Spectacular mountain range in the National Park of Los Nevados. Sand, snow and legends that speak of ceremonies of the indigenous ancestors and fantastic visions of alien spaceships are stored in the National Park Los Nevados.Un desert landscape is interrupted by the bright white snow. Of wind gusts that seem to pass a howling noise, which lets you hear the heartbeat. This ecological reserve of 58,300 hectares is a true pantry water for 36 municipalities in the departments of Caldas, Quindio, Risaralda and Tolima. There you can see majestic and imposing volcano Nevado del Ruiz or Cumanday (Nose smoking), of 5,321 meters, with snow triples. If the day is suitable, you can spot the volcanoes Santa Isabel or Poleka Kasue (Maiden of the Mountain) of 5,100 meters or Dulima Tolima (Snow Country). Among the interesting places that are crossed in the promotion are Aguacerales, Pyramid, Valley of the Tombs, Canyon of the Eagles and the Chalet Arenales, among others. The Valley of the Tombs or Desert Solitude at 4,330 meters, has a look similar to the lunar surface. The story goes that it is a pilgrimage site and Puya Quimbayas Indians who inhabited the area. As he says, is an area full of energy, where some people speak of having seen UFOs. Hundreds of stones forming a huge circle that reflects the needs and requests of visitors. People tend to hold hands and form a circle, according to them, 'charged with positive energy. "