The Sibelius monument in Helsinki. In Helsinki one of the visits of all tourists is the Sibelius Monument, a work of art by sculptor Eila Hiltunen Finnish in honor of the composer of the same nationality Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). It is especially visited by the Finns, obviously, because here remembers the courage of a man who rebelled against the Soviet regime became a symbol of Finnish patriotism and fighting for the independence of this country. The sculpture was commissioned by the government of Finland to his death, and is constructed with steel pipes. When it was built many people thought it was the sculptor of pipes but devised a work vertically with some uneven levels, as an old church organ, and placed beside the sculpture of the artist's head. If there is any relationship between the music of Sibelius and work? No, but when night falls and the icy winds blowing empeizan on forests and lakes in the area, this piece of metal begins to vibrate in a unique, musical, almost like the Sibelius violin. So much for tourists and ciudadnos alone or in groups tours. The monument is in the Sibelius Park, near the west coast of Helsinki and it can go up Sibeluis walking down the street.