Drepung Monastery during the Yogurt Festival, also known as Shoton Festival. Shoton Festival takes place Yogurt or the 30th day of sixth month (August) since the seventeenth century, when monks practiced their summer retreat and pilgrims ate them with yogurt and staged operas to entertain. Currently operas continue to show huge Norbulinga and representations of Buddha in the Drepung Monastery. Shoton The Tibetan word literally means "yogurt banquet." From its origins back in the eleventh century, during the celebration of Shoton Festival, pilgrims offered yoghurt to monks and nuns when they finished their retreats to meditate at the end of summer. If the Chinese and let you have the opportunity to be in Tibet later this month, you can enjoy Tibetan culture. We going to the races, traditional Tibetan music and dance, etc.. Although undoubtedly the most impressive moment is when deploying a huge thangka of 35 meters long on the slopes of Drepung Monastery, about 8 kilometers from Lhasa.