Shanghai Puppet Show in the ancient town, Shanhai. The Chinese love their children, and are restricted, if city dwellers, to but one. The fine for breaking this rule is a year's salary! These children (and grandparents) are participating in traditional entertainment, the action visible only through eye holes and for a small price, 3 minutes for 10 yuan, approximately $1.60 US. Visitors to the Wuzhen Shadow Puppet Theater (Píy?ngxì, ???) will discover one of China's oldest folk arts. Shadow Puppetry, also known as Shadow Play, is performed by three to five players who present plays and stories to a soundtrack of traditional Chinese music and instruments such as the erhu and flute. The characters are the silhouettes of puppets made from animal skin (traditionally ox or sheep skin) behind a brightly illuminated backdrop. Once a key part of any festival or celebration, the art of shadow puppetry suffered greatly during the Cultural Revolution and only a handful of troupes were left around the country. The shadow play artists of Wuzhen are of particular note and have been invited to perform in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Germany and other places around the world.