American restaurants and beer Bourbon. Try the Creole dish, "affection", made ??from turmeric, which many mistakenly confused with saffron, but it is a rhizome of the ginger family. The "charity" has also garlic, onion, crushed pepper and other ingredients. Although the island of Reunion is a French department, eating habits are very individual. Obviously, there are supermarkets in the same city and most of the major brands are present. Some rays are different though. Rice radio product range with pasta and sardines Chinese and Chinese siave Robert. Although Creole increasingly consume pasta or potatoes, rice is the staple food. All products can be found in supermarkets in France also found in supermarkets Meeting. If cereal bars, small eating lunch, pasta, canned. Bourbon Beer: The combination of the experience of the Dodo in the taste of the fruit of our King Island, lychee, the Metiss Bourbon offers a bouquet of new sensations: a beer with fruity, without bitterness, with the delicious flavor and lightness of milk is characterized by its low alcohol content of 3.5%, in perfect proportion to preserve freshness!