Excelsul Diving Club. Divers about to dive into the waters of Meeting. Reunion is a French island of about 200 km. west of Mauritius. The way a coral reef about 15 km. west and south of the island. Saint-Gilles-les-Bains and Saint-Leu, in the western part of the island, are the best places to dive. Saint-Gilles-les-Bains is a small beach town with a variety of bars and restaurants and most beautiful white sand beach of the island, Boucan Canot. Many dive operations are here and they are mainly focused on the reefs. Pelagic fish are rare, but small reef fish are abundant. Canyon is a good dive site ideal for beginners. Passe de Trois Bassin is another site where you can snorkel wall. The wreck Navarre is an exciting deep dive. The Navarre is a lobster boat that sank 150 feet there. Saint-Leu is a world-renowned surfing, which also has fabulous wall dives and reef. In Pointe Au Sel you will have the opportunity to see pelagic species. Maison Verte is a great coral garden with abundant marine life. Hammerhead sharks can be observed between the months of October and November.