Fern trees Bélouve Jungle Forest. Ferns are almost universally known, are a typical plant of the home, and in many forests. But some of these cousins ??are the tree ferns or tree ferns. Some of the strangest plants, not only in form but because they could say they are almost "living fossils". The scientific name is Cyatheales, an order that is divided into two main families are Dicksoniaceae and Cyatheaceae. Unlike their cousins??, these ferns grow with a trunk, not bushy. They are lush, and the foliage grows tall. They can reach 15 feet high. If you look, at first glance may seem palms, but are very different. The trunk is not like typical trees, which are the re reproduce with flowers and fruits. There are new fabrics, rings, as they grow. By contrast the trunk comprises roots that expand as the tree fern grows. Not often reach ages over 20 years. As ferns shrubs, these spores are reproduced, one of the most primitive forms of reproduction. They often grow in subtropical areas of Australia, New Zealand and other islands of Oceania. Of course also grow on the island of Reunion. Only one genus grows in Europe, the Culcita. They are very old, as it originated in the Jurassic period, almost 200 million years.