INDIA CROSSING THE RIVER GANGES 1.5 kilometres from Uttarkashi. Situated on Hari Parvat on the opposite bank of the Bhagirathi from the centre of town; Kuteti Devi is the main deity of Kot Gram Khai in Uttarkashi. Legend says that Kuteti Devi is an avtar (reincarnation) of Durga. This temple was built by the daughter of the Maharaja of Kota and her husband (Raja Banswala) on the spot where they discovered three stones with a heavenly aroma; as guided by the Devi in their dreams. The Maneri-Bhali project; which supplies 93 MW of power to Uttarakhand; is located on the left bank of Bhagirathi; close to Uttarkashi. Roughly 13 km upstream of Uttarkashi is the village of Maneri. Here; a lake – of an unbelievably beautiful and clear colour reflecting the surrounding conifers-- has been formed by damming the Bhagirathi; which is fast becoming a popular tourist attraction. There is camping site here on the banks of the river. hairon Chowk is considered one of the oldest sites in Uttarkashi. It was referred to by ancient texts as ‘Chamala ki Chowri’ in connection with Barahat –Uttarkashi’s ancient name. Chamala ki Chowri was named after a Champa tree that used to grow here and the chowk was used to hold village councils; and for pilgrims to gather and pray here before undertaking the difficult journey on foot to Gangotri.