A waiter brings breakfast to the rooms at the Hacienda San Jose. Pereira. The Hacienda San Jose was built in 1888, is one of the oldest farms located around the city of Pereira, capital of Risaralda department, with over one hundred years of history that can be recognized both in the details of its construction and the particularity of its furniture. The walls of rammed earth on the first floor connecting visitors with houses typical of the era of colonization Caucana, and its strong Spanish influence, while building on the second floor adobe puts it in line with the architecture of colonization Antioquia. Hacienda San Jose facade. The surrounding countryside with its ancient Hacienda samanes, kapok trees and gourds invites visitors and guests to reconnect with nature through the area horseback riding, hiking nature trails in one of the largest reserves of Colombian bamboo, or to enjoy of fine weather. San Jose offers visitors and guests an extensive international menu, wine list of different houses and regional dishes that continue the tradition of the area.