Potala Palace. Lhasa. Unesco included the Potala Palace World Heritage status in 1994 and later as a supplement, the Jokhang Temple and Norbu Lingka Palace. In the reconstruction and expansion of the palace in the 17th century made famous painters participated from different regions of Tibet. These brilliant artists decorated with thousands of elegant and beautiful paintings the walls of rooms, hallways, corridors and galleries. The themes of these murals is very rich, encompassing stories about figures of antiquity, stories from the sutras, and specimens of architecture, folk customs, sports and other recreational activities. These works are an artistic treasure. The Potala Palace is also preserved about 10,000 objects of great value. In addition to countless rolls of paintings, sculptures in stone and wood, clay figurines and other art objects, abundant cultural relics, including sutras written on sheets of Pattra, Tibetan rugs, banners with sutras, porcelain and jade, samples as well as various traditional crafts. All this not only has great artistic value, but a translation of the bonds that united the Tibetan and other ethnic groups have the country for more than a thousand years, as well as exchanges they had with them.