Monks inside the Tashilumpo Monastery, located in Shigatse, Tibet. Shigatse is at 3.900 m. Although we already acclimated to this altitude and is supported normally. In this town once had its basis the Panchen Lama as previously was the capital for a short period of time in Tibet. Tashilumpo monastery near the roof ridge of golden Drolma and cobblestone streets was founded in 1447 by Gender Drupa who was later the first Dalai Lama. This population is now Chinese people, these are often in populations with more presence of tourists. Here now are shops, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels not only Tibetans. It is always best Tibetan restaurant or hotel. These are cleaner and better serve the visitor. The Chinese tend to be more dirty, the prices of both products in supermarkets and hotel and restaurant are much more expensive and sometimes treatment of arrogance.