Two men talking in the central square of Filandia. Quindío. One of the peculiarities of the carriers were his exaggerations for comment or criticism of his countrymen. Here are some of the most common: More boring than a monkey on a bonsai. More boring than a horse on a balcony. Uglier than a car underneath. Ugliest tie patched. Tirale uglier than the mother. More tiring than a roller pedal. More tiresome than a victory under his arm. Not able to sell a tamale in a landslide. Not convince a dog with a pound of flesh. It's so garetas that fits a train with straw tied. It's so garetas that fits a drunk voliando a poncho. In this town is so cold that use poncho toads. He gets drunk voliando a poncho. Not hold a Mass with gunpowder. Overnight soaping a tiger. He stands on a lid of beer and is drunk. Hinders rather than a pig in the kitchen. It is such a liar who tells the truth and put colorao. More lost that dog in a procession. It is so viscous that cries and wets the back. You have ears so large that if you move flies. The house did not speak or the radio. So they cut down the dog's tail so that it is not volley. More down to tit tight. It's so bad it does not make a goal to the rainbow. I should clarify that as Paisa, is included not only the department of Antioquia, but also the inhabitants of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio, part of Tolima, and North and West Valley, all of which retain the spirit and language bequeathed to them by the Antioquia in the last century. Exaggeration is a natural way of expression of Antioquia, which ended up being one of the most delights folk Colombia. The hype is building paisa every day with a wealth of imagination and grace imponderables. They are all very short sentences, full of mischief and fantasy mostly relate to defects or negative aspects of being human. So let us look to exaggerate paise. Man in his physical appearance. As high. Is so high that they feed with boladores. Is so high that has clouds in her eyes. Is so high that they throw the food comes with slingshot and vinegar. Is so high that reaches guamas shitting. It wrinkled: wrinkled silver More gambler. More wrinkled than an accordion. More wrinkled than a thermos. More myopic wrinkled front. More crumpled than a pound of raisins. More crumpled taleguito freshly bathed child. So it does not get crumpled hat, but screw it. The weak muscles have a watchmaker. Not break an egg to the hammer. Not hold a Mass with boladores. Peyendo Tires. Do not strip the farts but they fall off. The ugly: It's so ugly they call to ease hiccups. It's so ugly that they rent for horror. It's so ugly that God did and sat laughing. It's so ugly that she's afraid to sleep alone. It's so ugly that does not inspire or venial. Throw is uglier than the mother. It's so ugly and it gives it back. It's so ugly she does not eat even a blind tiger. Is uglier than a return pelao cinnamon ass. From Skinny: More skinny cat hardware. Thinner than Indian dog. Skinnier than six o'clock. It is so thin that lies on needle and the thread blanket. It is so thin that, to get the rest is just undressing. It is so thin that the X-ray is taken out with a candle. It is so thin that you can motilar with a pencil sharpener. It is so thin that he swallows a chicken without shaking. It has more fat a clock. It has more meat in a sausage knot. Of fat: It is so fat that looks like a donut on a leash. Is so fat that the Guardian Angel has to sleep in separate beds. So fat you have to ask him which side you sit. Which stinks: He has a burning smell a cane with the steam. He was hired to break up demonstrations. More shit that stick house. Do not snuff smoking snuggles a buzzard. It smells like gorilla laugh. Smells like underpants in jail. Huayuco smells of India. It smells like freshly descobijado marriage. Smells like missionary cassock. It smells bad gypsy sitting. Of hair: Saludes sent him a bottle. He has no hair or for an arepa. You can shave with erasers. The beard looks like a vented rain. The beard looks like a football game. You do not hear a cry of hair by hair. Of badly or defects in the feet, is more badly than a canvas cot. The fresh stopped. Between the legs will be crossed a railway carriage. Will be a mad volleying a sack. Walk like a parrot in tile. Walk like a duck in pear. Walk like buzzard on a Hot Tin Roof. The short man: More small that dwarf patimocho. It's so small you feel in one currency and dangling her feet. So small sitting on a box of matches and calls to be put down. It's so small you throw a fart and raise the Polvero. Littlest where the whores who drink. It is so small that you leave calluses on the hundred. It is so small that his head smells pecueca. From an old person: Older than a lot in Carthage. Is older than the stew. Is older than the use of walking stopped. Is older than a song by Pedro Vargas. It is so old that is greater than the father. No longer can he have but to move the tongue. Born when the rainbow was still in black and white. Born when the snakes went stops. Born as the heart of Jesus was in short pants. Born when the Dead Sea was just sick. Medellin was born when the river just came by the star. It is so old that he had to pay for military service launches. For the physical features of the body: It's so bald you can see his brains. It is more Indian than a flower knob. It's cuter than a cayubra. It is so myopic that you have to put glasses to hear a serenade. It is so dull that the mother lied and said thank you. It is not for the family. It seems more myopic than Chinese with styes. Nosed is so you can take water on a disk. It can bite nosed as a mirror. Her mouth is so big that it puts copper earrings and poisons. A little bird has more teeth in his stomach. It's so mueco we have to give ground beef. It's so Paton who sleeps standing and not stay up late. More fragrant than the Holy Sepulchre. More ass scorched pot. Is so powerful in the lungs, blowing a bull in the ass and he straighten the horns. It's as diabetic urine and ants will go up by the jet. The head looks like a bad hairdresser sweep. Stay as the tiger left. Has Cumbamba shark. He is so shaky that pours a banana. A pulse for salting meat. Has more teeth than a dog fight. The living man, resourceful, clever: It takes a skull caput. They glean more than a rooster in a landfill. Feel breathing ants. Hear the grass grow. It takes a musician.