fight to serious scratch Laidback, family oriented contests. Check the websites of tourism and www.turksandcaicostourism. Com for more information. Also, see Bill-fish Championship Bamahas box.
As fans of Ernest Hemingway account archipelago waters of the ocean are a playpen for pelagic schools of marlin, dolphin fish, wahoo and tuna. And reef or bottom fish for yellowtail snappers and is abundant.
In the Bahamas, fishing is strictly regulated. Navigators visitors must have a fishing license ($ 20 per round trip or $ 150 per year for a maximum of six lines). Ships with more than six rollers are $ 10,000 per year. No foreign vessels may fish commercially. You can get a permit at the port of entry or in advance from the Department of Fisheries (% 242-393-1014, PO Box N-3028, E Bay St, Nassau), who can provide current fishing regulations. The capture, possession or sexual abuse of coral, turtles and marine mammals is prohibited, as is longline fishing, spear and net. Other restrictions exist.
The Turks and Caicos are an important route for migrating sparkling blue Atlantic crossing at massively from June to August. All other game fish can be caught in the Bahamas here, too. Provo has several marinas where fishing boats can be en-tered. The prices are similar to the Baha-month permit is required. No spear fishing (including Hawaiian sling) and diving team is allowed or able to take ships visiting shell or lobster. Information on the regulations can be obtained from the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (Grand Turk% 649-946-2855, fax: 649 - 946-1895,;% Providenciales 649-946-4017, fax: 649 - 941 - 3063, South Caicos% / fax 649-946-3306)
The gin clear water, sandy banks set aside the perimeters of most of the islands are made to battle with bonefish: pound for pound, one of the world struggle Cham-pion. Regarding herring, is named for its complex structure, and it does to eat bone. Many shelters are dedicated to bonefish-tion and local guides are Bonefishing in the islands. Bait and items sold and rented fishing rods in many lodges.
The Bahamas has the fanfare for bone fishing, but the Turks and Caicos Islands give a run for their money. There are 2000 square miles of homes between Provo and Grand Turk!
Dozens of traders offer sport fishing charters and charge $ 350 to $ 500 by noon, $ 600 to $ 1000 per day (in
DIRECTORY • • Activities 275
Turks and Caicos chartered trips from $ 400 / $ 700 per day half-day/full) always bait and tackle. In general, bring your own food and drinks. Most charter boats require a 50% deposit (if you cancel, you must do at least 24 hours before departure to avoid losing your deposit). Some dealers stuck with half the catch. Discuss the terms with the captain before leaving.
Several companies offer fishing trips to the Bahamas. Apart from the chapters island, try this: Angler Adventure (U.S.% 813-754-3737; www.anglers, PO Box 872, Old Lyme, CT 06371, USA) Fishing International (USA 800-950% - 4242,, 1825 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa,
CA 95404, USA) Frontiers International (UK 44-1285-741-341% U.S.% 800-245-1950;, UK Delme Barn, Barnsley Park, Barnsley, Cirencester GL7 5EG, UK U.S. PO Box 959, Wexford, PA 15090-0595, USA)

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

A few courts have wildlife reserves, while several islands have tracks originally cut by the logging companies.
Always carry plenty of water and insect repellent, especially in summer, as well as a small first aid kit for trips to remote locations. Rarely be far from an agreement. The limestone is too treacherous for permission to walk off the court safely, thick skins and vegetation sinkholes and cracks. Be especially careful with the cliffs, which often undermine and can lead easily.
A few tour operators offer a mix of kayak-ing, diving and hiking in Great Ba-chairs Lucaya National Park (p118). In the Abacos, Abaco Outback (p151) has guided hiking in Abaco National Park, and the Village Land (P83) is walking down the mountain center New Providence. See chapters island for more details.
There are hunters in Great Abaco and Andros backcountry "for boar. Be-ware! Consider hiring a hunter as a guide.
Cat Island has some of the best walks. The Fernandez Bay Village Resort (P210) as a starting point, the owners pro-vide maps and even a guide, may be necessary.
In Great Inagua, Bahamas National Trust footpaths leading to Park (P237), a semi-arid landscape rug-ged fabulous bird watching.
In the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Middle-Cai
tics Book & Trail System (P255) has 10 kilometers of trails along the northern coast. Testing can follow dirt roads along the east and west coast of Northwest Point Marine National Park (P245).
Kilometers and kilometers of beaches and wonderful stories provide inputs to the world of mangroves and wetlands impregnated Grand Bahama and the Family Islands.
Many hotels and resorts rent kayaks or provide free access for customers. And several tour operators are introducing kayaking as an activity organized.
Guided tours are offered to Cai-tics, Abaco and Grand Bahama. See chapter is grounds for contact information. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park (P204) is a particularly good destination for kayaking.
Water Sports, Surfing and Windsurfing
Most hotels include water sports resort either in their rates or offer them as extras. It has all kinds of beach and water sports such as parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing. Typical rates are: windsurfing boards are $ 20 per hour, jet ski $ 50 for 30 minutes for a 15 minute boat trip banana $ 30 per person, parasailing is $ 70 per hour, windsurfing - tion is $ 25 per hour candle is $ 90 per day and kayaks rent for $ 15 per hour.
For surfers searching for the final wave, look elsewhere. There are few places on the coast of the Bahamas to the east, however, where surfers can find a decent job waves of the Atlantic, not-ably surfer beach in Eleuthera and, most importantly, choose Chickpeas Elbow Cay (Abaco ). The winter months are the best.
Virtually the entire eastern part of the chain is fringed by a coral reef offshore on which the waves break, causing dangerous surf away. The trade winds, but still melting inside the barrier reef, so that stretching calm inside the reef are perfect for windsurfing (in the absence of other coral).
Resorts and rental equipment dealers in the beaches of New Providence and Grand Bahama. Many hotels have sailboard free for customers. The Dive Shop Romora Bay (p178) in Harbour Island, Eleuthera, is a good bet for windsurfing.
The Bahamas Windsurfing Champion-ship is held in January in Freeport. The Turks and Caicos Islands are virgin territory for surfers, but extremely suitable for windsurfing. In Provo, Grace Bay is a fabulous place for windsurfing, with constant trade winds behind you.
Grand Turk windsurfing might see whizzing over the waters of North Creek.
HOURS Bahamas in Nassau and Grand Bahama some banks close at 14:00 and reopens from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Friday, when they can be very busy. In the Family Islands, the banking hours vary widely. Usually local banks are open only one or two days a week for two or three hours. A few local banks are open from 9 am to noon Saturday.
Few businesses and shops open on the outskirts of the tourist centers. In the Family Islands to many shops and businesses close for lunch during the week. Most restaurants and cafés resorts open seven days a week. The hours should be considered as general guidance.
Banks (h9am-3pm Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm Fri) government offices (h9am to 5 pm Monday through Friday), private companies (h9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday) Shops (HFRI, 9-10 am-5 Sa am)
Post offices (h9am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, Sept. am-noon Sat) Restaurants (® Breakfast 6:00 to 9:00, lunch from noon to 14:00, dinner from 6-9pm) Tourist information ( h9am to 5 pm Monday to Friday)
Turks and Caicos Islands
Government offices (h9am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday, 09:00-3pm Fri) private offices and businesses (h8: 30am-5pm Monday to Friday)
Banks (h9am-3pm Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm Fri) Post Offices (09:00-4pm)

CUSTOMS and out of the Bahamas All baggage is subject to a customs duty inspection, customs officers and the Bahamas are serious about your business. All visitors must fill out a baggage declaration.
Individuals can cash amount of $ 10,000, more than 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes or one pound of tobacco, more than 1 quart of spirits free of charge. Purchases are also authorized $ 100 for each passenger article separator. You are allowed to take a reasonable amount of personal belongings for free. However, you may need to show proof that laptops and other expensive items are for personal use. You must declare this on arrival.
Excess items are considered imported goods are subject to 35% service (25% for clothing). The rate is up to 300% for certain things.
The following items are also restricted: firearms, drugs (except prescription drugs), flowers and plants, honey, fruit, coffee, meats and vegetables (except canned).
For more information, call the Department of Customs Bahamas (% 242-325-6550).
Input and Output Turks & Caicos Visitors can bring everyone a carton of duty-free cigarettes or 50 cigars, a bottle of liquor or wine and 50 grams of perfume. The import of firearms is prohibited, except with the prior written permission of the Commissioner of Police. Harpoons, drugs and pornography are illegal.
For more information, contact Customs Turks and Caicos Islands (Grand Turk% 649-946-2801, 649-946-4241 Provo%).
Danger and inconvenience
The more than likely have to worry about mosquitoes and the islands are 'no see ums "(mosquitoes), that contrary to most expectations do not limit their human rights, eating until dawn and dusk, and in the case of mosquitoes, only the beach. not be shy about applying mosquito repellent and cover at night to prevent mosquito bites' powerful. invisible multitudes of these little parasites otherwise it will leave an uneven background itchier leopard and a dog. Bahamas CHEM-selling teas in the style of a pink calamine lotion to relieve the itch a little.
Another threat to the Turks and Caicos Islands, and some of the Family Islands, may be roving bands of donkeys and horses. Dogs and chickens also tend to deflect, so although these creatures are very careful with the car, be careful on the roads, though.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
Natural Hazards
Many of the reefs and beaches of the region have incomes courses hangovers dangerous, so be careful.
Public warnings issued if a hurricane is due to fall to the ground. In the event of a hurricane, take shelter in a more robust structure you can find. (For more information on theft-ricane seasons see p37).
Manzanillo tree that grows along the coast of the Bahamas, produces small fruits, green applelike. Do not eat - are highly poisonous! The sap is also irritating. Be careful not to sit under the tree, even as the raindrops falling on the leaves can cause skin blisters.
Human Risks
Most bahamenses are law abiding and tolerance of thieves and criminals is extremely low. The Turks and Caicos are also relatively free of crime and therefore a joy to explore.
Nassau is a different exception, where shootings and violent robberies are frequent ... with most of the murders and crimes involving drug trafficking. Occur overwhelmingly in the southern city of low income and to a lesser extent in parts of Freetown in Grand Bahama. Even the Family Islands have recorded significant increases soft on crime levels in recent years, not-ably in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.
However, most crimes against travelers is opportunistic petty theft, so take common sense precautions with your valuables.

