Lava eruptions in recent accumulated east of the island of Reunion in the Le Grand Brule. The Grand Brûlé is the coastal part of the last caldera formed by the Piton de la Fournaise, the active volcano on the island of La Reunion. The area borders the Indian Ocean has been granted the east section of the box, so Fouque southeast of the town of Sainte-Rose and northeast of Saint-Philippe. Downstream slopes of the great, which is bounded by the wall of Bois Blanc north and south of Tremblet. The forest covers the area called Grand Brûlé National Forest. Crossed by the National Highway 2, which is almost around the overseas department, which was once home to the Virgin umbrella there are now close to Notre-Dame des Laves Piton Sainte-Rose since moving to the eruption of savings April 2007. There was also a bird called Symbiosis and the volcano until it is covered by the same eruption of lava sculpture. After each eruption, the area was populated by a large number of plants, including timber wall and the star of Bethlehem, but also Ardisia crenata, Blechnum spiralis Benthamia tabulare, Clidemia hirta, Crotalaria berteroana Heterotis linearis Dicranopteris decumbens, Lantana trifolia , Machaerina iridifolia, Nephrolepis abrupt Pityrogramma Otacanthus callomelanos Phyllanthus urinaria caeruleus, Psilotum nudum, Schinus therebenthifolius Smilax anceps, Sphaerostephanos plicata Spathiglottis Unitus, Stereocaulon vulcanization, Trema orientalis and Tristemma mauritianum. The forest is a forest of wooden colored Holland.