Tourists in Red Frog Beach. Bocas del Toro. Panama. About a 10 minute boat ride from Bocas town gets you to the Red Frog Marina, from where a 15 minute hike across the narrowest point of Bastimentos Island allows you to reach Red Frog Beach. With 0.75 miles of white and golden sand, Red Frog Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bocas del Toro. The north shore of Bastimentos Island hosts some of Bocas' most beautiful beaches and Red Frog is one of the more accessible ones, and the only one with a few facilities such as a couple of restaurants and bathrooms. It receives its name from the poison-dart frogs that are abundant in Bastimentos' hills. If you're lucky enough you might encounter a three-toed sloth or some monkeys as well. Due to its ease of access many boat tours make Red Frog Beach their last stop during the day, providing you with a lively environment with travelers from all over the world (anything between 100 and 300 people). During low season, it is a lot quieter. If you happen to arrive to Red Frog and feel the need for more space to yourself you can always hike a bit to the east (Turtle Beach) or to the west in direction to Wizard Beach (Playa Primera), or simply go to another beach in Bocas del Toro with less people... there are loads of secluded beaches in Bocas.