Passengers with disabilities
Disabled travelers should plan your vacation carefully, as few concessions have been made for them, either in the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos Islands, although the Hamas-Ba is slightly better equipped.
New building codes mandate ramps and parking spaces for people with disabilities in selected shopping malls and other places. The largest hotels are starting to introduce features such instructions in Braille and bells lifts, bathrooms with grab bars and ramps. However, only the most recent Nassau structures and to a lesser degree, Free-port have adopted these characteristics.
The tourist offices can provide a list of hotels with ramps for wheelchairs, like the Bahamas Council for the Disabled (% 242 - 322-4260, Commonwealth Avenue, Elizabeth Estates Nassau) and the Association for Bahamas Persons with Physical Disability (% 242-322 -2393 Fax: 242-322-7984; Dolphin Dr., Nassau, PO Box N-4252, Nassau). The latter can also rent a truck and portable ramps for people in wheelchairs.
Embassies and Consulates
There are no embassies or consulates in the Turks and Caicos. Please contact the relevant officials in Nassau, New Providence.
Bahamas embassies and consulates
Canada Ottawa (% 613-232-1724;, 50 O'Connor Street, Suite 1313, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L2, Canada) China Hong Kong (% 852-2147-0202, fax-852 - 2893 - 3917, Suite 704-5 A 7F Sino Plaza, 255-257 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China)
United Kingdom London (% 207-408-4488, fax: 207-499-9937, 10 Chesterfield Road, W1X 8AH London, England) Washington DC USA (% 202-319-2660; bahemb@aol.doc, 2220 Massachusetts Ave NW , Washington, DC 20008, USA), Florida (% 305-373-6295, fax: 305-373-6312, Consulate General of Bahamas, 25 SE 2nd Ave, Suite 818, Miami, FL 33131, USA)
Turks and Caicos Islands Embassies and Consulates
As a British crown colony, the Turks and Caicos Islands are represented by British embassies and consulates abroad. There are also British Consulate General in many U.S. cities. Australia Canberra (% 02-6270-6666, fax 02-6237-3236, British High Commission, Commonwealth Ave, ACT 2600, Australia)
Canada Montreal (% 514-866-5863;, Consulate General, 1000
DIRECTORY • • OFF 279 travelers Gauchetière St W, Suite 4200, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W5,
Canada) Paris France (% 144-51-3100, 144-51-4127 fax, British Embassy, ??35 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75383 Paris Cedex 08, France) San Francisco USA (% 415-617-1300, fax: 415 -434-2018; British Consulate, 1 Sansome St., Suite 850, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA), Washington DC (% 202-588 - 7800, the British Embassy, ??3100 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008 , USA)
Embassies and Consulates in Bahamas countries are represented by honorary consuls, individuals appointed to represent the country. Canada (Map pp66-7;% 242-393-2123 / 4, fax 252-393 - 1305; Shirley St Plaza, Nassau) United Kingdom (Map P69,% 242-325-7471, 242-323-3871, www. britishhighcommission. / Bahamas, Bldg BITC, and St, Nassau) USA (Map P69, 242-322-1181/2/3%, fax 242-328-7838; / Nassau mOsm Bldg, Queen Street, Nassau)
Festivals and Events Bahamas No African festivities were held in the Bahamas, but several folk music evolved from the time of slavery soon, especially Junkanoo (P34) and Emancipation Day. Nassau and Freeport on Grand Bahama Junkanoo host a mid-year in June, while the other islands also receive a summer 'Goombay Festival.
Most of the events are executed in a predictable sched-dul. Many annual events take place in the peak months, so the month can vary from year to year. For more information contact the Ministry of Tourism Bahamas (% 242-322-7500;, Welcome Center, Festival Place, Prince George Wharf, Nassau, h9am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday, Sunday if cruise port).
There are a lot of festivals in the Islands family involved Bonefishing Cham-pionships, and cultural and sporting events. Information on these can be found across the Bahamas Ministry of sites through tourism and visitor information centers. The most famous regattas, the Family Island Regatta in the Exumas (April) and the Long Island Regatta (May) are fun fabulous locally made crafts watches compete for prizes and plentiful feast.
Most towns on the island of the family also held "returns" the absolute center of the social scene in the Bahamas when the family mem-
members returning from Nassau, other islands or the U.S.. In general, these returns are associated with national holidays, so that they could stretch three to five days of festivities.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

A Polar Bear Swim beach party culminates in a fun crazy: people swimming in the sea between the giant ice cubes out of Nassau. The New Year's Day Junkanoo parade on Bay Street in Nassau is a visual and musical extravaganza.
Staniel Cay New Year's Day Craft Regatta cruise speed especially around the Exumas cays. Nassau Classic Car Festival A parade of classic polished and proud owners through Nassau.
Supreme Court to open the event protocol opens the annual session of the Supreme Court of the Bahamas, accompanied by the Banda Royal Bahamas Police Force.
George Town Cruising Regatta More than 500 yachts visiting for a week of fun and fabulous party in this race.
Bacardi Rum Cup Two days of sailing competitions and notes of encouragement from Banda Royal Bahamas Police Force in Nassau. Freeport Rugby Club Annual Easter Rugby Festival Grand Bahama has 15 of the best rugby teams in the world, as players from as far away as Argentina and Wales come together to fight for the jackpot.
Hope Town Abaco Heritage Day is a day of fun for the whole family.
Family Island Regatta This four-day extravaganza of racing and general merry-making is a highlight of the social calendar of the Bahamas. It takes place in George Town (Great Exuma) and thousands fly in the lively social scene, including beauty contests, cooking demonstrations, and lots of drinking and dancing.
Bimini Festival A popular fishing tournament is the highlight of this festival in mid-May, with barbecues, outdoor dining and general happiness. Bahamas Heritage Festival A traditional cultural event with lots of music, food and fun.
Long Island Regatta Sailing Over 40 sailing boats built locally, representing each of the major islands of the Bahamas, compete for prizes. On land bands rake 'n' scrape, sports and eat Bahamas keep it alive.
Annual Eleuthera Pineapple Festival This annual festival, held in early June in Gregory Town (Eleuthera) combines four days of music, games and parties with cooking contests, contests for "best pineapple" beauty contests and highlight the - the coronation of the young Queen Pineapple.
Bahamas Boating Fling every June to mid-August, a boat guide lead a fleet of yachts and other vessels from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini. Goombay Summer Festival hosts a Nassau Junkanoo parade through the year, with festivals around the clock to summer visitors.
Festival Rake 'n' scrape music A four-day annual event held in June. It is organized by Sidney Poitier's daughter, Pamela.
Independence Day a public holiday in the Bahamas with parades, celebrations and festivities. Beer Festival during the full moon of this month, Exuma consumed beer and pizza, what a great excuse!
Emancipation Day out on the first Monday of August to commemorate the emancipation of slaves in 1834 through the islands. Cat Island Regatta is celebrated Emancipation Day, this is the biggest event of the year at Cat Island, where racing sailboats, and music domino tournament rake 'n' scrape are fashionable.
Great Triathlon athletes descend on Abaco Marsh Harbour to test their mettle with children and triathlon race Sprintman.
Bahamas Atlantis Superboat Challenge Life is never as fast as Nassau in late September during the annual powerboat career.
Annual Grand Bahama Triathlon watch and wonder as superhuman compete in a bathroom 11/2-mile, 15 miles bike race and 3-mile race. Great Bahamas Seafood Market Seafood Festival at Arawak Cay Nassau is the setting for this annual four-day event culinary and cultural extravaganza, concerts, Junkanoo and plenty of food.
Bahameses International Cultural Weekend held unit with a weekend of parades of floats, food festivals, arts and crafts exhibitions and concerts in Nassau. Sailing Regatta North Eleuthera This three-day racing event has dozens of local building boats competing for the championship, while the festivities are roaring ashore.
Triathlon Annual Grand Bahama Conchman Over 200 athletes gather to compete in Freeport in swimming, biking and running, while the other party. Andros Androsians Community Awareness Week celebrated their food, the music, the Bahamas Junkanoo, dance and stories.
Bahamas Wahoo tournament organized by the Bimini Big Game Fishing Club, this game is for fans of fishing. All Abaco Regatta sailboat Bahamas and fun in the water and the earth.
Christmas concert under the stars Green Turtle Cay (Abaco) has a large outdoor concert of traditional Christmas music and performances. Annual Christmas Day Parade 05:00 Bimini hosts a parade with music and partying.
Residents of Plymouth historic weekend in Green Turtle Cay celebrated its republican heritage with concerts, plays, art exhibitions and barbecues. The National Junkanoo street festival starts in the early hours of Boxing Day through the islands, do not miss the parade and party!

