Coffee plantations in the town of Bellavista, Quindío. A key factor in the quality of coffee is the balance between its various attributes and characteristics. The Café de Colombia is characterized as a beverage with a clean cup, acidity and body with medium / high, pronounced aroma and complete. These qualities can be obtained provided they are planted crop species and varieties suitable for a particular environment, characterized by a tropical high mountain soils and particular climatic and processes are carried out painstaking care in the process of crops, grain harvesting and post harvest processes. The processes of industrialization should be ideally in times not far from his collection. The special features of quality starts with the selection of appropriate plant material and genetic. For this reason in Colombia coffee is grown only 100% Arabica, which produces a smoother drink. Different varieties of plants of that species that are adapted to specific environments Colombian geography, or a mixture thereof, constitute the raw material of Colombian coffee. The main varieties of arabica coffee is grown in Colombia are: Typica, Bourbon, Maragogipe, Tabi, and Variety Caturra Castillo, formerly known as Variety Colombia. The selection of plant material is the responsibility of Cenicafé, one of the coffee research centers in more developed world.