INDIA CROSSING THE RIVER GANGES The continuum slideshow like visuals of men; women; children; and sadhus bathing in the river; people doing exercise and Yoga in the fresh cool air of the Ghats; and priests worshipping River Ganges and various deities in the temples that rise above Ghats in several tiers seem to have an unearthly quality. The magical spell of pilgrims standing waist deep in the molten gold of River Ganges with folded hands to seek blessings from Sun God seem astounding. A shutter bug’s delight; our innovative luxury boat ride allows you to capture some of the most memorable and magical moments during the cruise that speak volumes about city’s culture; traditions; and lifestyle. A little known fact about Varanasi is that it is the center of Indian arts and music. Several internationally renowned classical music maestros have been born and resided in Varanasi; including the famed Pandit Ravi Shankar. TNS thoughtfully added the trademark soft melodious Benarasi music to accompany you during your boat ride on River Ganga. The yearning tones of the sarangi and rhythmic beats of the tabla along with chanting of Mantras on the Ghats and tinkling of bells in Temples really add to the quality of experience and make it indescribably divine. Varanasi is one of the oldest living cities of the world. Over 3000 years old; it resonates with the old-world charm of a deeply religious town. You will be surprised to known that there are over 25; 000 temples in this city. As the world brightens up; vendors selling wares on boats can be seen cruising along side the tourist boats. Some of the Ghats that you will cover during your Varanasi boat cruise are hundreds of years old. Manikarnika Ghat is the main Ghat to cremate the death that is believed to have a portal that can transport souls directly to Heaven.  


Bruges, centre of world gastronomy. As far back as the Burgundian period, gastronomy reigned supreme in Bruges. Even today there are countless restaurants in the city, 7 of which have managed to win Michelin stars.