For a full explanation of the local cuisine and beverages, see the chapter Food and Drink (p55). The listings are divided into "budget" (anything up to $ 10), "midrange" (outlet average of $ 12 to $ 23) and "upper" (outlet near and over $ 23).
TRAVELLERS Gays and Lesbians
Gays should be discreet in either the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos. Most gays and lesbians are still in the closet Bahamas, and the country has draconian laws against homosexual activity, which is punishable with imprisonment. The law strictly enforced, unfortunately no public expressions of affection between gays may well cause problems.
Please refer to the text fits into P62 as this information social, legal, basically applies throughout the region.
You might also want to check out the options 'go in' section of p13 in planning your trip.
Bahamas holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday-urday generally observed the following Monday. January 1 New Year's Day
Friday before Easter Sunday Easter Monday Easter Monday Whit Monday Seven weeks after Easter Labor Day First Friday June 10 July Independence Day Emancipation Day First Monday of August Discovery Day October 12 Christmas Day December 25 Boxing Day December 26
Turks and Caicos Islands
The following national holidays are recognized in this region. New Year's Day 1 January Commonwealth Day March 13
Friday before Easter Sunday Easter Monday Monday after Easter National Heroes' Day May 29, Her Majesty's official birthday of Queen June 14 (day of the week or the nearest)
Emancipation Day on August 1 National Youth Day on September 26 Columbus Day October 13 International Human Rights Day on 24 October Christmas Day 25 December Boxing Day 26 December
A travel insurance policy to cover the problems of theft, loss and medical care is worth the trip. There are a variety of policies available, so check the fine print.
Some policies specifically exclude 'dangerous activities EGGS cycling' (for example, rock motorcycle, climb-ing, canoeing, diving and torque.) If you are thinking about any of these activities, be sure to hunt down the appropriate policy to cover.
You may prefer a policy that pays doctors and hospitals directly rather than requiring you to pay on the spot and claim later. If you have a complaint then make sure you keep all documentation. Some policies ask you to call back (a toll) to a center in his home country, where there is an immediate assessment of your problem.
Check that the policy covers ambulances or an emergency flight home.

Some of the media and most high-end hotels in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos have Internet connections in the rooms. Some hotels also offer the use or 'rent' a computer.
Internet connections sockets accept standard laptops, while the standard plugs accept U.S. / Canada two or three-pin plugs. You'll need an Internet service provider dialing number, but it can be extended through your article operator ISP.
If you do not have a laptop, you will not be completely devastated. There are Internet cafes in most resorts, and some of the largest cities in both the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos. The quality of the connections is usually pretty good in general, but expect to pay from $ 10 for 15 minutes.
For a list of useful websites see P14.
Marijuana (ganja) and cocaine are prevalent in the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, which are used as transshipment point for drug trafficking in North America and Europe. At some point, you may be ap-proached by scammers who sell drugs.
The possession and use of drugs and "cilitation-made for drug trafficking" in these islands are strictly illegal and the penalties are severe. The islands are buzzing with U.S. agents Drug Control and buying drugs is a risky business. Foreigners are not given special attention if caught and Baha-mian prisons are notoriously unpleasant places.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
The dollar is linked to the Bahamas from one to the U.S. dollar when the U.S. currency that can be used everywhere. Note that only the bank-ing transmission to exchange amounts of more than B $ 70 is the Central Bank of the Bahamas in Nassau St. at Market. It's a good idea to spend all your dollars before leaving the Bahamas. Major commercial banks maintain branches in all the islands, although the family Islands are thin on the ground. Most hotels and rental car companies accept credit cards in the Family Islands, but I have some money ready just in case.
The Turks and Caicos are unique: a British dependent territory with the U.S. dollar as its official currency. The Treasury is also a crown Turks and Caicos and tri-ter. There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency that visitors can bring money in.
Automatic teller machines (ATM) cards are a good way to get cash incidental. There are ATMs in the major tourist centers and in many (but not all) banks around the islands. Most machines accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express through international networks such as Cirrus and Visa / PLUS.
Credit Cards
Major credit cards are accepted in the Bahamas, Grand Turk and Provo, and the largest hotels in the Turks and Caicos. Credit cards are not accepted for transactions in general more remote islands of the family or the Turks and Caicos Islands. In other places you may need to operate on a cash basis only. You can use your credit card to obtain cash advances ad in most commercial banks. How-nies that accept credit cards can add up to an additional 5%.
Currencies can be changed at banks in Provo and Grand Turk, which may also give credit card advances and operate ATMs.
Travelers Checks
These are widely accepted in all the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, except in the most remote islands family, although some hotels, restaurants and charge exchange bourgeois eaus a hefty fee to cash travelers checks-er. They accepted the Grand Turk and Caicos but you may be charged a transaction fee of 5%.
Report the loss to American Express Travel-er checks the Bahamas, contact destinations (% 242-322-2931; 303 Shirley St, Nassau).
Mail is slow the islands. Airmail to North America usually takes about 10 days. Leave approximately four weeks for mail to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
Postcards to UK, USA and Canada is $ 0.55. Letters by air at a cost of $ 0.65 per half ounce in the U.S. and Canada, $ 0.70 and the UK and Europe and $ 0.90 in Africa, Asia and Australia.
Courier listed in the yellow pages. Remember that 24-hour service is not usually guaranteed from the family or the Turks and Caicos Islands peripheral and express-mail services tend to rely on freight services.
It can make mail for your attention "Left Stick" from "The General Post Office, East Hill Street, Nassau, Bahamas. Mention E" to collect general delivery at the counter. ' All correspondence is kept for three weeks.
Hotel rates are expensive phone in the entire region and should be avoided whenever possible. Many hotels also charge for unanswered calls after receiving the phone has rung five times.
Most Americans free numbers can not be ac-processing of the Bahamas and the Turks and Cai-tics. In general, you must check 1-880%, plus the last seven digits of the number.
The Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation State (% 242-302-7000, John F Kennedy Dr, Nassau), or Batelco, has an office in most of the Bahamas. Even the smallest solution usually has at least one public telephone.
The country code is% Bahamas 242. You need it to make calls between islands. To call Bahamas from the U.S. and Canada, call 1-242%. From elsewhere, dial your country's international access code +% 242 + the local number.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
You can travel with your own mobile phone in the Bahamas, but you may charge a customs post (which is refundable on exit). The phone will not work in cellular system Batelco, unless you rent the temporary use of a cell line to 'roam-ing'.
National calls
Local calls are free, although it will charge-TV from $ 0.75 to $ 1 per call. Current Time and Temperature 917%
Directory Assistance 916% Interislander call 1-242% followed by seven-digit local number
Visitors from most European countries, Turkey and Israel need a passport but no visa for stays of up to three months. Citizens of most Central and South American countries-ses, including Mexico, require passports but not visas? For stays up to 14 days. Required? Visa for longer stays.
Citizens of the following countries re-Quire passports and visas? For stays of any duration: Dominican Republic, Haiti, South Africa and all communist countries. Citizens of other countries should check entry requirements with the current nearest Bahamas embassy. For any questions about extended stays or work (there are strict legal regulations on foreigners seeking work in the Bahamas) to consult with the Ministry of Labour and Immigration Department (% 242-322 - 7530, fax: 242-326 - 0977, PO Box N-831, E Hill St, Nassau).
Turks and Caicos Islands
U.S. citizens require proof of citizenship (passport, voter card or birth certificate) and photo identification to enter the Turks and Caicos. Changes to the law in force since 31 December 2005 mean U.S. citizens and visitors are required to have a passport or other secure document, accepted 'to enter or re-enter the U.S. from the Caribbean. No visas are required by citizens of the U.S., Canada, UK and Commonwealth countries, Ireland and Western European countries. Citizens of most countries need a visa, which can be obtained from the British Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates abroad.
Test required refund or tickets at the entrance.
For information about employment, residence or stays longer than three months, contact the Turks and Caicos Islands Immigration Department (% 649-946-2929, fax: 649-946-2924; South Base, Grand Turk Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, BWI).
It is unusual for women traveling alone and Carib to the West Indies, and was asked several times by Curi-ing men and women about the whereabouts of her husband. This question is kind, and is often easier to answer are universal answer somewhere or that he is working, rather than into the general debate about choice.
There is no doubt that these villagers are concerned about their welfare friendly-fare. Although women have little to fear, either in the Bahamas or the Turks and Caicos Islands, and cases of sexual assault are very, very strange, there is always the exception that proves the rule. Enjoy the warmth of your concern, take the obvious precautions at night, and dress appropriately, never see a Bahamas or the Turks and Cai-cal woman in shorts, let alone a bikini top for the city.
Crisis Center for Women (% 242-328-0922; Shirley St, Nassau) can help in an emergency or if you need emotional support, if the Women's Health and Diagnostic Center (% 242-322-6440, First Terr, Collins Avenue, Nassau) and Women's Health (% 242 - 328-6636, Collins Avenue, Nassau) are useful resources.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха


