Piton volcanic zone along Sta Rose. The visit can begin meeting by the sea but, in any event, the tour of the beaches and the coastal cities can only be a slight taste of the wonders that are enclosed inside. And it is wrong those traveling to this island thinking they will find exquisite beaches. This is not a holiday comes to lying on the sand and in the shade of coconut trees. No beaches like these. In fact, only 30 of its 200 miles of coastline beaches are adequately protected by a coral reef. It is the resource, though, to enjoy the pleasures of fishing (swordfish, marlin, shark, etc..), A paradise for the practice of this activity. The best way to explore Meeting is driving on their roads to the coast and the interior. There are many companies active in tourist resorts and major cities. Organize visits and outdoor activities, such as the Route of the Volcanoes by Mafate circus, organized trekking.También ATV or hiking trail networks, water rafting trips, canyoning and flying helicopter ride volcanoes and canyons .