Icebreakers fleet moored in the harbor of Helsinki. More than 80 percent of Finland's foreign trade is conducted through shipping, and in winter, merchant ships rely heavily on the help of icebreakers to direct them safely into port. Finland has approximately 1,500 kilometers of coastline on the Baltic Sea and 60 ports. The Baltic is almost an inland sea and its northern part is frozen during winter. In a hard winter, possibly even all the sea freezes, although this rarely happens. But even if the predictions about global warming have modified the icing on the Baltic, any change would occur slowly. So, without Finnish icebreakers, much of the winter would stop navigation. The icebreaker fleet, operated by Finstaship, consists of nine ships: Botany, Fennica, Nordica, Otso, Kontio, Urho, Sisu, Apu (no data if you are still in service) and Voima. MVS botany? Call sign: Ojak? Gross Tonnage: 6370 tons? Length: 97 m. ? Beam: 24.3 m. ? Draft: 8,5 m. ? Year built: 1998? Power: 10 MW? Offshore Speed: 16 knots. Ice speed, thickness 60 cm: 8 knots. ? Fennica / NORDICA (twins)? Length: 116.0 m. ? Beam: 26.0 m. ? Draft: 8,4 m. ? Year Built: 1993/1994? Power: 15 MW offshore Speed: 16 knots. ? Kontio / OTSO (twins)? Length: 98.6 m. ? Beam: 24.2 m. ? Draft: 8,0 m. ? Year Built: 1986/1987? Power: 15 MW offshore Speed: 18.5 knots. ? SISU / URHO (twins)? Gross Tonnage: 7525 tons? Length: 106.6 m. ? Beam: 23,8 m. ? Draft: 8,3 m. ? Year Built: 1975/1976? Power: 16.2 MW? Crew: 33? Offshore Speed: 18.5 knots speed with ice thickness 80 cm, 8.5 knots? Voima? Call sign: OHLW? Length: 83.5 m? Beam: 19.4 m? Draft: 7.0 m? Year built: 1979? Power: 10.2 MW offshore Speed: 16 knots