The Traveller Bahamas


Getting there
With the Bahamas consists of over 700 islands and 2000 cays spread over a radius of 100,000 square meters and the mile Turks and Caicos Islands with 40-odd islands and cays to explore, this is not exactly a simple flying flight and others in the group of islands. But is not that part of the charm of the region? Private well owners certainly be believed.
Nearly all the region's major international traffic flows through Nassau, New Providence. The main forms of transport are regular flights and cruises. From Nassau, local carriers, ferries and boats just slower e get most inhabited islands and cays.
The heavens opened, however, and now you can take direct flights from the U.S. and Europe for some of the other islands in the Bahamas and Caicos Providenciales.
Things change
The information in this chapter is particularly vulnerable to change. Check directly with the airline or travel agent to make sure you understand how a fare (and ticket you can buy) works and be aware of safety requirements for international travel. Shop carefully. The data collected in this chapter should be considered as the point nowhere and are not a substitute for your own careful, up-to-date research.

Enter the BAHAMAS Bahamas All baggage is subject to customs inspection, customs officers and the Bahamas to take this business seriously. All visitors must complete a baggage declaration form.
Individuals can cash amount of $ 10,000, more than 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes or one pound of tobacco, more than 1 quart of spirits free of charge. Purchases totaling $ 100 are also allowed for all passengers arriving. You are allowed to take a reasonable amount of personal effects free. However, you may need to show proof that laptops and other expensive items are for personal use. You must declare this on arrival.
Excess items are considered imported goods are subject to a tax of 35%. The tariff is 25% for clothing and increased to 300% for certain things.
The following items are also restricted: firearms, drugs (except prescription drugs), flowers and plants, honey, fruit, coffee, meats and vegetables (except canned).
For more information, please contact the Customs Department Hamas Ba (% 242-325-6550).

Changes to the law in force since 31 December 2005 mean U.S. citizens and visitors are required to have a passport or other secure document, accepted 'to enter or re-enter the United States from the Carib. Onward Tickets will also be necessary.
Visitors from most European countries, Turkey and Israel need a passport but no visa for stays of up to three months. Citizens of the countries of Central America and South America, including Mexico, require passage ports, but without visas? For stays up to 14 days. Required? Visa for longer stays.
Citizens of the following countries require passports and visas? For stays of any duration: Dominican Republic, Haiti, South Africa, and all communist countries. Citizens of other countries should check entry requirements with the current nearest Bahamas embassy. For information on extended stay or work (there are strict regulations for foreigners seeking work in the Bahamas) consult with the Ministry of Labour and Immigration
Department (% 242-322-7530, fax: 242-326-0977, PO
Box N-831, E Hill St, Nassau).
Airports and airlines
The Bahamas has six international airports, including two main centers in Nassau and Freeport. Exuma International Airport (GGT; 242-345% - 00,095) Located in George Town, Exuma.
Freeport International Airport (FPO,% 242-352 - 6020) Located in Freeport, Grand Bahama. Marsh Harbour International Airport (MHH,% 242-367-3039) Located in Marsh Harbour, Abaco. Moss Town Exuma International Airport (MWX,% 242-345-0030) Located in Moss Town, Exuma. Nassau International Airport (NAS,% 242-377 - 7281) Located in Nassau, New Providence.
North Eleuthera International Airport (ELH,% 242-335-1242) Located in North Eleuthera.
Airlines that fly to and from the Bahamas
The Bahamas is well served by flights from North America and Europe. Its proximity to Florida means regular-pensive relatively inexcusable flights from Miami, Orlando and Fort Lauderd-ale and other entries on the East Coast. Nassau is less than three hours flight from the U.S. Northeast and a 30-minute flight from Miami.
The national airline of the Bahamas, Ba-hamasair (% 242-377-5505, 242-352-8341 Freeport%; has an impeccable safety record and pilotos them are equipped with an excellent reputation tion (see www. for more details). However, these delays and Loss of baggage ocurrencias are regulated. Bahamas say, "If tienes's time to spare, fly Bahamasair. You is detected.
Los siguientes Lineas Aereas large international airport are equipped offices in Nassau. Air Canada (AC;% 1-888-247-2262, 242-377-8220;; hubs Toronto y Montreal)
Air Jamaica (JM;% 1-800-523-5585, 242-377-3301;; centro de Montego Bay) Air Sunshine (YI;% 1-800-327-8900, 954-434-8900;; hub Fort Lauderdale) American Airlines / American Eagle (AA;% al 1-800 - 433-7300, 242-377-2355;; hubs Nueva York, Newark, Miami y Orlando)
Bahamasair (UP; 242-377-5505%,% Freeport 242 - 352-8341;, Nassau y Freeport hubs, Miami, Orlando y Fort Lauderdale) British Airways (BA;% 1-800-247-9297 , 242-377 - 2338;; hubs Heathrow y Gatwick)
Chalk Ocean Airways (OP;% 1-800-424-2557, 242-363-3114;; hubs Helipuerto Atlantis, Paradise Island nr Nassau, Fort Lauderdale y Miami) Continental Connection / Gulfstream International (3M;% 1-800-231-0856, 242-394-6019; www.gulf; Star Plaza, Mackey St, Nassau, centros de Miami, Fort Lauderdale y West Palm Beach)
Delta Air Lines / Comair (DL; 1-800-241-4141%, 242 - 377-7774, 800-354-9822;; hubs Nueva York, Orlando, Cincinnati y Atlanta) Island Express (3Z; % 954-359-0380; www.abacotoday .com / islandexpress; centro de Fort Lauderdale)
Laker Airways (7Z,% 242-352-3389; Freeport Aeropuerto Internacional hub Freeport) EE.UU. Airways / EE.UU. Air Express (EE.UU.;% 1-800-622-1015, 242-377-8886;; hubs Nueva York y Miami)
Carta de Líneas Aéreas
Vuelos charter están disponibles en todas las Bahamas y las Islas Turcas y Caicos. Algunas de las principales compañías de vuelos chárter que vuelan en esta región:
Cherokee Aire (% 242-367-3450;; hub Marsh Harbour, Abaco) Lince (% 954-772-9808;; centro de Fort Lauderdale)
Professional Air Charters 888-938-9508 (%;; hub Fort Lauderdale) Twin Air Airways (% 954-359-8266;. Www.flytwinair com; hub Fort Lauderdale Jet Centre)
Yellow Taxi-Charter (% 888-935-5694;; hub Fort Lauderdale Jet Centre)

