Volcano Lava Piton de la Fournaise, the same type as that of Hawaii. Access to the boiler is allowed from the 06h. at 16 h. and is performed by a marked trail that descends exploited a gap in the wall to the floor of the boiler, even in times of seismic events preceding and during these eruptions, the passage is closed. From here, extends a network of well-marked routes with rocks painted white it is important not to leave because the fog that can sometimes appear could get in serious trouble, so we must exercise extreme attention and keep track of them. The path you must follow during the first kilometers llanea by the base of the boiler where we can see a fantastic landscape of strange shapes, we stomping ground is modeled in strands characteristic of this type of basalt flows and displayed by the slow movement and fluid magma below the characteristic crust also forming lava tubes. Shortly after starting the boiler way we find a curious volcano crater known as Leo Formica (ant lion) is a promontory of several tens of meters that rises like a lion ant trap is involved. Since 2007, after the last major eruption could only reach the Chapelle de Rosemont located at the base of the central crater 1h. way. The instability of the crater walls and heavy fumes and high temperatures that occur during peak periods do not allow its ascent. Although in 2010 and has been reopened access is important fact date with the status of the volcano if we intend to upload. The route climbs to the crater somital is not difficult, although physically demanding, having overcome a height difference of 400 m. often with a rarefied atmosphere, and suffocating. In just over 1h. edges reach the highest point Bory crater of the volcano. Portage is important especially food and water and warmer clothes neglected (thermal changes becoming common). Whatever the weather we are, always use a sunscreen of maximum rating, the reverberation of the volcanic soil is intense. Nearby is the second crater the Dolomieu much larger and deeper. From this point the return is done by the same route or down the other flank after finishing surround the crater.