Seurasaari is an island located in the northwest of Helsinki. The island has two attractions: first, the island itself is a place to enjoy nature on the other, has an outdoor museum of buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The island can be reached by bus (end of line 24) or take a walk along the coast. The start of the bus line is beside Stockmann. To access the island should be done through a bridge. Curiously, you can only get to the island on foot, as they are not allowed cars, buses or bicycles. The island itself has great charm, as it is a vast forest where you can also peek into the sea and admire the spectacular views and even take a swim at the beach. It also has all kinds of services, such as food stalls, restaurant or barbecue for kitchenettes. The island is rich in flora and fauna. The species of flowers and birds that you'll encounter along the way are varied. In addition, there are fellow travelers as friendly: no you left the island without meeting one or more squirrels. On the other hand, is the museum of wooden houses. A large collection of wooden buildings brought from different parts of the country will show rural life in times past. The visit to the exteriors of the buildings is free, while the price for entering them is 6 €. The houses are very curious. There are the typical houses, the church, the mill ... But there are other more peculiar, as elongated huts in which are stored the huge canoes, or elevated booths where meat was kept safe from bears and wolves of the place. Ah! And do not forget the stores where they kept the wagons and sleds.