BLANCHE CASCADE, the most famous waterfall in Reunion Island .. This waterfall has 4 successive steps down a wall on the steep green valley Bras Caverne Canyon River. French topographic maps compared with aerial photographs clearly show a fall well above the 500 meters, our feeling is of 640 meters is about accurate as cataracts start in the 840 meters contour and depleted in the 200m contour slightly above the point where the water from the ravine of Blanche in the waters of the Bras de Caverne. The highest drop alone is a clear 400 meters waterfall ponytail that stands in stark contrast to the deep green of the forest adorned cliff face. HISTORY AND NAMES AKA: The Waterfall Ravine Blanche Blanche, Cascade is the official name of the cascading falls are appointed by the stream in which they exist. OUR THOUGHTS This is one of the most famous waterfalls of the island of Reunion. The falls drop by the slopes of the river valley Bras Caverne in four steps. At first, we were lead to believe the total drop of the falls was in the range of 400 meters, however, recent evidence points to just the first drop is 400 meters by itself, with the total height easily breaking 600 meters (although we not 't know how much exactly). We have estimated the falls at 2100 feet, but there are some advertisements that surround the Internet that indicate the falls can be of the order of 800 meters. The falls seem to be in a relatively small drain, but during the rainy season, which is pretty impressive, and can be very powerful.