One of the bridges that crosses the center of the town of Saint Leu. The town of Saint-Leu is located in the department of La Réunion from the French region La Réunion. The town of Saint-Leu is located in the district of Saint-Paul. The area code for Saint-Leu is 97413 (also known as code INSEE), and the zip code is 97436 Saint-Leu. Geography and map of Saint-Leu: The height of the city hall of Saint-Leu is approximately 1391 meters. The surface of Saint-Leu is 118.37 km ². The latitude and longitude of Saint-Leu is 21.166 degrees South and 55,287 degrees East. Cities and towns near Saint-Leu are: Les Trois Bassin (97 426) at 6.78 km, Les Avirons (97425) at 9.66 km, L'Etang-Sale (97427) to 13.83 km, Saint-Paul (97 460) at 17.50 km, Saint-Louis (97450) to 18.41 km, Cilaos (97 413) to 19.39 km, Entre-Deux (97,414) to 21.07 km, Le Port (97420) to 25.22 km. (The distances to the nearby towns of Saint-Leu are calculated in a straight line) Population and housing of Saint-Leu: The population of Saint-Leu was 25 310 in 1999 and 29 422 in 2007. The population density of Saint-Leu is 248.56 inhabitants per km ². The number of housing of Saint-Leu was 10 967 in 2007. These homes of Saint-Leu 9810 consist of main residences, 237 second or occasional homes and 920 vacant homes.