Mother take car of his children in the streets of Shanghai. Bringing children to live in Shanghai can create lots of anxieties. People will tell you that there are no parks or green space, that it's dirty and polluted and that there is nothing for children to do.  To be honest, some of this is true, but the same can be said for all major cities and there are few who would disagree that the benefits of raising children here far, far outweigh the negatives.   The first thing parents notice is that Shanghai is an extremely safe environment. Chinese people adore children and will go to great lengths to entertain and spoil your offspring at any given opportunity (this can be a little overwhelming and strange at first). With inexpensive household help, you will also find yourself, instead of being loaded down with chores, able to spend more quality time with your children, taking them swimming, or to the park, or to one of Shanghai's amazing museums, or to play with other children in the neighbourhood.