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

As an alternative to book directly with the airlines, there are plenty of web based? Companies who want to sell, and can sometimes find bargain rates this way. Some sites are listed below:
Airbrokers ( a U.S. company that specializes in cheap tickets. Cheap Flights ( A very informative site with special promotions, information on the airline and flight searches mainly U.S. and UK.
Cheap Tickets ( Flight discount specialists. Expedia ( A Company with headquarters in Reino Unido Company announced Aéreas important, reserve as soon as possible, better. Flight Centre (, www.flight One of the most large and Agencies to travel more for less in Australia and Reino Unido.
Hotwire ( Las bookings them USA alone, last minute flights algunos exceptional. Last Minute ( One of the best sites for last minute hotels Included exceptional.
Orbitz ( Offers Cheap Hotels for U.S. flight from them. Priceline ( A number-your-own-price site.
STA Travel ( Prominente them on trips to international students, but you do not have to be a estudiante to make use of the site. Travel ( reputable online flight-bookers in New Zealand and Australia. Travelocity ( A U.S. site that lets you search passages to and from virtually anywhere.
The following table includes the price of one-way tickets on popular routes.
Flight Centre Australia (131-600%. Www.flightcentre New Zealand (% 1800-243-544, www.flight STA Travel Australia (% 1300-360-960; New Zealand (% 1800-874-773;
Thor Travel Australia (% 1800-801-119; www.thor
U.S. and Canada LA
Air Brokers International (% 1800-883-3273; Airtech (% 1877-247-8324; Airtreks Inc. (% 1800-350-0612; Skylink USA . States. (% 1800-247-6659; STA Travel (% 1800-777-0112;
Travac (% 1800-872-8800;
Los cortes Travel (% 800-667-2887; Continental Europe
OTU Voyages (% 0820-817-817; Voyageurs du Monde (% 01-42-86-1600;
Only Travel (% 089-747-3330; STA Travel (01805-456-422%
CTS Viaggi (% 06-462-0431) Passages (% 06-474-0923)
Airfare (% 020-620-5121; NBBS Reiz (0900-10-20-300%;
Puente del Mundo (% 0870-444-7474; Dive Worldwide (% 1794-389-372; www.diveworld) Flight Centre (% 0870-890-8099;
Flightbookers (% 0870-010-7000; STA Travel (% 0870-160-0599; Trailfinders (020-7938-3939%

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

If you just want a taste below Baha-month, consider visiting on a cruise. The Bahamas is by far the most popular port of call in the Caribbean.
Cruise Experiences vary greatly according to individual ships and cruise company you choose. Sugar can be a person of another poison. For example, some may want to avoid over-ros cruises now jogging by old rock bands like REO Speedwagon and abroad to 'Rock-nights ", while other passengers can get their snakeskin boots and rifles, a combover , and come down to follow. Caveat emptor!
Cruise Line International Association (www.cruis is a very useful resource. Most cruises call to Bahamas departing from Florida and, less frequently, in New York.
Immigration and customs formalities are handled by the cruise port in ar-rival.
Some cruise lines include the most important
Cape Canaveral Cruise Line (% 321-783-4052, 800 - 910-7447; Carnival Cruise Lines (% 305-599-2200, 800-327 - 9501;
Celebrity Cruises (% 305-358-7325, 800-437-3111; Costa Cruises (% 305-358-7325, 800-462-6782;
Crystal Cruises (% 310-785-9300, 800-446-6620; Discovery Cruise Line (% 800-866-8687, 800-937 - 4477;
Disney Cruise Line (% 407-566-3500, 800-511-8444; Dolphin Cruise Lines (% 305-358-5122; dolphincruise www .. com)
Holland America Line (% 206-281-3535, 800-426 - 0327; Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL,% 305-436-4000, 800 - 327-7030;
Premier Cruises (% 305-358-5122, 800-990-7770; Princess Cruises (% 310-553-1770, 800-421-0522;
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (% 305-379-4731, 800-327-6700;

If you just want a taste below Baha-month, consider visiting on a cruise. The Bahamas is by far the most popular port of call in the Caribbean.
Cruise Experiences vary greatly according to individual ships and cruise company you choose. Sugar can be a person of another poison. For example, some may want to avoid over-ros cruises now jogging by old rock bands like REO Speedwagon and abroad to 'Rock-nights ", while other passengers can get their snakeskin boots and rifles, a combover , and come down to follow. Caveat emptor!
Cruise Line International Association (www.cruis is a very useful resource. Most cruises leave from call in the Bahamas and Florida, with smaller freFERRIES
Discovery Cruise (% 1800-937-4477; www.discovery) runs daily between Fort Lauderd-ale and Freeport, Grand Bahama ($ 129). Stop in Fort Lauderdale at 7:45 am, returning at 22:00. Rates include three main meals. There is a Las Vegas-style casino onboard.
Gone are the good old days that travelers could easily buy passage aboard cargo ships that sailed between the banana and Carib North America and Europe, but not impossible. Try this for some useful travel freighter.
Ford Freighter Travel Guide & Water ways of Humanity by Judith Howard (% 818 - 701-7414, 19448 Londelius St, Northridge, CA 91324, USA) lists the cargo ships carrying passengers. The Freight & Cruise Travel Association (TravlTips, www. has a website that lists the cargo ships that carry passengers.
Windjammer Barefoot Cruises (% 305-672-6453, 800-327-2601; has a cruise of 13 days from Freeport in Trinidad ($ 1,475) aboard the Amazing Grace, a "workhorse"
Boat supplies Boat Company in Clipper Carib (none of which sail to the Bahamas). It has cabins and elegant charm. He stops in Nassau, Little San Salvador Island Concepts tion, Plana Cays and Little Inagua, in addition to Grand Turk and Providenciales.
The sheltered waters of the 750 km long article chipelago attract thousands of sailing each year. The winds and currents favoring the south. Sailing conditions are at their best in summer, but should be kept fully abreast of weather reports since the summer is theft-ricane season.
You have to go through customs and immigration on arrival in the Bahamas. For more information about marinas in each port, see the chapters destination. His team and invited everyone will need a passport or birth certificate (driver's license is not proof of citizenship). Have to go through customs again in each island's article. It's a hassle, but the problem Ba-Hamas "drug is such that it must be sensitive to this policy. Anticipating the possibility of being boarded and searched by the U.S. Coast Guard or the Bahamas.
The details of the requirements are given in the official guide of the owner of a yacht in the Bahamas including the Turks and Caicos (see next).
Specified ports on each island are from ignated ports of entry (you can not get anywhere else): Abacus Green Turtle Cay, Marsh Harbour Treasure Cay, Spanish Cay, Cay Walker.
Congo Town Andros, Fresh Creek, San Andros. Berry Islands Chubut Cay, Great Harbour Cay. Alice Town Bimini, South Bimini, Cat Cay. Jack Smith Island Bay, New Bight, Port of Bennett. Governor Harbour Eleuthera, Harbour Island, North Eleuthera, Rock Sound, Spanish Wells.
George Town Exumas, City Moss. Freeport Grand Bahama Harbour, Port Lucaya Marina, Old Bahamas Bay Marina (West End). Great Inagua Matthew Town. Long Island Stella Maris. Bay Mayaguana Abraham. New Providence Nassau (any yacht basin). Cockburn Town San Salvador.
You will need documentation to regulate foreign travel (see P287). There is a charge of $ 150 for each foreign pleasure boat under 30 feet, and charged $ 300 for boats over 30 feet with a maximum of four passengers. Each additional person must pay $ 15. These costs cover the customs and immigration-tion, as well as cruising and fishing permits.
You must have an import permit for any pet on board. Please contact the Department of Agriculture (% 242-325-7413, fax: 242-325 - 3960; Levy Bldg, E Bay St, Nassau) for more information.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха
Maps, charts and Travel Guides
You need accurate maps and charts for any trip through the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands reef infested waters. Ad-miralty British charts, U.S. Defense Mapping Agency Imray charts and tables are sporting ac-care. You can order books in advance and tables Bluewater (% USA 1-954-763-6533, 1-800-942-2583,
No sailor has established excellent without former Yachtsman's Guide to the Bahamas including the Turks and Caicos ($ 40). Provides detailed descriptions of almost all possible anchor in the archipelago, and displays information about marinas in the islands, as well as other valuable in training. Pictures do not understand small sketches for use in navigation. It is available in bookstores and marinas in the Bahamas or by mail from Tropic Isle Publishers (U.S.% 305 - 893-4277, PO Box 610938, N Miami, FL 33261, USA.)
In the same way, see the beautiful Bahamas Cruising Guide by Mathew Wilson, available in good bookshops, and Julius Wilensky Cruising Guide to the Abacos and the Northern Bahamas ($ 20). These and many other regional boating guides can be ordered in White Sound Press (U.S.% 386-423-7880,
Letters waterproof (% 800-423-9026; www.water published a series of letters on a large scale waterproof section in the Bahamas. Graphics mostly physical characteristics and are of limited use as travel maps. Larger scale (11 inches by 17 inches) versions of the lists may be requested but are very detailed and durable. A complete set of eight letters covering the Ba-Hamas Turks and Caicos Islands ($ 160).
Lists U.S. government in the region can be ordered through most marine stores, as detailed graphics of the National Oceanic and At-air (NOAA,% 301-436-6829; www.nws.noaa. gov).
Provision aboard a yacht in the Bahamas designed from North America or the car-ibbean is a popular way to reach the islands. Check the bulletin board sea-INAS: advertising often find notes of the crew or you can leave one of your own.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

Examining the map, you may be tempted to think that the island-chain is easy. But unless you have your own boat or by plane, it is not. Interislander air is centered in Nassau. Getting between the islands without being constantly doing reverse is a bit of a feat. Even ships are e-central Nassau.
BAHAMAS The Bahamas Air carriers would offer the only Interislander and fast travel in the Bahamas and the island tour aircraft using London buses. Do not save money by booking tickets for inter Bahamas in advance.
The scene is dominated by Bahamasair (UP,% 242-377-5505, 242-352-8341 Freeport%, Nassau and Freeport hubs). The airline runs on a hub-and-spoke system Nassau is the main axis. If island-hop a lot, you'll feel like a yo-yo and may need to stay in Nas-sau between flights. Budget accordingly.
There are several companies operating in the Bahamas. Abaco Air (% 242-367-2266;; hub Marsh Harbour)
Aviation Caribbean (% 242-377-3317;, downtown Nassau) Cat Island Air (% 242-377-3318, fax: 242-377-3723; downtown Nassau)
Flamingo Air Charter Services (% 242-377-0354;, downtown Nassau) Services Main Air (% 242-352-5778; www.thebaha / majorair, Eleuthera and Grand Bahama hubs) Southern Air (% 242-367-2498;, downtown Nassau)
Western Air (% 242-329-4000, fax: 242-329-3167; central Andros and Nassau)
See chapters destination flight information relevant inter. The following table includes the prices of tickets for outbound connections to Nassau.

