Pelkhor Interior Chode monastery. In the background you can see the majestic Dzong Fortress. Gyantse. Wandered through the crowded stalls and we stand before the huge pieces of meat of yak, or goat hanging from beams and beautifully polychromed wooden poles. The animals' heads are arranged neatly at the foot of what once were the bodies that were joined. Curiously, the smell is not unpleasant, it is seen that the altitude and the temperature kept the merchandise in a more than acceptable. While women are notable for wearing traditional headdresses, men, adults and children dress in Western fashion, most of them in clothes that seem from another era, faded and dirty as if they had taken from a trunk forgotten in a dusty attic. The market breathes life, the hustle is constant and the old and thumbed yuan constantly changing hands. Gyantse, barely keeps the flavor of a small medieval town, dusty, unpaved streets dotted on both sides by small whitewashed buildings. Circular are still donkey carts and donkeys wandering along the lonely parsimoniously cattle.