Perfume distillery in the small town of Petit France. Chez Isabel, where geraniums are grown for the production of aromatic fragrances. Location: La Petite France is located in the tourist route piton Maido 8 Forest Road, 15 miles east of St. Paul. People of average height Pacifica, Petite France is known for its planting geraniums. Its economy is based on distilling aromatic plants, as well as tourism, business labels enjoy their participation Creole Villages. History: La Petite France is causing a property Ker Anval, grandfather Lougnon family. Mr. Ker Anval built his house through the jungle. The atmosphere was that of France, all grew well, and friends who had cried, but is a bit of France, where his name. The forest was then composed of wood color: Tan Red Braids, iron wood ... Around 1920, it was the heyday of geranium geranium fell on the forest, which remains the main crop of Petit France and give the landscape so characteristic of acacia trees is used to keep houses stills for distillation. These trees grow very fast and alternating with geranium allow land to regenerate, because both exhausted geraniums. In the village craftsmen cut a pipe that is in large quantity on the road Maïdo. The tube is the only native bamboo Meeting, is endemic and rarely flowers. The tube was much used at the time of the construction of huts and cabins. The population of the Petite France is mainly composed of farmers Geranium. The Mafatais in many decided to settle there after leaving the circus. With the advent of new families of geranium planters are problems participation in religious services and schooling of children. Indeed Guillaume residents must travel, but in a very bad condition. Lougnon family decides to offer a reason for the municipality for the construction of a primary school, and one in the diocese to be to establish a Catholic chapel. The chapel was built in 1955 by Jean and Jacques Lougnon, helped settlers who work on your property. The small chapel France rectangular, covered with a gable roof is built with basalt stones, and cut by ravines around the hotel attached to the lime. Discover: - Flavors unusual restaurants where you can enjoy a nice Creole, Curry Wood, specialty cakes geranium or Creole. - Breweries, with the preparation of a geranium cooked. - An amusement park: luge, ponies, archery, located in a lush natural vegetation. - The adventure park in the trees, a fun course with sea views