Marco Fidel Torres, with his face almost identical to John Baldez, this man promoted Colombian coffee in the Valley Cocora. Not only the geography and landscape of Salento are lovely. The people own the place have a true calling host. His natural kindness, his language soft, undulating, the stories always willing to be counted and the tranquility of the population, are reason to always be in a magical place. The geography of Salento is full of relief, water, green, hummingbird and a cheerful landscape, where the sun is mixed with the mist coming down from the mountain by rainbow play of light and the leaves of the eucalyptus trees and trees nativos.Este is a place for rest and the full enjoyment of the activities around nature and ecotourism. In the Los Nevados National Natural Park and its buffer zone are: the Cerro Morrogacho, Nevado Paramillo of Quindio Cocora Valley, gaps Cover and El Encanto, waterfalls as the Pata de Cabra, the Intake and the the stream of blackbirds, the Biological Station Star Water nature Reserve Acaime and the southern sector of Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados, which are privileged settings for contact with nature.