Lhasa Railway Station. China launched the first Express to Tibet, the highest in the world - They call it Way to Heaven. The first train to Tibet, opened in 2006 by China, through a paradise of icy mountains, and its highest point, reaches 5072 meters in the mountains, Tibetan Tanggula-which makes it the highest railway the world. Not for nothing under the seats there oxygen masks for each passenger, while the windows have a filter that prevents the passage of ultraviolet rays (which are more potent and harmful to the increase in height). Qinghai-Tibet line, the first phase was begun in secret in the 50's, covers the route from Beijing to Lhasa, capital of Tibet, in an amazing journey that crosses China from northeast to southwest, which curiously is shorter in uphill leg (47 hours and 28 minutes) than in the downhill turn (48 hours). While the Chinese government, which invested 4.2 billion dollars in construction, says the new line will bring to Tibet from their isolation and help invigorate the economy (and is expected to increase the number of tourists in 4000 people a day) in Tibet is interpreted as a step in the colonization of this small country occupied by China since 1951. On the other hand, environmentalists fear the impact of the train in permafrost or endangered animals. Beijing, meanwhile, announced that to mitigate the ecological damage will invest 187.5 million dollars. Also, the train windows tightly closed to prevent objects being thrown outside, especially as it passes through the Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, home of the Tibetan antelope.