The sunsets from the south of Helsinki, in Kaivopuisto leave no one indifferent. Kaivopuisto offers several acres of parks, both plain and on the cliffs. The park also includes remains of stone fortifications built in the 18th century. Every summer, thousands of Helsinkians reached Kaivopuisto sunbathing, having picnics, or to keep the sport. The highest hill in the park is an outstanding environment for all facilities during the winter. The height of popularity in Vappu Kaivopuisto day (May 1), immediately after the celebration of Walpurgis Night unprecedented in the center of the city. In Vappu, Kaivopuisto is packed with tens of thousands of Helsinkians, who come to picnic with friends and family. Fancy costumes, loud music, and excessive consumption of alcohol is routine Vappu a picnic. It is customary for all attendees who have graduated from the Finnish matriculation examination to bring the student cap at the picnic. A yellow cap student is taken as a sign of prestige. Since mid-1970, it has been common to hold a few concerts in the park during the summer, with classical music, but more often the pop and rock music, and usually with Finnish artists. Kaivopuisto kaivohuone also includes a famous restaurant and nightclub dating back to the 1830s, and the Great Bear Observatory.