A Chinese tourist is photographed standing on a yak in the lake Nam Tso. Namtso is renowned as one of the most beautiful in the mountains Nyainqentanglha. Often incorrectly said to Namtso is the highest lake in Tibet (or even the world), or saline lake is the highest in the world, but there are many small lakes at altitudes over 5,500 m in the Himalayas and the Andes. Among the lakes with an area of over 50 km ², the highest lake of fresh water is Lake Sengli, at an altitude of 5386 m and an area of 78 km ², while the salt lake higher the lake Meiriqie, at an altitude of 5354 m and an area of 64 km ² (both found in Tibet). However, if that is the Namtso highest lake in the world with an area of over 500 km ².