Maido SUMMIT. Located nearly 2,000 meters, is the viewpoint from where you have good views of Mafate. High above St-Gilles-les-Bains on the edge of Mafate Cirque, Le Maido is one of the most impressive viewpoints of the island of Reunion. The viewpoint is at the top of the top of the mountain in the 2205M (7232ft) and offers stunning views down into the circus and back to the coast. Arrive early in the day if you want to see something other than the cloud. The name comes from Le Maido Malagasy word meaning 'scorched earth', and is more likely a reference to the appearance burned scrub forest at this altitude. The peak is the starting point of the walk is along the edge of the circus to the summit of Le Grand Bénare (2896m/9501ft), another stunning viewpoint (at least six hours for the return trip). Hikers can also descend from Le Maido in the Cirque de Mafate Silver Roche path Sentier, which meets the variant GR R2 that connects the towns of Roche Plate Îlet des Orangers (allow three hours to reach Roche Plate). Ambitious hikers can go in the direction of Îlet des Orangers and down to the village of Sans Souci near Le Port standing a long day (at least eight hours).