Views from the Jokhang temple Barkhor Square and the Potala Palace in the background. Near the sanctuary of Jokhang, the bustling Barkhor and the surrounding streets will permeate the atmosphere of the ancient Tibetan city of Lhasa. It is an area full of contrasts: on one hand, is one of the holiest areas of Tibet and is flooded with pilgrims, monks, nuns and temples. On the other, is the hub of trade in Lhasa. The street traders, hawkers and businessmen move around the Barkhor area. Today, this area is not simply part of a pilgrimage circuit, but also the liveliest part of town. Here you can buy the most curious things: Tibetan knives, Tibetan robes and hats, tapestries, religious musical instruments, gold and silver ... The offer is unlimited magical memories.