Snack bar of mojitos (Mojito Lemon) outside of Handicrafts market in old Panama City, Panama, Central America. A woman outside of the huge Mercado Nacional de Artesanias in Panama Viejo (beside the Visitor Centre) has handicrafts from across the country. There is a small YMCA Handicrafts Market in Balboa on Avenida Arnulfo Arias Madrid and Amador. Seller ice cold mojito. This has mostly Embera and Kuna clothing and arts and crafts. The Kuna Cooperative, which has Kuna handicrafts, is further east on Avenida Arnulfo Arias Madrid. Kids find this market fun as they can get the traditional bead bands fixed onto their arms and legs by the Kuna women (just like the Kuna wear them). There are many other handicrafts you can buy in Panama such as hand-woven baskets from the Embera Indians of the Darien jungle, which resemble the baskets made by Navajo Indians and tagua nut sculptures (tiny figurines carved from the native tagua nut). If you're looking for souvenirs, Casco Viejo and the Galeria de Arte Indigena near the French Plaza are worth visiting. Even the "Kuna Cages" in Balboa in the former American Canal Zone and the Balboa Artisans Market offer a huge choice of souvenirs. Both these markets are accessible by taxi.  

Una de las multiples haciendas construidas a modo de castillo en el trayecto en bicicleta de Fontevraud a Saumur. Veinte kilómetros más de bicicleta desde Fontevraud y llegamos a las puertas de Saumur, una pequeña ciudad a las puertas del Loira. De esta ciudad destacan sobretodo la calidad de sus vinos, sus caballos y sus champiñones, aunque el castillo medieval que puede observarse desde cualquier punto de la ciudad también merece muchos elogios.