Bélouve Forest Forest. This impressive gorge 300 meters is considered one of the most beautiful canyons of the island. Through an unforgettable journey into the heart of the jungle, you will have an overview of the geological depression. A helicopter will allow you to enjoy it in all its glory. This walk is characterized by paths made ??from pieces of logs, fanjans and walkways to avoid walking through the mud. Throughout this trip, all your senses are awakened! From the car park follow the signs. From the gate, follow the foot of the house: the journey starts here. Cross the small ravine and join the path in the woods. Take the opportunity to make a detour of five minutes to admire the monkeys Queen: a tree of 300 years! The detour is worth it! Then return to the track and bridle path. To his left is the starting hole iron. At the intersection of the path of the Ecole Normale, go left: the gazebo is a fifteen minute walk. On site, you can admire a magnificent waterfall of 300 meters and you will see the start of the throat arm Cave. To return, go back to the junction and turn left on Normal School Road consists of wooden walkways. Then go back to the forest track that will take you back to the starting point of the trek.  

Una de las multiples haciendas construidas a modo de castillo en el trayecto en bicicleta de Fontevraud a Saumur. Veinte kilómetros más de bicicleta desde Fontevraud y llegamos a las puertas de Saumur, una pequeña ciudad a las puertas del Loira. De esta ciudad destacan sobretodo la calidad de sus vinos, sus caballos y sus champiñones, aunque el castillo medieval que puede observarse desde cualquier punto de la ciudad también merece muchos elogios.