Coffee plantations coffee at Finca San Alberto. (Buenavista, Quindio). To measure the importance of the work of Colombian coffee farmer and his family, well worth remembering that to produce one pound of roasted coffee from Café de Colombia of 500 g is first necessary to select about 1,900 cherries or coffee berries (at optimum maturity. Selection and profit (post harvest process including pulping, washing and drying) of the coffee cherries is without doubt one of the most arduous, detailed and personalized the whole production chain of coffee. it is in these processes is decided get a quality coffee. Just remember that to collect the necessary number of ripe fruits for a pound of roasted coffee to wait patiently for a coffee tree produces, for a year , the number of cherries required. in the case of less productive varieties that produce coffee in the shade, you need to get the fruits of more than 2 coffee trees during the same year for the same pound of roasted coffee. Art to produce a good Colombian coffee with selective collection and processing is certainly a craft and patient that few consumers know and value in their proper perspective.