Several men play carom billiards in a room located in the central square of Filandia. Quindío. The Beer Shake Filandia Quindío can take two forms with either straw or cup itself, because what makes the difference is that the cup has a border of salt, which makes the flavors are totally delicious combination.Not to say the price! Well not exceed the amount of $ 5000. Fruit and Coffee Filandia is a setting that aside from the Beer Milkshake, highlighted by the kindness, the complete and excellent care by the owner to customers, making you feel a familiar and pleasant enough for the visitor. Another aspect of the business is the letter, because the presentation is a convenient way for tourists from abroad as this both in Spanish and English. So do not think more, shake pasadita by Filandia Quindío and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy such a pleasant combination of tap beer, the delight of ice cream and fruits that accompany this shake.