Vista area from a helicopter Cialos Cirque. Cilaos is the "urban" and the driest of the three circuses but the water has made the reputation of the circus: three hot springs discovered in 1819 were captured and modern environment "Bathrooms Cilaos' spa treatments for bicarbonate water flowing sodium at temperatures of 31 ° (Véronique origin) and 38 ° (Irenaeus of origin, the name of former Mayor Irenaeus Accot the basis for the revival of this activity). Cilaos is lovely, quiet and flowers, adorned with a pool (reeds Mare) and the starting point for many excursions by car or on foot, and walking trails, the GR R1 (Tour of Piton des Neiges in traveling circuses three?) and GR R2 through the island from end to end. Cilaos to find a recognized craft embroidery (Cilaos day the famous'), lentils and the Maison des Vins du Chais Cilaos a young wine producers but promising. chosen site for outdoor sports. If it is, say , black-brown Cilaos Malagasy as its name, is, without doubt, the breath of a volcano that is under its sovereignty, its high walls, valleys, peaks and cornices, multiple creeks and islets lonely.'s home to the main peaks of the island: the Great Bénare, Col du Taïbit the three teeth Salazes DIMITILE the Priest Cap, Gros Morne and the center, the Piton des Neiges. Pueblo mountain at the end of a road of 36 km (and 300 laps), combined in Chamonix Mont Blanc, is chosen website for outdoor sports: track, route, hiking and trekking to infinity country, mountain biking, climbing, canoeing, crafts, lace and embroidery, the lentils, good restaurants and accommodation to choose from.