Attractive landscape of Lhasa train journey to Shanghai. Yuzhu Peak: with 6178 meters is the highest point of the Kunlun Mountains. The views of the mountains from here are spectacular. Hopefully, it will be also possible to see yaks too common species or Tibetan antelope. Chuma River: This river is considered as the point of convergence of different antelope migration routes. Tuotuo River: This river feeds the Yangtze River, the third longest in the world and the largest in China. Buqiangge: The station is located at 4823 meters above sea level, surrounded by vast prairies. Tanggula: highest railway station in the world at 5068 meters, where you have extraordinary views of the mountains Tanggula. Lake Cuon: with an area of 400 km2 and 4594 meters, is one of the largest fresh water lakes that are high. In winter, the frozen waters reflect sunlight much like a kaleidoscope, while herds of Tibetan yaks grazing on its banks, in addition to cranes, snow leopards, donkeys, swans ... Nakqu: extensive pastures where horses are done racing. Damxung, located 60 km. Lhasa, the region rich in wildlife, is the northern gateway to the Tibetan capital. Yangbajain: zone of sulfate-rich hot springs and beautiful scenery hydrogen.