INDIA CROSSING THE RIVER GANGES Dasaswamedh Ghat; Famous Among ALL Ghats of Varanasi. Among all ghats of Varanasi; the most important and pious one is Dasaswamedh. This ghat is of paramount importance. Here; bathing and performing various rituals is supposed to cleanse all sins of a person. The early morning sun was emerging above the river Ganga like a big crimson ball. The misty atmosphere was adding glamour to the scene. The reflection of the rising sun was simmering on the water surface and the colour of light was gradually shifting from light pink; pink; crimson red to orange and deep orange. Gradually; as the time progress the colour of the solar ball also changed and so was the temperature of the atmosphere and activities on the ghats. It was the winter morning on one of the famous ghats of Varanasi - a city said to be the oldest and eternal; situated on the trident of Lord Shiva.; The ghats of Varanasi (India) are the most eye-catching ones and people from all walks of life; from different parts of the globe come here to take solace and enjoy the beauty of the place. From Rajghat to Assi the ghats in all eighty in numbers and they are built along the river Ganga. It seems as if they have embraced the holy river. Ganga at Varanasi flows in a crescent shaped curve. The crescent has very important and pious role in Hindu mythology; and this is probably the cause why river Ganga has got so much importance here.