See P288 for a list of airlines of the region's most important hire.
Cycling is a cheap, comfortable, healthy, environmentally sound, and above all in fun way to travel. The main tourist hotels rent bikes for $ 20 a day. Unfortunately, the bikes are heavy, have a single computer and is practically guaranteed to give you a vague pain.
Boat Tours
There are a variety of boat trips on offer cover activities such as water sports, hiking, pleasure cruises, snorkeling and diving. Check the destination chapters for more information.
The only ferry operator in the islands is
Bahamas Ferries (% 242-323-2166 / 8; www.baha, who runs a high-speed ferry linking Nassau, Andros, Abaco, Eleuthera and Exuma media.
Water Island sail between Nassau and design-for taxis. Several other islands and islets residents are served by private water taxis.
Led by government water taxis linking islands that are a short distance, like North Bimini and South Bimini, Mangrove Cay and South Andros, and Crooked Islands and ACK-Mills.
About 30 boats flying government mail contract to the more populated islands. They run regularly Potter Cay Grand Bahama Island and all the Family. Traditionally vigil all night jour-ship cats last between five and 24 hours. You can call the Office of the Dockmaster (% 242-394 - 1237) and check with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (% 242-322-7500; in recent times and prices.
Auto and Motorcycle
Bahamenses drivers are usually very cautious and civilized. The main roads are generally in good condition, but the roads are often indented with deep potholes. Do any Bahamas warns that the road is in bad condition.

На этом острове Багамы отдых отдыха

To rent a car should be 21 (some companies only hire people 25 years or older) and must have a valid license from their home country or state. Visitors can drive their license for up to three months.
Esso, Shell and Texaco gas remain (beer) most of the stations on the islands. The gas stations are usually open from 8 am to 7 pm. Some are closed on Sundays. In Nassau and Freeport find stations open 24 hours a day. Gasoline costs $ 3.50 per U.S. gallon. Credit cards are accepted in major establishments, in another place, it is only in cash.
Several major international car rental companies have outlets in Nassau and Freep ort-like small local businesses. In the Family Islands are some good agencies. Ask your hotel for recommendations or search boards at the airport. Local businesses can not offer insurance.
Generally, renting for periods of 24 hours with rates starting at $ 70. Rates start at about $ 80 in Nassau, and $ 60 on the smaller islands.
The golf carts can be rented to small islands and islets for $ 40 per day.
Damage Waiver insurance is $ 15 per day. In many Family Islands, but insurance offered to all.
Always drive on the left side of the road. At roundabouts (traffic circles), remember to turn in the direction of clockwise, entering the left. You must give way to traffic in the circle-list. Must wear a helmet to ride a motorcycle or scooter.
Hitching is never entirely safe anywhere, and do not recommend it. Travelers who choose sticking to understand that they are taking a small but potentially serious risk. Those who opt for the connection will be safer if they travel in pairs, and that someone knows where those planning to go. Hitchhiking by the local population is quite common (and legal) to the Bahamas, especially in the Family Islands.
Local Transport
Nassau and Freeport have dozens of mini buses (minibuses private buses) licensed to operate on established routes.
There is no public transport in the Family Islands and the airport (the taxi driver union-nothing 'is too strong). Few hotels can run a shuttle service for guests.
There is no shortage of taxis licensed Nas-sau and Freeport, where you can stop on the street. Taxis are also the primary means of local transportation in the Family Islands where they meet all incoming aircraft.
All licensed taxi operators. Taxi rates are set by the government based on the distance. Rates are typically for two people, each additional person is charged a flat fee of $ 3. The fixed rates established through the airports and cruise terminals, major hotels and specific destinations. These fees shall be allocated to the taxi. However, you should be aware of some clever scam in Nassau and Freeport, where a driver may attempt to charge more unscrupulous people at the same pace as the first and second passengers.

English, the official language of everyday life and business, is spoken by everyone but a handful of Haitian immigrants, who speak their own Creole. Many words in the lexicon of the region are the remnants of the early days of the British colony. You can, for example, served a drink in a 'cup'. Other words have been happening in Africa, as bo-bo (fool) and yam (to eat).
True, true, 'Bahamas Bahamas usually speak Standard English (BSE) and its own dialect different island, a Caribbean musical dialect with its own rhythm and cadence. Although there are variations between islands and between blacks and whites, all sectors of society bahamesa understand patois, the language of the street.
The official language of the Turks and Caicos Islands is English. The island dialect different from anything 'dialect resembles the Bahamas. Haitians speak their own Creole patois based in France.
All is well? - How are you today?
Bahama Mama - rum, fruit juice and coffee liqueur cocktail Bahama parrot - endangered native species of parrot Bangers and mash - a lunch of sausages and mashed potatoes, usually served with baked beans
lock operation - avoid blocking during the American Civil War, traveling through the Bahamas to supply the Confederate bo-bo - a foolish or stupid
bound - constipated
cascating - being sick or vomiting Chile - a child or young screw - endangered large conch shell, the meat is a staple of the popular diet Bahamas Conchy Joes - descendants loyal cook-outs - meals cooked outside, usually a social music
wearing a feather - to get dressed decently for example, for religious services
fillymingo - Flemish Fish Fry - a collection of bars and casual takeouts, the main points of the weekend matches
fishenin - Flim fishing - movie, film
drink - a glass like a glass of beer Gombay - also called "Junkanoo" is a fruit drink, popular with children Goombay - music of the island derives from the days of slavery Goombay Smash - a classic cocktail of rum Guava Duff Bahamas - The Bahamas traditional dessert made of guava jelly and sponge spillygatin go '- semolina go to the party - a dish-like tapioca (made from potatoes) Gussy Mae - out of affection for woman with a large rear
Hey man - typical colloquial and friendly greeting
jerk - spicy condiment used in cooking Jamaican Junkanoo - Boxing Day street carnival with parades, music and costumes johnnycakes Goombay - a drop of sweet bread or pasta made in butter, fried or baked
Kalik - winning, locally produced beer Loyal Bahamas - American colonists who supported the British
royalty for U.S. Revolution
man - friend mash up - broken, as when a car has been in an accident Montell - a rogue, a person (usually a man) who is to befriend people for their wealth Moon Juice - Alcoholic beverage made with water fresh coconut and
no see ums - aggressive mosquitoes and invisible bites will leave you wanting yams day - to eat or consume
Obeah - African-based practice, communication with spirits
rice 'n' peas - usual dish of boiled rice or fried rice peas and beans 'n' boungy - a woman with a large rear Pinas - pineapples
Pineathelon - a triathlon, running as part of the Festival on the island of Eleuthera pineapple banana - banana variety and dish flavored with pumpkin
potcake - crossbreed dog, fed with food from the bottom of the pots
Bread pudding - bread pudding, a traditional dessert English
Rake 'n' Scrape - music made with household objects used? rat and percussion - anger apparatus and chat - the cornerstone of religious celebrations, sermon and answer a call
They - alcohol made from molasses, which comes in many flavors and strengths Rum cream - cold drink made of rum, cream, cream and spices
sapodilla - fruit and ice cream often seed pods - an agitator that can be used as a musical instrument popular slippery dick - a herniated disc
souse - a stew of fish, goat and sheep offal often using soursop - also known as cherimoya, a fruit and musk used in ice cream
spiny lobster - lobster of the traditional Carib, meat very popular and kidney pud '- cake covered cake, made with kidney and meat, a traditional English dish
strongbark - tree with white flowers, bright colors, sometimes called the butterfly tree
T'anks - thanks Ting - Jamaica carbonated drink grapefruit exports, all very tasty - even t'ree - three true-true - Turks Head definitely correct or true and genuine - local ale made made the Turks and Caicos Islands
What happ'nin? - How are you? What happened to you lately? Who is me father? - Where are you? Winning - a common form of intimate dance through the Antilles and the Carib


