Beachside bars in Saint Leu. Meeting supports all the topics, all these definitions are used too often to describe an exotic location: melting pot, range of contrasts, sandy beaches and clear waters ... Anything goes, but most fall short. A trip to Reunion (eleven hour flight from Paris) unjustified just for that. A meeting, that piece of France and Europe in full Indian Ocean, have to come with eyes and mind wide open. And be surprised. His name, however, is anything but poetic. This island, which in the past was called Al Maghribain, Theemai Theevu, Dina Morgabin, Santa Apollonia, Île Bourbon, by the French Bourbons, and finally meeting, although for a brief period yet Bonaparte was named in honor of those who sent in France, has lived in his name the avatars of the metropolis on which it depends and the different peoples who have inhabited. The current name was a political concession that commemorates the union of revolutionaries from Marseille, those who left the Mediterranean city singing what would become the French national anthem, with the National Guard in Paris, which took place on August 10 , 1792.