A woman milking a cow in a small settlement of Dopkas (pastoralists). Gyantse. These nomads traveling in these parts like ghosts of a past that mountain ranges surrounding us seem reluctant to let go. The hospitality and joy with which we receive is amazing and as we saw later completely devoid of commercialism that might involve comprehensive food and sharing experiences about Western tourists in exchange for a few yuan (one yuan equals about 0.10 euros ). Not even to say goodbye and despite our insistence, our friendly hosts agreed to receive any money in return for their time, and especially food. Outside the store entertain us first, and as is required with a tea made with yak fat somewhat bitter taste and characteristic odor (even today when I recall the smell of these places you think invading Tibetan environment). The burned skin of our hosts is mute witness to the harsh weather conditions in the herdsmen living in these harsh, nevertheless, cheeks flushed, the colorful headdresses adorning the hair and clothing, the slender but small figure showing the most of them and the serenity with which seem to face his destiny makes them appear very attractive to our eyes.