New Providence
Most visitors to New Providence remain within the triangle intoxicating charm of the colonial city Nassau, fun beachside resorts Cable Beach, and emotion all-pervading water and Atlantis resort on Paradise Island casino contiguous. Nassau is so geared to tourists that the "true" island takes some searching. However, it is very close.
The narrow streets of downtown Nassau overflowed with residents busy hedonistic holiday makers and commercial cruise passengers. For a walk Potter Cay when the fishing boats return laden with bright fish, you can experience an aspect of life in the Bahamas has not changed much since 1800. Or enjoy an authentic experience of the Bahamas community, attended a religious service or stroll among the lush Goombay dancers and bustle of Arawak Cay, where the colorful shacks selling beer and hot pieces, crispy fried fish. Communities and quiet fishing villages dot the coast, where artists exhibit their wares friendly and bahamenses live chat while the children play on the pristine beaches of the school.
Most of the interior of the island is marshy, with large lakes and dense forests of scrub, but is enjoyed by bird watchers. Here, Nancy serene Lake is bordered by grand homes that are only eclipsed by private billionaires in settlements protected on the west coast.
Two thirds of the population lives in the 21-mile long island, mostly in Nassau. Although the turquoise waters and white sugar sand beaches of soft cable and cabbage are known, others are idyllic places uninhabited cays ideal for day trips. Locals enjoy the beautiful beaches of the west and south, where snorkeling and diving are excellent.
National Parks
Harrold and Wilson Ponds are ideal for a hiking or bird watching, with over a hundred species of birds listed, including herons, egrets and cormorants to be seen here.
The Retreat (p74) in central Nassau, and has a vast collection of palms and tropical plants over the Bahamas National Trust (BNT, p74). Stroll through 11 acres of garden and collect some detailed regional sites of interest.
Birdwatchers should be sent to re-serves Paradise Island, Cable Beach Golf Course, caves, Lakeview, Red Sound, Twin Lakes Westward Villas, Lake Cunningham, Waterloo, Adelaide Creek, Gould-ing Cay, Prospect Ridge, Waterworks and Horizon Heights. For details on where to find these and other wild birds reservations contact the Department of Agriculture (% 242 - 325-7413, fax 242-325-3960, Levy Bldg, E Bay St, Nassau, New Providence) .
Other national parks are listed on p39.
Getting in and out
Most travelers to New Providence and flew to the Bahamas Nassau International Airport, which is located 8 kilometers west of the city. Others come to Prince George Wharf in Nassau international cruises or private boats.
You can navigate your way through downtown Nassau and Cable Beach walk. They joined a steady stream of buses (minibuses private mini buses), which also runs around the island, making exploration much easier.
Pedestrians can take the regular ferry from Prince George Wharf and Paradise Island Paradise Island or walk the bridge or from the center. Note that there is a walk of about a mile of bridges in the tourist center of Nassau.
Car-rental agencies are in the air-port and in all areas of tourism and scooter-hire operators.
There are plenty of tour operators and diving visiting surrounding cays of the Bahamas and other islands, as well as ships and mail services Bahamas Ferries.

cia, New York.
Immigration and customs formalities are handled by the cruise port in ar-rival.
Some cruise lines include the most important
Cape Canaveral Cruise Line (% 321-783-4052, 800 - 910-7447

Steeped in history and beauty

Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is located on the island of New Providence, Paradise Island's neighbor, and is disarmingly modern and ancient at the same time. This pair of islands has a unique blend of glamor XXI century, the old world charm and tropical relaxation, and gives visitors the freedom to do anything, or just relax and do nothing at all.

Enjoy the sights and sounds

Step into the historic heart of Nassau, and discover that this hectic shopping center retains much of its colonial heritage and attractive. You can admire the Georgian architecture, offices and shops with pastel wood that dot the busy Bay Street; rent a "surrey" or carriage and take a leisurely stroll through the old area of ??Nassau while the driver instructs how local folklore . Do not miss the numerous ancient sites, forts and the Queen's Staircase carved by hand, with its incredible views.

Dive into the art and history of Nassau

If you want to go back in time a few centuries ago, stroll through the Pompey Museum and quietly contemplate the exhibition of artifacts, documents and drawings. Do not want to miss the art galleries contemporary Bahamian Junkanoo Museum nor.

Shopping and sports Nassau & Paradise Island

If you fancy a bit of activity, Nassau offers a variety of sports to entertain the whole family, such as golf, diving, tennis and squash. Because the saving duty free buyers moved to many shops, shopping in Nassau is a pleasure, and local souvenirs seekers can enjoy an exclusive selection in the Straw Market, or "Market straw ", this is the place on the island where you can bargain freely and, in fact, is expected to do so.


Where the action is ...

Since the essential bargains to unforgettable beaches, take a stroll along the colorful Cable Beach, the 'Bahamian Riviera'. It is less than five kilometers west of the city and can be easily reached by bus or taxi. This is a magnificent stretch of resorts and homes spread over four kilometers of golden sand. It is also the main focus of the vibrant nightlife of the island with nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, and even a casino, all within walking distance of each other.

Paradise Island

Ready to welcome you, within walking distance of Nassau, is the glamorous Paradise Island. With a width of just over seven kilometers, Paradise Island is connected to Nassau by two bridges. Noting that strut the beaches in North Shore, elegant resorts or golf tournament, it's hard to believe that recently there was only an empty island called Hog Island ("Hog Island").


The largest outdoor aquarium in the world

Undoubtedly, the main attraction of the island is the 16-hectare water park called 14-acre Atlantis Waterscape, the largest outdoor aquarium in the world, full of life with over 100 species of colorful fish.

Paradise Island is also the starting point of the unforgettable Dolphin Encounter and Powerboat Adventures exciting.


Shelter for centuries

The great port of Nassau is located on New Providence Island, 33 km in length. Sheltered by the small Paradise Island, a strip of three miles, this protected harbor has attracted settlers since before the British abandoned Eleuthera to settle in New Providence in the late seventeenth century.

Weddings: Getting married in the Bahamas

When paradise is just enough

A wedding, of course, should be like a fairy tale, an unrepeatable moment in life. In your dreams, sure it's something that seems otherworldly. The pristine tropical paradise of The Bahamas is exactly that: the heavenly place to which you always dreamed.

Realize your fantasies

It is easy to fall in love with the Bahamas. You can choose any of the fifteen main islands for your wedding or honeymoon, and shall be free to live out her fantasy fully. Everyone is different, for your honeymoon, you might want a multitude of activities, or just a few ... or maybe not do anything. We specialize in these three options in the Bahamas!

Imagining possibilities ...

Imagine your partner, honeymooners and in seventh heaven, walking on a pink sand beach of one of the outer islands uninhabited, after an afternoon of swimming, sunbathing, practicing free diving, or diving in the crystal clear seas the world. Drinks at sunset on the balcony of his isolated beachside bungalow will never taste a bit better.

Isolation, with the option to enjoy local life

If you can bear to leave your little piece of paradise, you can walk and move closer to the nearest town, with its colorful wooden houses. Will arise to rent a couple of bikes and kayaks for the next day, allowing you to explore the field further.

Luxury and entertainment just a few steps

Stroll through the colorful markets of straw or designer shops of the capital, Nassau. Enjoy the luxury resorts of Cable Beach, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island, where you can enjoy a couple spa treatments, dinners by candlelight and dancing under the stars ...

Let your personal wedding planner will handle the heaviest part

If you prefer, you can make your preparation even easier. Our wedding planners can help you plan your dream wedding. Would like maybe it was on a beach at sunset? Or next to the picturesque columns of a fourteenth century French cloister? Perhaps the idea appeals to a party on a boat to dance all night ... Let your imagination and they will make this possible.

What's next?

Download our brochure about weddings here.

Read more about the different types of wedding here, offered in The Bahamas, from traditional weddings to weddings on the beach, boat, set in Junkanoo and more ...

The office of the Registrar General requires the following information for the acquisition of a marriage license:


You and your partner must be on the islands of the Bahamas at the time of application for a marriage license.


Many countries require official documents, such as international marriage certificates, be certified by the issuing country. In the Bahamas, which means that the Apostille (a special seal) is applied by the competent authority to certify that a document is a true copy of an original. The certificate can be made available within thirty days of the request. Wedding plans or official marriage will help in this regard. Period residence Persons wishing to marry in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas can do after a day. That is, if a person comes to the Bahamas on Monday, that may be in the office of the Registrar General on Tuesday, get a marriage license (as expected), and married the same day.


Minors (under 18 years) may be married with the consent of both parents. Consent forms for minors are available in the office of the Registrar General.


If the parties are divorced, the original final decree or a certified copy must be produced. Where applicable, a translated and notarized copy of the final judgment must be produced.


If either party widowed, the original death certificate or a certified copy must be produced. Where applicable, a translated and notarized copy of the death certificate must be produced.

