Picnic area arabe ou Les Puits volcanique garden near St. Philippe. We live in a volcano, as everyone knows, especially since the furnace has the bright idea to remember your good memory and that several times a year. Thus our island was built and changes the appearance over time. So, sometimes, it is so interesting to browse this great book of history going back to the old foundry. Appointment to the volcanic garden Saint-Philippe, created after the 1986 eruption out of the closet. This tour begins with two hours of the morning at a place called Pointe de la Table, which is a great place for a picnic. Three well done NFB panels recall the evolution of these events and volcanic indicate the path to follow. After crossing the ocean on a bed of black sand, painted the floor white arrows will take you directly to the smelter in a magnificent spectacle that awaits you. It was the impression of walking on a frozen river would flow forever. Here and there small casuarina trees begin to take root in basalt, while the nest fern branches in mineral chiseled cracks. The return is by the cliff, in the middle of the lava in vacoas roped. The folds and bulges, cracks and gaps tell us that the romance of the Earth, a colorful account where you always wonder dives. De Sainte-Rose of St. Philip, after Tremblet village, turn left on Wells Emirates Road (site indicated by the famous blue signs "volcanic Garden"). A paved road winds red until the start of the walk.