Sunset by the National Park of Los Nevados. In the Los Nevados National Park is the visitor center to the Swan, located to 4,050 meters above sea level, is one of the highest mountain huts of Colombia. This park with tall, majestic Andean peaks is located in the jurisdiction of the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio and Tolima. The snow peaks Quindio, Santa Isabel, El Cisne, El Ruiz and Tolima, all above 4,800 meters above sea level make up the National Park, home to unique species in the world, among which include the parrot the snowy wilderness and the hummingbird. The visitor center is located in a strategic sector of the Manizales - Brisas-Villamaría, whose landscape complex ecosystem of forest, moor, heath and super snow, through the moraines that resemble lunar landscapes. In addition, the lagoon offers a serene landscape Otún. In the park you can perform a wide variety of recreational and high mountain sports, which include hiking, biking, rock climbing and ice, and fishing. Attention visitors to Parque Los Nevados is concentrated especially in the North, in the Brisas, Chalet Arenales and Refugio del Ruiz.