Only people

If either party is single and has never been married before, a declaration certifying this fact must be sworn before a notary public or a person authorized to administer oaths in the country of residence. This document must accompany the application for the marriage license. This statement is also available in the Bahamas from an attorney-at-law or notary public. Download PDF of a sample affidavit for Marry Singleness Oath Islands outside if you want to get married in one of the Family Islands (any other island of New Providence) can obtain a marriage license in the office of the Commissioner on that island and need not reach Nassau.


The photographic identification issued by a government office in the country of residence. In most cases, a passport is used. Both parties must provide proof of the date of arrival in the Bahamas. The Bahamas Immigration Card or entry stamp in the passport will suffice.

ore ideas for weddings ...

After having meditated for years, not surprising that most people have a pretty good idea of ??what they want for their own wedding. But it's okay to think a little more ...

What's next?

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Fax: 001 242 302 2098.

You can also contact us in France, sending a message addressed to the Office of Tourism of The Bahamas, address, or by calling 33145266262 00.

Wedding Planners

The Bahamas have been the scene of many dream weddings over the years that our Ministry of Tourism has its own section of weddings and honeymoons. They are here to ensure that their plans work to the millimeter, with a special variety of services to help you organize your own ceremony or serve as a liaison between you and the consultant of the island you choose for any type of wedding imaginable.

Watch now a real wedding video

You can get an idea of ??the experience that awaits ... Tune to see many ideas, from the simplest ceremony at the edge of the beach to the more extravagant ceremonies.

Custom Packages

The wedding packages and honeymoon in the Bahamas can also be custom-made by specialists as Bahamour and most quality tour operators.

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Cheer up! Give us a call or send us a message

Send a message at our wedding and honeymoon in the Bahamas, are open from 9:00 to 17:30 (EST, 6 hours behind of GMT)


Tel: 00 1 242 328 7810/00 1 242 356 0435/7/8

Fax: 001 242 302 2098.

You can also contact us in France, sending a message addressed to the Office of Tourism of The Bahamas, address, or by calling 33145266262 00.

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Famous Pirates

One of the most notorious pirates of all time was Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard. Male differently large, terrified both his crew and those who attacked. The sight of her steaming shape in the waist-exhibiting several swords, blades and pistols was enough for many merchants to surrender before being given any shots. When delivered without a fight, Blackbeard confiscated their valuables and weapons-from the left without bloodshed. But in case there was resistance crew, killed or abandoned on a desert island. When Blackbeard lived in Nassau, other pirates he was named judge of the "Republic of the Corsairs". He applied his style of law and justice until the arrival of Royal Governor Woodes Rogers in 1718. Blackbeard was at sea when Rogers eradicated all the pirates of Nassau, therefore moves to another part of the Caribbean and continued his looting. In 1718 a British ship Blackbeard captured a sandbar after the Virginia coast. A bloody battle broke out in which Blackbeard received "five pistol rounds and 20 stab wounds" before he died. The captain of the Royal Navy subsequently beheaded Blackbeard and displayed his head on the rigging of the ship. Although the pirate career lasted five years, it is believed that Blackbeard was able to capture 40 ships and his legend lives until today

John Rackham, known as Calico Jack because of his pants and striped jacket he wore, was best known for his partnership with two female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read. Piracy activities Calico Jack began when he took control of the ship of Charles Vane. Vane, the pirate captain of the ship Treasure (Tesoro), failed to attack a French warship. Furious, Calico Jack concocted a protest that was supported by the other crew. Then, Calico Jack placed Vane and his supporters in a small boat and let them go. Thus, former Petty became the new captain. After some time, Calico Jack met Anne Bonny on the island of New Providence. He persuaded her to leave her husband and join him on his ship dressed as a man. (Mary Read, disguised as a man, and was part of the crew of Calico Jack)
Anne and Mary were aboard when a pirate hunters Royal Governor Woodes Rogers attacked the ship of them in 1720. During the fight, Calico Jack took refuge in the cellar along with the crew, leaving Anne and Mary front to reject the aggressors. They lost the battle and Calico Jack was sentenced and hanged.


Henry Morgan, was a Welsh privateer, became famous for his exploits against the Spanish. He led his crew in many successful and lucrative looting-including a spectacular attack on the city of Panama in 1670, which earned him a knighthood. After a few months, Henry Morgan was established in Port Royal, Jamaica, as lieutenant governor and continued his rich life, owned a sugar cane plantation. In the Bahamian island of Andros, the highest local island called Morgan's Bluff (the farce of Morgan) as a tribute to the famous privateer. Although it is hardly likely, some say that once Henry Morgan hung a lantern there to attract a ship to the reef and subsequently loot after the wreck.

With shallow water and over 700 islands, the Bahamas became a great place to hide treasures, and pirates were quickly moved to brag about all the riches buried. In addition, many ships full of gold and silver sank off the coast of the islands. Such stories of treasure they added to the islands of the Bahamas mysticism, whose real treasure is its beautiful beaches and hospitable people. Slow merchant ships, especially heavy Spanish galleons with the riches looted in South and Central America, were easy prey for pirates. After removing the stolen cargo, hiding in the many limestone caves that have the islands of the Bahamas or buried somewhere. Rumors that there are still hidden treasures in the Bahamas persist until today. The British pirate William Catt, for example, is supposed to have hidden their loot on the island that bears his name, Cat Island. And Sir Henry Morgan, a wealthy privateer preferred the island of Andros, have buried treasures all the Bahamas.

SANCTUARY Nassau City with its sheltered harbor, at any time, it was a perfect sanctuary for pirates and privateers. Originally established as a commercial port about 1670, then was taken by lawless sailors. With the passing of the years Nassau became a notorious stronghold for pirates, privateers and wreckers (destroyers) - people using "beacons" false to attract ships to reef and then confiscate their cargo. For nearly forty years, pirates like Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and Calico Jack Rackman looted many Spanish galleons, in retaliation, the Spanish troops destroyed the city in 1695. Two years later, settlers rebuilt Nassau in order to transform it into the capital of the corsairs. However the French Navy and Spanish joined forces and razed the city for the second time in 1703, because the British privateers continued plundering merchant vessels of their countries. Looting full cargo vessels as they passed nearby routes was a lucrative business, so it did not take long for hackers were restored again in Nassau. As piracy complaints persisted, in 1718 the King of England appointed Woodes Rogers as Royal Governor of the islands to restore order. Rogers, a former privateer, offered amnesty to those who surrender, otherwise they would be hanged and his ships sunk. After a brief battle with four warships Rogers, 300 pirates surrendered and the others fled.

PIRATES WOMEN Dressed Man, Anne Bonny and Mary Read sailed on Rackman pirate captain command. They had supposedly exalted temperament were as ferocious as the men who fought them. The days of piracy Anne Bonny began when she met Calico Jack Rackham on the island of New Providence. She left her husband, James Bonny, the pirate captain Calico Jack.
Dressed in men's clothes, Anne joined Jack in his ship and then won the reputation of being so cruel and brave as the other pirates on board. Equally remarkable was another woman in the same vessel. Disguised as a man, Mary Read joined shortly before the crew of Calico Jack. Since young, Mary Read wanted adventure. At the time he met Anne Bonny, and had been in the regiment of a warship had been fishing a cargo ship and crew had also built a pirate ship. According to all accounts, Anne Bonny and Mary Read were so brave and courageous as the men he fought. In 1720, Captain Burnet, a hunter of pirates commissioned by the Royal Governor Woodes Rogers, the ship attacked them. The crew, who was drunk at the time, was stacked in the hold as the two women faced aggressors. They do not beat and all were tried for piracy and sentenced to the death penalty. Arlegando pregnancy, Anne and Mary escaped the gallows immediately, but Mary ended up dying in the cell because of a fever. Anne gave birth to her baby and, for some reason, postponed his sentence. She disappeared and was never news.

Bahamas Travel Tips

The Bahamian islands lure throngs of visitors to their white-washed shores, duty-free shops, fishing and scuba diving excursions and luxurious accommodations. The families that flock here tend to indulge in the diversions of the lavish mega resorts, but this diverse island chain also offers a range of activities away from the hotel zone. Nature enthusiasts explore the offshore reefs and wildlife preserves and golf lovers tee up on the numerous par-72 courses. Bargain-hunters enjoy patrolling the marketplaces for the best duty-free deals. No wonder the Bahamas has become a popular destination in the Caribbean.
Though the area consists of more than 700 islands and cays, most visitors' first stop is New Providence Island's Nassau, the largest city of the Bahamas. Here, the twinkling casinos and upscale resorts are intertwined with American Civil War history and pirate lore. The second most popular island is also the most northwest: Grand Bahama, home to bustling Freeport and a center of ecotourism with its underwater limestone caves and botanical gardens. When you need a break from all the crowds, head east from Nassau to the Outer Islands, where you can easily drop off the grid and enjoy a simpler way of life.



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