Thermal Autumn Hotel and Convention Center, located on the old road to the Nevado del Ruiz, 10 minutes from La Nubia Airport and 20 minutes from the city of Manizales. Autumn Springs is a beautiful set cabins with characteristics of the coffee region, which speak for themselves of what the coffee culture in Colombia and the world. the cabins are furnished with a cozy decoration suitable for cold CLMA this area, the cottages have jacuzzi natural water springs, which have a good quality in concentrations of sulfur, which makes them nice to have a pleasant break ma . The food is very good and the prices to be as good quality are very good, very good fruit and juices can get. The pools have sizes for adults and children. The water is very relaxing and if you are a partner, is perfect to have a good romantic moments. The accseso is good and is an urban bus route into the transport terminal that goes to the hotel. Is relatively close to the city of Manizales, but transportation is good. Very good to enjoy a natural landscape of cold weather, some walking nature trails and learn about the coffee culture.