Willys Jeep Trail between Salento and Valle de Cocora. A 11 kilometers from the municipal capital of Salento is Cocora Valley. This area is considered an area of amortization of the National Park of Los Nevados. The valley lies between 800 thousand and 2 thousand 300 meters above sea level and lies within the nature reserve Acaime. Cocora is divided by the passage of Quindío River and its grounds begin to rise majestically the slopes are the cradle of the national tree, the wax palm of Quindio. At one end of the valley is the hill of Morrogacho that becomes another attraction in the area. But not only the landscape and the river are so striking Quindío Cocora, trout and fish reared in the area become a highly sought after culinary appeal. Hiking and horseback riding delight visitors to Cocora, tours that can take to deal with the charm of mountain scenery in the area and the beautiful spectacle of almost perpetual mist on the heights, is also in this magical place where the water sources supplying the Quindío. Salento and Cocora are two cryptic sites located on the hillsides of Quindio are the gateway to the coffee mountain paradise with majestic and dazzling green with which nature awarded this region leave their own brilliance and beauty.