THE Barranquero is a very colorful and beautiful bird that has a wide distribution in America and in Colombia mainly inhabits the sub-Andean forests and dry forests, is an elegant long-tailed bird and the color is very bright, the most prominent blue, black and green, its name comes from the customary to make nests in the cliffs, by the position of these two examples we can see it in color on front and back. image taken in a wooded area near a river in the south west of Colombia. The motmot (Momotus momota) is a species of bird coraciiforme Momotidae family that inhabits the tropical regions of Mexico, Central America, Trinidad and Tobago and South America to northwestern Argentina. It is a large bird about 48 cm, is recognized by its bulky head with a light blue band around its crown becomes black and purple in the neck, its beak is thick and strong, slightly curved edges of the timber upper beak, the tail is long, black below, with the rectrices gradually, ending in a power racquet, sometimes with pendulum wagging.